THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 26: Round 3!



I can hardly believe it! Round 2 has barely ended, and now they are forcing us to start up round three. We are all already tired from our previous fights. They must either be close to what they are wanting, or else something is going wrong. Maybe, with Amakusa and Zankuro suffering defeat at the hands of Geese and Krauser, has caused the two remaining evil men to decide to work faster to obtain--whatever it is they are looking for.

It's funny, and maybe, a bit frightening; I was just thinking about a visit by our recent friends who had, died. It reminds me of when...I died.

Everything went black for me, and I felt--nothing. Then, a powerful light was on my face, and I opened my eyes. The light was too intense, and I had to shut them again, or face blindness.

"I'm sorry, young-one. I get very absent-minded...I often forget how this can be harmful for human eyes to bare. There, you may now open your eyes."

"What, happened to me? Did I..."

"Yes," replied the voice of a young woman. When Nakoruru looked at her, she looked to be perhaps a few years older than she was.

"What! Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'm sorry, Nakoruru, but I can't tell you where you are. However, you may call me by one of my many names; I'm Gaea, spirit of Mother Earth!"

Nakorur's voice and breath caught in her throat. It had to be true...this woman was emitting too much power! It wasn't an evil power, but one of healing...

"Wait! How can I feel anything, if I'm dead?" she asked, confused, for to her knowledge, she had never been dead.

"Again, you must except my deepest apologies, Nakoruru. All I can tell you is that you are one of the Chosen Ones, and one of the people who is protected. As you do your best to protect Earth itself, My spirit is here to protect you, and others. That is all I can tell, you. Be grateful that you are needed! Never forget your vows to protect Earth!"

There, everything went dark, again. This time, I felt something, wet, poke me. I opened my eyes, and see a large, lone wolf, looking right into my eyes; and I would swear, he looked into my soul, for I felt like I was looking into his. Later, as he joined me, I named him Silkururu!

With Amakusa returning, as well as the Demon, Zankuro, I just haven't had time to figure it out. My head is starting to hurt. I wonder...who else was she referring to? Could it be Galford..?

It was shortly before I returned to the village, when I felt dizzy. Silkururu helped me, but something was causing him to growl, and he arched up, ready to fight. At first, I had wondered why Gaea hadn't returned me to my village. Now, to an extent, I understand.

"Now, you little brat! We want to know where you're from! Tell us!"

"NO! Anybody, help me!"

Nakoruru was horrified. She recognized both voices! The first was Gen-an. The second was her little sister, Rimururu! She could also hear others, and saw that Gen-an had a small group of about ten of his kind, surrounding Rimururu, and some man, who looked like he may be dead! She was only slightly relieved that it wasn't her grandfather, or anyone she knew!

Before she knew what had happened, the wolf scooped her up, onto his back, and was amongst them in a few bounds! As if they could read each other's thoughts, he paused for a brief second, and Nakoruru took down three of Gen-an's men! The wolf also quickly took out three others!

"Quick, child! Use the crystal in your hand!" the old man gasped.

Not knowing what to do, she swung it, and an ice-flower hit one of them, stunning him.

"So, we meet once more! This time, I'll kill you!" Gen-an squealed, and Nakoruru was just barely able to block his claws with her own blade.

She now wished that she had taken Grandfather's new, larger sword, but it was too late for that. The blade was coming closer, and closer. She was still too weak from her reincarnation!

"Kiiii!" called a familiar sound, as Mamahaha dove into Gen-an, allowing Nakoruru to get free of him.

"I'll be back!" but fortunately, he never did.

"Sis? I thought you were..."

"Rimururu! What's going on, and who are you, sir?"

"I'm sorry, no time! Young lady. I give you Konril. It will serve you well. It is an ice-spirit! Please..." the man said no more, but died in a fit of coughing.

All that Rimmy could say was that he was just a traveler. That day, Nakoruru handed down her prized weapon to her sister, and took her grandfather's new one.

"Hey, Naky! Come on! Haohmaru's telling a huge story! You've got to hear it."

"Well, I guess so, Galford," she still felt embarrassed about asking him about their future, together.


"Why does Genjuro hate you so much, Haohmaru? And where did he get that scar from?" asked Hisame, unaware that it was something that he hadn't even told his other friends, nor had he told Charlotte...but that was something else!

"That's a real long story. But don't worry, I'll make it fun."

"If he starts with `Once Upon A Time,' I'm outa here!" laughed Joe, something that was lost on the Samurai side.

Haohmaru said it began several years ago, when he was in the middle of a friendly fight with his old rival, Ukyo.

They had been going at it for a couple of hours, with each scoring little more than a few nicks. Everyone watched, wondering what it would take to end it, and how it would end. It may have gone until the sun had long settled, had fate not stepped in.

They each felt two, very powerful auras. Ukyo, let his guard down, and in a second, Haohmaru had won, though not without a harsh look from Ukyo, not pleased with how he had lost.

"This is the other man you told be about, Nicotine! What use can he be to us?"

"Hush, Genjuro! I've done this for more years than you've been alive. However, I can't live forever, and must train others to take my place. The two of you each have special talents, I can feel it, deep down in you. Never underestimate your opponent! In real combat, it will be your death!"

Genjuro shrugged it off, and followed behind the old man, immediately disliking Haohmaru, and the feeling was very mutual.

After much training together, which would explain a few, vague similarities between their styles, it happened. They were to have their first, true match. Haohmaru omitted the fact that he was nearly getting killed. It was only a keen sense of his surroundings, and he had paid closer attention then Genjuro, but not by much, that allowed him to come out alive.

"Then, he lifted his sword, and swung down at me. I deflected it, and drove my blade past him. I only intended to, well, you know. I didn't intend for that to happen. That's when Nic' decided that we had done enough for the day; awarding me the fight.

"Genjuro was outraged. I was the first one to beat him in real combat. Not only did I beat him, but I carved the memory into him, forever. It reminds him of how just one small mistake can turn the battle. The fact that I had defeated him, and that Caf' awarded it to me, fused him to want us both dead. That night, he was banished...and swore that he would take out to our graves."

"Wow! That's a great story, Haohmaru," Rimururu said, wide-eyed.

"Thank you, little lady," he then picked up his sake bottle, and took a nice, long drink.

"I've a question, Haohmaru! `How do you drink so much and never get drop-dead drunk?" Mai asked, putting Haohmaru on the spot.

"Well, you see, it takes a master with super tempered nerves to be able to do that. It's not something everyone..."

"In other words," Galford interrupted, "Haohmaru's too stubborn to get drunk!" everyone, including Charlotte laughed, while Haohmaru grumbled. He then looked up as two men came in.

"It's time for the next match," Ryo said, calmly.

"We must all be careful," warned Hanzo.

Round 3, Fight 1, Mai v Nakoruru!

"So, Nakoruru, it looks like it's time for you and me to go at it. Think you're up to it?"

"Yes. It shall be an honor to fight one who has made this far in the tournament. May the best woman win. Mamahaha! Silkururu!" Nakoruru called, and her friends came to her side, ready to go into combat again.

"Don't worry, I will! Say, I's just wondering; if you're nature's guardian, why do other fighters' animals attack you."

"I may be the guardian, but I am not their supreme mistress. Really, I would think that with the time you have spent with us, I would have shown you that much. Animals are very much like us, in more ways than most people could understand. They, like us, have an undying loyalty to their family. For example, Galford is part of Poppy's extended family. She wouldn't abandon him willingly, just like she wouldn't abandon one of her own puppies! He also returns this, and they each know it. It makes sense, right?"

"Um, I guess so," Mai replied, only half understanding what had been said to her.

"Oh, Mai! Oh well, not everyone has such a keen understanding of what's going on around her," Nakoruru just couldn't contain her laugh.

"All right! All right! We'll all have a jolly time later! Let's go for it!"

Mai shot in with a Deadly Ninja Bees, knocking Nakoruru to her back, and startling her friends. Nakoruru stood up, right into a Ryu En Bu, getting smacked twice, before being fried. Silkururu dove at her, forcing Mai to leap. She almost leapt straight into Mamahaha, and was forced to Squirrel Dance. The hit was ok, but just tagged Nakoruru.

Nakoruru bent down, and then went flying into the sky, taking Mai with her, making a small, but painful, cut across Mai's shoulder. When they landed, Nakoruru jumped, dove off Mamahaha, and smashed into Mai, felling her. With a look of freight on her face, Nakoruru rushed over to Mai, to make certain she was ok. She had thought that the poison of Gen-an had finally worn-off. Maybe, it had finally reached it's full strength, and Mai had been trying to fight it, as well as Nakoruru.

To Nakoruru's surprise, Mai's eyes shot open, a sly smile on her face, and she wrapped her legs around Nakoruru, and slammed her into the ground. Mai then threw three flaming fans, and hit each of her three attackers with one. It was enough to knock down each of the animals, but wasn't enough to stop Nakoruru. It did little more than slow her down.

Mai shot out with a Super Deadly Ninja Bees, only for Nakoruru to side-step her! As Mai came out of the move, Nakoruru caught up with her. She then began to knee Mai a few times, knock her down, and then bounced off of Mai's stomach. Nakoruru dove in to take a large swipe at Mai with her blade, but was met with a Cherry Blossom.

Mai went for another Super Deadly Ninja Bees, while Nakoruru went for her--wait! Would this work? She had never tried a variation of the move without the help of Mamahaha or Silkururu! Would it still come off, or would it not work! She didn't get time to answer it.

Both were so caught up in the heat of the battle, that their paths took them directly into where Mamahaha and Silkururu lay! There was too much momentum! They each tripped, and their skulls crashed against each other!

"Double Knockout!"

"Hm! That's something I would only expect to happen in a anime!" Geese said, stiffly.

"Or perhaps," Krauser added," in a fanfic, somewhere!"

Andy was the first to rush out, a look of deep concern on his face. Galford, followed by Rimururu, came out. Poppy carried out Mamahaha, Rimmy carried out Silky, while Galford carried out Naky. Galford looked down at her, and for some strange reason, an image of a man `carrying his bride over the mantle' came to his mind. For a moment, a cold surge rushed along his spine. Then, he smiled, recalling Nakoruru's question from earlier.

Andy carried Mai out, almost exactly how he had carried her when he had defeated Blood. The difference this time was that she was out, and had a very ugly bump on her forehead...if Joe even thought about telling him to kiss it better; he would kill him.

Round 3, Fight 2, Mizuki v Terry!

I can hardly believe that I was able to beat that monster! He had taken out just about everybody here, and had barely even worked up a sweat! He had me taken to my absolute limits, and then, I reached new levels!

It was, again, thanks to Master Tung. Not only was I fighting for my very life, but that of others. I was fighting to save the lives of all the good people I knew. I was not only fighting for the safety of the world, but for our entire history! They could easily recreate history to their liking! Then, perhaps the most important reason to fight off Ryuji...Mary!

I had never met a lady I cared for more than her! She has given me another reason to fight; another reason to live. I knew there was more to life than the fight, but I just never had anyone show me the way--until I met Kim, his wife, and their sons. Maybe...what?

I thought he was defeated! I--still sense him! He's out there! He feels lousy, but he's alive. He also seems to have found something--something big. From the way Geese and Krauser seem to be smiling, I think they feel it too! This can't be good! DAMN!

Terry had just leapt in time, to avoid the beast from ripping his head off! This was going to get nasty, in a hurry. Well, he took out Ryuji--guess he's the rune-up! Now, I got a possessed gal, with an ugly thing wanting to rip me up! Well, now I can repay'em for nearly ripping Mary apart. She didn't like the idea of me fighting them...I think that's why I was paired up against her. Yamazaki didn't waste me, so they're hoping that Mizuki can.

He landed, and hit the beast with a power wave with the force he hadn't hit since the first tournament. It towered up high, and each column smacked the beast, driving it a few inches into the ground! Mizuki took a huge swing at Terry, and the point just past through his jacket. Now, at least he had a good excuse for wearing it; it just saved him from a world of pain!

As she brought her sword back, Terry shot in with a Power Attack, and ripped right into a Rising Tackle, hitting Mizuki from all sides with an onslaught of fists. When she landed, she bounced slightly of the ground, while Terry touched down on his feet. However, the beast grabbed him, and slammed him head-first into the ground. Had Terry not used his hands to take most of the shot, he very well could have had his neck broken! He rolled over to his side, to see the creature squatting over Mizuki, protectively. It wasn't long before she was back to her feet!

She threw a portal at him, and it was only with great difficulty that he was able to keep himself calm. He went in, and his mind was flooded by images and sounds. It could drive a person mad, which may have happened, had he not kept focus on winning, and to keep Mary safe from Ryuji. The terror of souls that had been victimized by this attack, those that had died by her blade, and countless others, zoomed through his being in fractions of a second. Then, he saw a real shock!

It was Mizuki herself! She was finally starting to make a little progress against the demon within her! Knowing his power, how he had defeated Mars, and how he had fared against Orochi, had caused it to put all of it's focus on him. It had thought that Mizuki had succumb. It was wrong, and it was now having to fight a dual battle. One was against possibly one of the strongest fighters alive, while the other was for control of this vessel!

Terry crashed at Mizuki's feet, but she was caught. She was desperately fighting with herself, and her pet didn't know what to do, other than to stay by his master, and wait.

"Overkill!" he yelled, taking them both by surprise. Mizuki tried to put up a block, but then she forced the demon's hand, and allowed it, and herself, to be hit! At the end of the final Geyser, she was too torn to continue.

The beast leapt to rip Terry's throat out, but a well placed triple-Geyser laid it out!

"Winner of Round 3, Fight 2, Terry!"

Kyoshiro, followed by Hanzo, Tam-Tam, and Cham-Cham, rushed up to Mizuki. Kyoshiro threw a different dust over her, and knelt beside her, seemingly in prayer. Hanzo kept watch over the beast, while the wild kids began to chant wildly.

In a dark explosion, the Demon was removed from Mizuki, and the beast had awaken! Hanzo pounded into the ground, and the flames that surrounded him, knocked the beast into the demon, and into the dark portal.

"W, what was that?"

"I'll tell you later," Kyoshiro replied.

"K, Kyoshiro...thank you!"

"Oh, Terry! You did it! I knew you would! I just know you'll win!"

Deep in the woods, Ryuji has found a strange, glowing orb, similar to the one he recalled Rugal having!

For some unknown reason, Genjuro steals Amakusa's orb...feeling a new power wash over him.

So, I hope you like how itís coming along. Some of my friends are wanting to know what he plost is, other than just the seeing who is the best, and what if... First, look back to 20 for a small hint, and read over the last few lines here...

Itíll be big, and weíll see just who winds up in charge, and who gets their head handed to them.