THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 16: Can You Feel It?



Round 1, Fight 19: Ling v Rimururu

So, now it is my turn to fight. I'll cool her anger with icy spirit. I don't know...does that sound kinda silly? Some of the things we wind up saying aren't always what we mean to say, you know? We want to say one thing, yet another gets said instead. Maybe we loose something in the attempt to translate it.

Thinking of getting lost, I wonder about Shizumaru. The poor boy is really lost. His parents are gone. Haohmaru has become an adopted brother, while Charlotte's an adopted...mother? As for me, I'm not sure. I do like him, yet it's different compared to liking some one else. Mai says I "have a crush on him, or so that you can understand it, you're in love with Hisame."

Me? In love with Hisame? I don't know about that. The way I feel toward him is similar to the way Charlotte feels toward Haohmaru, from what I've talked to her about. It hasn't been much...I don't know.

I also tried talking to my older sister, Nakoruru. She smiled pleasantly, like she always does; but I don't think it really helped too much. Is this one of those things I have to figure out for myself? This is going to be hard, especially after Zankuro revealed to us why he allowed Hisame to live. He has taken it real hard. I hope that we can do something...

This is SO COOL! When we get back, I'm going to make all my friends so green with envy over my new boyfriend. It's not just any guy, but the holder of every major Asian Kick-Boxing title, period. He also holds titles around the world...the legendary Joe Higashi! I can see the looks on their faces when I bring him in. They'll simply DIE to be in my place. They will definitely love the fight between him and Rick. Just think, he actually fought for me. How many times has a major fighting celebrity fought for you?

"Shall we begin, Ling?"

"You know it! Let's rock! Wow!" Ling exclaimed as Rimmy leapt up, and came crashing down with a huge slab of ice, nearly crushing her.

For a follow up, she threw an ice flower, which Ling easily dodged, only to get hit by several small icicles, staggering Ling backwards. Rimururu dashed in, setting up for a big move, but Ling grabbed her, and threw her to the floor without virtually any effort. She then drove a knee into Rimururu's spine, and then dropped an elbow on her still downed foe.

"Ow! What was that supposed to be? That's not...

"Ok, so maybe I've been watching pro wrestling and playing it at the arcades a bit before I left. Whatcha gotta say about it, eh?"

Rimururu replied by running in, and as Ling attempted to grab her, she ducked and tripped Ling. Then, before she could recover from it, Rimururu hopped and drove her blade into Ling, causing her to howl in agony. Rimururu attempted a second stab, but Ling rolled away, and pounded her with a few fireballs. She then shot a rapid burst of kicks at Rimururu, bruising her and causing her to drop her blade.

"Ah, so the cheap bitch dropped her advantage. Let's see how well you do without it. No, I've a better idea. How will you like it when I use your weapon against you?"

Ling pinned Rimururu under her knee, and drove the blade into Rimururu in the same manner that she had done to her. Satisfied with Rimmy's yelp of torture, Ling hurled the blade a distance away, where it stuck in a wall. Joe would be so proud, she thought. Now, back to my...WHAT?

Rimurur had summoned up a humungous block of ice, and hurled it into Ling, driving her hard into the ground.

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 19, Rimururu!"

"Yea, I did it!" she breathed, having some problems as a result of the deep wound in her arm. She was also shaky, just standing there.

"Hey, sis! You ok? You look like you need some help. Mamahaha, get Rimururu's weapon. Silkururu, give Rimururu a ride back."

"Please, Nakoruru, don't make such a fuss..." and then she passed out from the loss of blood.

"Unnnnh! What? Where..?"

"Easy, sister. You just had a very gruesome match. You should be happy that you won."

"I am happy, Nakoruru. I was just wondering where...hey!" and Rimururu lit up when she saw Hisame enter.

"Hey kid, can I join you?"

"Joe? Well, um, sure. I guess so, if you want to. I don't know why."

"Hey, don't go too hard on yourself. This is some of the hardest competition I've EVER been in! With the exception of the real big ones, most of our side's chalking up losses (which is rather - hard to side's loosing!). All things considering, you did very good. The size of that final ice block, and those ice flowers she tossed could easily stop the best of us. You just didn't get lucky this time. You'll do better next time, I'm sure."

Ling threw her arms around Joe, thanking him for what he'd done. She then teased him, saying that he's not always a big jerk. They laughed a bit. Then, Joe had to tell her about what happened to Rick as Ryuji experienced yet another Awakening. She buried her head in his arms, for she still did like him, and didn't want him dead. They both wondered who, if anyone, could stop him.


Fight 1, Round 20: Hon-fu v Wan-fu

The fights continue on, yet several of the fighters, from both sides, have a feeling of - apprehension - over this Yamazkai fellow. He has already killed off seven fighters all by himself, and his power still seems to grow. The odd thing is, all of those that have been killed have lost or been in a double knock-out. I guess...I don't have the slightest idea as to what the Blazes is going through that psycho's head. If he wants Mary so much, let the two fight it out. I guess it'd have to be a DEATH-MATCH, as I doubt Ryuji would have it any other way. I knew he was nuts when we all fought in that tournament held by the Jins. Now, I know he's even worse, if such a thing is possible. I wonder how this old bald guy will do?

"Youth is wasted on the young." I don't think I'll ever understand some of these lame quotes. Oh well, that's why I'm a fighter, not a thinker. Did that sound right?

I wonder where Genjuro has vanished to. I know he has to be around, for he won't stop until Haohmaru's dead, or he is. As if he didn't already have enough to worry about, he has some loose screw running around, wanting to cut him to ribbons. What a pain in the rear!

"Hey, you fat, old, bald guy! Are you ready to do this?"

"Yea! But you know you are a rude, cheap, lame rip-off of Kim!"

"WHAT?! You compare me to that naivie, cocky, mama's boy! I'm going to kick your butt for that one!" but as Hon-fu dashed in, Wan-fu leapt up, and hurled a 'Bomb at him, knocking him back.

Won-fu then pounded him a few times while he was still down, and then kicked him away. He stood over Hon-fu, and laughed at him.

Hon-fu was red in the face, and then bashed his nunchuck into Wan-fu's vital, causing Wan-fu to keel over from the pain.

Hon-fu followed up with a sort of uppercut-like maneuver, followed by several specialized kicks, each aimed for maximum pain, effectiveness, and in difficulty to counter. He then tried to take Wan-fu off his feet, but Wan-fu offered too much resistance. Hon-fu resorted to using his chuck to bash Wan-fu upside the head a few times, giving him a bloody nose.

In a explosive surprise, Wan-fu caught Hon-fu with an uppercut of his own, with his blade. He then hurled a more powerful bomb into Hon-fu. In the end, a rapid assault and blur of limbs sent Hon-fu into the loser's circle.

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 20: Wan-fu!"

A short, while later, Wan-fu was overlooking the flowing of the water, and enjoying the serenity from watching fish swim by, and enjoying the time to himself. He did his best not to think about this whole crazy time travel thing. It hurt his head. He then recalled the one called Mai, talking to Andy about a crazy dream she had.

"Hey, there, Andy! I just had the crayziest dream! You've got to hear it! Yes, ya gotta! It was about the KOF'95! Not all of the teams were there in their whole, like my friend, King. The worst part was that you weren't there, baby!"

Andy groaned, Mai laughed, and then went on.

"The really strange part was that we were all like deformed midgets, and were all different shades of green!"

"Green! You're saying we were little green men and women? Mai, did King bring some drinks from the club with her, and how much have you had?"

"Oh, I've had...wait a sec! I said this was a dream! Don't be smart with ME, Andy Bogard!"

Andy snickered, "Sorry, Mai. Go on."

"Well, outside of that, the only other odd thing was that Nakoruru was there, as was Mamahaha! I swear, just when things seem like they can't get any stranger, they do!"

"So, one of the pathetic bums is alone, in what may pass for thought. Thinking of what a loser you are, like that scum, Haohmaru?"

"Who dares to be so brash? You? I shoulda guessed, Genjuro. Funny, but considering that he won his fight, and you lost, I'd think that it was you who had spent time brooding over his lose."

"On the contrary, I've been doing much more. Make ready to meet your better!" and in a blinding flash, Genjuro caught Wan-fu, shot him up, and repeatedly cut him in his power attack. He finished by smashing Wan-fu into the ground.

"Something to remember me by, and to let you know that you met your superior..." and Wan-fu blacked out.

"Wan-fu! My God, man! What happened to you! Hey, I found him!" yelled Galford to his friends, who had been searching for him for hours.

Haohmaru came down beside his old friend, already knowing who had done it, and why. Genjuro's lose left him bitter. Wan-fu was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. He was to serve as a warning, like Ryuji had told Terry. When the two heroes collided, no matter the winner, both Genjuro and Ryuji would be waiting for them, and then kill them!


Round 1, Fight 21: Sieger v Ryo

The fights are slowly drawing to a close, with only a few more rounds left. Much to my disappointment, "my team" seems to be loosing more than they are winning. Is it because they have weapons, which gives us such a disadvantage. Maybe more of their fans are aware of this, giving them exposure. Maybe we figured that being over 200 years old (?), they'd be at a disadvantage. I think we are both at one, to be honest. Even so, I'm going into the next round!

This man, Ryo Sakazaki, seems to have noble intentions. I will be honored to do battle with him. We shall soon see how good of a fighter he is. As I had vowed to my King, I shall always be here to defend us from the vile forces of evil. I proved it when I destroyed the monsters that attacked the castle. My power has only continued to grow, and I will defeat all adversaries in order to make it to the final showdown.

"So, my friend, shall we engage?" asked a cool Ryo.

"Yes. You seem like a powerful man. I can feel it. Unless I've heard wrong, you were one of the men who had stood up to the Dark Power. If that's true, I shall indeed have a worthy match."

Ryo merely nodded his head, but didn't say that of the three heroes, he was the first to fall. Shortly after him, Terry fell. Kyo may have also fallen, had Iori not blazed in, followed by Chizuru.

Instead, he cut loose with a fly kick. Sieger easily blocked it, and then grabbed Ryo with his large, artificial arm, and exploded on Ryo. Ryo was then met head on as Sieger flew through the air, and crashed into him, driving him across the ground, ripping his gi and leaving a bloody trail behind him.

Sieger paused a second to be sure Ryo was ok, and the tide turned.

Ryo shot forth a super fireball, smacking into Sieger like a runaway car. Sieger was then met by an even stronger fireball, this one knocked out all his wind. Ryo took a second to get some air, and glided along the ground, ready to finish of Sieger. Sieger wasn't ready for it to end.

Sieger's limb shot in front of him a raw explosion of fiery power, blasting Ryo back into, and through the entrance to the arena. He was rather surprised to see that after being shot through a door of that strength, at that speed, Ryo was still able to come to his feet. Sieger wasn't going to hold up this time. He went charging toward Ryo. He wanted to do his favorite move, but there was still too much of the doorway left for him, and he had no intention of flying into a brick wall.

Once he was through the door, he was met by the assault that Ryo had intended to finish him with. Ryo drove Sieger back, through the doorway, and was driving him further into the ring. He finally finished off the rumble with a strong uppercut, and Sieger crashed hard to the ground.

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 21: Ryo!"

"Come on, baby!"

"Who, King? Glad to see that you could make it for my match. I would have thought that you'd be busy training for your own."

"What, and miss yours? No way! Come on! Now that you're done, we can hit the gym. First, we'll try and make sure you don't look like something from a slaughter house, then a workout!"

"That's not funny. And after this, the last thing I want to do is workout."

"Ok, you can lick your wounds, and I'll work out! Now come on!" and they both knew that she'd have her way.


Round 1, Fight 22: Axel Hawk v Tam-Tam

"I strong, you weak! Questions?"

"Yep, a savage. Are you always so stupid, or only when you try and talk?"

"Tam-Tam no like baldy. Prepare for the end!" and a loud, savage, battle cry echoed all over, and was echoed by his younger sister, Cham-Cham, who was in attendance. Unfortunately, for all the rest in attendance, all the animals also heeded the call, creating a large...commotion. It took several minutes to calm them all down, much to the annoyance of those who didn't have animals, and those ready to see another match of history unfold.

Tam-Tam shot up like a rocket, and spewed forth a Blaze of Hades at Axel. Tam-Tam was shocked at how easily Axel side-stepped it, and then waited. As he landed, Axel hit him with a fury of punches, bashing him with the fire that he had been known for throughout the boxing world. He then finished of the move with a fireball like attack, which then shot straight up, knocking the gentle savage off his feet.

"I don't know why I ever dropped this move. It's one of my best! It beats that tornado upper, which is still ok. However, this is MUCH better: I hit foes with a train wreck, I get a equally powerful projectile, and it can even hit any stupid enough to jump in. Oh, well, we all make our mistakes. It's back though, and I'm going to beat your kuark!" burbled Axel as he was caught up in Tam-Tam wild dance, spinning along and bashing him with powerful blows.

He then picked up Axel, turned his back, and seemed to bite Axel, who yelled in pain, while Tam-Tam made a second "call of the wild," having the same results as before.

He then threw a skull at Axel, who used a tornado to null it. Tam-Tam went on another wild dance, spinning his huge sword with seemingly reckless abandonment. He was forcing Axel back into a corner, which is where Tam-Tam wanted him.

Axel countered Tam-Tam as he finished the wild dance with a powerful punch, knocking him over.

"You're lucky! If we were in my arena, that hit would have just sent you into an electric field. Oh well, here's the next best thing," and he brought the big man to his feet, and began smashing his fist into Tam-Tam's body. Seeing his foe dazed, Axel unleashed a explosive series of dashes, uppercuts, and hooks, nearly knocking off Tam-Tam's mask!

"Let's give it one more time!" but Tam-Tam caught him in a flash with yet another wild dance, moving faster than the eye could follow. Now, it was truly time to go wild, and let loose, which is what he did. He then finished up by lifting Axel up, and driving his blade into Axel a few times, though not fatally, before dropping him."Winner of Round 1, Fight 22: Tam-Tam!"

"Hey, Tam-Tam!"

"What, Cham-Cham?"

"You do good. He good too, but you win! Let's go! Paku Paku!" and her chimp followed the savage siblings, while they talked how they respect many fighters there, and how they happy that they are too! Cham-Cham say that King look good fight. Can't wait!


Round 1, Fight 23: Galford v Tung

I've had some time to talk at length with Jubei Yamada, and he is partially wrong about the Orochi. To his understanding, only another member of the Orochi Clan or a member of the Guardian Clan could stop Ryuji, himself an Orochi. That is where he is mistaken. The part about being an Orochi or Guardian, I mean. That applies only to Orochi himself. Only a member of either clan could survive long against Orochi's own power. This doesn't apply to his followers, who don't have his full power.

Terry learned that, as it took very little for Orochi to take him down. However, given his record, it is no surprise that he has lasted longer against Orochi than any one who was a member of of neither clan. Thus, I am certain that he will be able to defeat Ryuji. Ryuji isn't Orochi, and lacks his raw power. Nevertheless, he still does possess a strong portion of it, and he will prove to be Terry's gravest challenge to date. It is only a matter of time before this showdown comes to pass.

Man, this has been one crazy adventure, and it's not over yet! I visit Charlotte at her...home in Paris, France. She goes to change to get ready to lead the peasants in a rally, and I hear her go through a death scream. Poppy gives a howl so frightening, my blood turns to ice. She had her door locked, so I ad to break it down. Um, I haven't told her yet. Since it happened 100 years ago, do I still have to pay for it? The interest will KILL me! Maybe I will when we get back, or at least try and fix it...

Then, Nakoruru and I went after Haohmaru as he went to find Shiro and get answers regarding Charlotte's disappearance. That in itself proved to be a very wild adventure.

First time around, we met the...woman...Mai. I still don't know how to describe her. She said that what she does is typical of what most women of her time do, yet Ling and Mary don't seem to be anything like her. "Their loss" is what she said. The only thing I will say is that at least she convinced Haohmaru to listen to us, and get more help.

During that time, I got to talking with Nakoruru. I never gave it much thought, but I guess that we have a few things in common. She wants to protect nature from harm. I want to right any form of injustice. We both have a liking of animals. In fact, we both have an animal friend fight with us. Initially, I had Poppy, and she had Mamahaha. After some time, I guess I felt like I wanted to go in alone; I wasn't exactly my usual self. Nakoruru still fought with Mamahaha, but she began to fight with Silkururu.

HEY! Wait a sec. At the first tournament that her new friend shows, Poppy also has puppies. I wonder if...

"Galford, are you ready for our fight?"

"Uh, yea. Allow me the pleasure of bruising your face, Master Tung."

"Funny, Terry and Andy have said that too me in a Special tournament...I think. I forgot. I'm glad that you show your elders respect. Let's begin."

Tung shot across the ground with his fist outstretched, landing deep into Galford's stomach. He then followed by leaping up and repeatedly kicking Galford in his face and chest. He then grabbed a hold of him, and began clawing him. He dashed in to continue the assault, only to have Poppy come to Galford's aide.

Poppy grabbed Rue, and they soared into the sky like a rocket. They then crashed back to the ground in an electric explosion. The duo then leapt, and Poppy was bombed on their foe. Then, Galford hit him with a Plasma Blade, followed by creating a copy of himself, and began to spin around Tung. Galford was right behind him, and this time, he rocketed with Rue, ending in a larger explosion.

Galford then attempted a dive, but an awesome force ripped up from Tung in a partial form of a man, and knocked him to the ground. Now, Tung beat his chest, and metamorphasized into a large, demonic looking man. He spun around, and a large fireball was hurled at Galford, knocking him off his feet. He tried to send Poppy in, but Tung flew over him, and repeatedly bashed Galford with flying fists, resulting from his original Hurricane Punch. After blocking a Plasma Blade, he reverted to his smaller form, which proved to merely cause his opponent to become over confident. As he spun toward him, Tung grew immense in size. He was nearly twice the size he had been before. The fists from this Hurricane Punch was taking nearly everything that Galford had left away.

Galford barely had enough to grab the old man as he reverted back to normal, and plant him into the ground after a fast flip in the air. He called Poppy, who exploded on Tung, having the fire of a pack of Hounds from Hell."Winner of Round 1, Fight 23: Galford!"

"Maybe, the winner should be Poppy, eh?"

"What? Oh, Nakoruru. Say, er, can we talk. I was thinking of a few things before my fight."

"Sure. You can tell them to me as I get ready for my upcoming fight."

"Master Tung, are you ok?" asked Terry, Andy, and Joe. He said he was. He also said he had something important to share with Terry. It may be helpful if he wants to stand a fighting chance of defending Mary from Ryuji.

So, this wraps up this set. The final fights of Round 1 are almost done. Just a few more fights are left!

Ling learns what happened to her ex, Rick, thanks to Ryuji. Who's next? After a brief--hiatus, Genjuro returns, and Wan-fu feels his wrath, serving as a message to Haohmaru...much as Ryuji has done for Terry. If there's anything left of our two main men, what will they be able to do about their deadly rivals?

Galford and Nakoruru? Poppy and Silkururu? Or is...should we go there? 8|