I said it before, and I'll say it until everyone's sick of it. I'm just that sort of guy. I'm the best there is at what I do. Of course, the issue often is what exactly it is that I do.

First, I'm a mutant. Super-heightened senses, real strong skeleton, and a healing factor. The last one makes it nearly impossible to kill me, and ages me real slowly--which is why I'm always a lot older than the women I meet. I'm also a part of the X-Men, a team of mutants who--ah, you know our story! If you haven't, then what I'm saying has really been confusing you. Go to a comicbook store, and learn!

There's another thing about me that makes me...unique. I have this super strong metal called adamantium laced to my skeleton. Not a pleasing thing, in some respects. For a bit, I had it ripped out of me, and was without it. Just in case anyone's paying attention, that hurt. I'm not talking about the getting shot in the gut type hurt. I'm talking like you have your bones melting inside your body like molting medal, and then having it ooze out the pores of your skin type pain. That's about how that felt. Getting it back wasn't so painful, at least I don't recall it being a skull-splitter.

I'm also a hunter, and a warrior. To some, there ain't much of a difference. In both cases, you go out to kill, and there's just as good a chance of you being the one coughing up blood. In both cases, one can kill for need, and for pleasure; some have the nerve to call it a fight of honor. There ain't nothing honorable about going out of your way to kill. There's also a time where it may come down to kill, or be killed.

The difference? Ain't that easy to explain, but it does have a lot to do with how you view life, I'd say. A hunter goes out with the intent of finding something. Then, depending on what he's looking for, he may engage a fight. A warrior usually has the intention to fight. Sometimes, the fight is merely to test his skills with another. Or in my case, it's a fight with inner demons. I can use my last fight to testify that.

I was fighting with a man called Geese Howard. I made the stupid mistake of underestimating him. Thought for sure he'd crush my singing voice there. I could hear the rumble of the beast, as it sought to bust from it's jail, and pop a claw through his smirking face. I had several shots to do it, or at least a chance to help him clear his digestive track; maybe a little more. Luckily, the man stayed in charge, and I came out a winner, although my neck begs to differ.

Look at him. He seems so calm--and smug. Either he is as good as his rep implies, or he's a real good scam-artist. The way he talked at the initial meeting, indicated that he doesn't like following orders. I agree with him on that one. However, I at least follow them. He seems like one that even if told what to do, will still try and do it his own way. I'd be interested in seeing just how good he is.

"Nice night, miss. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were following me. As we're the only two here, I'll say that I'm right. Yes, my senses picked you up. No, it wasn't a smart idea to shut your eyes for a few seconds."

"What? But you were...and I was..."

"Yup. Were and was. Now, I am, and you are."

Leona rose to her feet to face Wolverine, and still couldn't believe how short he was, yet he seemed to be built like a fierce beast. Interesting viewpoint. She also took note, that unlike her icy look, he seemed even more relaxed than when they were in Heidren's office. It really made her feel like gutting him, but she knew she couldn't.

"Let's dispense with everything else, and get to the point: what'd'ya want, Leona?"

The way he asked, it was as if he was asking her what she wanted to drink. She started to think he was doing this to get her to loose control, and she had to admit to herself that he was doing a good job. Now, it was time to test him out.

"I want to know what's with you? How can you act so indifferent over such a serious issue as two of the most Hell-bent men in our time have teamed together, and want to do who knows what?"

"It ain't anything new to me, kid. I've been throughout time, space, and other dimensions. I've had my insides pulled out on more than one occasion, only to have them put in to be ripped again. I've had more telepaths crawl through my mind than you've had birthdays. I had the joy of going head-on with a being that devours entire planets, and I know that I'm stuck with the fact that I couldn't stop him. I've dealt with everything from poachers to Onslaught. Pardon me if I don't loose any sleep over those two."

"Hard as it is to believe all of that, I've seen enough to believe it. Nonetheless, it's in the past. These are the trash we clean up now. The rest of that isn't important now."

"Nothing is ever unimportant. The past exists so that we may learn from it. If we don't, we'll repeat it again."

Silence creeps over them. For Wolverine, it is a moment to remember some of the very things he just said, and wonder how else he could have done it, as well as countless other things. For Leona, it is also a chance to reflect, not only on what she knows, but what she has just heard.

"Care for a little one-on-one, Leona?"

"Excuse me!"

"Haven't had a chance to visit the gym. Since you seem so intent on learning about me, I think the gym's a good place to start. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they fight."

Well, I guess that answers that. Now, I'll see how good he is.


"Nice little playground you have. As soon as I finish this...are you wearing...that?"

Woverine's mouth fell open, and the rest of his smoke hit the ground.

Leona looked at him questioningly. She was wearing what she usually wore at the KOF, while he was wearing street clothes.

"What's wrong? I'm wearing what's within regulations. You are wearing street clothing!"

"Ah...never mind. Let's do it."

"What? Not used to fighting a young woman, showing quite so much flesh?" her voice took a tone Wolverine had never heard from her, nor had he thought she'd...


Leona leapt, and grabbed Wolverine. Then, in a flash, he saw something in the shape of an X, and he was down.

"...Didn't think you were one to use her...assets in a fight."

"I think it was you who said something about learning from the past..."

"Guess I deserve that one. You want an anything goes, or a more honorable fight?"

"Hand-to-hand, no weapons. Ready?"

"Need you ask?"

How long they went at it, and what they did is of little significance. They each felt a natural easing. Each were allowed to free up some of their deep tensions, and put it into the fight, neither having to worry about their demons. The energy they put into the fight more than satisfied the hunger that gnawed at their control. They were free of having to explain why, and to simply do. Yet, they had to keep their minds focused. Just because they each were cutting loose, didn't mean that the other wouldn't see a mistake, and take the careless clod down.



Woah! Got a hold of her, and nearly popped my claws. Got to...

"Oh! I'm--I didn't mean to..!"

"I held you, you freed yourself in the first method that came to mind. That back-kick's gonna stick with me for a bit. Gonna make using the rest room kinda hard...easy for you to smile."

Wovlerine winked at Leona. At any time, it takes only one moment, and the tide is turned.


"What do you mean, Krizald? Explain to me why these weapons aren't here!"

"Calm yourself, Bison. The first, the original weapon, was left at the facility that Jedrin's unit recently scanned. My men in charge were stupid enough to believe that they had it hidden well enough. They've been terminated."

"What of the dupe. There were three of them! Now, I only count two!"

"As I explained, that one was defective. These first tests were split. One maintains Psycho. The other maintains Orochi. The third--had neither. It had no power, other than to question authority, and to try and have the nerve to think. The other two went after it when it escaped."

"Well? What happened?"

"They followed it, hammered it, and then lost it."

"WHAT!? Krizald! I'm..!"

"...not worried over a thing."

"Elise? What are you talking about?"

"Come now, father. Who else would it look for, but the original? It knows that it is a part of him, and will seek him out for help. Then it will be easy for us to find both of these weapons...so, these are the two leftovers, eh?"

"I love the way you think, Elise."

"I know, luv. You and dad would be lost without me."

If these are them, I'd like to see the original. Not the most flattering of physics, but the power that he has infused in him is something most would sell their souls to have. Once we have him, it won't be hard for me to become attached to him. Then, luv, I'm afraid I shall have to break your heart. Then, along with all the rest of Shadowloo's enemies, you will be crushed beneath our might!

The laughter that echoed in her mind sent tidals throughout the astral plane, and for those that felt it, they sensed that something very evil was about to take place.

Fallen Angels
Beserker Riot
Ready To Go