THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown EpicTHE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 24: Villians' Battle!



"Round 2, Fight 10, Ryo v Tam-Tam!"

I almost can't believe it! I guess I should be glad, but I'm not. Maybe it's just that I'm on the edge so much, that not being there is driving me crazy! In the first round, you so much as blinked, and you may be the next one dead. That madman, Ryuji, was killing by the score. His largest was a group of unidentified men amongst Amakusa's ranks. Maybe that has tired him out...nah! Maybe he's brooding over his lose to Galford...possibly. He's very full of himself, and doesn't take loosing well. It drives him crazy, not that he isn't already. Maybe, he's planning something against Terry...

Cham-Cham has hardly moved since her fight. King seems to be an exceptionally strong fighter. She took out my sister, which wasn't easy, in last fight of first round. Then, King fight and beat Rimururu first fight, this round. King cut up lota times, yet still fight on. Now, she in next, and Tam-Tam fight her boyfriend! Very...interesting.

"DAMN! That's one big-ass sword! Then again, you're a rather big boy, yourself!"

"Tam-Tam no boy! Tam-Tam am man, am warrior!" and he howled, with identical results from the last time.

"Have you ever been told that that can be a real head-popper!"

"Eeeewww! A head pops! That no look good! It must hurt! Uh, who head pop?"

"Never mind, let's just go," Ryo groaned.

Tam-Tam tossed a skull at Ryo, and as he jumped over it, ready to pound Tam-Tam with his fist, Tam-Tam leapt up, and spat out his fire breath, frying Ryo. Tam-Tam went for his dance attack, but Ryo counter with a triple flying kick. He then hit Tam-Tam with a fury of hits, knocked Tam-Tam back, and then uppercuted him. Tam-Tam was up first, and grabbed Ryo as he landed, and proceeded to bite him repeatedly. He then threw Ryo like a bowling ball.

Ryo got up, several small streams of blood flow a result of Tam-Tam's bites. He then shot in, spinning his sword in front of him as a shield. Ryo took a moment to breath, and then formed the motion, and knocked Tam-Tam to his back with his Haoh Sho Koh Ken! He then hit him with a fireball as he tried to move in again, followed by an air fireball. Tam-Tam blocked the air fireball, and grabbed Ryo, and began to jab him with his sword.

"This fun! It end now! Bye!"

"Gotcha!" Ryo yelled as he rolled past Tam-Tam's blade.

Tam-Tam turned, and was hit by a Ryuko Ranbu!

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 10, Ryo!"

"Tam-Tam! Tam-Tam be ok?"

"Yea, girl. It looks like you'll be taking care of him for a bit. As for me, I've got Ryo," King said softly.

"What do you mean, King?" she put her fingers to his lips, to quiet him, and they left, Ryo still having a dumb look on his face.


"Round 2, Fight 11, Zankuro v Krauser!"

It is rather uncanny as to the number of similarities between these two monsters. Both are the largest overall in all aspects. Each has raw power that none can match, and only the most skilled of fighters can go head-on. While they prefer to brawl up close, they have no problems fighting at a distance. This often throws foes off, as their large foe quickly moves in, and finishes the job.

Often, most think of their respective partners, Geese and Amakusa, as the Devil, yet Zankuro and Krauser will often destroy their opponent in a mere matter of moments, while Geese and Amakusa slowly wear their foes down. Now, the fire of Krauser meets the avalanche of Zankuro, in a fight for control of this tournament they helped to set up.

At last, I meet a man who should truly be of a challenge. For the first time in my life, I will actually be fighting a man who is larger than myself. I have often wondered what the smaller opponent thinks when he meets a monster much larger, and much more powerful than himself. I cannot answer for them, but for me, I look forward to it. For the first time since my match with Terry, I will finally be challenged! Then, if Ryuji leaves anything, I think Terry and I shall have a round three!

The boy is almost such a waste! He lost to this man, simply because he played by Krauser's rules. DUMB! Still, he is young, and will make a lot of mistakes. He still has time to learn, unlike that fool who is now his "big brother," Haohmaru!

Haohmaru at least was able to put on a better show against Terry, but the wimp lost anyway! He's trying to figure out Amakusa, Mizuki, Geese, Krauser, Ryuji, Genjuro, Charlotte, Hisame, and myself. He never learns to pace himself. So, let it begin!

"I'll chisel you gravestone, sleep well!"

"How lame! That wouldn't even scare a duck!" Zankuro immediately followed with his power punch, right into a Leg Tomahawk!

Krauser lifted Zankuro off his feet, and repeatedly bashed his fist into Zankuro. As he got up, Zankuro took a swipe with his blade, and left a large gash across Krauser's chest. Zankuro hurled a green flame across the ground, which was neutralized by a Blitz Ball. Zankuro took a huge upward slice at his foe. Krauser rolled out of the way, but not without one of his shin guards shattering from impact from the blade. As Krauser landed on his feet, he slipped.

"Whaaa!" he cringed. So, this is how Terry felt when his leg was hurt that time. Let us see if I can do better.

Krauser stood up, only to have Zankuro ram his fist deep into his gut. Krauser coughed up blood, and was limp. Zankuro dropped him, disappointed at how quickly it ended.

"Give my regards to Sokaku! What?" Zankuro started, as Krauser got up, and hit him with a missile drop-kick, scattering Zankuro's blade and sheath.

"So, it seems that things are a bit more in my favor. You are no longer armed, and you are shaky from that kick to the face."

"Maybe, but that blow to your gut, and that gash are still slowing you down. If I'm not mistaken, your leg is also hurt from my blade hitting it. Be glad you had that time, I'll take your leg!"

"If there is a next time!" and to Zankuro's surprise, Krauser lunged at him, fists extended.

Zankuro met him, and their hands were locked. The strain for control was obvious on both monsters. Krauser, having more wounds, and Zankuro having more power, was starting to give. Blood and sweat washed over him, and colored the ground. Krauser felt himself weakening, but still able to hold on. Zankuro could see Krauser weakening. It would take some time, but he could wait. Time was on his side, and Krauser's tomb was on his mind.

"WHAT!?" Zankuro yelled as Krauser freed his hands, and Zankuro stumbled forward.

"Well, partner--Kaiser Wave!" exploded Krauser with more power than he had ever unleashed in his entire life. The fire flew into an unready Zankuro, engulfed him, and brought him to the ground with a earth-shaking fall, defeated.

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 10, Krauser!"

"Well done, Krauser! Care to watch me and Amakusa go, or would you rather tend to your wounds?"

"Best of luck, Geese. If Amakusa is half the opponent Zankuro was, you won't be disappointed. Now, I must take my leave," and as Laurence handed Krauser his cape, they left.


"Round 2, Fight 12, Amakusa v Geese!"

Geese Howard is possibly one of the eviliest (is that a word?) men in history (and now that he's making history...)! Out of greed for power and the control of Southtown, he had his former best friend, Jeff Bogard, killed so that nobody could oppose his rule over the city. Several years later, his two sons sought to avenge the death and fight Geese in the King Of Fighters Tournament. After this, and several others, it was rumored that Geese had died. However, he is anything but dead. So infamous is Geese that there are tales of him from beyond the grave, as his first opponent, Basara mentioned. Nearly 200 years before he is even born, his evil will be talked about in the realm of the dead!

A while back, he funded a Back In Time Project (The BIT project Billy mentioned!). However, it never produced anything worthwhile, so it was abandoned. That is, until Mary and Mai went snooping, and Mai got zapped, with Charlotte taking her place (don't ask)! Now, interest in the BIT Project has been renewed. Why this tournament is being held here, and at this time is still in question. Is it really "better than Orochi Power," or does the Dark Power play a key role in the reason for the tournament to be held? If so, what role does Geese want Ryuji to play? Will Ryuji be willing to, if the price is right, or will he merely slit Geese's throat, and take whatever money he can? Does Ryuji, being of Orochi Blood, understand the reason for being here, or is he too in the dark?

The mystery surrounding Amakusa is just as controversial as that which surrounds Geese. Originally, he took a scared orb from Green Hell, Tam-Tam's home village. Without it, people became sick, and despair covered the land. Tam-Tam took it upon himself to find Amakusa, and do what he had to in order to restore his village. With the help of Haohamru, Ukyo, and several others, it was successful. In the final showdown, Haohmaru was just able to defeat Amakusa, allowing Tam-Tam to reclaim his village's treasure. They parted ways, and Amakusa was thought to be dead.

When the second tournament came, there seemed to be no trace of him. Rumors persisted that he would sometimes appear, but it was never confirmed. All that's known is a woman named Mizuki took control while he was away. Now, he is back, and with more power than before.

Rumor has it that during this time, he somehow split in two. One half was filled with evil, the second half wanted to be reunited with it's other so that he could rest forever. Now, his goal is to control time and space. With Zankuro defeated, that will mean one less for him to deal with...for now. Although they both are now eliminated, he still wants Kazuki and Sogetsu, for they have what he needs.

"So, Geese, it looks like your friend Krauser was successful and will be able to go to the next round. Let us see which of us will join him!" Amakusa laughed as he disappeared, reappeared behind Geese, and smacked him with his Orb.

Geese retaliated with a Double-Reppu-Ken, but Amakusa easily warped past it, and hit Geese with a shocking projectile, causing Geese to glow for a few moments. Geese got up, and quickly used a Reppu-Ken to counter the flame Amakusa tossed at him. Amakusa then shot into the air, and dove suicidally into Geese. After a few seconds, Geese threw him over his head, and crossed his arms, surprised at how easy it was to block the attack. He then dove in to attack, but was knocked coldly to the ground by Amakusa's Orb.

That's just, it's different from Rugal's! There is another Orb like the one Rugal bore! I never paid any attention to it. To think, that such an Orb existed, and at that size! I wonder if Amakusa is aware of this. He knows about The Three Clans, and Orochi, so he should know about this. Then again, he may not, as of yet, realize the true power these Orbs represent. Well, well, it looks like I have new inspiration for winning this fight. It's a good thing that Krauser isn't aware of this. Now, to defeat Amakusa, and take what is rightfully mine!

In a flash, Amakusa was in Geese's face, and began to smack the shit out of him. Instead of smacking him away like he usually did, Amakusa bashed the Orb into Geese, sending him flying (well, I think Geese got it!). Amakusa warped toward Geese, and Geese pounded the Ground, unleashing a Raging Storm.

Amakusa laughed after it ended, for he had successfully blocked it. He commented on how strong the move was, but that it was too predictable. Did Geese really think he could take him out as easily as Basara? It was worth a try, Geese replied.

Amakusa threw another spark at Geese, but Geese remained in his stance. Then, he fired a Violent Wave, and a long wave of power ripped up the ground, neutralized Amakusa's attack, and leveled him. Geese then dropped to one knee, trying to gain back strength he had to use to summon such power. He didn't get much time, as the familiar laugh rose, and Amakusa levitated, and then set down onto the ground. He looked at Geese, observing him, studying him, and perhaps even reading him.

"Hmm, something about my Orb interests you, Geese! It's no wonder, though, as to the level of power within it. The question is as to what you want with it. Oh well, no matter. It is mine! I claimed it, and no one else shall have it again!"

Suddenly a strange power seemed to emit from him, and all over, the evil light spread. Amakusa then shot at Geese like a wild stampede. In a blink, Geese summoned a Raging Storm, that elevated Amakusa several feet into the air, frying him upon impact. Amakusa screamed at the top of his lungs, as if he were being burned to death, fell back to Earth, and it was done.

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 12, Geese!"

"Hey, boss! Ya did it! So, now that Zankuro and Amakusa are eliminated, that leaves only you and Krauser. Great! Now..."

"Thank you, Billy. I'm well aware of what's happening. Now, to sit back, and watch as Terry tries to handle Ryuji, and Haohmaru tries to handle Genjuro. Too bad I didn't bring any popcorn!" Geese finished with his mad laugh, and Billy accompanied him out of what remained of the arena.

So, this ends all the matches for Round 2! Terry and Mai have advanced, as has Galford and Nakoruru! Geese, Krauser, and Mizuki also continue on, as does the couple of King and Ryo--in fact, they are one of two "couples" to advance! :P The other is Galford and Nakoruru! :D

So, a little more has been revealed about the plot. Have you been paying attention? If not, go back (ok, go to 20) and read! The plot of this lengthy story starts to unfold. Pay attention, as soon, the match between the Rivals will soon appear!