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Fallen Angels



Some years have past since the last Street Fighter tournament was held. Time has also passed since the last King Of Fighters. Many of the respective fighters lives have changed. Some have settled down, while others still continue to roam. Even for those that have settled down, the urge to compete again is still strong, so when The Masters Of Fate Tournament opens, many enter.

However, the events and what goes on there will not be of much concern here. What we will watch are the events of some that fight in the tournament, and what a few of the key members do when they aren't competing.

How did the second Street Fighter tournament end?

Cammy and Chun Li fought to a draw in the semi-finals. Each had been through a grueling match with Balrog and Vega (respectively), and each were told by on-staff medics not to continue. In the end, Chun Li collapsed from a lack of blood. Cammy had also collapsed from a severe concussion to her skull.

It was down to Ryu and Ken, with the winner fighting M. Bison for the championship. However, Ryu never showed up, and was disqualified. Ken was in disbelief, as Ryu had only taken a few moments to check on Chun Li, before their match. Later, he would learn of the fate they shared, and how close Chun Li came to death.

Bison wasted no time in using the full extent of his powers, wanting to eliminate Ken as fast as possible. Try as he may, Ken could do little more than a few lucky counters, and some stray hits. Bison was engulfed in his flames, and flew towards a dazed Ken.


Eliza? In a eye's blink, Ken knocked the dictator out of his Psycho Crusher with a Sho-Ryu-Reppa, and sent him crashing through his huge statue.

Ryu planned just to say hello to Li, and kiss her for luck. What he found nearly shattered his heart! Akuam was about to kill her!

Enraged, Ryu went wild on Akuma. Ryu seemed to be getting the upper hand, after countering a near fatal combo from Akuma. He heard a calling, and was about to use the Raging Demon on the defeated Akuma!

"No! Ryu! Stop!"

Ryu turned, to see Chun Li out of bed, and fall to the ground, still weak from the loss of blood.

Security rushed in, and Akuma blinked out, promising to meet them again. Akuma appeared just as Ken was declared the victor. Bison was about to kill Ken and Eliza with his own move, when Akuma came in, and sent him to rest with the Demon.

"At least I take some satisfaction in knowing I laid to rest one of you weaklings! We will meet again!"

However, despite being attacked by Akuma, and that Shadowloo fell, rumors still plague some circles that say that not only is Bison still alive, but he has rebuilt Shadowloo...


Darkness and destruction lay across the arena. Several of the fighters were barely alive. The heavens streaked with mad flashes of lightning, trembling under the roars of the thunder. The very earth was rippling, with burning flames exploding from the ground itself. These were the signs of the Orochi Elite: Chris, Shermie, and Yashiro.

Not only did she have to contend with them, Chizuru also had to contend with Iori and Kyo, the ones she needed to help her defeat them. It was bad enough that Iori had become lost to the Riot, without them vying for each other's neck's. It was also difficult with Leona on her own rampage. It was indeed a miracle for the trio to succeed.

Kyo took out Chris, Kaugra defeated Shermie, and Iori beat Yashiro.

Defeated, but not finished, Yashiro smiled at them, thanking them for their help. With their energy, they Awoke Orochi. There was a bright explosion, and they vanished. All that was left was a very tall man, with ghost-white hair, and strange markings on his body. This is Orochi.

Thinking them worthless challenges, Orochi extended his influence to control Iori; telling him to kill the other two who opposed him. Iori leapt, and seemed set to kill them. However, his leap was higher than anticipated, and Iori was locked in a struggle for survival against Orochi.

Chizuru desperately tried to form the seal over Orochi, but he had become very powerful. With the state of the world, he had reached unheard of power. Kyo came to, and with Kagura's word, he finished the seal. Although he would be sealed, Orochi vowed to return, in time. Then, all was bright, and the Hell-storm subsided.

Chizuru bade each good-bye. With Orochi resealed, she would return home, to have a life she so desperately wanted. For whatever reason, for that moment, each man had something that could only be called respect for the other. They left without a word, yet there was still fire in their eyes, and in their souls. They would meet, and settle their score soon enough...


These will be the main characters. Others that appear will only be for brief moments to add to the story, and won't be a part of the main story. Also, to see who will fight in the tournament, check the vote link below, and click Capcom v SNK, to vote for these fights when they come.


Ryu: 'The wondering warrior' has finally settled down with the 'strongest woman in the world,' Chun Li. They have a daughter and son, each named in honor of Ryu's friend, who gave her life to save him.

Now, he spends most of his time teaching his skills to others, and to help them on the path of life. He is a very respected man in the community.

Chun Li: 'The strongest woman in the world' finally caught 'the wondering warrior,' Ryu. She is now his wife, and have two fine children. Each of them do their parents proud.

After the fall of Bison's organization, she began to think of retiring from interpol. However, with the surfacing of Gill, she knew she still had work to do. It wasn't until late in the tournament that she joined Ryu and Ken on their quest.

Bison: The once powerful dictator and leader of the world's most elite crime syndicate, Shadowloo, has fallen. Loosing to Ken, and then to feel the wrath of the Raging Demon, everyone thought Bison to be dead. However, he and Shadowloo still continued to build strength. For a time, he had recaptured Ryu. It was Sakura's sacrifice that saved Ryu.

It was in this mission that it was finally believed that Bison fell. The remaining lords were arrested, and put to death for their crimes. It was after this that Gill rose to power in the underworld. But as quickly as he rose, he fell. While he didn't seem too bad after loosing in the third Street Fighter tournament, he has vanished...

Elise: She is one of the new lords of Shadowloo. The authority she wields is questioned by few; one of whom is Bison. Her powers bare some similarity to him, yet there are vast differences, as well as other techniques she has mastered herself.

With Bison's return, and with help, the new Shadowloo begins to form, starting with acquiring Gill's former assets. At Elise's suggestion, they enter a partnership with a man called Krizalid. A suggestion from Bison about how to handle their plans don't sit well with her, until she meets her target.

Wolverine: Mutant with the ability to heal virtually any wound he suffers, and razor-sharp claws of bone the can pop-out as needed. He has also recently been rendowed with his adamantium, lacing his skeleton and claws once more.

Although he is a member of the infamous X-Men, he still tends to be something of a loner. Deep within his being, he has a Beserker Rage, which he fights for constant control of his sanity--perhaps this is why he keeps to himself; he doesn't want to hurt those close to him when he looses control.

Kyo: The latest member of the Kusanagi Clan, and the one who partook in the resealing of Orochi. His girlfriend, Yuki, is one of the Maidens to be sacrificed to Orochi; which may have been what was needed to bring Kyo's focus back the battle with Orochi.

After the battle, Kyo was drained, and was surprised and relieved that Iori wasn't going to fight him. They had a sort of mutual understanding with the grounds of their own survival coming first. Kyo would be granted little time for this luxury, as Krizalid took him for the purpose of making clones. These were incomplete, as Kyo was able to escape. Now, he has the task of stopping the clones, staying alive, and wondering what Iori does when they inevitably meet.

Iori: The next Yagami, who sealed Orochi with Kyo and Kagura. He has neither love, nor respect for either of them, and wouldn't hesitate to kill either. With Chizuru retiring, Iori focuses on destroying Kyo.

Why does Iori continue to hunt Kyo? What does he want? Is it because Kyo has more control of his blood, and thus didn't suffer from the Riot Of The Blood in '97, as he did? Maybe, he hates the fact that Kyo has Yuki, while Mature and Vice each left him with hollow feelings.

Leona: The adopted daughter of Jedrien Heidren, and a natural fighter. Her very existence is complex; she appears to be a cold-blooded warrior, like Jedrien. Deep down, she is a very freightened woman. Her worst fear was realized in the King Of Fighters '97, when she underwent a Blood Riot. There, she caused mass damage, and it was only fate that allowed her to regain control of herself.

On a 'clean-up' mission with Whip, they find the first Kyo clone. He is battered, scarred, and bares almost no resemblance to Kyo. Despite protests, she takes him back to headquarters. She is met with hard responses from her superiors for disobeying orders. After some time to discuss it, Ralf and Clark suggest a period of probation for her. It is granted, but not without conditions.

Gerad: The name the clone of Kyo takes. He has little respect for any of the Ikari team, although he shows some toward Leona, for freeing him from Krizalid's control. He hates those responsible for his creation. He hates Kyo, for he is who he is cloned from. He hates Iori, for if Iori wasn't so wild, the Organization would have taken him, and Gerad wouldn't have to worry about his life of being a copy. Most of all, he hates Krizalid, for creating him--as well as for the torture he had to endure.

Shortly after leaving his 'saviors,' he learns that he may not be merely Kyo's clone. In a fight with Iori, as Iori moves in for the final attack, Gerad uses the purple flames of Yagami, in addition to his usual orange flames of Kusanagi! After a much later confrontation with Krizalid, he is met by Leona, and learns an even larger surprise!

Ralf: One of the two members that have remained consistant in the Ikari Team. Although he often starts his fights with a strong drink, he never seems to be drunk--at least while he's fighting. If it does prove to be a burden on him, one must wonder how he would fight if he didn't drink.

He always tries to maintain his sense of humor, which makes him stick out from the others of his team, all who are more conservative in their feelings. Nonetheless, he still understands when to be serious, when needed. He proved so when he stopped Leona from taking her life, and helped to convince her it wasn't all her fault. Being nearly twice her age, perhaps the feelings are that of a big brother for a kid sister...

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