THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 21: Round 2!



"Round 2, Fight 1, King v Rimururu!"

Well, this is a switch, I go from being the last match in the first round to being the first match in the second round. Just a personal interest, nothing much else.

I'm glad I had that talk with Ling. I think it was really helpful; for both of us. That mad killer, Ryuji, killed a good friend of her's, Rick. Actually, he's an ex-boyfriend. Either way, it's still hard. Joe hadn't had much luck in trying to get her to feel better, although she did appreciate the time he took for her.

As for me, my talk with her helped me to come to grips with the death of my parents, and to truely understand my duty to my kid brother, Jan.

He was right--he's always been the strong one; it's what has inspired me to be the fighter I am. Fighting to prove that I'm the best is great, but fighting so that Jan, and others like him, can have a happy life...I WILL WIN!

Nakoruru's right; just because we have weapons, we shouldn't underestimate our opposition. I summoned that block of ice that was the size of a glacier. I bet she was wondering how a smal, little girl like me could hurl that thing. I just know that had to hurt!

Still, after I stuck it to her with my blade, I was shocked at how quickly she recovered, and then used it on me. Though it doesn't hurt (much), I hope King doesn't know about it. From what I have heard, she can really kick.

Each assumed their stance, and everyone felt like they could hear the thoughts of those around them.

King burst out with a Surprise Rose, repeatedly stomping Rimururu. As she landed, she found herself stunned. Rimururu had created an ice puddle on the ground! She ran in, and pelted King with a volley of icicles. Rimururu tossed an ice flower high into the air, and was met with a Trap-Shot from King. Before the final, strongest kick, the ice flower caught King. Rimururu hit her with her blade, stunned her with a puddle, and repeated. She was determined to use this combo until King was defeated--and it seemed to be working. King was bleeding heavily from the cuts. Her clothes were ragged, and streams of red flowed.

King suddenly took wider slip backwards, and Rimururu missed the beat. Although she had to fall on her back, she was up with a fast slide. She then stood up, and hit Rimururu with a series of knees.

"KO!" yelled King as she flipped over, kicking Rimururu in her face. She repeated it a few times, finishing by blasting Rimururu off her feet, and shooting herself into round 3!

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 1, King!"

"Way to go, King! I knew you would do it!"

"Thanks for the support, Ling."

"Team UK's gonna rock!"

"You know it, Mai! Say, Ling, as our third teammate ain't here, do you wanna join us in celebration?"

"...Mai hasn't had her match, yet...and I lost mine."

"Don't be such a party-pooper! Come on, it will be fun. You can watch as King and I show Ryo and Andy how to behave. Then, you can teach Joe; I've always wanted some gal to `lead him by the nose!'" and they all laughed.


"Round 2, Fight 2, Galford v Ryuji!"

The "son of the Dark One" is here for more Hell-raising! He's already killed off so many of our friends--I MUST STOP RYUJI! It seems that Orochi is indeed a powerful--power. If Amakusa and Zankuro want know it's bad. Based on the blood that has already spilled, the world may tremble if one, or both, seize that power. I guess what scares me more is this `Awakening.' From what I've heard--it's my duty to stop him!

I usually don't make it a habit to kill kids. I'll have to make Hisame an exception. The little brat is too nosy! He let them know that I hadn't fully recovered from Genjuro. That gives those losers hope. It will also make taking Mary from Terry that much harder. He would be hard enough as is...that's why I've been messing with him. If he has even a shadow of a doubt, he'll be a stiff. Now, his hope is somewhat restored--I can't allow that, now can I?

Maybe...instead of killing the brat, I'll eliminate his girlfriend, Rimmy. I get Hisame, as well as Nakoruru. By getting Nakoruru, I get the drag--Galford. This will really throw this fag off track.

"Plasma Blade!" yelled Galford, who followed it almost instantly with a scream of pain, as Ryuji merely swatted it back at him. He and Poppy leapt into the air, and Poppy then dive-bombed Ryuji. Ryuji caught poppy with a Snake-Arm, sending her yelping in pain. Although he would have preferred it to be another way, it was a good enough set-up for him to flip Ryuji to the ground.

"Is that your best, little man? You know you all are wimps, as I'm sure you were told throughout the first round. You all can't fight without weapons. You are even worse, for you have to fight with a mutt! It makes no difference, for I'll send you to your demise! Then, I think I'll waste that little bitch, Rimururu!"

"Bastard! You leave those kids alone! You've already done enough as is; you've no right..."

"You are a bloody retard! My Blood is my right. It is the will of Him that I can, and will, destroy everything here. Now do me a small favor--DIE!"

Ryuji took out his dagger, and shot forward, slicing sharply at Galford. Galford warped, and tried to come spinning down on top of Ryuji's head. Ryuji merely rolled away, and the slammed Galford into the ground. He then ran, and was about to lock Galford into a headbutt, but Poppy attacked him.

As Poppy got off, Ryuji struck. Poppy was down, and Ryuji seemed to be possessed. He then proceeded to beat Poppy with the fire of Hell. He then slapped his hands onto his head, and laughed.

Galford ran, thinking this was the time, but Ryuji hurled another Snake Arm. Ryuji was then surprised as Galford split, and began to spin around him. In a flash Ryuji shot out to try and grab him...pissed that he attacked the copy.

"Now, you fiend, your terror ends!" and Galford grabbed Ryuji, and shot into the sky, landing in an explosion of electricity. Galford was gasping to get his air back. He then saw Poppy, and ran to his best friend.

Winner of Round 2, Fight 2, Galford!"

However, the announcement meant nothing to him; not if Ryuji had killed Poppy. Nakoruru came to him, to try and comfort him. All he could do was hold Poppy, and think the worst. Silkururu nudged Poppy, and then howled. After a moment, Poppy seemed to cough. Galford was just glad that Poppy lived.

"Come on, Galford. Let's go now."


"Round 2, Fight 3, Earthquake v Garia!"

The image of him plays over and over in my mind. While I really hated Caffeine, I didn't want him dead, and especially not that way! That Bastard, Ryuji, killed him, and several others. I think I caught it that he lost to Galford. Good! In some ways though, it's a shame he fought Galford. Galford won't kill him, for what he's done. I'll get rid of him, that's a promise.

"Hey, little man! It's time you met your end. Then, I can take care of a couple of hoes, and the looser, Galford."

"Don't you underestimate me, ya pig! You are going down!" (man, I had forgotten how big he really is. He's even bigger than me).

Faster than the speed of thought, Earthquake was grinding up the ground, and was ripping toward Garia. He only had time to put up a block, and was pushed to his knees as Earthquake bounced away. He leapt high into the air, and dove suicidaly into Earthquake, staggering the oaf.

"Hah hah hah! Was that your best? Now, time for a stink-out!" and he grabbed Garia, turned, and farted into his face.

Garia thought he was going to die from the stench, until he felt the ground shake. He then opened his eyes, and saw Earthquake crash onto his ribs, possibly breaking a few.

"Bah! You're about as much a threat as that insect I squashed in the first round. This time, you meet your end--there's nobody to save you."

"There' need...for it," gasped Garia, still suffering from the attack to his ribs.

"Yeah, whatever. Meet my blade!"

Just then, Garia took his necklace, and shot it up with all his force between Earthquake's legs, sending him over to his side. He then shot up, although not with as much authority, at landed on Earthquake's head.

"Now; stay down, pig!"

Winner of Round 2, Fight 3, Garia!"

Garia slowly walked out of the arena, his mind filled with pains, both for his uncle, and his body. He thought to pay Rimururu a visit...he needed the ice.

So, that's the first set in round 2! I hope you liked them :P

One thing I found was odd was that the match between Galford and Ryuji got more comments than any other match for this entire round! That includes: Terry v Haohmaru; Mai v Charlotte; Geese v Amakusa; and Krauser v Zankuro! The comments ranged from "waste Galford" to "if he loses, don't kill Galford." This was also the closest match in this tournament (up to this point, not counting draws)--only two votes in favor of Galford helped him.

Even if Galford did loose, I can't "waste him." Why? Go back to Nakoruru's match, and look it over. Something to look forward to ^_+