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If you don't like anything FF/SS related or if you don't care for what's in the "general media," LEAVE! This is an interactive Fan Fic on 2 of SNK's best!

I've brought back the minis, but I don't recall their exact order. Figure the the first couple are before round one starts, and so on. *=may not be appropirate for all readers; you are warned!

I also think I must make it clear that VOTING FOR THIS FIC IS OVER! If you want, you can go to the main GFD link, and check out new polls there!



Finally, I finished! Let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoy the fics, the pics, and the music. :]

I just started a new fic! Stars Sagat, Leona, Wolverine, and Hismae!

For those who don't already know why I'm doing this, I got around to playing SS1 after who knows how long. Yes, I still play SS1; I even play my NES too! Anyway, after winning with Haohmaru, I see Mai from FF2 there. Huh? How did she get there? I know, "it's just a game," but I'm one of those who just have to know, or make up their own story...Now Ryo crossing over in FFS and Geese crossing into AOF2 didn't bug me. They are all in South Town, and they are in the same century. But Mai is of the 20th, while SS occurs in the 18th! Ok, so how does Mai travel back in time nearly 200 years? Read on! ;=]

Riot Of The Blood
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Check cast for an idea I SHOULDA done, but it's too late to do it now! Oh well. So much for fish being brain food!

Ryuji - Terry
Haohamru - Genjuro
THE Chizuru Kagura (Mini) Shrine
Neo-Geo Club
Canto 1-Who's the Boss?
Canto 2-My, Mai
Canto 3-King Of Fighters Begins Again
Canto 4-Clash
Canto 5-Back In Time
Canto 6-Forward In Time
Canto 7-They Meet
Canto 8-Taking Care Of Business
Canto 9-New Friends, Foes; Awakening?
Canto 10-Has Evil Overcome?
Canto 11-Round 1!
Canto 12-Blue Stalker!
Canto 13-Riot 1: Aftermath!
Canto 14-How Is It Called?
Canto 15-Heed The Call!
Canto 16-Can You Feel It?
Canto 17-Fight On
Canto 18-Understandings
Canto 19-Growing Hope
Canto 20-KOF Fire
Canto 21-Round 2!
Canto 22-First Times!
Canto 23-Heros' Battle
Canto 24-Villians' Battle
Canto 25-A Couple, or Two!
Canto 26-Round 3!
Canto 27-The Plot Unfolds!
Canto 28-True Meanings
Canto 29-Round 4!
Canto 30: Final Round!
Canto 31: Fatal Showdown!
Canto 32: Partings!
Galford & Nakoruru, and a few other 1-shots
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Now that I finished with FFvSS, what am I doing now? Here is where to find out!