THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 27: The Plot Unfolds!



So, it seems that Genjuro has stolen Amakusa's orb. The question is, why? Is it because it is so strong, he hopes to kill Haohmaru with it? I don't know, but it is scary, for him to have such power.

"Hello, Shizurmaru. What are you thinking about?"

"Huh? Oh...I was just thinking about Genjuro taking Amakusa's orb, King? I wonder what he wants it for. It can't be for anything good, that's for sure!"

"Very true! I have no idea--but the orb does remind me of something I've seen before. I just wish I could recall where I saw it. You doing ok?"

Hisame turned away, and blushed slightly. King had heard about his little relationship with Rimururu, and smiled.

Rimururu ran up, and asked him to stay with her. Galford had to get ready for his match, while Nakoruru was still out from her fight with Mai. At King's encouragement, he went with her.

"So, you are this King person I'm hearing so much about. You were lucky in those first two matches. Both times, you only fought little girls. This time, you're going to face a man! You'll be going down!"

King looked at Garia, and said, calmly, "One’s sex has nothing to do with it! The one left standing is the stronger!"

He laughed, before he asked what she had found out. He was also investigating the tournament itself. The only thing he had found out was that Geese had wanted Amakusa's orb, but now that Genjuro had it, he's hoping that Ryuji will find his. He had no idea what that could mean.

"I don't know, either. I don't know of Geese even having any sort of orb. There's nothing I can think of that could link it."

"Perhaps...does the name Rugal mean anything?"

"Not really. He did introduce a team of three to our tournaments. He had lost his right eye, which was...replaced with an orb...a sight seeing orb...from the Orochi Clan!"

"Of course! Grandpa had mentioned such a thing! The large orb, from Green Hell...the one from Tam-Tam's village! Then, there was a second orb, one with the power to allow the blind to see, amongst other powers! It was about that size! The questions: Why do they want the orbs? What can they accomplish with it? And, why at this point in time?"

"I don't know, and I don't think I'll like the answer."


"Round 3, Fight 3, Garia v King!"

"You know one thing I just noticed, that's kind of odd? This is the third time that I've fought in the third match! Weird, eh?"

"I guess, not that it really matters! Come on, baby!"

Garia flew at her, seemingly as if he was going to crush her under his weight. At first, she was going to counter. Then, she decided against it, deciding that at that size, he would break her leg under his fat. Instead, she flipped back, and hit him with a Double Strike! She then pounded him with a Surprise Rose. The surprise was on King, as Garia reached out, and brought her crashing to the ground! He then shot up, and splatted on King, a muffled yell came as the air was smooshed out from King.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Not much to you, is there? Oh well. That's to be expected by a frail!"

King grabbed onto him, pulled herself up, and kneed him twice, before smacking him away, although it felt like she had swatted a brick!

Garia was up, and tried to swing with King, but she sidestepped, and then shot foreword with a fast series of kicks, doing little more than staggering the big guy. Although it wasn't much to him, it was more than King needed, as he struck her face with his king-sized necklace, ripping up the ground as her body drove along the already torn-up battlefield. One could only wonder what would be left after it was all over.

"Now! I've got ya, lady! Time to go for a long ride!" he then picked King up, and was set for a Super Spin.

"I usually don't hit a guy under the belt, unless he deserves it--I'll make an exception!" she quickly swung her leg back, and smashed it into Garia's manhood; dropping King with a real look of pain!

"Now, it ends!" King shot out with an Illusion Dance, and pummeled Garia with a Hell-fire of kicks, and finished with a series to his face, bringing the fat one down.

"Winner of Round 3, Fight 3, King!"

"So, you won't be saying babe anytime soon, right beefcake?"

"King! You did it! Way to go!"

"Thank you, Ling. How's Mai?"

"Mary's taking care of her! I'm on my way to see Joe, as he gets ready for Galford!"

"Tell him that I wish him the best. Say, Ling. I don't know how things are going to shape, but when we get back, do you think you want to team at the next KOF?"

"Do I? You bet! It'd be an honor!" Ling skipped off, happy that she had been offered such a spot.

Who knows, maybe. Who knows? There may even be a spot for Mary...


"Round 3, Fight 4, Galford v Joe!"

Oh, Nak! I'm so glad you're ok, girl! You gave me a real scare out there; although in a way, it was kinda funny in how the match ended. You each tripped over your animal friends, and crashed into each others' skulls. That's something you'd expect to happen in a cartoon, or else in a pro wrestling match!

You are lucky, though. You didn't have to fight one of the men who are one of the many definitions of evil, and death--Ryuji! Granted, that Jin girl was bad, but nowhere near as evil as the madman I just fought! Now, that's evil.

It's like Genjuro, in a way. Actually, Genjuro seems to be influenced by a similar dark power. I wonder, could it be that Genjuro is also of this Orochi Clan?

I never mentioned this to anyone, and I hadn't thought of it--not until I heard Hisame and Rimururu talking about the kids they saw earlier. I also saw some older kids wondering around. I saw a girl, that seemed to have your features, but her eyes, I think, and her hair were almost identical to mine, as was her skin color. The boy was almost the opposite. He had my features, but your eyes and hair, only while her hair was long, his was short. It also made me think about when you recently asked me about a future together.

I think that I would like that; Nakoruru. I think it's already starting. Silkururu and Poppy have...I'm almost sure of that. After all, it was shortly after I came to visit, when Poppy met Silkururu. Then, after a bit, we couldn't find them. Later, when I did find Poppy, she had puppies! We would have figured it out in time, but Charlotte needed my help. Then--we wound up here, in this!

Maybe, when this is over, we can--get together or something. I don't really have much to do, and well, huh?

"Galford! Would you wake up! I'll watch sis! You have a match to go to! You'd best be ready! This Joe guy can really fight! Don't worry, Hisame will be with me. Now, go on."

"Sure! Easy! I'll leave you two kids alone. Don't do nothing I wouldn’t do!"

Rimmy laughed, and Hisame blushed a bit.

"So, Joe, ya ready to go?"

"You know I am, babe! I'm the master of the universe, and ain't nobody going to beat me! He may have beaten Ryuji, but that's luck! He won't be as lucky against the man!"

"Well, if you keep that up, your mouth will kill him!" Ling laughed, as Joe mumbled something about Mai talking too much to Ling!

"Go Poppy!"

"Not! Screw, Upper!" yelled Joe, who caught Poppy in his DM, rendering her unconscious.

"That's the way it should be! Mono-e-mono! So, you want to ditch the blade, and fight like a real man?"

Galford replied with a Plasma Blade! Joe countered with a double Hurricane Upper, the second one nailing Galford. Joe shot in with a Slash Kick, but Galford disappeared, and came crashing down with his sword into Joe! Joe was on his feet, only for Galford to grab him, rip into the air, and explode into the ground his electric slam.

"Yah! Looks like I'm still here, bub!"

"Ah-Shaaa!" yelled Joe, as this time, his Screw Upper was red in color, ripping Galford, and driving him violently into the ground.

"Sorry about the broken nose! I can recommend a good doctor!"

"You better keep that name in handy! You'll need it!"

"WHAT! How, how can..?"

"I've still got a lot in me, Joe! You may have hit me with a Helluva a move, but you haven't finished me yet! I'm still here! Yah!"

Instantly, Galford split, with a small number of copies of himself, surrounding and circling Joe.

"You're going down, man!" Joe wend for his ol' pummel DM, but hit the wrong Galford!

Joe shot forward, unleashed a few Hurricane Uppers, and shot into the air. Galford dashed in behind him, and as Joe landed, Galford caught him as he hit the ground. He lifted him up, and with the same explosive attack he used on Ryuji, he exploded on Joe!

"Winner of Round 3, Fight 4, Galford!"

"At last, it's done! I can feel it! The tournament is almost over! Soon, we will see what these crooks have planned!"


King had just finished cleaning up (NO! I will NOT go into details about it! Stop asking!), and was talking to Ryo about what little she had gotten from Garia. It wasn't much, but it did explain why they had wanted to team with Amakusa, and Zankuro. It would be easier to take it from them if they weren't expecting anything. However, Genjuro had, for whatever reason, stolen it! Now, the question of what he wanted with it, and what could he do with it, was on their minds.

"Hey there! I think we can help!" yelled Kazuki, followed by Sogetsu (see, I didn't forget about them!).

"What do you two want?" Ryo demanded.

"Easy, dude! We've got some stuff that may help us piece this junk together. Sogetsu."

Sogetsu explained about how they were connected to some of the troubles. Amakusa had kidnapped their sister, to hold the demonic power of Zankuro at bay. While her life force was used for that, he was trying to gain total mastery of the orb.

In time, after an apocalyptic battle, they were able to free their sister. They then informed her of their plan, and carried it out.

Kazuki, in time, learned that the orb from Green Hell, was an orb from The Dark Clan. Used in their village, it worked miracles. In Amakusa's hands, and in that of members of The Dark Clan, it could result in disaster. There was also rumor that there was a second one, which had been lost. This one, was about the size of a man's eye! They had been looking around this area, and this is the spot where the rumors said it to be!

With Ryuji's Riot's becoming more and more violent, and with Genjuro's sudden outburst, it was clear that this was indeed the place. The two stones that were the legendary power of Orochi were almost united. Their power, especially when together, could allow the one to have it unimaginable power!

"So, that's why Geese and Krauser have this tournament. They want this power! This has been held, to distract us! Well, now we have it!"

"But," King said, "I wonder, what is to say that one won't try to outdo the other so that he can have sole control of this. Perhaps, they will take each other out, in their greed!"

Heh heh heh! You'll have to wait for the next canto for that match! Geese and Krauser, one-on-one! They go for control of it all! Don't miss it!

So, they want the orbs of Orochi, eh! Well, Genjuro has one, and Ryuji has the other. Don't count on the to just give them away! This is some major power, and like all power, it corrupts. If the soul is already corrupt, you've got some big shit!

Pay attention, because how the orbs tie into the tournament are coming up!