THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 26: Secrets!



There is an uncomfortable silence between the two youths as they await the words from the master of Shotokan, Goutetsu. He is the man who had trained Akuma and Sheng Long. If anybody would know how to deal with the evil that was now controlling Ken and Ryu, and the evil that was weakening Sakura, then it would be him. The only other man who could help would be the man he was consulting with, Shen Long himself!

"Gee! Wow! I never thought I'd see Shen Long and Goutetsu! These guys are, like, the main men. I wonder what they're talking abooout!"

"Quiet, Sean," Sakura whispered, after elbowing him, "I'm as nervous as you are. Still, they must have their reasons. Whatever it is, I hope it's soon, and that it can help us to bring Ryu and Ken back."

She closes her eyes, and thinks back to her recent dream--with her and Ryu. She had questioned him about Evil Ryu, and he had told her that that was a nightmare. She was so glad to have him back, that she didn't try to figure it out. She was feeling good, and that was all that mattered to her. Then, Akuma attacked.

Neither understood why Akuma was being allowed to attack them, as it had stopped all other battles. She now realizes that it was because it was a dream...yet it felt so very real to her. The part she loved was as Akuma was setting Ryu up for the finish, she got on him. He grabbed her, but she took him down, in a--less than honorable technique. Then, she and Ryu teamed up for a Double Shinku-Hadoken, blasting Akuma. Then, Sean woke her up.

"Sean, Sakura, it is time for us to begin. Let us all hope that this will work, or Ken and Ryu will be lost to us forever!"

They could each tell from the tone of Shen Long's voice that this wasn't going to be easy, and that they were due for some hard times. Goutestu followed as they all began to walk to wherever the two masters had decided to instruct Sakura and Sean.


It wasn't anywhere special. It was just another place in the middle of the vast woods that they now dwelt in. The only thing significant about it was that it was far away from any of the others, assuring that they would have total privacy while they spoke.

"We shall be straight with you two," began Goutetsu, "Shen Long and I aren't sure if we will be able to bring Ryu and Ken back ourselves. A clash is unavoidable, as they will not listen to what we have to say. They will probably be even less willing to talk with us, as they will suspect it. This is why we must speak with you now, before we go," and Goutestu motioned for Shen Long to begin what he had to say.

"I don't wish to take anything away from you, Sean, but Sakura is more ready for this, which is why we think, if we don't succeed, she must confront Ryu, and you must confront Ken. Ryu has already learned how to execute the Raging Demon, while Ken has not. Sakura, you've learned a--lighter version of it, although your dark-side can use both. This way, you will have a better chance, should he use it. Sean, as Ken's student, you may be able to get to Ken. This is a very dangerous time, and you will have to learn the technique, while Sakura will have to improve upon it."

"We have decided that since Sakura has less to learn, Shen Long will train her. As you need more work, Sean, I shall work with you. We are ready to begin as soon as the two of you are. Should we fail, it will be up to the two of you to bring them back. Let us hope that we shall be successful."

Something was bothering Sakura, and she couldn't figure it out. Was it the idea that if Shen Long and Goutetsu failed, it would be up to her to bring Ryu back? If they couldn't bring him and Ken back, what chance did they have? The idea of having to fight Ryu didn't bother her. What bothered her was the thought that he might kill her. Then, she thought of three others to be afraid of: XSakura, Akuma, and Shin Akuma.

She had, for some reason, only been weakened by her dark-side, and not consumed as Ken and Ryu had. Was Ryu's referral to her innocence true. She's in high school; maybe it's because she's a little naive? I guess I'll find out soon enough, she thought.


So, now we are each left with the big, important, yet simple question: what do we do now? The last member of my race that had a chance at winning this tournament, Chameleon-Khameleon, has lost. Our goal of one of us winning, and to request the return of our race, is shattered. I guess we should be glad that we live--yet I feel a need for revenge.

Yes, I feel the need of revenge against Shang Tsung, the man who had me serve as his protector, while they kept me in the dark about what had really happened to my people. I also feel the need for revenge against Khan. It was he who had lead the demise of our people. I hold him responsible above all, but one...Shinnok. He could have returned me to where I could stop Shao Khan from his horrid acts, but that was not to be!

Now, it is reduced to Chameleon-Khameleon, Khameleon, and myself. It is sad, that a once great race is now reduced to but three. We have made one thing clear amongst ourselves, we must appeal to the Alpha-Omega to leave at once, or our entire race will be eradicated forever! Alas, we have not been successful in even reaching the Alpha-Omega. We are desperate, and aren't sure where to go next. The only idea we have is to hide somewhere, and hope for the best.

"Reptile? Chameleon-Khameleon and I are waiting for you. We need to--try to contact the Alpha-Omega once more. We aren't sure why we haven't received any response...and I'm afraid. I fear this may be the end for us."

"Now don't be so bleak, sister," replied Chameleon-Khameleon, "I know this is hard for us all. We may be the last survivors, but we won't let that stop us. From what we have been able to learn from our race, they were never ones to fully give up. We must keep trying; for the sake of the continuation of our species!"

So saying, she took Khameleon's hands, and made their way to the crude fire-pit they had made, as their ancestors had done in uncounted generations ago to plead for help from those above. Reptile was gathering up some of the wood that they had gathered shortly after the final loss. After a few moments, Reptile spewed venom onto the wood, creating the crude fire with the only material they had with them.


Khameleon was most familiar with the proceedings to the rites, so, the rule was bent, and she would lead her "family" in the plea for help, their last, and nearly most desperate, gamble. If this didn't work, if they couldn't get any sort of sign, then they did not know what to do.

The last remains of a once proud bloodline has explored all of their options in as much depth as three mortals can. They truly feel alone, and abandoned. They aren't sure if their God has abandoned them, or if some other is keeping theirs at bay.

They think that even the Earth Warriors are lucky, as they have both Raiden and Fujin on their side. Outworld's forces are also in a good position, as they have Shinnok on their side. Though they aren't gods, Khan also has his--heavy hitters, or so they think. Perhaps, if they knew the truth, they might be able to strike a sort of deal. If they help--NO! They can't risk such a flimsy risk. If Reptile dies, then their clan is finished. There will be no more men left, and without him, their will be no future generations.

Suddenly, amidst their trance-like dreams, an image appears to them, and a ray of hope for them begins to shine through. At first, they see a strange--character. One that they call "Meat." They recall as to where they first saw "Meat," and the memory of the events that occured there repeat in their minds, as vivid as when they first came.

They walked for what seemed like days, possibly more, for the knowledge they seek filled each of them with the strongest of tension. For the four, it was going through the facts once again of what had really happened to their race. For the one who still had his doubts, he would soon have all of his thoughts and beliefs shattered and destroyed beyond repair. However, in its place would be a new understanding of what really happened, as well as the opportunity to exact his revenge.

Finally, they came to a strange and deserted temple. The temple was of the work of a population that had been extinguished centuries ago. The outside featured statues of reptilian-like beings that stood on two feet. In fact, they resembled the man whose doubts were stating to vanish.

"I, it has been made clear to us what we must do," cried Khameleon, as they finally realized that there was finally a small piece of hope for them.

"Yes! I, why didn't we think of that before. There is enough living space for us, and anything else we need to survive. It won't be much, but it's a start. It will offer us safety from these foul fiends that would destroy us!"

"I agree, Chameleon-Khameleon! Let us be on our way at once! There is nothing for us here; let us be gone!"

So, is this the last we will see of Reptile and his race (for this story)? Will they come back at all? Meat, and another warrior resembling Reptile also lurks in the shadows. Will they come into play?

Shadows? Shadow and Shadow Li? Check out the latest part in Street Fighter Legends (If it's not up yet, it will be in a few weeks)!

Shen Long and Goutetsu will attempt to prepare Sakura and Sean, should they fail to return Ken and Ryu. Both Akuma's (with the alliance of Shadowloo), as well as XSakura still lurk, waiting. Sakura hopes that her love for Ryu, and his love for her, will snap him back. Sean hopes that he can remind Ken of all that he has done, including his two most prized individuals in life: Eliza and Mel.