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Counter by Rapid Axcess
Counter by Rapid Axcess

This fic focuses on Street Fighter 3 (all of them). My attempt is to "flesh out" the story. What exactly is "The G-Files," from Ibuki's ending? (other than an obvious poke at The X-Files).

In essence, I want to create the backdrop for the tournament. A lot of people haven't cared much for 3, for various reason. A lot of people prefer the VS games. Me, I fig I'll "go the way less taken," and try and tell the story of SF3!

There will only be a few, brief, refs to characters from the other SF games, but there will only be SF3 fighters here! I only have seen the endings to New Generation, not the other two, so if anyone has the story/endings for the others, I would *really* appreciate the help! :]

If you've read Fallen Angels, then the next few lines can be skipped--30% wanting to try and keep some continuation with a story, 70% just being flat out lazy! =P :p

How did the second Street Fighter tournament end?

Cammy and Chun Li fought to a draw in the semi-finals. Each had been through a grueling match with Balrog and Vega (respectively), and each were told by on-staff medics not to continue. In the end, Chun Li collapsed from a lack of blood. Cammy had also collapsed from a severe concussion to her skull at almost the exact same time as Chun Li had!

It was down to Ryu and Ken, with the winner fighting M. Bison for the championship. However, Ryu never showed up, and was disqualified. Ken was in disbelief, as Ryu had only taken a few moments to check on Chun Li, before their match. Later, he would learn of the fate they shared, and how close Chun Li came to death.

Bison wasted no time in using the full extent of his powers, wanting to eliminate Ken as fast as possible. Try as he may, Ken could do little more than a few lucky counters, and some stray hits.

Bison was engulfed in his flames, and flew towards a dazed Ken.


Eliza? In a eye's blink, Ken knocked the dictator out of his Psycho Crusher with a Sho-Ryu-Reppa, and sent him crashing through his huge statue! Ken was declared the winner of the Second Street Fighter Tournament!

Ryu planned just to say hello to Li, and kiss her for luck. What he found nearly shattered his heart! Akuam was about to kill her!

Enraged, Ryu went wild on Akuma. Ryu seemed to be getting the upper hand, after countering a near fatal combo from Akuma. He heard a calling, and was about to use the Raging Demon on the defeated Akuma!

"No! Ryu! Stop!"

Ryu turned, to see Chun Li out of bed, and fall to the ground, still weak from the loss of blood.

Security rushed in, and Akuma blinked out, promising to meet them again. Akuma appeared just as Ken was declared the victor. Bison was about to kill Ken and Eliza with his own move, when Akuma came in, and sent him to rest with the Demon.

"At least I take some satisfaction in knowing I laid to rest one of you weaklings! We will meet again!"

Not long after that time, a series of raids, under authorization from the various world organizations, like the UN, NATO, and others, did Shadowloo finally fall.

All the while, a man watched the scenery from his moive-sized screen. He smiled, knowing that Shadowloo, the only syndicate with the power to oppose him, had fallen.

Now, the reign of M. Bison has ended! The fool! He's strong, but arrogant. That is why he's made so many mistakes, and ultimately, why he failed. I've been monitoring his bumbling, and now have the way to succeed where he failed. Soon, the world will belong...to Gill!

Time passed, as the last remains of Shadowloo was sweapt away. Additionally, attention was also focused on elimnating all remaining traces of the Mad Gear, which had formed something of an alliance in its attempts to take back control from the Skull Cross. In its dealings with the Mad Gear, they learned of the Skull Cross. Deals were made with Sodom, Rolent, and other key members, to help bring down the Skull Cross, in exchange for lighter sentences.

Guile, and his team, Ryu and company, and especially Haggar's group were sickened with the BS polotics of the whole ordeal, but were powerless to stop it. The only thing that was of a *slight* appeasement to them was that were was now no major syndicate out there--for now.

*Some years later.*

A young girl, a ninja in training, was running. Her name, is Ibuki. She had become friends with one of Interpool's top agents, Chun Li. The idea of being an agent seemed like more fun to her, than being a simple ninja. She had hacked into their system, to find out information about a new crime-boss, calling himself Gill.

Ok, she admitted to herself. I didn't exactly hack into their system. Chun Li probably wasn't expecting me to be so keen on computers, and left it right out for me. Probably didn't think I'd be dumb enough to actually go through with it, either.

She had just gotten her hands on a big envelope, with "The G-Files" stamped on it. She had already taken down two guards, who almost caught her by surprise. Now, she was running scared, not sure of being able to get out alive!

"So, you are the one who penetrated my grounds. You may go. You aren't the one to suffer. To think, my guards let a mere school-girl breach the compound. In the morning, our contract will have to be terminated. As for you, Ibuki, take the papers. Use the notes for a 'science project.'"

She was about to cuss him out, but the fact that the strange man knew her name worried her. The light was bad, and she coulda sworn he had--1/2 blue and 1/2 red skin! All she could do was run, and get out of there! She had to tell her friends what she found out.

"Why did you let her go, sir?"

"It doesn't matter if she tells them or not, Necro. It is of no concern to you. Leave me. You know what you're to do. Get all of that section's security, and have the contracts for termination ready for the morning. By then, the next shift will be here."

Necro left, secretly hoping that whatever it was, it was something that would bring Gill down, hard. Then, he could be free from his servititude. Slavery, might be a better word.

Yes, Bison. Are you envious, you overconfident fool? Your lack of vision is one of many things that caused you and Shadowloo to fall. It's so simple, any idiot can see it.

You held Ryu, or Ken. It obviously never occured to you to take BOTH of them! Together, they are the strongest duo alive! Having them both under my control, no one will be strong enough to overcome me! For every folley you have, I have improved upon it many times over. I shall succeed where you failed! Sleep well, in HELL!


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