THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 28: True Meanings!



Round 3, Fight 5: Hanzo v Ryo!

The evil demon, Zankuro has been defeated; of this, I am glad. My so, Amakusa, has also been defeated, and has not awaken since his defeat. As is, this has allowed the foul Genjuro to steal the orb he had, one that he had stolen from Tam-Tam's village of Green Hell.

"Green Hell? Perhaps it is a name meant to scare away those who may attack or rob the village. That is all I can think of," mused Hanzo, as he thought about the name.

There are several kinds of Hell for one to live through. Hanzo's Hell, as was known to just about all, was that his own son had become possessed by the forces of darkness, and had unleashed much darkness, not just of the land itself, but of the entire world. It was indeed a living curse, to know that one's flesh and blood was responsible for such much death and destruction.

"So, you are the infamous ninja, Hanzo, that I have heard so much about. You are indeed a very strong man. It will be an honor to challenge you. It has been a very hard challenge, to get this far. I have the utmost respect for you."

"As I have for you, and all the other noble warriors from both our sides in this fight. Now, let us begin."

Ryo started with a fireball, only for Hanzo to vanish in a burst of smoke, and to crash with his blade into Ryo, scoring both the first strike, and first blood of this fight.

Ryo, though still stunned from the attack, flew through the air, knocking Hanzo with three, powerful kicks in his Lightning Legs. Hanzo tried, as he shot to his feet, to slam Ryo, only to get caught in a Zan Rethu Ken, battering the ninja with a series of blows, before knocking him away.

Ryo ran in to try and hit a Ryuko Ranbu, but was cut short by a flying star, which, for a moment, was stuck in his gut, bring him to his knees. No sooner had he, painfully, removed it, then Hanzo hit the ground, and the bouncing inferno burst upon Ryo.

Ryo hadn't seen Hanzo or Galford in action, at least not to his memory, so he was shocked as Hanzo seemingly appeared out of thin air, and grabbed him. He then felt his entire world spinning in a sickening motion, as Hanzo rocketed with him off the ground. When they landed, it was in a violent explosion, burning Ryo yet again. As if that wasn't enough, he thought for sure that he had his neck broken. He heard the ugly crack, and felt like an entire legion freight trains was rolling over him.

Hanzo poked him gently with the point of his sword.

No sooner had his point left Ryo, then Ryo grabbed it, and flung it away from the startled ninja. He then rocked him with a series of punches, setting Hanzo up for a Koho. With the momentum still burning strong, Ryo finished it off with a Haoh Sho Koh Ken! The Super fireball knocked Hanzo off his feet, and sent him rippling along the ground, kicking up a long trail of earth and dust as he went.

Sensing his chance for victory, Ryo moved in once again, going for yet another Ryuko Ranbu. Hanzo had just made it up to his feet, and saw Ryo approaching. He didn't know what he could do in so sudden an attack. Thus, without thinking, he pounded into the ground, as the fire that burned in his soul was released, knocking Ryo in the same manner Hanzo had been hit a few moments ago.

Hanzo was on his knees, just barley able to support himself after such powerful attacks. Ryo's had nearly drained him, and his own attack had drained what little energy remained within.

Look at that ninja, Ryo thought. He doesn't seem to be in much better shape than me. I can't stay on my feet much longer. If it wasn't for his blade, and this nasty wound...if I hadn't left myself open to him.

As one person, they each fell to the ground, neither having the strength to stand without help.

"Draw Game!"

"So, Ryo, it looks like it will be a woman's world after all!"


"Don't worry. I can show these boys the Art Of Fighting!"

"Hanzo, old friend? You're..."

"Alive. That is what is important. It is up to you, now."

"I won't fail, Hanzo."


"So, Geese, would you now explain to me the true purpose of this tournament. Granted, it has been useful, in that it has eliminated many of the fools who would oppose us. It has also allowed us to find this stone that we need, as well as having gotten an Orochi involved. We also have control of time. What is the connection?"

"Do you recall the Dark Power that Iori Yagami has sought in the King of Fighters Tournaments?"

"Yes, I do. I had the privilege of seeing such power in motion. Go on."

"What none had known, and what I did not learn, until Orochi himself appeared. The power was infused in Rugal! He made a Blood Pact with them. They were to enhance him, with cybernetics. In addition, he was given a sight-seeing orb, to serve as his right eye, the one he lost to Goenitz. This orb is, in fact, the very power that has eluded me for so long."

"If that is true, than why have we had a need to obtain it here, in the past. Why not take it from Rugal."

"You forget, Krauser, that at the end of the last tournament, he bombed himself and his boat, sinking it down to the murky depths of the sea. I have had men looking for it, when I learned what it truly was. However, as I had not known it's true power, I paid no attention to where it had sank, and there is no record of it."

"That would be expected of Rugal...we share a common business."

"While my men had been looking for it, I searched, and had my men search, for any information about this power. As you can imagine, such information is nearly impossible to find, as the Orochis are nearly impossible to contact, with little recorded history. I did find one, small piece of information, saying that one of the clansmen was traveling with it, in order to take it to their new home. He was attacked by savages..."

"...and was killed, with the orb being lost in the fight."

"Not quite. Being Orochi, the man was able to disperse them. However, no matter who the man, he was outnumbered, and in the fighting, he had lost it. He spent years searching for it. The Clan had also sent members to search for him, with many thoughts as to what had happened. When found, he was to spend the rest of his life, looking for it. Should he return without it, he would suffer a long and painful death!"

The last words were spoken as if it was Geese's very own command. All of this, Krauser took in, starting to understand their purpose in this place.

"He never found it, and how he died was never recorded. This, however, is the area he was traveling in; as near as I can tell, about a year after his death. So, with no Orochis to interfere, it is open for taking."

"But why do you even need such a stone, now that we have control of time itself?"

"The energy needed for each time jump is astronomical. Each jump, under current conditions, sets me back several, hundred million! However, with this power, it posses as a near unlimited supply of power, power that can be controlled to power the machine. There is, unfortunately, a fatal set-back."

"And what, is that?"

"You saw what it did to Rugal. Prolonged, direct exposure to that power to anyone not Orochi will result in madness, and then death. That is where Ryuji comes in. With his Blood, he can not only handle the orb, but use it to control it to his will. The problem is now as to how to manipulate him into controlling the orb for another. Then, there is Genjuro."

"What of the samurai? What is he to us?"

"The man who lost it is a descendant of Genjuro. While it isn't a pure trace, it is a trace. Thus, there seems to be a connection to him as well. The Orb that Amakusa had, was an even larger version of the one I originally sought! However, he will be even harder than Ryuji to manipulate. With the right pay, Ryuji can be bought. Genjuro, however, has no price. The only thing he wants is to kill Haohmaru. He will take no help from anyone."

"Forgive the intrusions, sirs."

"This had best be good," answered Krauser, coldly.

"Sirs, it is time for your fight."

"Well, Krauser, shall we go?"

"I wouldn't miss it!"


Round 3, Fight 6: Geese v Krauser!

"Come on; come on."

"I'll chisel your gravestone, sleep well!"

Krauser shot a Blitz Ball to Geese's face, but Geese easily leapt over it, releasing his air projectile, striking Krauser across the chest.

The move, however, had a large downfall. It would do little so early in a fight, and slowed Geese's decent to the ground, allowing Krauser to nail Geese with a Leg Tomahawk!

Geese attempted a Double Reppu Ken, but Krauser rocketed over it, hitting Geese with a drop-kick like maneuver, sending Geese skull crashing into the ground. Krauser lifted Geese up, and smashed Geese's back over his knee. No sooner had Geese regained his footing, then Krauser lifted him off his feet, and proceeded to smash his fist into Geese repeatedly, before sending him to the ground, barely able to stand.

Geese looked up, and rolled out of the way, as Krauser's leg crashed deep into the ground. Almost a second after impact, there was a look of tension on Krauser's face, as if he had nearly broken his leg. The appearance was obvious to Geese, who also knew the reason behind it.

"So, Krauser, it seems that Zankuro's blade did more damage than you were willing to show, until now. Do you think you can still win?"

"You know me better, Geese. I will fight until I can fight no more."

"Yes, Krauser, I know you well."

To any but Krauser, the low, deep laugh would have sent chills up their spines. It meant that Geese had some very big advantage planned, but as to what it was, it would prove impossible to know, until it was time to play the piece.

"Come, Krauser. What are you waiting for? Attack! If you don't you know I will!"

"Then, attack. I do not know what, but I know that whatever is hindering me, it is not just my leg. I won't run into any attack you throw. You go."

"Very well. Prepare to feel the power of my Violent Wave!"

Howard began to summon up power to unleash his Violent Wave, and was right, as he saw Wolfgang begin to unleash a Kaiser Wave. It was just as he predicted.


"Kasier Wave!"

The two moves collided, and exploded upon impact, sending each of the men reeling back.

Slowly, methodically, Geese approached Krauser.

Thinking how foolish Geese was, Krauser unleashed a low Blitz Ball.

To his surprise, Geese moved out of the way with almost no effort. The same results occurred as he attempted a high one.

Now, Geese was almost upon him. Krauser decided to use his superior strength, and crush Geese with his fist. But, as he swung, he suddenly felt as if he was moving in water, or in a dream.

Geese, to Krauser's surprise, deflected the punch, not even staggering.

"You are indeed surprised, Krauser. It is simple, my friend. Your drink, the one before our match, was drugged. All I needed to do was to get you to exert a lot of power, and merely wait. Now, you canít even punch me. I shall enjoy this...RAGING STORM!!!!"

While Krauser was too weak from the drug to yell in pain, the look on his face, and the tone in his mind was more than he could ever voice. Perhaps, just as much, he was angry with himself, for being so easily manipulated by Geese.

"Oh yes! Krauser, you fool! This is but the beginning! None of you oppose me now! Alas, I am now forced to deal with Terry myself. If you want somebody killed, do it yourself!" Geese's mad laughter echoing as the words leave his mouth.

So, this ends round three! Now, we know the reason behind this tournament, but what good will it be? Geese wants the stones, but Genjuro has one, while Ryuji has the other. Suffice to say, neither will merely hand the orb over.

There are now four warriors left in this fight: Geese, Terry, Galford, and King. Now, with Krauser out, for now, Geese is the only one to know the true purpose of this tournament. What if, he does gain control of the stones? The power to shape all time will be his, and his alone, to control!