THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 25: A Couple, or Two!



So, Round 2 has ended, though not without its share of loses. More good people have died. Not only are they good people, but some of them held very important information. Some of that information could involve our very survival!

I'm glad that they were able to do something to help us, especially after the disasters that struck us all! With that sort of fire and power, many of us are lucky to still be alive!

When I was attacked, I didn't feel the power until it was too late to do anything about it! It was like, I don't know, some being engulfing the sun, and then destroying the entire planet! The hatred, the impossible level of power, and unbiased rampage of destruction has left us a lose. If I was to be real honest, it would be frightening!

Just the thought of all the death and bloodshed over the past few, um, days, has been enough to unnerve everyone. The main man behind much of the desolation is a madman named Ryuji Yamazaki. He has killed more men than any one person here! It was only recently that a stop was put to it. The question is as to how long? He may be defeated, and it may be that death claimed him, but I feel the dark aura of him, and I know he's not dead.

The other fiend is a devil known as Genjuro Kibagami! He has also haunted us, with an almost obsessive mentality. While Ryuji hunts for Mary, Genjuro hunts for Haohmaru. Ryuji wants the girl, and will kill everyone to get her...and he's making DAMN good that promise. Genjuro only wants to kill Haohmaru, and the only reason he'd take interest in Charlotte is to kill Haohmaru. Man, what a mess!

"So, here you are! I've been looking all over for you! You seem so, distant."

"Yes, I guess I do. It's pretty easy to see why, what with all that has happened recently. I am glad that you still live, Nakoruru."

"Thank you, Galford," she replied, slightly blushing.

"How's Poppy doing?"

"Poppy will live, although that was a devastating blow. Mamahaha and Silkururu are with Poppy; they all need rest."


My feelings are mixed up. I should feel thrilled, especially with my victory, and that of my...partner. We are the only--couple from our side to make it this far! Considering who our opponents have been, I think that we've done very well! None of our battles have ever been easy, but we keep fighting, and keep surviving.

It's when we have a situation like this past one that causes us to realize just how delicate, and fragile, the thing we call life is. Several good people have past on. Most of them, I never knew. I was honored to know a few of them, but that was about all. Now, we have a time to rest, before the next round starts.

I'm not sure if I'm pleased with the results of the "Villains' Battle," or not. While it's good that two lost, that still means that two of them are still in this thing. Then, there's that Mizuki woman. I have no idea as to what she's doing in this tournament; I mean outside of trying to win, and possibly to kill us off.

I'm still no closer to figuring out why this thing is being held, and why this particular year. I don't see anything too special. The only thing remotely odd is that the weather has been peaceful, and there have only been a few light clouds. Then again, I'm no weatherman, so I wouldn't know. I doubt that has anything to do with it, though (if only you knew, this has a lot to do--it'll be explained later).

Let's see, what do I know about what's going on? Two of the biggest crime lords of the 20th, Geese Howard, and Wolfgang Krauser, invite some of that time's greatest fighters for a special King Of Fighters. They then explain this whole thing, at least what we know, and reveal Charlotte.

Meanwhile, in the 18th, Amakusa and Zankuro make preparations for their crowd. They take Mai, and tell them that to see her, and Charlotte, they must go through the portal, and fight a fight to the death! Without waiting, Haohmaru dashes through it, with the rest of his friends right behind him.

Ryuji is a member of the Orochi Clan, which, essentially, want to eradicate humanity, and start anew. The thing is, they don't care about the rest of humanity, and actually enjoy killing. There may be a few exceptions, but even they have killed, yet not of their own will. Geese claims, from what I hear, that whatever they find here, will be "...better than Orochi." I don't like the sound of that! I just wish I had more to go on.

As for this Genjuro guy; all I know is that he hates Haohmaru, and wants him dead! At least that's simple, sort of!

"Huh? Hey! Where's my shirt? Where's by belt? (At least I have my pants).

"Take it easy, Ryo! Don't have a heart attack! I don't think you'd survive the strain!"

"King? What are you doing..?" he trailed, seeing her out of `fighting attire.' This was, 'casual.'

"Don't be so shocked, man. I have the right to where shorts and a T-shirt! As for you, you really took a hard pounding out there! You were burning up! I could tell, just by looking at you. When I took you arm, I could feel the heat! I'm glad you're feeling better."

"Er, thanks. Where are my, oh," he strayed, as she pointed to his `pillow.'

"You seemed to be thinking about something. Anything you'd like to share with me?"

Ryo felt a bit awkward as she sat next to him. He was ok with Yuri; she's his sister. When it came to others, especially King, he felt--different.

King decided to start, guessing that he was also thinking about the tournament. What could Geese and Krauser hope to gain by this? The only thing that they could clearly see was that some of the people here that could prove to be a thorn had been, cut off. Would it be harder to prove that here? There wasn't much law here, outside of what their hosts said; they had the power to enforce it, more now than ever. How is Orochi connected to time-traveling?


"I'm not sure, but I would be willing to bet that Genjuro is somehow connected to time-travel. I don't know how, Galford, but I just feel it."

Galford stopped walking suddenly, and Nakoruru bumped into him, not expecting him to stop so suddenly. He had a firm look on his face, but she couldn't begin to decipher it. What was he thinking about? Had he been thinking the same thing, or was he thinking of another reason?

"That's a real bad thought, Nakoruru! Just imagine the possibilities! Recall that new explosion of evil power we all felt, originating from Genjuro? Up until then, the only one with a dark aura like that was Ryuji!"

"Yes--I know. Genjuro's and Ryuji's aura are different, though. They are both evil men; yet they seem to share a few, basic, similarities. Just look at their hatred for Haohmaru, and Terry. Those two men, without any help took down nearly all of their friends, and even killed off a few. Ryuji has killed more, but that doesn't mean that Genjuro isn't as dangerous, especially after what had just happened."

"Say, where's Rimmy, and Shiz at? I haven't seen either of them all morning!"

"They went down to go for a swim. Then, he wanted to practice some more. Rimmy liked the idea of working out. They will both become good warriors, given time."

"Interesting choice of words," and they each laughed, before he continued, "I know they will. They've had good teachers. It's just a shame that they are having to grow up so fast, especially in this sort of life. It's rather hard on all of us. Just so long as we all stick together, we'll be able to keep on living."

"Galford? Have you ever wondered about the future, having a family, and that sort of thing?"

"Not really. First, it was Amakusa. Then it was Mizuki. Afterwards, we had to face Zankuro. If that wasn't enough, we then deal with Amakusa and Zankuro! Now, this! The main family I have had time for is Poppy, along the battle against evil. The only other family is my `family in combat.'"

"I have a good feeling that, in the end, we will both survive! Afterwards, would you be interested in getting..."


"King? Did I ever thank you, for helping Takuma?"

"Tak...your pa? No! Why? What did I do to help your father?"

"You indirectly showed him the wrong he had done, working with Mr. Big. He's a good man, and a good teacher, but, you know..."

"...Yea. He does have some...issues. What amazes me is that even after all this, he's still a helluva fighter! He may be old, but he still has a lot of power!"

"I know! Just a simple hook-punch can knock a guy down! I hope that by the time I reach his age, I'll be that good!"

"I know you will, Ryo! After all, you are his son! `Like father, like son!'" she then laughed as Ryo's face flushed at the remark.

"PLEASE! DON'T REMIND ME!" he took his shirt, and tossed into into her face, laughing at his little joke.

"Thanks! Now, I'll keep it! I can always use a new rag to clean my car when we get back!"

"H, Hey! I's only fooling! King! Give me my shirt back! `ey!" King proved to have better aim.

As Ryo threw his shirt back on, King tackled him back onto the bed. He was about to demand to know what she was doing, but sensing his idea, she put her forefinger to his lips, and then smiled down at the man who had been her savior, and now, her lover. They had been through a lot, together.

Up until then, she had never thought about how she had helped Takuma. She realized that she needed something better, for Jan's sake. She couldn't do the work she was doing, for who she was doing it for, and honestly look at her younger brother, without feeling guilty.

She had been talking with Ducky for a bit. He was trying to get a partner to help pay for a new night club. King decided to take a risk, and go for it! It was good! It wasn't as big as some of the ones she had worked in, but it would be safe.

Due to Ducky and Billy's friendship, and thus Billy's connection with Geese, assured that nobody would try and take them down.

It was shortly after the opening that she saw Takuma there. She decided to talk a bit with him, as they had both worked with Big.

When he asked why she quit, he was surprised that it wasn't for money, or to be her own boss, but for Jan. That caused him to think a lot, about his own kids, and his top student.

"I just know we'll make it, Ryo! I can feel it!"

"Ryo, so, that's what you call it! I thought it was called..."

"Would you shut up, and kiss me?!"

Ok, so I've added the next part to this fic! I decided to take a little lighter side, especially after all the deaths, beatings, and dark-predictions of the last few parts.

As I think I've stated (somewhere), these are the only couples to advance to round 3! For all the rest, one, or both members, have been eliminated from competition. I figured I could `honor them' with a canto to them. :)

I also had a request from a fan, to add a bit more of Nak and Galford, so I've done it! ;) If you'd like to see a bit with one (or more--just not too many ^_^), drop me a line! Also, don't forget to vote for round 3's matches, because next time, rd3 will begin!