"Shoryuken!" yelled Ryu, as he knocked out Necro.

It was going, just as he knew it would. Necro proved to be harder than he had thought. Necro reminded him of a cross between Dhalsim, with his stretching limbs, and Blanka, with his electricity. He was lucky his Dragon Punch hit as hard as it did.

"You are as good as I've heard, Ryu. I, am Hugo! Now, we will fight!"

DAMN! Ryu nearly screamed, as the big man planted him into the ground. He looks like and Andore, but moves a lot faster. I gota focus. From what Sean said, this man's very powerful. The only thing in my favor, is that I can see this Urine guy--for the moment.

"You seem to be even weaker than Ken! You'll go down, sooner than he did, at this rate!"

Hugo charged Ryu, and nearly ran him down.

"Shin-Sho-Ryu-Ken!" Ryu echoed with all his might!

As the final hit landed, Hugo fell, just as Necro had. Ryu thought back to the time he had first used something like that, his own version of Ken's Shoryureppa, under the Dark Intent..!


"Ryu! Easy. You're ok...we made it."

For a moment, Ryu groaned, and Chun Li shuddered. That had to be alright. Ryu had, for a moment, fallen to his Dark Side. Now, she couldn't feel it, so he had to be all right, didn't he?

"Chun...Li. No, not really. I don't think I'll ever be ok, again. Chun Li--I lost it! I really lost it!"

He looked at his hands, and shivered. He had goose bumps all over, and Chun Li just noticed how much he had started to sweat! He looked liked whatever he was going through now, made what had just happened only moments ago seem like paradise. He looked close to fighting for his survival.

"My dark intent, Chun Li. It...I...awful!"

She found herself holding his head between her hands, resting on her shoulders. She was rocking, gently, while whispering that it was over. They were ok.

"NO! No," he gently pulled away at his initial harshness, "It isn't, Chun Li. It's happened before. I--coulda killed you! It's a God-send that I didn't. What if, next time, I can't stop. What if I..." he couldn't continue.

"Whatever it is, Ryu, you won't have to face it alone. You'll never have to face it alone. I'll always be there for you, I swear it."

"Chun..." nothing else was said, as everything was sealed with a kiss.

*End Flashback.*

"Chun Li! Have you seen Ibuki?"

"Yun? Ah--no. What's wrong?"

"Shortly after you, Alex, and the rest came, she vanished," Yang replied.

"Just great. I wonder where--nevermind. Knowing her, she probably followed Ryu. You two, get everybody set!"

They nodded, and left, leaving Chun Li with more thoughts. She recalled a time, seeing a little statue of Ryu, that Ibuki made from a small rock. Ibuki said she'd made it--when she was little. They said nothing more about it.

"Sakura, Ibuki, and even me. My, you do get around, Ryu."

She sniffed loudly, and frowned. Had she meant to say that, especially aloud? Love is a strange thing, she thought.

"That's...two down, Urine. Where's...Ken!"

"Fight me, little man. Then, maybe you'll see. Refuse, and he'll die. It's time, boy!"

Urine unleashed the same balst he had used to defeat Sean. Ryu just barely dodged it, in time to unleash a Shinku-Hadouken. Likewise, Urine dodged the heavy projectile, making a crude comment about Ryu's skills.

It was enough, just fighting Necro. But, to fight Hugo right after that, and win, was more than most men could handle. Ryu wasn't most men. But now, he had to deal with this Urine. Then what? How many more, before he found Ken? And who was this Gill he had heard about, and heard about almost continually, whilst he fought these men?

Do it! It's what you were meant for! You can't deny it! You are nearly spent. After this fight you will be! If all of these men serve Gill, how much stronger then, is he? Give yourself, to your true power!

Ryu's hands covered his ears, then he rolled, to avoid being crushed into the ground. Those were things Akuma had been telling him--but it was his OWN VOICE!

Something inside--it's the Evil Intent. It's trying to awaken. With so much intensity--I don't know if I can hold it back, and still win. I have to. Ken and his family are counting on me...but, it's calling is so, strong. I can feel it. I could just...I could...NOOOO!

Urine was almost on top of Ryu. He hands were reaching for him, ready to take the life out of him. Ryu flipped back, just outa reach, and brought Urine in with a Super Hurricane Kick!



A blur of pure ice froze Ryu, followed by the blur of a man, half red, half blue. Ryu fell to Gill.

"You are as formidable as I believed, Ryu, as is your friend, Ken. Now, with both of you under my control, I AM GOD!!!!"

No. Ryu. I won't let those thugs take you away! I won't let them kill you. I never told you, how much I...

"Elana? What are you doing here? Doesn't matter. I need you're help."

"I am sorry, my friend."

Elana unleashed her Brave Dance, beating her friend down. When it was over, Ibuki could hardly stand. She reached once for the girl who she thought was her friend, and fell when she turned, and went to meet Gill!

I'm sorry, Ibuki. Gill, is so evil--so evil. She wrapped her arms around herself, and wanted everything to just vanish. My parents, my tribe, all are prisoners! My friends at school, and their families, hostages! Gill's men hold them. I am 'unique.' Not only am I a good fighter, but I can heal. He claims it could be as strong as his reserection, one day. I feel, so alone.

"Ryu, Ryu. You refuse to admit it. We both know that I am right. Even that fool, Oro knows it. It is the life you are meant to live. Don't disappoint me."

Unseen, and even more importantly, unsensed, was Akuma.

Sometimes, to win, you must do what you fear you must, Ryu!

Phase 1: Ken
The Evil Intent