Sweet oozes outa the pores of Ryu. He knows he doesn't have much time. Neither of his two options are good. He would almost wonder which is the lesser of two evils--if his very being would stop secreaming and shaking in anguish.

He recognized the device at an instant, or rather, it's prototypes. It was the machine Bison had hooked him upto, a life-time ago.

Actually, his choices weren't much different from the end results. If the control of Gill's machinery didn't break him, The Evil Intent, buried deep down, would take him. Without enough focus, it could break through, again. How many times could he slip to it, before he would never be able to reclaim his hold on life?

"That, that, Twelve!" Necro half growled, half swore under his breath.

"You know I'm right, freak! Now that Gill has succeded, with me, all of the prototypes are--liabilites!"

"Go to Hell! You may be all that, but Gill knows not to trust even you!"

"Jealous? It's to be expected, for an outdated, worthless, has-been."

"Your time will be. You can X-Copy your opponent, and their moves. But, you can't copy their Inner Strength, what some call 'Super Moves.'"

"I'll learn," Twelve answered, acid bubbling in the words.

That's a small piece of satisfaction, to take that arrogant--prick.

A short distance from Gill's base, an individual, shadowed in the night, watches. Q heard the bickering between the two--men. Q was surveying Gill's grounds, for reasons known only to himself.

"I know it looks bad, Ibuki, but there must be a reason."

"Oww! YUN, BE CAREFUL! I...still hurt from Elena's attack," the last part coming in a barely audible whisper.

"My brother's right. Maybe, maybe Gill's got her brainwashed."

"No, Yang. She wouldn't have told me 'sorry' if Gill had her under his control."

"I'm afraid he does, Ibuki."

"Alex. What?"

"Her tribe. School and wealthy families. He has her, tight. What he did to Tom--this is going to far."

"So, what are we gona do?"

Chun Li stepped into the room. She looked around, then told them their 'consulatant' was there.

My, my. Just when I thought I'd met all the challeges this world had to offer me. Bison and his Psycho Powers; very interesting. So sad that it's no longer here for me to--study.

Akuma took a moment to laugh. Then, he unleashed a ball of raw energy, his Mesa-Go-Hado!

Several feet was cleared from the attack. A violent gleam appears in his eyes, satisfied with the damage.

Ah, Ryu, Ken. The delightful screams of pain that Gill's toys are infliciting upon you. Even this slight distance I...what? This *can't* be!"


The man in the 'spy gear' watched as Akuma leaps into the air, towering over the trees, leveling the surrounding woods with a rain of fireballs. Q wonders what clould it be that Gill had done. It must be huge, to shake the man who's "Power Made Flesh."

The assembled fighters gathered together. Each still soar from their wounds, Ibuki and Sean took the only sofas. Alex and Chun Li were still at her PC, looking over the G-Files, which Ibuki had managed to--acuqire from Gill. Yun was still rolling his board, and thinking of what they should be doing. Yang sat nearby, sipping a Coke. A new girl, a friednly rival of Ibuki's, Makoto, sat on a stool, next to Ibuki. In the middle of the odd circle, was a man with one arm bound, known as Oro. He was the center of attention, as he laid it out for the others.

"I don't need to say that GIll had already been a dnagerous man, maybe as bad, if not worse than Bison. Now, with Ken and Ryu, he can be all but invincible. Before, it was Ken and Ryu that helped take down Shadowloo. Now, it falls to--The New Generation."

Everyone slowly grows quiet, as Oro begins talking. When he first mentions Ryu, Chun Li was over-looking the G-Files with Alex. They had confirmed their worst fears. With Bison, Mad Gear, and Skull Cross out of the picture, Gill took ALL of their--supplies. In addition, they got the blueprints for the machines and drugs Bison used for Mind-Control.

Now, Gill had her lover. What's worse, she felt her heart nearly break--at the instant Akuma laid waste to the forest--she knew. Ryu has fallen. The question: to Gill, or himself. Under most circumstances, Gill would be worse. But, the Dark Intent. He had shared just how evil it is, with her.

"...Chun, it can't be explainned, but almost nothing is worse than succumbing to it. At best, I seem a helpless observer. Somewhere, deep down, burns a desire to..."

"What, Ryu? What?"

"Total chaos. Any who face me--it's not enough to defeat them--The Dark Intent demands their demise!"

"Ryu...remember before. You were able to overcome. You just need someone there, to help you."

"NO! No. Li, You know what happened. I used the Raging Demon on you! I actually used it, on you. I...we should stop seeing each other."

"Now you are being silly."

"Am I? Do you know the other reason Sakura made her sacrifice? She worked so long and hard, to be like me. She never knew that she'd stumble upon it. She actually attempted a Raging Demon on me. Without thinking, I caught her in a Super Hurricane Kick! Don't you see? It's a taint, bringing madness...even death, to those we love."

By then, he ran through the emotions, with tears in his eyes. I hugged him. We must have been like that for nearly an hour. We haven't spoke of it since.

"...Gill has a power that I've not felt in anyone else. Evil, true. Obviously, control of fire and ice. Incredibly strong attacks, in addition to the ability to fully refresh himself in a fight. Call it a Reserection."

"Isn't that like Elena's healing?" Makoto asked.

"In some ways. However, she must have some rest and strenght to use it. Gill's is used when his strength seems to be gone. Furthermore, the Reserrection throws his foes away, giving him the chance to fully recover."

"So, now that we know about the bad guys, let's free Master Ken and Ryu!"

"Woah, Sean," Alex almost rumbled," we don't know where their HQ is. Ibuki found merely a 'ware-house' of sorts."

"I know where it is. Name's Dudly."

"I'm Remy. I know where your friends are being held. With your help, I can rescue my father and sister."

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