THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 27: Crossroads



When we claim our love for someone, we won't let anything get in our way. As the vow goes: "...`til death do us part." Just how far would some take it? Would they be willling to give them their lives to save the ones they love? Sakura would put that to the test.

"I tell you, Sean, that something has gone bad. I don't know how long it's been, as we can't really tell time here--but I just feel that Shen Long and Goutetsu are in big trouble."

"Don't worry so much, girl. After all, Shen Long trained Ken, and Ryu. Goutetsu trained him. They know what they are doing. If they didn't, they wouldn't try it."

"That's why they've tried to help us with what may be needed to finally bring them back. I don't know if that would work on them. I mean, well, I wouldn't want to hurt Ryu too bad--or for him to hurt me! You know what I mean?"

"Yes," Sean replied grimly, "I do. I know what Ryu means to you, Sakura. Ken has been a true friend for me, and I've grown close to him and his family. I could only imagine what this would do to Eliza and Mel."

Each thought of what they had learned from their respective masters. Sakura had made good progress, and she was close, but not yet up to the power of the Raging Demon. Sean had been able to increase the speed of all his moves, and added some power to a few. They wondered if it would be enough, to face down their friends, now consumed by darkness.

"Your end is at hand, tramp!"

"RYU?!" Sakura stumbled.

"Don't forget me! It's time you got the lessons you so rightly deserve, little man."

"Sensi! What is this..." but Sean had to stop, as Ken shot a Hadouken at him.


Throughout her entire life, Sakura had always loved trouble. She loved the hard-knocks life threw at her, welcoming each challenge. However, none of them could prepare her for having to fight the man she loved, with him having the ability, and seemingly, the willingness, to kill her! That, more than anything scared her...well, almost as much as her own dark side.

Sean was also afraid, for only a dying fool wouldn't be. He may not be one of the smartest people alive, but he could feel the evil coming from Ken, and he knew it would only be a matter of time before it would happen. Perhaps, that was even more intense than the attack itself. In a blink, it began, and none of their lives would be the same.

Ryu warped behind Sakura, and blasted her with a Dragon Punch. He warped up to her, and caught her in his Shinku-Tatsu-Maki-Senpu-Kyaku! Luckily for her, she was able to block the attack, reducing its effect, but still hurting her. She knew that she was left without any choice. When it ended, she ran to him, and proceeded to use her neck snap attack, finishing with a elbow to the back of his head.

Sean wasn't doing as well. Ken hit him with the arc Hurricane Kick. Before the final hit, Ken went into a Flaming Dragon Punch, knocking the rest of the wind out of Sean. As he got up, Ken began to pound him with a Shoryu-Reppa. Just before he launched Sean, he went into a Shin-Ryu-Ken! Luckily for Sean, Ken's timing was a tad off, and he only took the initial hit. Then, Ken shot into the air, leaving Sean on the ground with enough time to prepare his counter. As Ken touched down, Sean shot at Ken, and got him in a fury of attacks, ending with Sean's Tornado Kick.

It didn't take long for Ryu to get up from Sakura "laying the smack down on his candy-ass!" He took up his stance, and just looked through Sakura. It made her blood turn to ice, with the way he was glaring at her. What happened to the man that she loved? Then, she had to dive into the dirt, to avoid a fiery Shinku-Hadouken!

"Ryu! Please, stop this! This isn't like you! You aren't like this, I know it--I've felt it! Please, stop this! Don't do this anymore!"

"If this was your best shot, Sakura, then good-bye!" and he hovered towards her, in midst of a Raging Demon.

A tear fell down her face, and she prayed for forgiveness for having to hurt him. With all her might, she fired the Shinku-Hadouken from her dream, and drove Ryu back, and down.

"Most impressive, Bitch! Now, it's time for you to face your dark-side!"


"YOU! But I thought that you were..."

"Dead? You could only wish, Sakura! Didn't you feel your power lose, or are you too stupid to know that? Either way, you die!"

XSakura warped in, and shot Sakura into the sky with her Haru-Ichiban! As Sakura hit the ground after the final swat, she felt as if the Hulk had just pounded her! She pushed herself up, and saw a small puddle of blood where her face had been. She rubbed over her face, and found that she was bleeding heavily! She turned, only for XSakura do use a Sho-O-Ken on her.

She warped in, and was going to continue punishment, but Sakura used her Shinku-Hadouken to launch XSakura into the air. She then shot a single Shinku-Hadouken, and the thing shook all of her evil twin's being.

"Now, dark one, this is over!"

"You are so right, babe!" and before she could react, the evil swarmed around them, and Sakura fell to the attack.

"This game is over! Now, it is time for you to die!"

"I agree, wench! For what you did to Sheeva, you will die!" boomed the mighty voice of Goro!


While Sakura was battling XSakura, Sean was trying desperately to stall against Ken, realizing that he was too far outmatched.

"What did you do with Shen Long and Goutetsu?"

"Don't worry about that, boy! You need to concern yourself with merely staying alive!"

Ken unleashed a storm of attacks that only he was capable of. Sean hated the idea, but knew the only way to live was to avoid Ken, and wait for him to make a mistake. The problem; this was Ken, and he made it his business to make few mistakes. Only those that were at the top of their game would notice a mistake. Even then, it would take more than that to be able to do something about it.

"Ken! Stop! This ain't like ya, man! You're better than this!"

"Ah! I see you were listening to the old ways rather well. So, let's see how well you learn the new ways. If you live, you've learned. If not, let's just say there aren't any make-ups for this test!"

Sean was finding it harder and harder to avoid Ken's attacks. He tried countering, but the best he could do was meet with a block, although he was lucky to get a few wild attacks in. Sean could feel his body weakening, and couldn't tell how Ken was doing. He wasn't sure of what to do next. Then, he thought of something, and hoped it would work. He began to laugh.

"I am glad to see that you think death is so funny!"

"I don't. I find it funny with you being keeled over, and in real pain!"

"Hah! You could only wish that anyone could do that to me, the Great Ken Masters!"

"Somebody already has. Remember Mel? What about what little you told me about when you had a surprise visit to Eliza? You promised her that you would take some time for her, when this was over, right?"

The memories of his visit to his wife burst into his mind. He recalled the tension in her perfect face, and the fear in her voice. She was so afraid of never being able to see him. She was somewhat relieved when she was informed about what it was all about. Still, for Ken to be fighting for the future of creation--freaked her out! She was put to sleep by the Alpha-Omega, and he kissed her good-bye, and vowed to return!

Ken fell to his knees, as he remembered, and Sean came to his side, glad that his friend would be ok.


XSakura was trying to avoid the attack of the monster, but to hardly any avail. All of her attacks would land, but did little more than upset the monster called Goro, "Prince Of Pain."

Sakura tried, as best she could, to make her way to Ryu, who was still hurting.

"Ryu?" she whispered, although she wasn't sure why she did.

"You? What do you want, you..."

She grabbed him, and brought his face to hers. It seemed so natural, that no question entered her mind as to what she was doing. She looked into his eyes, and a strange feeling came over the two of them.

"Ryu! Please! Try and remember everything! Remember the time we've spent together. The things we've shared. PLEASE!"

"S, Sakura? My head...what's happening? Everything is going so fast; I don't know anymore," he half groaned, feeling the struggle of who he was, and who he is, for who he will be.

"How touching, eh Mileena?"

"You are so right, Baraka, darling!"

"I said you were a fool for not finishing it before, dweeb! Now, Ryu dies!"

Barka leapt at Ryu, his blade extended and poised to strike his open heart. Sakura yelled "NO!" and fell over him, and the blade went through her!

"Troublesome hoe! I'll take care of Ryu for you, love!"

"I don't think so! This ends, now!"

Mileena turned, and Chun Li grabbed her, and began to hit all parts of Mileena with her fists. She then finished with a powerful thrust, causing Mileena to spiral to the ground. Chun Li leapt up, and drove Mileena into a tree with her Demon Kick.

"You'll die for what you did to Mileena!"

"I, don't, think so! Shinku--Hadouken!" yelled Ryu, as he drove Baraka to a tree near Mileena.

As the two villains got up, they became ensnared in branches. There was a growling sound, and the trees took on faces, from the Living Forest! The two experienced a bloody, and violent death.

"Now, it is your end! For what you did to Sheeva, it is the end!"

Before she could scream, Goro placed a large hand over her face, gagging her. He took his other hands, and ripped, tearing her apart. He then turned to face the rest of the Street Fighters.

"I have done what I have vowed. There is nothing left to do," so saying, he slowly made his way back, his mind filled with more thoughts than he could grasp.

"No, Sakura," Ryu murmured.

He turned her over, and saw that she moved her hand toward him.

"Ryu," she smiled, "I, did it. You are back. I love you."

"Sakuraaaaa!" yelled Ryu.

Ken and Sean approached, and fell silent at the sight.

Chun Li put her hand on his shoulder, and smiled, trying to help ease his pain. She knew what it meant to lose somebody you loved deeply.

Ryu took Sakura up, and carried her. He wasn't sure where, or why, but did. Chun Li was right beside him, while Sean and Ken were close behind.

None saw it, but in the all too familiar light, XSakura's body vanished.

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