"Sean, Sean. You're getting very distracted. Your Tornado Kick's good, and your Dragon Punch has improved, but you still haven't been able to do a good Hadouken. You got a Hadou Burst down rather well, but that takes a lot to build up. It's also infrequent. And furthur..."

"Daddy! Mr. Sean! Mommy says it's time for lunch! Hurry up! Hurry up! Mommy says we can't eat 'til everyone's there! Come on! Come on!"

"OK! OK! We're coming, Mel. Sean, lunch time. Let's change, shower, and have lunch! You remember where the guests' shower is?"

"Yes, sir! I'll see you at lunch!"

After lunch was done, Eliza asked Sean to go with Mel to the park, while she and Ken talked a bit. Sean wasn't sure how to answer, but her insistance overcame any protests Ken may've had.

They began to talk about Ken's training Sean. She didn't mind that, and Sean's a good, young man. She also agreed that she didn't know much about martial arts, but questioned Ken on how he was training Sean.

Considering how far he had come in the short time Ken agreed to take him under his wing, he had made remarkable progress. Ken had even conifided in her that he had made more progress than he had, in that amount of time.

"Ok, I guess I am being a bit hard."

"And I know you look forward to teaching Mel, but you won't be that stern with him," the stern look from Eliza made it clear that she'd have her way on that.

"No...of course not. You know, one day, once they've trained enough, they may be able to surpass Ryu and myself."

"What about Yun and Yang?"

"They are good. I don't know if they'll be able to match us, but as far as the Shotokan Disciple goes, Sean's good, and with me as his sensai, Mel's going to the top."

"I'm going down to the Boys & Girls Club, to watch their boxing and wrestling competition. I'll say hi to them, from the boss lady."

It's been a bit since I visited one of those clubs. With the Masters Family Fortune, and me being so busy with everything, Eliza took time to invest good shares in things like the Clubs, Boys & Girls Scouts, YMCA, and other orgainzations to improve others lives.

When she finally got me down there, a lot of the younger kids were impressed, seeing the champion of the Second Street Fighter Tournament. I guess I's a sorta role model for them. Still, I...

Ken stopped dead in his tracks. The club shoulda been open for a few hours, but it was a total waste! The entire area looked like it had been bombed, or worse!

He grabbed one of the attendants, demanding what had happened. He told Ken that it seemed to be some sorta bombing. Why and the details were unknown. Luckily, no one was hurt. The director did want to speak to Ken, ASAP.

"Hey, Rick! What happened here? It looks like an army ran amock in here!"

"It very well may have been! I didn't dare to open it. Here, read this."

The letter was addressed to Ken, from some man named Gill. It taunted him, telling him more actions, like this, would be taken, if he didn't come to the indicated place, alone.

"Don't worry, Rick. I'll have the guys down here. As for those responsible, I'll take care of it!"

"So, you are Ken Masters? You don't look as impressive as you do on TV."

"You're Gill? You look like a cheap reject of that dead wrestling giant."

"I, am Hugo. Any interested in challenging Master Gill must get by me!"

"No prob! You're about as big as Hawk, and probably even dumber!"

Ken rolled in, and came out with a foot slide. However, Hugo blocked the attempt, grabbed him, and began to choke Ken.

Ken swung his leg back, to break free, but it was blocked. In retaliation, Hugo had Ken eat ground in a sorta pile-driver.

"Ok," Ken breathed, "I'm getting serious now! You bastards are gona pay for what you did."

"Talk. That's all you seem to be good at."

"Hah! Sho-Ryu-Reppa!"

Hugo's body was pounded by the series of hits, smashing him in his stomach, chest, and head. The giant fell, groaning.

"Hey, I recognize you. You're related to the Andore Clan, ain't you?"

"A cosuin of that clan. And you...belong to us!"

Ken only had time to turn around, seeing nothing else but black.

"Gill's will shall be fulfilled. You did well, Hugo."

"Thank you, Urine."

"Be careful with Gill's prize, Hugo! He's good, in case that little display didn't prove it to you. Still, you treating him like a rag won't be right. He's to be one of Gill's top enforcers."

"On a cold day in Hell!"

"Who the..?"


Sean's super fireball knocked what wind Hugo had, out. Luckily, Ken had already knocked the crug outa him. Now, he had to handle Urine. He'd do it, for Master Ken!

"You must have cheated! That's the only way a punk like you coulda beaten Ken! I'll avenge him!"

"You got a lucky shot at Hugo, as your sensai already took him out once! I guess I'll have to dirty my hands with you!"

"WHAT! You aren't going to brush me off that easily! I'm going kick your freak-ass to da moon!"

"Worthless Maggot! You'd be better off getting your head handed to you by Ryu. At least he goes easy on you."

"Die, Damn You!"

Urine fired some sorta projectile at Sean, who just barely rolled past it. Just as he got up, Urine smashed into him, bringing him to the ground.

"Is that it, boy? You're no better than--Dan!"

"Don't call me Dan!"

Sean went for a Floor-Attack, but it was easily blocked. Sean found himself back on the ground, with his foe laughing over him.

"Now!" Sean hit Urine with his own version of the Sho-Ryu-Reppa!

"Yah! I did it!"

"Most...impressive, for a Dan immitation! But now--" Urine shot a large, crystal like blast at him, sending Sean half a dozen cars away!

"Come. Stop slacking, Hugo. Gill is waiting for his first prize. First, a message for Sean, to give to Ryu."


"Easy, Sean. It's ok!"

"Ryu! It's bad! Ken! Come on! He needs you! Us! We gota gooooo!"

"Easy, my friend. Gill's goons did a big number on you. You've been out half of the day. They left a message. Gill wants me AND Ken."

"So, we just tell Chun Li! She still has connections with Interpol, right! We can take those scumbags out!"

"No," Ibuki answered, "she left yesterday, to meet with Alex, to talk about Gill and his syndicate, after I showed what I had found in the G-Files. Ryu only has until Sunrise, tomorrow. If he doesn't come by then, Ken's dead!"

"...And I have to go alone."

"That's mad, Ryu! Alone, you can take out any of those creeps. But they fight two, three, maybe more, on one! No one's *that* good!"

"I know, but Ken's life's at stake. Gill's even more ruthless than Bison. It shouldn't take Chun Li long to get back. Tell her. I'm sure that you all should get something. I...need to train. This may be the biggest fight I've had since my battle with Sagat."

Gill's possibly an equal to Bison. He fancies himself a god. Half of him's fire, half of him's ice. None who've faced him have been able to stop him. It seems the only one who stood in his way of world domination was Bison. With him gone, and with both the Mad Gear and Skull Cross, Gill's left nearly unopposed in the criminal underworld!

That's what you said, Chun Li, when you went to meet with Alex. You also were going to meet Gen, something about some twins.


"We meet again, Ryu. How long will you keep running? You were lucky, last time. Your friend Ken saved you that time, didn't he?"


"My, my! It seems I can get Ryu emotional. You'd think that Shen Long was your brother. But I degress. You can claim it was love for Chun Li, but we know the truth!"

"I told you to shut up!"

"Tsk! We both know that had you faced Bison, you woulda been forced to succum to the Dark Intent within you. It would be the only way for you to win. Ken only got lucky. But we both know that security would have come before I could awaken your true self. So, as always, you took the coward's way out! But, you won't be able to do that, not when you face Gill."

"Be gone, Demon!"

"Who dares..? Oro. I shoulda known. Old man, I'll not waste my time with you. But soon, you will fall like all the others."

"Oro! What brings you hear?"

"Simple, kid. I felt Gill. I wasn't sure the details, until now! Plus, the Demon walks. Don't believe him, my boy. I've done a marvelous job without any evil power--as did Gouken. You do it. I'm going to your friends. My, insights, will be helpful for them."


I wish I could go in your place, my friend. This will be a fight you can't win. With what's waiting for us, we're all going to need to be at our best. I fear...Akuma may be right, this time. God, I hope I'm wrong on this, though. But, with both of you under Gill's control...

Phase 2: The Ryu Project