THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 28: Round 3!



Note: DOH! Looks like I made another blunder...(sigh)! Let's see, how to clear it up. Ah, ok!

As I said way back, and if you look on the MKvSF cast, you'll see I'm right, in that I said "...All I can do is relate to you a story I heard." Thus, me memory ain't what it used to be, so I got my story a bit mixed up. These matches take place before Chapter 27! Yea, that excuse always works in comicbooks! *_^

Round 3, Fight 1, Rose v XSakura!

The fight of against the evil ones continue! Shen Long and Goutetsu went to confront Ryu and Ken, now under the control of their dark sides. I pray that they shall be successful, for I doubt that Sakura and Sean could be able to do anything for them. I know that I cannot, for I must first contend with this--evil version--of Sakura. Then, my attention must focus on this reformation of a new, and much more evil Shadowloo. Bison, Sagat, and Vega are now accompanied by Akuma! This can't be left unchecked...but neither can Ryu and Ken.

"Hey, physic girl! Are you going to fight, or are you just going to stand there, gawking?"

"As you wish," Rose instantly drilled into XSakura with a Soul Spiral, and before Sakura could fall back, Rose put her hands on her foe's head, and drained a lot of energy.

In fact, Rose drained too much! There was a mini explosion, and each of the girls were blown across a...classroom?

Rose, who had been blown into a desk, tried to pick herself up, off the desk, but wound up banging her leg into it, before freeing her scarf.

"Where are we! Wait! I think I recognize this place. This is where an old friend from long ago went to High School. This is..."

"That's right, Sakura! You, of all the people! You were such a leader for us, especially in trying to have faith in Ryu, and to stand up to Sagat, and the rest of Shadowloo!"

"Batsu? What are you...and where's your girl, Hinta? You ain't him!"

"Glad to see that you still have some of Sakura's memories! Glad to see you still recall the old Rival Schools days!" the image looked sharply at her, faded, and XSakura was pounded by a hard Super Soul Spark.

Just as XSakura got up, she took a chair, and whacked Rose over the head with it. She then ran forward, battering Rose with a Sho-o-Ken. She then leapt up, and blasted Rose with a Shinku-Hadouken! As Rose got up, she slipped behind her, and began a neck-break on Rose, finishing with a demonic elbow to the head. Sakura then kicked Rose in the gut, demanding for her to get up!

"Pathetic hag! I'm surprised you were even able to make it this far! I guess I can see why you were able to beat Sindel, the fossil! As for Mileena, she's an arrogant cunt, and just needed a better woman to show her how useless she is! Too bad that's as far as you go! I don't think so!"

Rose attempted to take down Sakura as she had taken down Mileena, but XSakura merely warped through the attack, laughing as each realized Rose's vulnerability from missing so important a move. Now, it would only be a matter of seconds, and XSakura would counter! She didn't disappoint Rose.

She ran in, and proceeded to beat the snot outa Rose! The assault was so powerful, yet it was so uncontrolled. For all her power, XSakura still lacked Rose's experience. Rose recalled a quote she had heard from an old man -"Power without perception is spiritually useless!" She was just glad that XSakura was so caught up, she didn't go for the Demon.

Sakura picked Rose up, and made like a human cannonball, shooting Rose toward the desk. Rose, however, threw her arms before her, grabbed onto the desk, and flipped over it, landing with a slight shake onto her feet. XSakura mockingly applauded Rose.

"I've got two words for you: Shinku--Hadouken!"

Rose took a second, and took an extended swing of her arm, and unleashed an Aura Assault on XSakura. Due to the prolonged swing, the first half of the attack reflected the beam back into it's originator, while Rose's projectile blasted XSakura through the door, glass and all!

"Winner of Round 3, Fight 1 Rose!"

"Hey, Rose!"

"Guy, what is it?"

"It's Fei Long! He's forfeiting! He's withdrawn from the tournament!"

"What? Why? He is doing so well! He could..."

"...After what's happened to him in the first two rounds, he doesn't want anything more to do with the tournament! He, can use some talking with."

As they go, XSakura, slowly rises. I'll take care of you, after the other Shotokans are taken care of, she vows in her mind, little expecting what the future will soon hold.

Round 3, Fight 2, Raiden v Shin Akuma!

(Interesting, how Raiden seems to be fighting off all these Shotokan masters...)
The first two men I had fought were of noble intentions, and I could tell that they were honorable warriors. This new opponent is the complete opposite of the previous two.

He is--an enhanced version of an already evil man. He views the world as a place for him to conquer, to dominate, and enjoys a good fight, so that he may kill his defeated foe. In that way, he is much like Shang Tsung, or Shinnok, the god that I think he defeated last round. He is very dangerous, and I must put a stop to him, no matter the cost.

"What, is this place? It's almost like our void, but there are several bright lights surrounding us! What manner of trickery is this?"

"I would have thought that a man such as you would be familiar with a place such as this; The Illusion In Space."

"Hyo! I had barely met the welp a while back. Nice choice of, whatever it is these people are supposed to be."

Akuma shot into the air, going for a Demon Dive, but Raiden merely teleported out of the way. As he reappeared, he shot a bolt behind him. Laughing at the stupidity, Akuma fired up a...only to be zapped from the back by the bolt, and to be driven to his face.

"Base villain! It is time for you to atone for your crimes!"

"Perhaps, perhaps not," so saying, he warped past Raiden, and caught him with an electric Hurricane Kick, and tagged him with the last hit of a Dragon Punch, allowing Raiden to feel an evil that he had never felt from a warrior of Earth.

He felt the pain and fear, and heard the screams of countless voices that Akuma had killed, as well as the ones that Shin Akuma killed. Akuma had no remorse for any of the people he killed. The only regret he would have would be if the warrior turned out to be a poor fight. He relished fighting a worthy foe, defeating them, and then killing them. If the warrior offered less than he had hoped for, he would kill the bum, but without a feeling of satisfaction. Whenever this came, he would immediately search out a warrior that could appease his appetite for a strong kill.

All this washed over Raiden in a matter of seconds, and caused the mighty god to shiver; for such a man to exist on his beloved Earth was unimaginable, yet here he is. What could drive one to such evil. Raiden didn't take time to figure it out, for he knew, that in his mortal form, he had to be wary of an evil like Akuma.

Raiden went for a Torpedo, which Akuma easily blocked. He then leapt into the air, and rained down a deadly shower of Tenma-Go-Zankus!

The first half of the wave threw Raiden several feet back, racking his body with pain. What Akuma hadn't counted on was for the volley to send Raiden out of range for the rest of the attack. This gave Raiden time to recover, as Akuma floated down to the ground.

"Now, it ends!" commanded Raiden, as he grabbed Akuma, and began to force intense bolt throughout Akuma's body, until he violently exploded!

"Winner of Round 3, Fight 2, Raiden!"

"So, you were able to stop the enhanced version of this punk! That will be nothing, compared to how I'll lay out his other half! Then, the only one here who would prove to be at least a minor challenge to me would be you, Raiden!"

"Do not underestimate this warrior, Goro! You may have all of the obvious advantages, but you still lost in the first tournament to an Earth Warrior! Should you be able to defeat this one, perhaps you shall get your wish to fight Raiden, god of thunder!"

"I know everyone can hardly wait!"

Round 3, Fight 3 Guile v Sektor!

This just keeps getting harder and harder! First, I take on bunch of warped people, and now I take on a cyborg! Who comes up with all these crazy ideas! What are they smoking!

Oh well, I guess it could have been worse: I might have had to fight one of those `gods,' a demon, or one of those ugly freaks! Man, I'd hate to be around some of them, especially after a hot, sweaty, and intense battle like in this tournament. They've go, and that means...urgh! I guess that's a few things good about being a `borg; you don't sweat, and you don't have to smell others. I guess it's lucky for them that they don't--it might be an embarrassing way to rust!

"What the...who are you? You look like, a, well, a `mini-me!'"

"That's right! This is `mini' Dee Jay's place. Just watch your step, the people will think very little of you!"

"Great! A midget with a huge taste of sarcasm to leave! I'll give you this much, it's the first time you've done a midget, of one of the fighters."

Sektor's chest opened up, and Guile almost thought he was going to loose whatever food might be left after being ripped across creation--again! That's one thing that always bothered him. Others had gotten somewhat used to it, but lucky Guile didn't. Others, they were so into the fight, it didn't bug them until after. Guess that's another advantage to being a 'bot, Guile thought, while trying to dodge a heat-seeker! He was just able to detonate it with a Sonic Boom.

Luckily, it didn't kill him, but the impact drove him across Dee Jay's place, and threw the barrels where the drinks were kept.

"Nice place to fight in. Great idea: Fight a unfeeling, unresponsive, killing cyborg in a bar. If I die, at least I'll have died while enjoying a good drink!"

Sektor warped in, but Guile expected an attack, and blocked. Guile then leapt up, and caught Sektor in a back-breaker! The problem was, he attempted it on a machine, and did as much damage to his own knee as he did to Sektor! He cursed the blasted fool that had set up this match! If he ever got his hands on the little...DAMN!

Claw-like devices popped out of Sektor's shoulders, grabbed Guile by his shoulders, and hurled him the rest of the way across the bar, and out the swinging doors. Out of dumb luck, the door slammed Sektor right in the ass as he came out, and right into a Super Sonic Boom from Guile! In a fury of fire, Guile bust open his own Blitz, only for him to stop mid-way through, realizing that the fire was quickly doused by pain from bashing his fists into a machine!

Sektor began to bash Guile with his old kombo, knocking Guile back out the door, after Guile had just beaten him back in! This time, Sektor paused a moment, and then blasted the door with his missile (anyone else ever want to do that ?)!

This time, the results exploded in 100-fold, sending Guile clear across the street, and through a newsstand!

"What is the meaning of this! I should call the cops on you! That's the second time my stand has been totaled!"

"Listen, old man," Guile said between breaths, and trying to get back to his feet, "I'm getting my head handed to me by a machine! I don't want to seem rude, but; don't bother me now!"

"Oh, you mean, that machine."

Guile looked in the direction the man was pointing, and saw Sektor was almost upon him! He looked at the old man, but he merely faded. Shit! It's A-O! I can hardly stand, and this machine's going to kill me! I didn't even get a good drink! If I'm going to die...

"Charlie! This one's for you, old friend! SONIC BOOM!" ripped Guile, just before Sektor could open up his torch! This time, Sektor went flying.

"I won't get a chance at Bison, so here's his, ya walking scrap! SONIC BOOM!" this one knocked a hole through the building, and for a moment, all went black for Guile.

"Guile! Get up, man!"

"Nash? Have I finally met up with Heaven?"

"William! Will you stop talking nonsense! You look like crud, but at least you finally beat that cyborg! Congratulations! Let's get you up, and get you some rest! You'll need it for the next round!"

"...I think I liked it better when I thought I was dead!"

"Winner of Round 3, Fight 3, Guile!"

Ah! The next round has finally began! Again, sorry for the story mix-up, but trying to balance all four fics, the animations, and trying to figure out why I keep getting disconnected can really cause a guy to loose his mind...if there was anything to begin with!

Well, in one form or another, the dark-sides are taken care of, so that leaves New Shadowloo! Expect them to play a key factor in all of the remaining members' matches: Akuma, Sagat, and Bison!

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten MK's side! How do Smoke and Scorpion react, now that each know who the other is? Will it hurt Scorpion in his match? How will it be for the Jade sisters?

Don't go too far, because this round will have THE MATCHES: Liu Kang v Ryu and Ken v NSubzero! Don't miss them!