THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 20: KOF Fire!



I've been a lot of things in my life...and I've made several promises, vows, and deals. I've been on both sides of the law. I have worked for one of the largest crime-bosses of this city. I'm now in a partnership for a business that's not crime related.

Why the change of heart? I suppose it has a lot to do with some new friends, as well as my kid brother, Jan. The others are Ryo and Yuri Sakazaki, and Robert Garcia. Later, Mai Shiranui was amongst those close friends.

Money isn't as easy to get now, but I do feel better. It's not just important for me, but for Jan. I want him to be on the right side of the law. Yet I don't was real good and we had no worries when I was working for Big. Now, it's only fair. What message does that send to him--and other kids? Crime does pay! That's not an idea I want anybody to think!

"Mai! Where's Ling?"

"She just wanted a few moments to reflect, ya know. She will be here shortly, King."

"I was just thinking...I wonder what's happening with our friends, back in South Town."

"I have no idea. I don't think the hosts will give you leave to go back."

"That's one thing I was wondering. How do they reach their men, and let them know to get us?" and they both were silent, as neither knew what


"Hey, Robert! What happened to Ryo? Where is he?" asked Yuri, concerned for her brother.

"Say...where's King? Why am I here with you?"

"Jan! Robert, just what the HELL is going on?! Where is my brother? Why is Jan here? Well, are you going to just stand there like an idiot, or will you answer me?"

"I think you've scared him, Yuri. He seems to be at a lose for words."

"Chizuru? What are--oh, yea. You dropped by early last night. So, do you know what happened to Ryo and King?"

"They went with Mai, for another KOF."

"Another KOF? What about us?"

"It seems that only those who had competed in Geese's were invited. As to why King followed, well, I think that's obvious," finished Kagura.

Jan was worried, though. King left him, and didn't tell him about it. He's glad to be with his friends, but why didn't she tell him about it? Jan is still young, and like most kids of his age, he has a wild imagination.

Did she get abducted by UFOs? Had she been in such a hurry, she had forgotten to tell him. "Old people tend to forget things." He found it hard to believe that she would forget him. Maybe she went into a time portal, and went into the past to fight a tournament...Nah! That's too silly!

"Jan. What's wrong? You don't seem well."

"I was thinking of my sister, miss Kagura. Something seemed to be bothering her. I don't know. It sounded like she's having trouble with Bill."

"That guy with the stick was here?"

"No, Robert. I couldn't hear it all, but she said: `Bill--too much--can't pay--doctors...' That's all I can remember."

They were all relieved; it was medical bills. Then, they recalled how hard it had been for them. Ducky had a new layout for the club. King had said that it was a bad idea--if any disaster occurred, the place would be wrecked. He told her not to worry. Unfortunately, when the man who could control the wind came, and faced-off with Andy, the disaster struck. They were still having to spend a lot to not only repair the damage, but to virtually start from scratch. Suffice it to say, this was not good for business.

Each wanted to help, but wasn't sure as to what to do. Yuri and her family had money, but not much. Robert thought about his status. If needed, he could go into his resources. Chizuru thought about her estate in Japan, and what she had there. She sponsored The King Of Fighters '96, so she knew she could help them. They each knew that in no time, it would be better.

Although none of them thought of it, they were proving Orochi wrong. Humans can learn. We aren't beyond help. When it's needed, we can pull together. This is one such time.


The first man to host The King Of Fighters using the rule of three teams was a mysterious man known as Rugal. He was defeated, and decided to kill himself with explosives, in order to avoid "humiliation."

Before that time, he had gotten involved in a near fatal fight with a man calling himself Goenitz. Rugal was able to survive, but he paid with his right eye. Sometime later, he made a compact with the Orochi race. He was given a powerful sight orb. It is not clear as to what he gave in exchange for this, although some speculate that he agreed to eliminate Kyo, and Iori, who made his first appearance in King Of Fighter '95. Ironically, this is the same clan that Goenitz is from.

However, upon his second defeat, it seemed that he self-destructed, for the power he had in that orb that was fused with him could only be wielded by one of the Bloodline. This is the same power that Iori claims will be his. Although he isn't (as of yet) aware of it, this would be the power that Geese seeks. The question is, how to get it? Where is it? Even if he finds it, what use will it be to him. Any that try to grab the power of the orb who aren't of the Orochi Bloodline will, in time, self-destruct. What, if anything, could it be used for?

Terry had said that it's "...worse than Geese and Krauser..." Perhaps, it is. One has to wonder, though, as to how Rugal learned the Violent Wave technique, something that only those of that teaching would know. Likewise, one wonders as to how we learned the Kaiser Wave. This is Krauser's finisher, yet for Rugal, it is just another move. Does he have some connection to Gaudeamus, a being that seems to have influenced both schools? Maybe, it shall come into light.


"Aargh! Uuhh! Gaahh!" echo three tormented souls. The souls are bound to Orochi, whether they wish to except it or not. Deep down, they feel an explosion of power, yet it seems as if it has come a long way. It disappears just as fast; one such consequence of the time-rip.

"Kyo! Saishu! Leona! What's..."

"It's their Blood, Ralf. It's screaming for action. Wait a moment. I think it will pass, soon," said Benimaru.

He was right. He and his family had been close friends of the Kusanagi for generations, so he had almost as much knowledge of this as Kyo did. Ralf only had a few years experience, and there was much he still had to learn. They felt the explosions subside, and Benimaru went in, followed shortly by Ralf. He wished that Clark was there. He and Goro went out for a little training. Heidern took time for his own training schedule, and was joined by Takuma, leaving him and Leona to visit Kyo.

A while back, Kyo, Saishu, and Leona were all talking about the previous KOF. Leona was glad to knock the snot out of the tramp, Shermie. No girl gets to beat up Clark or Ralf, except her, she teased Ralf. Saishu was telling Kyo how pleased he was with the way Kyo was able to stand up to Orochi. Considering that he had done it without the help of Iori or Chizuru was amazing. Then, to finally seal him off with Iori, made him proud.

"You've done me proud, Kyo. You did what many would consider to be impossible, standing up to Orochi like you did. I knew you had the fire in you, lad."

"I can't take all the credit, dad. I may not of been able to stand, had Ryo and Terry not been there. Their efforts provided a long enough stall for Iori to show up, followed by Kagura. I'm still not sure how she was able to convince him to help me."

"Don't knock it, Kyo. Whatever it was, it must have been good. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I can really relate with Iori. Maybe it's because of our Awakenings there; or maybe it's something more. Whatever the reason, be glad he came."

"One thing that bothers me, Kyo. One of Rugal's--enhancements was the legendary sight orb. Do you realize what type of power he was wielding. For a man such as himself, the enhancements are super-human, as I know you found out. However, if somebody of Orochi Blood got it, that would make them at odds with Orochi himself. If Iori or Ryuji ever got it..."

"I'm sorry to interrupt," Leona started, "but what if a member of the Guardian got such an artifact?"

"I don't know. That would be a question for Chizuru. Unfortunately, she left Japan, and is paying a visit to King, Mai, and some friends there."

At that moment, several years into the past, Ryuji's power exploded, severely damaging the time-stream. While he is due to them, that place in time isn't. In fact, there are hardly any, anywhere, at that point in time. Ryuji's sends aftershocks throughout the continuum, altering the Calling for several other members of the clans.

"What was that?" gasps Leona.

She is met in silence from both Kusanagis. She is met by Ralf, who helps her up.

"That could only happen when a member is experiencing an strong, and violent Awakening, and is near the orb. But who could it be, and where are they?"

Perhaps, a better question would be, when are they?

You may be wondering: "That's great, but what does this have to do with Fatal Fury v Samurai Showdown. You are really getting yourself mixed up! This should go in the Riot Of The Blood Fanfic!"

Maybe. However, just keep some of these events in mind, for as the story progresses (even though snails pass by), it will become clear. This may be a bit of a spoiler, as it hints at what will occur as the fic draws to a close, which is still a LONG ways off.

I was also wanting to bring in Shingo, but I couldn't figure out how to work him in, with Saishu there. Then again, you're right; I'd be getting my fics really crossed-up! Then, everybody would be confused, and I'd have to spend another month trying to sort it all out! (=

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