Gill smiled over the arena before him. After all, it and everything before him is his, by right! All of his time spent preparing, has been for this moment in time. Preparing himself to his full potential. Preparing followers to carry out his orders. Preparing for his two greatest prizes--two of the strongest men alive--Ken and Ryu.

He also can't help but almost snicker in amusement. Urine, his brother, actually holds the idea that all of this shall belong to him! Him!

Urine does have his share of pwer, but can NEVER hope to seriously challenge Gill for power. Even if Urine did challenge him, Gill would destroy him. If, by some injustice, Urine somehow got the upper hand, the Reserrection will assure Gill's position. He would be refreshed, while his brother would be weakened from the dual.

It's almost a shame, too. Necro, obviously a liability--too independent. He will have to be terminated, but not before my New World Order. Sadly, Twelve also seeks to expand his bounds. A shame, really. What's that saying the mortals have? Oh, yes. That's it: "Good help is so hard to find!"

Gill came close to laughing. However, any show of emotion will be a sign of weakness, so he keeps himself in check, and watches his two slaves train.

Blank looks are on Ryu and Ken's faces, given the works: heavyily drugged; advanced scientific techniques in mind control; topped with raw, emotional, power. A solid month: no breaks for sleep, or anything else. Not for those two, at least. Health was maintained with IVs, and other such devices. The rest was handle, once they succumbed.

Ryu had just leveled a small group of troops with his Super Hurricane Kick. Ken had similar effects with his.

Gill snapped his fingers, and two columns of five charged in from across the room. By the time they covered three-fourths of the distance, they saw what Gill saw building up around the duo. Only a small chance for screams, as Ryu and Ken combined their efforts into a dual Shinku-Hado-Ken-Beam! In a few beats of the heart, it was over!

"Marvelous!" Gill mused, "I can hardly wait for their true test!

As the room was being cleared, Hugo hurrined in. He halted before Urine. Hugo then made frantic gestures, and seemed to be concerned about something.

Urine approached Gill, and realyed the news. Gill dismissed it. Twelve, Necro, and the rest will handle them.

The rescuerers were quickly separated with one-on-ones with numerous prototypes, some looking like Necro, others like Twelve. Q was observing through the monitor room, and Akuma passed unopposed through the halls, warping when he got enough of a fight.

"You betray us, Necro. Their cause is a waste, as are you!"

"WRONG! With me keeping you busy, they have a chance. Gill's going down!"

Q looked into monitors along the wall, no look on his face.

Sean rolled past Two, and was using his Tornado Kick.

Yun and Yang were working in a vauge team-up against Three and Four, who were pushing the brothers back.

Dudely was just thrown into a wall by Five.

Ibuki was being double-teamed by Six and Seven.

Alex was locked hand-in-hand with...Q's vision went back to Ibuki. There was Elena, flipping Seven, and going for a Brave Dance!

Looks like Ibuki's going be ok. I wonder what's up with Elena's--situation. I suppose I'd better look.

Chun Li, Remy, and Makoto fought Nine, Ten, and Eleven, respectively.

As Akuma came into view, he looked pleased. Alex, Remy, Yun and Yang were all together, fighter the 'rubber men.' Alex's seemed capable of the X-Copy, as did Remy's. Alex jumped over Remy, and dove into Nine. Remy caught an unprepared Eight with his Supreme Rising Rage Flash, scoring the KO! Still realing from the dive Nine was taken for a ride in a Hyper Bomb!

Yang had just been dazed by the end of an Magnetic Storm, and spun away, half dazed. As Four came in to follow with a combo, Yang ducked a kick to the face, and unleashed a Sei-ei Enbu. With the help of what may have been his shadows, he just got through Four.

Yun was just able to leap over a Slam Dance, and counter with a Sourai Rengeki. In a flurry of elbows and punches, ending with air kicks, Yun came in time to high-five his brother.

Akuma wondered about the others, but didn't give it a second thought. These four had made it to where Gill had Ken and Ryu...what he's waiting for.

"We made it! Let's get in there, and kick these freaks butts!"

"Hold on, Yun. What about the others?"

"Yang is right," Alex agreed, reluctantly, "I..."

"What kept you? I was begining to think all of my preparing would be for nothing."

Across from Alex, Remy, Yang, and Yun were were Hugo, Urine, Ken, and Ryu. Gill, sitting on a throne, looked pleased. He lifted his hand, to signal, dropped it, and the eight fighters began.

Next chapter, Fight For The Future! Q finally emerges from the shadows, but to what purpose? How long will Akuma hold back? Will they be able to free Ryu and Ken, or will Gill merely take them, taunting our heroes? Find out: FFTF!

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