Showdown: II


"If you insist, Gerad, I shall be glad to oblige you in a fight. However, two men against one little girl isn't fair; know what I mean? So, to your clone..."

All the while, Elise had been storing up power, awaiting this moment. The clone could not sense it, and Gerad didn't know what it was. Only as she began to glow a ghastly blue did they realize that something was up.

"What, are you doing?"

"You served your purpose, clone. Now, back to the labs for you!"

In a blast that only Bison had reached once before, years ago, had the levels of energy from Psycho Power had radiated so fiercely from one person. Her entire body was quickly becoming encased in the pale blue aura, with only a pale, white light, emitting from her eyes.


Faster than the eye can follow, a huge, yet proficient, flame spewed forth from Elise. The clone had no time, other than to scream in pain as the fire ate away at his body. Everything turned to pain. All he felt, all he knew, all turned to ash in a beat of the heart. Then, he fell, never to take another breath in this world.

"You sick bitch! What the Hell..!"

"He was weak! A nothing! The weak don't deserve to live! They are but playthings for those of us with power! Besides, he was nothing more than a lie! Everything about him was a half-truth, at best. I bet he even convinced you of who you really are!"

"He didn't need to convince me, I know. I am the original! I'm not a clone of Kyo, Iori, or anyone else! I am my own person, and nothing will change that!"

"Right on all counts! And yet, do you not wonder how you possess the powers similar to that of Orochi's Heavenly Kings! Surely you don't think that you have such wonderful gifts by mere accident, do you?"

"What in bloody blazes are you talking about!"

"It's another of Goentiz's successes! Or, at least it was. We don't know how far back it stretches, but an ancestor of his had a plan, one to create the ultimate member of their clan. A child would be born, several generations later, and would house within him the powers of each of the houses of Orochi. Over the years, members of the clan would willingly volunteer for this plot, the creation of the ultimate weapon. Finally, just before Goenitz fell in KOF'96, you came! You are the result of countless generations of breeding, to be the one who would finally usher in the New World Order!"

"That's bullshit! Do you realize how long ago KOF'96 was. I would be nearly as old as your father! I wouldn't be nearly the same age as you, if that was true!"

"I thought you would surpass it, and forget it. No matter--I'll help you to remember."


Elise was floating a few inches in front of him, and brought her hands to his face. This time, there was a light-red glow, and a feeling of warmth fell over Gerad. Yet, in a matter of seconds, it was replaced with pain.

How, or why it happened, they didn't know. He himself didn't know. All that they did know was that he was frozen in ice. How long, he didn't know. All that Krizalid cared about was getting him free. He had learned of the Orochi Breeding Experiment, and took it upon himself to acquire him.

However, to mass produce them, he needed someone to back him up. The man would be M. Bison, who had also heard rumors of a man on ice with an unbelievable level of power that could possibly even rival Psycho Power. A deal was made, and they began to work.

Several more, insignificant memories fluttered by. Then, the pain began. It wasn't memories of the cloning process, that had created him, as he had believe for so long. It was a different process; the process of 'infusing' Psycho Power into the man with the power of each of Orochi's Elite. It took much time, and resources, to successfully merge it into the man. Finally, it was tested.

Not only did it prove to be a success, it proved that the time had come. The next phase of his torment would begin within 48 hours, as they would probe him, to prepare an army of clones based as his power and potential. The first three weren't complete successes, as they lacked the full powers of the original. Then, Heidren's unit came, and the men left, taking the clones, but making the fatal mistake of forgetting the original.

"I...don't believe it!"

"It's quite a story, darling. Now, what do you say to our cause?"


"I'm glad that girl of yours went to oversee the clones in action, Bison."

"And why is that, Krizalid?"

"I'd hate her to have any sentimental feelings before lover has to waste daddy. It would be such an--inconvenience!"

"You dare..!!"

Krizalid grabbed Bison, and slammed him into the wall. He then smashed his fists repeatedly into Bison's body. Dazed, Krizalid turned to build his power, before he smashed his fist for the death blow.

As it connected, he was halted by a raw barrier, and instantly hurled back to where they had stood a few moments ago!

"That was a lucky hit. I'm impressed with your physical strength, but you don't stand a chance against my level. You're nothing to me!"

Bison shot a Psycho Shot at Krizalid, only for him to send it back into Bison. He sped in to follow-up, only for Bison to grab him in mid-move, and toss him to the ground. Bison's Scissor Kick was countered by an uppercut. Effortlessly, and with the command of his power, Bison landed firmly on the ground. He then turned, to face-down Krizalid.

"I must say, you do amuse me, old friend. However, with such weapons at my disposal, I'm afraid I can't play any more. I have a world to seize, and an old partner to burn!"

"I was thinking the exact same thing, Bison!"

Bison slams into Krizalid with a mega Psycho Crusher, just to have Krizalid explode with his own fire of death. Each are thrown from the explosion, battered, bruised, and in critical condition.

Moments earlier, an explosion can be seen from all the surrounding areas. Few will ever know that the cause of this power came from two maniacal men, proving that indeed, the human body is still the world's most dangerous machine. Few will ever know that two madmen fought, for control of this world, and in the end, wound up destroying each other on the road to the same path of desolation.


"So do I get an answer, or will you just stand there, looking at my beauty?"

"We're both born by our respective families, to be the tools to seize control of this troubled world. There lies so many similarities in us, yet such differences as well. We each have power our previous generations could only have dreamed of. The power to take this world, or to destroy it. It rests on us, because we have such raw power. Yet it rests on others in this world, as well. Can our power take this world?"

"Come. Let's find out."

"...Yes, let's..."

He grabs her for a passionate kiss. For a moment, each forget the world around them. Each has found one to fulfill their desires, their need of belonging. Yet, as fate intervenes, it comes to past.

"W, what are you doing!? STOP! With our powers going this strong, we'll..!"


With a final kiss, their end comes, an explosion every bit as violent as the one from their 'predecessors,' and yet, was it? For these two, there were feelings that could be considered love, in one of it's many forms. Elise had found the love of power in her grasp. Gerad had found the love in a soul that walked the same path as him.

Love and never seems to fascinate the mind that with one, the other seems not so far away.


"What a mess!"

"You said it, Wolverine. The paperwork's going to kill me!"

"Heard that, girl. Been there, done it. Don't expect sympathy there, Leona."

"I don't expect it. Come on. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find our missing...people."

"Whatdaya think I am, a blood-hound?"

"You're the one with the hyper-senses. We've got work to do, and the sooner we finish it, the sooner we can move on to our next psycho."

"I like the way you think, girl."

"Yup! I know!"

Fallen Angels
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