Is this all just a bad dream, or is it for real? Everywhere I seem to look, everywhere I seem to go, there seems to be nothing but death, destruction and the end all hope. It doesn't seem to matter if I am on Earth, or in what is left of my home world of Edenia; it's all the same. We fight for what we know to be right, no matter the odds, no matter how bad it gets, until we reach our goals, or we die trying.

Is it worth it? For every time a valiant warrior gives their life, a new evil comes, giving us little time to be in cheer. How much longer can this go on?

"Courage, Kitana. With the help of your friend, Jade, we will be victorious. I am not sure if we can trust Sheeva. She will at least throw Khan off-balance.

"Thanks for the encouragement, Sonya. After 10,000 years, Earth Time, I wonder if we will truly prevail. Khan grows stronger each day, while those that he conquers suffer time and again to whatever his twisted mind may conceive. I'm just not sure anymore."

"I know it's a real pain, Kitana, but we MUST keep on. A lot of people are depending on you to help in this. Look at your friend, Jade. She just now risked it all in the middle of Khan's ranks for you. Now, she fights your clone, Mileena. She needs to know that you still have spirit. Then, there's Sindel, your mother. You must fight to try and help her remember who she truly is, so that together, you can avenge your father's murder by Khan. And of course, there's your dear Liu Kang. He's done so much, and has been through so much. Remember, his entire Shaolin family was slaughtered upon his arrival after he defeated Tsung. Though he won't admit it, sooner or later, he'll need someone there for him to help him move on past the death in his life, so that he can live.

"Yes, Sonya, you are so right. Though I must admit, I am impressed that you can say so much while in the middle of a fight to the death," Kitana said between blows.

"Well, a few breaks here and there, and I get lucky. Besides, I work with Jax full-time. With that, I had to be able to do a lot of things at once."

"Liu Kang, did you just hear what I heard. There's something nearby. It's sounds like a lot of soldiers approaching."

"I'm sorry Kai, Khan's keeping me busy," just as he was ducking Khan's Hammer.

"Oh Shit! People, we've a big problem coming!" alerted Jax.

Much to the dismay of Earth's forces, Tsung and ninjas were entering through the corridor the Earth warriors had just entered what now felt like eons ago.


"Elite of Khan, attack the betrayers! They have taken pity with the warriors of Earth and attack Shao Khan! Destroy them along with the Earth warriors!" commanded the demon, Shang Tsung.

Without asking who to attack, they stormed in, attacking everyone, except for Khan and Sindel. This, as Tsung knew would leave Khan vulnerable, for now everyone would be focused on fighting someone else and staying alive to try and save Khan. Like a specter, he made his way to Khan, for now was his opportunity to strike while his "master" was off-balance.

Khan, however, spotted Tsung before the deathblow could be struck.

"So, this is your dealing, Shang Tsung. You have my elite attack in the heat of battle, attacking all of those here, save myself. Fool! I don't need guards to defend myself from the likes of you. Now you will perish!"

"Ah, Kitana. At last, we meet. Now, you will pay for your crimes against Lord Khan with your life. You dared to defy him and his right to rule Earth. For that, the punishment will be a slow, painful, and agonizing death!"

"NO! Mother, please don't do this! Don't *force* me into this fight with you! I can't fight you, Sindel!"

"Then, dear child, you shall die. This is the penalty for ANY who defy the lord, Shao Khan."

"He is not the true lord! Khan killed him years ago when he conquered this realm! He killed my father and took you for his queen! He cares nothing for you! You are nothing more than a pawn to him in his attempt to capture Earth! You have to oppose him and take back the throne and restore it to it's rightful glory!"

"A grand speech, Kitana, but all for naught. Obviously, you have spent too much time on Earth. You have sympathy for these warped creatures (for they don't even deserve to be called people). Since recorded time on their world, they have preached peace, but have done nothing but kill. You are older than much of that world, yet you behave like you had spent all of your time there, instead of here. Here, Outworld, is where you learned to be the great warrior that you are. Here, you found your calling in life. You have found your destiny. You will fulfill it in helping to conquer a world that's entire history is based on this and this alone."

Kitana was horrified. What had Khan done to her mother? She knew that there were bound to be changes due to her resurrection, but this was beyond anything she could comprehend. Had she let her feelings for Liu Kang blind her to how drastically Sindel had become? Had she spent so much time with him and the other warriors of Earth in attempts to foil Khan, that he had used that to turn her loving mother into this being of destruction? She couldn't believe that he had driven all of the love from her mother's heart. Somehow, she had to discover how to get her mother to recall who she was, and fast. Sindel seemed nearly ready to attack.

Sindel now started to levitate. She opened her mouth, and out spewed enough power to possibly kill Kitana. She put her fans in front of her, closed her eyes, and hoped that she could survive the attack. She then opened her eyes at the sound of something shattering. She saw a puzzling site before her. At her feet, where the energy blast from Sindel, was a bunch of ice.

"Sorry about being late. But now, help has arrived," Subzero calmly stated, unmoved by the chaos around him.


Quickly, Subzero shot an ice-blast at Sindel's exposed legs, sending her crashing to the ground. Just as she was about to wail, he took out his old mask and quickly put it over her mouth, serving as a crude, but effective gag.

"That, I think should make her a little more reasonable to talk with."

"Subzero! Watch out!"

No sooner had he turned to where she had indicated than he was attacked by Scorpion. However, just as soon as Scorpion attacked Subzero, Smoke tackled him. Just as Subzero got up, he was assaulted, this time by Noob Saibot.

Kitana again attempted to try to reason with Sindel, only to be interrupted by Mileena. Fortunately, Jade was quick to respond.

"Mother, look into my eyes. Look deep, look into my very soul. Tell me you don't know who I really am," she pleaded as she put her face straight into Sindel's eyes making Sindel instantly stopped struggling.

With that, Kitana removed the gag. Now, almost as if she was awakening from a dream state uttered, "Kitana?..."

That was all she could say. Once again, a bright aura entered from the middle of combat, causing all to stop to gaze at the phenomenon. In an instant, it exploded outward, transporting all to their fate, leaving no trace of the carnage that had just been fought.

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