Chapter VIII



Everyone looked at the other participants that had just been summoned, and those that were among the first brought to compete. Nobody had the strength to speak, for the forces at work had all but immobilized their ability to talk. Most of them even had difficulty in trying to think.

It was odd enough for them to see fellow warriors that they hadn't seen in what seemed to be an eternity, but to see these other strange warriors; that was beyond their comprehension. This was the same for all: mortal, "living-dead," shape-shifter, god, or otherwise. On top of that, there was the brilliant light that had consumed certain warriors, causing them to keel over in a death-like scream of pain and agony. Then, all went silent. After, there were two of the fighters who had fallen. Some of them looked identical to the first, while others bore differences. What are they? Clones? Clever impostors? Maybe they were results of unimaginable time and dimensional jumps...

What was of interest to the Mortal Kombatants was the three gray-clad female ninjas. Were they triplets, or more? The Street Fighters had looks of utter confusion, for they recognized at least one of the three men before them. All recognized Ken, yet this one had an aura that was not unlike Akuma's. Shen Long's was nearly the exact opposite of his brother's.

Then, there was the figure Akuma called "Master." Until then, none of the others could guess who the third was. There was no aura from him, so experienced and  powerful was he, that he could hide it at will, making a fight with him impossible for anyone who wasn't at their peak. Even if they were at their peak, it would be doubtful if that was enough.

The silence bore on for what seemed to be years, and very well could have been, for here, they existed outside our perception of space and time. Questions by the score were bursting through the minds of each of the fighters, and the Alpha-Omega heard them all, and already had an answer for each of them. None were answered, for the answers would be at a level so high, that neither god not mortal could comprehend them. Finally, the Alpha-Omega spoke, this time in a voice that sounded as if its origin was a computer.

"Behold warriors, and look at each other carefully, and let your mind be at ease. Those that fell and rose again did so by my accord. They had or will undergo changes that will slightly or totally alter their existence. This will occur at different times for them, and none save myself shall know as to when this will happen. For some of you, these are how you once were. Now, you will confront them."

Here, the voice stopped to allow them the opportunity to let what had been said to sink into their skulls. It also allowed them to talk with the others about what they felt was going on. Then, there was the sort of noise as a bunch of children who were talking after witnessing a magic trick of immense proportions. Indeed, what they had just bore witness to was an event that none could, or ever would, be able to explain. All they would be able to do is just to accept it and try to cope.

"Now that you have had time to console amongst your respective parties, I shall continue. Some of you should recognize some of these individuals before you. The women are different incarnations of those of Reptiles race, with formal yet deadly skills. The men are Shotokan warriors. The two elders you know, Shen Long and Goutetsu. The younger one has an uncanny resemblance to Ken. In fact, it is Ken, a Ken that as is, nobody, himself included, would ever suspect it lurked deep down in the very depths of his being. Now that the intros have been made, let us get on with the rules."


"First off, you will all fight alone, there will be no teams. Next, you will only rely on your own abilities, no help from anyone else."

Rolent objected: "That ain't fair! I use my troops as I need..."

"Do not complain to me about your insignificant problems. You are being allowed to use your stick and grenades. This brings me to the next issue: you may only use what you used in this fight what you used in previous fights. You may use it all. 'Gods,' sorcerers, and the like will not be able to use any powers that they had not used in their actual tournaments."

This time, Shinnok bellowed: "What right do you have to limit us in such a way? This isn't Mortal Kombat! We shouldn't be using those rules!"

"If that were the case, then the mortals would go down in instant defeat. For unless the god wants to or is totally careless, what chance does a mere mortal have against defeating a god with unlimited power? That is why those rules were made, and thus shall be enforced here!"

All fell dead silent again. The mortals were relieved that the Alpha-Omega made things a bit easier for them in that they would not have to compete with the power of the other gods. Yet they wondered, was there something more?

"In order for both sides to be fully rested for the fights ahead, I have prepared a sort of resort for all of you to rest in. These will resemble a string of log cabins of Earth, but there will be noticeable differences. To give you some feeling of ease, it will now have the appearance of night!" and with a gesture, their surroundings resembled that of a forest of Earth in the late hours of night. Those that the Alpha-Omega had not given life to had thoughts ranging from admiration to utter fear. Why was it that those that were made recently be the Alpha-Omega unmoved? Was it because they were created without emotions? Maybe they were all a part of it, and understood what was going on. None other than those individuals shall ever know.


Finally, by exhaustion, confusion, or for a lack of options, each retired to a small set of cabins. The cabins themselves were each divided into four smaller cabins. These were identical to information centers and such in forests of Earth. However, the rooms were totally unworldly. The "beds" resembled clouds, yet were better in all ways to any bed that ever had, or ever would be made by man. They allowed the warriors who slept in them to completely rejuvenate in one Earth day, if their wounds were near fatal! If they weren't, the recovery time was even faster! This was the reward for being victorious in a match. If a warrior had any broken bones, concussions, or even near destroyed organs, they would recover, as long as they deep down wished to live. The rest of the cabin was that of those on Earth. There was no need of a kitchen, for their rest in the bed fulfilled these needs.

In one cabin was Ryu, Ken, Sean, and Sakura. Across from them was Guile, Blanka, Charlie, and Thunder Hawk. The rest of the Street Fighters were located at other cabins scattered over the supernatural landscape.

In another part of this "forest" lay the warriors from Mortal Kombat. Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kai, and Johnny Cage were in the first of these. Next to theirs was that occupied by was both Subzeros, Smoke, and Scorpion.


In his cabin, Charlie was the first to speak. He looked at the twitching Guile, and knew what was on his best friends mind.

"Listen, Guile, I know this is difficult, but we can pull through this. I know its difficult to look at me...we both know I was dead!"

"You know that you had died! How can that be?"

"There are some things in life we just can't challenge. We are given our orders, and we do them without questions. This is what this situation amounts to."

"You always were the cool one, my friend."

"Cool, nuin! How do you think I feel, knowing that I have died and have now come back?"

"Ok! Point made!"

"I recognize Hawk here, but who is this unfortunate fellow? What happened to him?"

Blanka leaped across the room before anyone else could react, and slugged Charlie with the force to kill.

"Do you think I don't know what I look like?! I would have thought that you, of all people, would not judge others."

"Blanka, stand down, now! Charlie didn't mean anything by it. You know that, it's just that it is hard not to think the worst. That's natural for us. Sit back while I explain what happened."

While still growling, and with his own beastly blood demanding for blood, he controlled himself and sat.

"You know I ain't good with these sort of things. I'm coming right out and saying it, but be ready to brace yourself. This is Jimmy, that little boy we had seen that one time when we were visiting Brazil many years ago...He was riding a plane to visit his mom, expecting nothing. The plane came into a harsh storm, and it was with difficulties that they kept the plane up as long as they did. Unfortunately, lightning struck, and it crashed, killing all but little Jimmy".

"But that doesn't explain his mutation. Lightning alone could not have caused this."

"It didn't. Shadowloo had an unknown amount of unknown chemicals smuggled aboard. The lightning caused them to have unusual effects. Jimmy didn't know what to do. He was terrified of what he had slowly become, and until the early 1990s, he had suppressed it deep down. It wasn't until he was fighting in a village in Brazil that his mother recognized him by the anklets she had given him years ago. After a few years, it all came back. He also wants Bison's blood and until now, nobody else knew where he had gone to."


In Ryu's cabin, another kind of discussion was going on.

"So, Ryu, what's with you and Sakura?" asked Sean inquisitively.

"Yeah! Tell us Ryu, have you finally been hit by cupid?"

"Easy guys. It's nothing like that. Sakura is a fan of mine and we each have a great deal of respect for each other. She is a good friend."

Before he could continue, Sakura then rushed in, blurting, "Is that all? Im 'just a fan...and a good friend?' First I'm 'just a kid' to you, now this!" Sakura concluded as she went to her room, slamming the door behind her.

"Ryu, my man, you've got a lot to learn about how a woman feels."

"Mr. womanizer is the one to teach me?" he said mockingly.

"I'm the one who is married and with a son," he replied.


"My brother, it is good to see you again."

Smoke added, "Yes it is, old friend. It has been a long time since we were together."

Scorpion spoke, saying, "He was in his own after-life. My vengeance for my death has been satisfied. He killed me, and I came back. The same happened to him. Now, we seek to destroy Shinnok and Quan Chi for using us."

"Yes. We have ended our feud and now put our focus together to destroy common foes. My brother, Smoke, join us."

Each made a vow to watch each others' back. Should one fight another, they would not kill the other.


"Um, mister Cage, can I ask you a question?"

"Liu, who is the greeny? Where did you dig him up from?"

"His name is Kai. He is a Shaolin in training."

Kung Lao then added, "It is good to see that we still thrive."

"Ok, I'm satisfied. What do ya want, Kai?"

"I was wondering what it is like to die, come back, die, and return once again."

"I couldn't even start, honestly. Basically, you know longer feel anything, you are just there. All you have are your memories, and there isn't much to really do."

"Come on, Johnny. Raiden has even told us that the after-life reflects how we lived. You are just pissed that you didn't die as you wanted."

"Liu, like most people, I DON'T WANT TO DIE, PERIOD! Since it happened, I don't want to have to do it again. But it is what all must endure."

Indeed it is. Life is short. If we can survive the hazards and obstacles of life, we have for a long and prosperous life. Before and after that, to put it straight, we simply don't exist. The time we have is short, yet we all spend some of it unwisely. If Our world wants peace and to be in a utopia, steps must be taken to do so. We must face the problems, or else one like Bison, Khan, Akuma, or Shinnok may come into power. By taking time to work, young ones like Mel, Sakura, Benjamin (I think that's Sakura's son in her MSF ending), and Cammy will live to be grandparents. Think of the world you want to leave for YOUR KIDS!