Ready To Go


This mission is finally ready to go. Just a final little lecture, I mean, briefing, and we'll be ready to go. Clark, ol' buddy; you're lucky you and Whip are on a scouting mission. You don't have to listen to this round. Then again, I guess you had your own. I wonder if you had to put up with so many oddballs. I thought Wolverine had a weird hairdo, but this Guile Colonel could give him a run for his money.

"I wish I could be there with you, kids, but the big-wigs have me here. Good luck!"

"Guile and I each wish you your best. Do us proud."

"No prob, guys. We'll have the trash cleaned up before the month's done!"

"Cocky, ain'tcha, Ken."

"Ya know it, Wolverine. Let's get ready to..."

The alarm interrupts Ken. An intruder has breached the base.

"Commander, we have the intruder with us. He's..."

"On screen."

"I don't believe it! It's him!"

Leona found herself breathing heavily. She had just seen him a short while ago, at the club. Now, he was here.


DAMN! I can't believe I lost to that Ryu guy. I was so close to winning, I could taste the victory. I had everything going my way. I was so bleeding close! My little finisher should have hit him, taking him out. It didn't. I guess my life has been rather distracting, for the last few years.

Dad's still alive; I knew he was. Yuki is one of the maidens needed to be sacrificed for Yamto Orochi. I hated the idea of teaming up with Iori, twice! The first time was to take out Goenitz. Then, we had to take out Orochi himself.

I don't know why, but I'm not really that honored to have Shingo as a student. He's a great fighter, and has even greater potential, but to wield the flames...I doubt it. These flames can't be used by anyone that wants it. They can only be used by a member of our clans. He does have great strength, and can win. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Now, there's that mess with K, the two clones of me, and Krizalid. My head hurts just thinking about it. All of those copies, and each to be used to rise up and seize power on a global scale. K didn't seem to happy to see me. Wanted to cave my face in, as I recall. Ain't gonna happen, though.

"Ah! This is where the loser hides! I knew, if I followed the trail of piss, I'd find the baby who leaked his diaper. Now, we finish it, Kyo!"

"Iori! You don't have the stuff. You're gonna be a stiff when this is over."

"Bah! You wish. With none of those tramps to save you, you're wasted!"

"I hear a lot of talk, but don't see any action."

Each dash for a collision, hands raised to engulf their hated rival in their flames. When they hit, their hands lock, and the flames fly freely. The resulting explosion sends each man sliding across the ground, leaving small sparks to slowly die out from their first round.

Iori hurls his flame across the ground, to be met with Kyo's fire. Iori runs in, and lunges with a fist outstretched for Kyo's body. Kyo uses a flaming fist, allowing him to counter Iori. Iori goes for two more, finishing with a leap and an overhead smash. Each time, Kyo came back with his own fist, neither scoring a solid hit. Iori dives over another fireball, his purple flames trailing behind him. Just as he is about to bring Kyo to the ground, Kyo leaps, twists, and his orange flame brings Iori down.

"Lucky hit. You get the first, but you won't score the death-blow."

"What's the matter? Winded already? It looks like it's going to be over, sooner than you thought."

"Never! I'll--crud!"

Iori is nearly blasted by the same inferno that Kyo had tried on Ryu.

"What the-! More clones of me! What!?"

A second appears, and spirals toward Kyo like a fiery projectile. As Kyo dodges it, the first man nearly catches him in Iori's crimson flames.

"Allow me to introduce the newest toy, Kyo. A clone with our combined abilities. I just don't know what's up with the human projectile. No matter. It's dead!"

Iori moves in for a Maiden Masher, only for it to teleport out of the way. When it reappears, it is in front of Kyo. He laughs an evil laugh, and spirals with a fire ten times larger than the one before.

"I knew Kyo wouldn't be able to stand against these clones. It doesn't matter if you have both of our powers, puke! I'll still tear you apart!"

Iori lunges for the man's throat, only for him to thrust his fist out, and hits Iori with an electric fist! Iori can't believe it! This isn't just a clone of them. It has the power of the Orochi Team!

Iori is proven right, as he crashes into Iori with the same move Chris had used. Iori feels himself lifted off his feet, and is repeatedly slammed into the ground, as Yashiro had done before. A twister comes from the heavens, but is misdirected. Iori brings the man to the ground, delighting in its pain from his flames. Then, they soar, and Iori spins, sending the man crashing to the ground.

"It's not my job to kill you! Eh?"

He is still standing, and summons a huge tidal wave, smashing Iori into the other side of the room. He coughs up blood, his vision going fuzzy.

"Did you miss me, Iori?"

"You! You're the one that...had made those clones of Kyo. Been busy...I see."

"You only know the half of it. I shall enjoy this."

The last thing Iori sees are the flames explode, and feels the heat. Then, all is black.

"Ok, you cheap, pale, rip-off! I'm gonna rip you apart! I don't know how you came, but you'll go back in a box!"

Kyo raises his arm, and holds it, building up the flame like so many times before. He holds it, as he feels his body grow wet and shaky. He feels ready to explode, yet continues to build up and store the power. The man stands before him, and doesn't even twitch. Is the clone stupid? NOW! He unleashes his Serpent Wave!

"Argh!" Kyo screams.

Who, or whatever he is, he has unimaginable power! Kyo's fire hit an impregnable barrier, one that sent Kyo's own flames upon him! He felt powerful hands grab him by his shoulders, and roughly lift him to his feet. He strikes, only to see no one is holding him! The man's eyes glow a blood-red, and he waivers ever so slightly as Kyo swung into thin air.

He disappears, only to reappear with a small number of copies. They each smash into Kyo, driving several kicks into his body. Just as he regains his footing, the man had summoned a huge ball of energy, and bats it into Kyo. Before he hits the ground, the flaming spiral singes Kyo.

He is wracked with pain, and can barely move. For some reason, he wonders how Iori is doing. Why he cares, he doesn't know. Maybe, they need each other, for more than just the fight against Orochi...

He hears heavy footsteps approach him, and he knows he's in trouble. He tries to raise his head, and sees two pairs of boots before him. After nearly passing out, he sees a man, and a much younger woman in front of him. They are dressed in military attire, yet Kyo knows that they aren't what they appear. They seem to be related, somehow.

"Who are you?"

"I am general Bison, supreme ruler of Shadowloo. This charming young lady is my daughter, Elise. We, and an old friend of yours, have a need for you and Iori. Now that we have you, I wish to check with Krizalid, to see if Iori's ready. Elise, have the clone bring Kyo with you. We shall be heading back tonight. What a lovely night!"

"The infamous Kyo. Beaten by Ryu, and now, beaten by a clone. Don't feel too bad. You never stood a chance against Psycho Power! I think you can already guess that we have a clone with all of our powers, as well as one with all of the 'Heavenly Kings' of Orochi. We even have a weapon better than that! Too bad it escaped, but we'll get it back."

"You crazy're messing with...power you can't handle. You'll die, like Rugal. I'll in Hell."

"You lack true power, boy. You lack the power, to smash your foes beneath you!"

Elise crashes a foot on the back of Kyo's skull, and presses.

"We have it all taken care of. None shall oppose us. We have it all! You! Get this bug, and bring him with us!


A few nights later, the hunt continues. Krizalid goes out in one direction, whilst his partners oversee the handling of Kyo, Iori, and the two clones. More are being worked on, as both men feel the pain from their tests.

"I will be so glad when we have everything together, dad. I grow sick of playing 'lover' to that bastard. I'd almost rather date one of these stupid clones! At least they shut up!"

"I understand your situation, my girl. I am pleased that you have played it long as you have, and with very few complaints. You are indeed worthy of the power that is yours by birth."

"Of course. Besides, I find a certain trait I like about our original weapon. The first one, the one that Heidren's unit found. If only they knew how wrong they are about him. With his power at our side, Shadowloo will be invincible. I know I can--influence him. I know I can handle him, and with his power, we shall finally have this world."

"My, my. Dare I wager that you have taken a fancy to him?"

"And why not? He is very strong. The power those two we used to capture Kyo and Iori, wrapped up in one handsome package is too good to let slide away. Such power, yet such a lovely and naive innocence. A need to feel wanted, just the sorta thing a girl would like in a man, right dad?"

"Er, I, that is--you know I hate it when you do that, Elise!"

"Yes. I'll see you a little later. I want a little practice before lunch."

Elise reached to kiss her father, and strode to the gym. Her 'partners' were to be some of the men that had allowed the clone to escape. The rest would be saved for Bison to punish.

Perhaps 20 minutes later, she left the gym. The men and women who failed were punished. The last two were killed with Elise's own personnel favorite attack. She began with covering herself with the same power her father used in his Psycho Crusher, only her attack went skyward, and drilled her dummy with her legs. Then, with the first already being dead, she used the second half of the attack to crash down on her final victim, repeatedly stomping her skull in.

She had been playing around, and to be honest, she was disappointed with their efforts. She looked around at the small collection of bodies. Some were bunched up along the wall, while a couple were through the walls. She walked out, passing over a few of them, and stopped at the doorway.

She turned, and let her hand pass over the vision of the dead. She then put it on her hip, and let the other lay at her side. She leaned on one foot: "You're a waste!"


"It took me a bit to find you, boy!"

"You! You're the one responsible for all of my pain! You made me into--this! I'll kill you!"

Krizalid easily avoided the attack. He ran in, and caught him. He then hit him with his uppercuts.

"It's you...that made me! I won't allow you to kill me!"

"Oh. You still think you are a clone of Kyo, eh?"

"I know I'm more! I have used Iori's flames! You've made progress with your clones!"

"You still don't get it, punk! You are the real deal! You ain't a clone! You're so much more!"

"What the Hell are you talking about? I'm a part of your twisted experiment for clones to rise up and seize power!"

"True. You are a part of this plan. However, you aren't a product, kid. You are the raw material! You are more special than any one could ever imagine. You have power that would put each of Orochi's 'Kings' to shame. They would kill if the knew what you possessed."

"Whatever! I don't care! Burn in Hell!"


Gerad felt the arms wrap around him, and smash him into the side of the building. He felt a moment of peace, before a thousand hands smashed into his body, until he could no longer feel anything. A second more of peace, before a sledge hammer hit him, and he collapsed.

"Now, you will come with me. I don't want to damage you too much, but if you force me to, I will."

"Get away from him!"


Krizalid saw a small object hit the ground, and explode. He hit the ground, knocking most of the air out of him.

"Who dares to attack me!?"

"Shut up!"

Leona leapt and grabbed Krizalid. She looked like a woman possessed, and as her hand touched him, he felt his strength leave him. When she took her hand away, he fell.

"Come on, Gerad. I have something you need to see."

"Leona? Leave me be. I'm gonna kill him."

"I don't have time to explain this to you. I know you'll be ticked about this."

Leona swung back, and the side of her arm crashed into his face.


"Welcome back, bub!"

"What the--!"

"Like I said, Gerad, I didn't have time."

"Now, there's going to be some time! I'm going to bring this place down to the deepest pit of Hell!"

"I wouldn't advise that."


"Krizalid was telling you the truth, my friend. If you will just take a moment to relax, I'll tell you all that I know: who you are, who I am, and our history. You don't wanna miss it."

Fallen Angels
Powers Made Flesh