"Ok, 'Remy,' 'Dudely,' you've got three seconds to convince me why you two aren't to be taken down, now! And how did you even get past all of the security: guards, cameras, infared?"

"We didn't sneak in, Ms. Li, if that's what you think. I met Rem here at a bar..."

"You heard her, punks!" Alex cut in sharpely, "I don't think you want to be told again."

"If you please," Remy slowly, cautiously, withdraws some chains from his pocket. At the end are dog tags! Before anyone can comment, he tosses them to Chun Li.

She grabs them as if grabbing a knife hurled at her. Reading the names, it may as well have been a knife. Charlie Nash. William Guile.

Trying to remain calm, her voice quivers as she asks," W, where did you get these."

"As my friend here said, we met at a bar. Our common denominator is that Gill has effected us, with our fathers. If we may be allowed to sit, I shall explain as well as I can. Some of this, you may be able to explain better than I can, Chun Li. Some of this may be familiar."


After Guile and Chun Li helped lead their respective forces in taking down Shadowloo, the next thing was to conpenscape all Shadowloo related materials.

Numerous clubs, gambling halls, and other--entertainment--owned by Balrog, were shut down. Several crime bosses in Vegas, across the US, and the globe, were busted.

Depending on your--sources--it may not have been surprising to learn Sagat partook in virtually know "illegal activities." In fact, his status as Muai Thai champ, and holder of various other titles, as well as other ties, guranteed him almost no hassal.

Vega kept most of his sadistic pleasures to Western Europe: Spain, France, and Great Britian. It was a trip to one of his mansions in France that is our foucus.

In the basement, was a sort of dungeoun/pit-fighter scene. Countless men and women were dead. Some were beaten or clawed; mercifully, all in tact. There was only one survivor; a young, white male. Engraved in a ring on his finger, was the name Remy...

For reasons she didn't fully understand at the time, Guile was insistant on learning as much as he could about the young man, when he would awake. He didn't get much.

Remy, has amnesia. The only memories he has are of the recent biterness. Peoples screams. Vega and his minions satanic laughter. Women beaten, and worse. Men were no better off, used as almost worthless toys, before being thrown away. Most of his memories are bitter from lacking any notion of family. He only has a nightmare about who he thinks may be his sister, in something like ice. He releases her, and he heads into a bright light...

For reasons Remy still doesn't understand one-hundred-percent, Guile adopted him, to be his son. Remy accepts his new family, and began to train under Guile.

"William Guile's--son. Adopted, but...did you know that, Chun Li?"

"No. I didn't, Alex. But, I do recall the young man. I believe you. It sounds like what he would do..."

"Wow! Guile! Master Ken mentioned him, a few times. He spoke well of him."

"Thank you, Sean."

"Ok, so between Rem and me, we got some business to take care of. Let's go for it!"

As they plan, Sean thinks back to one of his more recent trainings, before Ken was taken.

"Come on, Sean! Come on! Push man, push!"

"Yes, sensai! I will, I can!"

Another day, for young Sean. On his quest to become the best in the world, he approaches the legendary Champ, Ken Masters, after his recent title defense. He asks to be Ken's disciple, to be trained by him personally, so that one day, he could become the best.

Ken agreed, beleiving it natural for the greatest fighter in the world today to have a few disciples (Mel is already).

Some of Ken's training seemed hard to him, to which Ken pointed out that to be a champ, you most go beyond the normal rigors of training. You must set new standards, even before the first win.

"Ok, Sean. Let's work on fireballs."

As the focus, and go, Sean unleashed what he called a Hado-Burst. The move canceled Ken's Hadoken, and knocked the air out of him.

After time to regain his breath, Ken let him rest up. He's glad Sean could work one, but still must work to pull it off as a normal move, not just an 'Inner Strenght' move. For some reason, Eliza seemed to smile with amusement behind Ken's back.

Makoto began thinking of her reason for coming, short as it was.

Her father's dojo was never a big name, and didn't attract as much attention as some of the more commercial ones. Some students quit within the first day, mad that her father wouldn't teach it "the way it's supposed to on tv."

They wanted to learn about throwing balls of energy (fire from the really stupid). "I wana know how to seemingly fly through the air, and nail my opponent with a spin kick." That, and countless other "requests," from people hyped from what the media showed as Karate, hurt business, but not by much.

As time passed, he grew older, and like all others, he began making plans to retire. Makoto knew that the only way to get him to pass control of it to her was by winning a major tounrament, using her own style.

Gill, hosting the infamous Street Fighter Tournament, became the man she was determined to defeat. With the money, and publicitiy, she would save her father's dojo!

"Everyone knows what their doing."

Alex made it clear to everyone that it wasn't a question.

"Good," Chun Li added, "in the morning, we're going to stop Gill!"

First, a little spoiler for something a few chapters down: Nerco's 1, with Twelve being 12, duh! So, with all that figures out, with all the dupes (Necro v 12), I did some figuring, and with all the good guys, minus Ryu & Ken, will be enough to face all the--soldiers. No, I didn't miscount, and I can't say more, or it'll ruin the next few chapters!

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