Now, the time has come for the greatest warriors from two factions to collide for supremacy in THE WINNER TAKES ALL FIGHT TO THE END! Soon, all of these fighters and kombatants will fight one another, and it matters not if they choose to accept it or not, for fate has already chosen their paths, and now they will cross as the Alpha-Omega watches over all. All will be regarded the same, hero and villain, female and male, old and young. To the Alpha-Omega, there is no difference or favors to race, nation, world...or even if they are "alive"...or "dead." The Alpha-Omega is all of this, and none of this. For that which we may term "dead" is not so to the Alpha-Omega. If it so chooses, it may reach across the endless voids of time, space, life, and death, and "bring back the dead."

"Oh, man!..I feel as if my entire body was just ripped open and shitted in! What the Hell just happened? And where is that light?"

"While I wouldn't use those exact words, Ken, I'd say you sum up all of our feelings," Ryu said between breaths, as obviously having every atom in one's body ripped apart and sent traveling faster than though and put back together would probably do.

"Everyone's here?" asked Ken, who likewise wasn't immune to the "gut-ripping" events that had brought them to where they now were.

He looked around, and could see everyone who was in the "arena" starting to get up.

"Hey, Ken, isn't that, yea, Guile...

"...and Chun Li."

They, as well as their fellow travelers were starting to come around. Guile wished that he hadn't, for he was on the verge of losing every meal he'd had for the last week.

"I'm not sure, but I think I was better off with Bison."

"That, Guile, can be arranged for the near future. Fortunately for you, whatever seems to be weakening you also seems to be ailing myself as well."

"What a lame excuse! Now that you no longer have a CHEAP advantage, you are hiding behind feeling sick to avoid me kicking your ass!"

"Would you two idiots shut up and look down!"

"Yea, so. It's a big black nothing. Why should I care?

"Because, Guile, watch this," and as she said that, she put her hand next to her feet. She then put them past her feet. She had bent half over, and still hit nothing.

"OH YEA, BABY! Bend it down, far down!"

"Balrog, you idiot, shut your yap! You are too dense to understand her demonstration; she has just shown us that while we are, as it seems, standing on a level surface, there is nothing under us. I know that I am not using my powers. Even if I were, that would not account for a mound of muscle with little brains to be doing the same."

"Huh? Could you run that by me again, boss?"

"It translates to this, Dummy; we are standing in the middle of empty space!" Sakura yelled.

"Then why didn't he just say that so comrade Balrog and myself can understand."

"I hate to interrupt such a beautiful moment, and as much as I'd like to kick butt, I think we should try and find out the usual stuff of who, why, and, oh, you know."

"Honda is right," agreed Ryu, "If we want to get back to our, ahem, lives, then we better start looking for some answers."

"You know, Ryu, now that you mention it, I think we may be getting an answer of some kind. Look at that group of monster-movie-meets-ninja-movie-rejects!" exclaimed Ken as a small number of both male and female ninjas charged them.

In front of them was a creature, male, with four legs, a creature with what appeared to be spikes for teeth, and some giant in some kind of war-gear. At the front was a female, with four arms, in what appeared to be some kind of attack.

"For the time, Guile, I suggest a temporary truce."

"Oh, and what's caused you to have a change of heart? Oh, I forgot, you don't have a heart to change."

"For now, I will ignore that. Since we have no idea as to the nature of these beings, it would be wise, and in the interest of personal survival, to join forces."

"For this reason alone, Ryu, I will put aside my quest for vengeance. But only until we are away from this--place."

"Thank you, Sagat. I knew you still had some honor in you somewhere."


While they had all been getting acquainted with each other, Khan had gotten up all of those around him to search for the Earth Warriors, and the traitors. As fate would will it, they were all scattered so that there would be little fighting before the event was ready to unfold.

"My Elite, my loyalists, arise! We shall find the remaining Earthlings, along with their 'gods,' and EXTERMINATE THE VERMIN! Arise, my exterminators, find and obliterate all warriors of the warped world, known as Earth!" boomed the demanding voice of the supreme ruler of Outworld, Khan.

He is so close to victory, he will destroy any who dare to oppose him. So blind is he with these desires, and with rage from Tsung's feeble attempt at assassination, that he did not even notice his surroundings, and that there was no floor under him. Even if he had known such, it would probably make no difference to him.

"Masster SShao Khan. I have sspotted one of the very betrayerss you sseek, the guardian of Queen Ssindel, Ssheeva."

"My extermination squads, terminate Sheeva! Do not stop until she is cut into pieces small enough for rats to swallow!" commanded Khan, and his orders were instantly followed.

"I hate to say this, people, but I don't think we are...equipped to take on our opposition."

"That is why you will never defeat me, Dan. You are a loser! We will be victorious, or take them with us to the grave!"

"Strong talk from a man who is a has-been. You are still an arrogant fool, Sagat!" taunted Sagat's former follower, Adon.

"Enough! Even though I do not like having to lower myself to assisting you, I am not stupid! One of those who approach us, a female, has four arms, while a male has four legs. There is no telling what other beings we may encounter in this strange realm. I agree with Bison as that this is in the interest of personal survival. So has spoken Akuma!"

Ken then blurted out, "I don't care who or why you are going to help! Just do it! We can settle our personal issues later, but for now, we have a lot very pissed, very big--things--coming at us! So unless you all want to find out what the afterlife is like now, I suggest we get ready for a deadly onslaught!"

There they stood, together as brothers and sisters in arms. This is one of the many things that Raiden, god of thunder, loved most about the inhabitants of his beloved Earth. Yes they all had their dark sides, and some would even kill in cold-blooded murder to get what they wanted, but they also posses a trait that the beings of most other realms lacked. The beings of Earth could, if even only momentarily, and unwillingly, put aside their feelings, demands, and personal issues aside for the common survival of all. If they were vastly out-manned, they were willing to suck-in their pride so that they could live, and protect others, even if some were doing it for seemingly personal reason. This was the reason for Bison, Sagat, and Akuma to do so, and yet in doing so, they also help to secure the lives of their fellow travelers. Then, the fight was upon them.

"What is this? I don't know who you are, although you seem to be of Earth, I have no time for chatter. Out of my way!" and as she finished, she leaped into the air, and came down with a ground-shaking quake, knocking all down, except for Chun Li, who was jumping to meet Sheeva.

"What the Hell! I thought that there was nothing but empty space under us and that we were just, ah, suspended. So how is it that that thing did a 10 on the scale?" Hawk cried as he was attempting to regain his footing.

Honda replied, "It seems that whatever it is that was is now not. For the mentally challenged, I ain't got a clue!"

That was all that there was time for, for Khan and his squad were now assaulting them. Though as strong as they were, their foes, who had been through the same type of warp, were hardly altered. This was mostly because they have been used to the passing between realms, and as such, did not suffer as much from the aftershocks. Indeed, they were falling back, further and further under the might of what seemed to be a fresh and exceptionally trained battalion, led by Khan.

Akuma and Bison fared best, largely due to their powers of teleportation, allowing them to use guerrilla tactics against their better equipped foes.

Sakura had been at the back of the line, and was trying to get a clear shot, without hurting her side. Unfortunately, this left her open, and Rain saw this. He sent his arm up to the sky, asking for the heavens to strike with all their might on the unsuspecting Sakura.

"Oh my God! Sakura, get out of the way!" screamed Ryu as he rushed to get her out of the way of the deadly bolt.

The next thing Sakura saw was Ryu putting his arms over her, blocking her view, a loud explosion, followed by a tormented scream of pain, and Ryu fell, still covering Sakura.

"Ryu, you can get off me now. I thank you for coming to my rescue...come on, this isn't funny. RYU!"

Ermac had just lifted up Ken, and slammed him around a bit, laughing at how helpless his foe was. Ken got up just as he heard Sakura yell. He looked to see Ryu down, and smoking. Ken was just able to avoid a fireball by Ermac and roll to them, as Cammy, still under Bisons spell, spiked Ermac in back.

Ken looked at her, and saw the familiar cold and unemotional stare he had seen before. He knew what it meant, and it scarred him as the memories flooded back into his head as he recalled his experiences with the same look. Her attention, Ken was grateful, was on the red ninja, allowing him to go to his friends' aide. With some difficulty, he got Ryu off her.

"Thank you Ken. I don't like this. We are losing. What's going to happen, Ken? Are we going to die? Is this how it all ends? And what about Ryu? Is he..."

"He'll be fine. It'll take more than a bolt of lightning to stop him. I should know."

She gave a faint smile. He returned it. Deep in his heart, he felt all that Sakura felt. He would never get to see his wife, Eliza again, nor Mel. What could be done?


Just then, everything stopped as a second, much more powerful explosion ripped through their very cores. In the immediate distance, one could see Raiden approaching, staff in hands, body glowing from the previous blast that he had just unleashed.

"This mindless outburst will end now, so decrees Raiden!"

"How can this be?" bellowed Khan, "You are only supposed to be at such levels on Earth. I know by the very blood that flows through my veins that we are not on it. How can it be that you are so strong?"

At this, Radien stopped for a moment to ponder this. He was as powerful as ever, yet he should be limited to a small degree when he was not in Earth's realm. He was without an answer for the first time that he could recall in his long life. The rest of his Earth warriors, as well as Fujin, were following him. Abruptly, they were all thrust together by a force so strong that it made each of them shudder, for they realized that whatever it was they were up against, could control their very action, and they, for the time, were powerless to do otherwise.

Before them all appeared the familiar aura, and from it came a steady, yet commanding voice with the power of creation embedded within. Presently, it spoke. The words it spoke will forever be remembered in the lives of each of the individuals that heard them.

"Warriors, welcome. You have been summoned here for a purpose. The purpose of answering the question of your existence; which of you is the absolute best? Each has proven their power over the times in the ways that have been chosen. Your ways have taken you to many different directions, each opening to new avenues for you to explore, grow, and rise. You have all taken several paths, and many of you have crossed paths. Now, each of you shall have a chance of facing opponents that, otherwise, you would never meet. You are amongst the finest of your respective backgrounds, and now, you shall face the supreme test of skill, power, and knowledge."

"Who, or what, do you think you are? What right do you claim to interfere in our business? Show yourself! Face us, if you dare!"

The aura faded to nothing, and then a bolt to put Raiden's to shame blasted, just inches away from Shang Tsung.

"Now, as to who I am, this is all you need to know. I am the Alpha-Omega. I am everything and everyone, yet I am nobody and nothing. I am the light, I am the dark. I am neither old nor young. I am all color, yet no one color may be fit to describe me. I exist in the form of being. It is only when I choose to do otherwise that I may take a form such as the one before you. I was here before the first of you came into being, and will still exist when the last of you have returned to dust."

"So, why have you brought us here, Alpha-Omega?" asked Ryu, as though nothing had happened.

As Ken and Sakura looked at him, he was as he was before he was hit by the bolt.

"Ryu, how did...I thought...what happened?"

"I guess our, host, had something to do with it."

This time, to everyone's shock, a female voice answered, "Yes! You see, I told you that I am all, and none. I require all of you intact, so I have restored Ryu to top form. The rest of you who were feeling ill have now recovered."

"Ryu, why did you try that stunt with me?"

"Um, well, Sakura, I wanted to be sure you were ok..."

"Akuma was right! You think that I am nothing more than a little girl! Is that any way to treat me?"

"This will continue later. For now, I will tell you of your purpose here. You shall compete against one another, in a single-elimination tournament."

"And to the winner?.." Bison asked, his powers beginning to glow at the opportunity laid before him.

"That is something that only the winner may know. Now, there are a few more things that must be attended to."

With that, it faded. Instantly, the rest of the warriors from their respective sides appeared.

"Behold, now, there is a full tournament. Now, for part one of two; come to rise."

Suddenly, Ryu, Akuma, Sakura, Reptile, Jade, Smoke and others fell to their knees or backs, screaming in pain as the familiar glow engulfed them. They then stood up, and to the amazement of all, those who had fallen rose, with two of each!

"Now, part two!" Before them stood three distinct, identical female ninjas, clad in gray. Behind them, an ominous looking Ken - and Shen Long! Behind him was a very old man that nobody seemed to know.

Akuma then yelled with the fury he had felt so many years ago, "Master!"

"It has begun!"

Now, some things that you can expect to appear in later chapters. For those romantics, there will be a deeper look in the characters and their relationships (these are fiction, and are not in any way true, at least not yet #_#). There'll be love triangles, squares, and more!

Does Sakura's MSF ending come true, or will Ryu go for Chun Li? How true are Cammy's feelings to Bison (now that's a mess-)? May she have some feelings for Guile, and if so, what about his family? What about Rose? Who, if anyone, does she carry a torch for? Just how much of a relationship can Liu Kang and Kitana have? They are of two different worlds, no figure of speech. She's a princess, while he's a fighting monk. Then there's her concern for the well-being of her mother, Queen Sindel. What of Sindel? While she seemed to recall Kitana for who she really is, is it just some plot to lure Kitana to her grave? Is Sindel really loyal to Khan, even though most say no? Will she turn? Remember how Sonya felt when Johnny Cage was killed in the second movie? Well, he's back! Jax and Sonya, is it more than work? Wait and see!

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