THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 17: Fight On!



Round 1, Fight 24: Big Bear v Earthquake

So, the fights are now drawing toward a closing, and it has not been pretty. I knew when Billy gave me that invitation, I'd find nothing but trouble. If I hadn't worked for Geese for all those years, this would probably sicken me. I guess it still does, but I guess it doesn't bother me after all of these years...not much anyway.

The death of so many, at the hands of just one man. It's different with Geese; he doesn't directly kill them so that there won't be an easy connection. It's only under - special circumstances - that he gets directly involved, like with Bogard. Ryuji does it all himself. Even if he had the men for it, I doubt he'd do it. The sick psycho wouldn't want to be deprived of the joy of homicide. This ain't gonna be pretty, and I have no idea as to how any of us can stop him. Right now, I'm going to have to be concerned with this pig before me, Earthquake.

"Hey little man! Get ready to meet your end, cuz you're going to be fighting me!"

Now that line sounded slightly familiar. Now where have I heard that one before?

"Whenever you are, lard-ass! Why don't you ditch your weapon? Then we can see who the true big man is!"

"You must think I'm dumber than I am. You think you can outsmart a mo-ran? I don't think so!"

Crugh! This guy's REALLY stupid. Great, a really big guy, with an even bigger blade. This is going to be one of those days, I just know it. What!

In a puff of smoke, Earthquake disappeared, only to have two reappear. One was in front of him, the second was behind him. He didn't think Earthquake could move that fast, so he moved in on the one in front of him. Mistake!

Earthquake grabbed Bear, turned around slightly, and farted in Bear's face, leaving him gasping for air. He then proceeded to bounce along the ground, and bounced a few times on Bear, sending shock waves of pain throughout his body.

Earthquake laughed at his suffering foe, pleased with the results of his work. Often, it only takes a moment for momentum to change. This is that time.

Drawing deep from a move he hadn't used in years, Bear spewed a Poisonous Fog into Earthquake's eyes, blinding him instantly, allowing Bear some much need recovery time from the blob sitting on him. He thought that if Earthquake did just that, he probably wouldn't be able to get it off him. Good thing Earthquake wasn't that smart!

"Ready!" sounded Bear, as he got into a sprinting stance, and the launched his powerful shoulder into Earthquake, sending tremors when the big guy splatted into the ground.

"Well, I see why he's called Earthquake, anyway. I'm just glad that nothing (or he) didn't fall on me," Bear said as he got back to his feet.

After a moment, Bear unleashed an incredible display of power by lifting Earthquake up off his back, and slamming him through the ground in an explosive powerbomb! The impact was so strong, that Bear lost his footing a second time!

Earthquake stood up, and began to laugh, the sound echoing in a maddening chorus throughout the crude arena.

"You really think that you have a chance against me, don't you. Yeah, that hurt, for a bug! When I get through with you, there won't be enough left for hamburger! I've laid waste to entire villages with more men under my command then you could even think of. I convinced a young fool to betray his village to me. When he helped us, I then burned his spit-wad to the ground. Then, I literally stabbed the sap in the back. Pathetic, ain't it? A man would be willing to sacrifice his own community, just to save his sorry existence. Man, I love my job! Just think, you're next!"

"Do me a favor; BURN, DAMN YOU, BURN!" and a huge flame shot out from Bear's mouth, frying Earthquake.

Earthquake yelled in agony, for no matter how big you are, having your flesh burned has got to hurt! Earthquake collapsed, the fire had died down, and smoke was rising from him. Bear breathed a sigh of relief!

"You reject piece of crap! That really hurts! That really makes me hot-headed! Take this!" and Earthquake grabbed Bear, and began to grind away with his sickle-like blade, blood flying all over the place. When it was done, Bear fell on his face, barely breathing.

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 24, Earthquake!"

"Goodnight, little man!" but before he could finish off Bear, Mamahaha dove into him, stunning him.

Nakoruru and Silkururu dove suicidally into him, staggering him. Nakoruru leapt off, and continued to keep the killer off balance. She then hit him with a series of kicks, and finished by stomping, and then bouncing off his fat gut.

"You've done enough, foul one! Go, return to your master; or face the wrath of nature!"

"You better watch your butt, hoe! If da gal you fight doesn't wipe you out, then I WILL!" and Earthquake left, his mind set on tending to his burns.

Those in attendance who were honorable warriors, applauded. It had taken time, but many of the warriors on each side respected those on the other. They had all already been through so much, and the darkness was far from over.


Round 1, Fight 25: Chon-shu v Nakoruru

"Sis, hey, sis! Nakoruru, will you listen to me?" yelled Rimururu, much as a young child would yell in attempting to get her mother's attention.

"Huh? Oh, Rimururu! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you like that. What were you saying?"

"Hmph! I've been trying to get your attention for the past three minutes! Where has you're mind been? Oh well. I wanted to talk with you about Hisame, and well, I think we're doing good."

"You see? You were so nervous over it, and it turned out that you didn't have that much to worry about, did you? You have to `let mother nature run her course,' Rimururu. She has always looked after us and helped to guide us in our lives. As she has in our quest to protect our world, she will guide us in affairs of the heart. You must remember that she will only guide us, the final choice is ours to make. Hisame is a nice boy, and you two get on exceptionally well. I am happy for you, dear sister. Rimururu? Something seems to be bothering you. What is it?"

"I'm still scarred about this power Zankuro and Amakusa wield. It's like they can control space and time. Then, there are those two evil baddies from the future, Geese and Krauser. I don't know...the whole idea of going into the future, especially like this, is frightening. Charlotte said she had read something in a book talking about how she helped lead scores of peasants against the aristocrats and how they finally overthrew them. What if I read - about one of our deaths?"

Indeed. What if any of them read about their death. Imagine how you would feel if you went into the future and read about your death! Pretty freaky, eh?

Several moments passed before Nakoruru replied to her younger sibling. One of the reasons was that she was imagining what it would be like to read about her own death before it happened. Would it be good to know, so you could be ready; or is it better off as "one of those things it's best not to know?" Then, she also had to think of a way to not only ease Rimururu's questions, but her's as well. Nakoruru took a deep breath, and spoke.

"It is hard to say, Rimururu. Let us hope that none of us ever have to face such a situation. If we do, we must remember why we are here, and to keep on going. We are here to experience the events of this world, both the good and the bad. We also must help not only our fellow humans, but also help Mother Earth. For without Mother Earth, none of us would be here. We must always strive to keep her safe in any way possible, and to stop those who would do harm to her. It is our calling, sister, and we can embrace it. I shall always be here for you, until I die, as I know you will for me," and Nakoruru smiled as Rimururu nodded her head.

"I must go now, my match is about to begin. Come, Mamahaha, Silkururu."

"Before you go, there's one more thing I'd like to talk about," and she told her about her and Hisame's little meeting earlier.

Then, Zankuro interrupted them. She was really afraid, because she thought he'd kill them both. Instead, he left them with the dark, and ugly truth of Hisame. He revealed what was in store for him, and that there was no escape.

Nakoruru sighed heavily, and said that they will oppose Zankuro's madness. Now, she had to get to her fight.

"...Hey! Nakoruru! I'm talking to you! Do you think that that pig did you a favor by letting me `have you?' Well?"

"...No! Shall we begin?"

Nakoruru then leapt to Mamahaha, and dove suicidally into Chon-shu. Chon-shu easily avoided the attack, but was nearly leveled by Nakoruru's follow-up when she rushed in upon Silkururu. Luckily for her, she's a well enough experienced manipulator, and is well experienced in dodging others. Such is the way with her kind.

"You are a bigger loser than all of your other so-called friends. You carry a weapon against your unarmed opposition, like the wimps you are. But you are one of the more exceptionally weak, for you fight with an animal. Actually, you fight with two, which makes you the weakest one here. You can't beat me, woman-to-woman, unarmed, can you?" Chon-shu challenged, sure that young Nakoruru would do what she wanted her to do.

Nakoruru hesitated, and looked at her two friends, Mamahaha and Silkururu. She looked at her blade, and thought back to the one Rimururu now used. She looked at her opponent, a person she knew was Hell-bent on destroying the world she loved so dearly, and chose to stick her tongue out at Chon-shu.

"What!? You little bitch! How immature! Prepare to die!"

Jin Chon-shu stood in a meditative stance for a moment, and then set forth in a raw explosion similar to Chon-rei's. Nakoruru, Silkururu, and Mamahaha were all shaken by the explosion unleashed upon them. Chon-rei moved in quickly, and disarmed the stunned Nakoruru. However, before anything else could be done, Mamahaha dived at her, and Silkururu made set to ram into her. It was only with the skill and grace of a ballet dancer that she was able to avoid the double team. By then, Nakoruru was up, and threw Chon-rei over her shoulder, sending the weapon flying several yards away.

"Ah, Ah! Don't even try it, Nakoruru," and as she turned, Nakoruru was planted harshly into the ground by Chon-shu. Nakoruru was on her side, and looked like a broken doll before Chon-shu. She then kicked Nakoruru in her stomach, and laughed at her. Once again, Nakoruru's friends came to her aid, throwing Chon-shu off balance.

"It is time to end your evilness, Chon-shu!" exclaimed Nakoruru as she leapt on Silkururu, and proceeded to batter away at Chon-shu. Then, she leapt up to Mamahaha, and dive-bombed into her once more. She proceeded to knock her around, and then called Mamahaha in to finish the near fatal assault with the fury of nature.

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 25, Nakoruru!"

Nakoruru left, her mind now being flooded once more by her recent conversation with Rimururu. There are four madmen who now seem to be able to manipulate time and space! Zankuro has revealed the reason for sparring Hisame. The boy holds a very dark demon within. Once it is set, chaos could be unleashed in yet another blood-fest. Rimururu was very worried about that; just imagine how Hisame himself feels!

She then thinks about a demon who is very much alive. Not the evil Zankuro, nor Amakusa, though they are evil enough. It is one of the children of the Dark Power, the Power of Orochi, Ryuji Yamazaki! He has already killed off Ukyo and Yagyu, just to name a couple. There is no telling how much more this man of darkness will do. Nature had trembled and wept years ago as the three clans sealed Orochi himself off. Such a battle to be waged once more would leave nature, as well as much of the rest of the world, in a state of ruin. The extent of the damage would be impossible to even envision, so powerful would it be. It must be prevented, NO MATTER THE COST!

"Yahoo! It seems you survived your little tussle, hussy! Now, it's time for you to die!" a large hand gripped around Nakoruru's neck, and she saw the monstrous mug of Earthquake.

Mamahaha and Silkururu were swatted with force to the ground with little effort by the mountain. Earthquake's eye's were filled with death and hatred for the girl he now held in his grip. Suffice it to say, that is not a good situation to be in when someone like Earthquake has a grip on your neck, with one hand!

Nakoruru was filled with fear, for before her eyes was one of the many faces of death. She'd thought back to talking with Rimururu about reading about our death. Now, she was living it. Mamahaha and Silkururu were too hurt from the attack by Earthquake, added to the wounds from Chon-shu's fight. She couldn't think of anyone close by to help her. She could hardly think. Her throat was being slowly crushed under his grip...her only thought being that he was doing it for torture, for he could simply crush it with a blink, and she felt her life ready to be snuffed out from her body...

"Plasma Blade! Go Poppy! Yah!" burst Galford, the "All-American Hero," here to save the day and the lady in distress (Ok, that's corny, but I just couldn't resist that one, really!).

The electric burst of power, followed by Poppy's deep fangs, forced Earthquake to free his grip on Nakoruru. Earthquake turned to face him, and was met by an ice flower.

"You leave her alone," Rimururu said with authority, her eyes filled with the anger a child has when somebody is hurting one of their friends.

"This ain't over! Watch your backs, or you'll be meat!"

"Nakoruru! Are you ok there? Man, that was scary. That's going to make some horrific nightmares...oh, sorry! I guess that wasn't too smart."

"...No, that's so like you, though, Galford. You have a tendency to do before you think...and I'm greatful for it! I couldn't tell if anyone else was near...I thought I was...I would soon...that's scary!"

"Rimmy, go tend to Mama' and Silk'. Poppy, find her weapon."

Each followed the request of their friend, and Galford slowly helped Nakoruru up, and they slowly walked off, glad to still be alive.


Round 1, Fight 26: Cham-Cham v King

So, my turn has finally come, and it's about time! I hate having to be the last one to figth, but a match is a match, so long as I kick. This girl I'm going to fight is a sorta "wild-child." She fights with a razor-sharp boomerang, a small chimp, skulls, and who knows what else. I don't even want to know where she, or her brother for that matter, get a hold of the skulls. That's one of those questions I'd rather not get an answer too. I doubt that I'd like the answer I'd received.

Then, there's that dream I just had, and I shared with Ryo. Actually, I think it was more of a nightmare, considering that I had to be a hoe for Mr. Big, and that in the seemed so real.

Finally, Jan's time came. I waited, nervous and felt like I would die. The doctor came out, and I shot past him, the only thought in my head was Jan. He was laying in bed, in a deep sleep.

"Ms. King, I'm sorry," but before he could go on, I turned on him and lifted him off his feet by his neck.

"S-sis? What are you doing? Why are you so mad?"

I dropped him, and turned to Jan, tears swelling.

"Oh, Jan, I'm sorry. It's just that I gave it my all, and I failed."

"No, you didn't. You are everything for me: my sister, mama, and even papa!" he laughed, and after a bit, I did too.

"Jan...soon, we'll be apart. This time, you'll watch over me. I wish I could go with you. I'd be able to protect you from anything...But you're strong...and will survive."

"Yep. We both know I'm the strong one. I think I recall Tiny Tim saying `God bless us, everyone!' I think He's watching over us, don't you?"

"Yes. After all, he sent me an angel!"

He smiled, and asked me to hug and kiss him goodnight - and that was all. My last connection to the living - gone. Then, I woke up."

I don't know what I'd do if it ever did happen. I'm just glad to have such good friends: Joe; Kim; Terry...and Ryo," King smiled at his name, for they were very special to each other.

"Hey, King, what you smiling for? What funny? Share joke with Cham-Cham?"

"What? (...guess they're right, you can't walk and think at the same time!) Oh, nothing funny. I'm just happy to finally have my match. I don't like being the last fight, but I'll live."

Cham-Cham gave a call nearly identical to the one Tam-Tam had used in his fight. Paku-Paku, Tam-Tam, and the other animals responded, much to the annoyance of several members of the crowd.

"Why in the world do the two of you have to do that? It's a real ear-splitter!" said King, whose ears were slightly ringing from the previous yell.

"Huh? I no understand. Nobody's ears split; they all are together."

King sighed, and said that they should begin their match, and Cham-Cham agreed with a wild smile, followed by Paku-Paku throwing a skull at King. King countered with a Venom Strike, thinking that there'd be no waiting for the fight to get ugly.

As another skull was hurled at her, she leapt over and proceeded to dive, feet kicking. However, Cham-Cham caught King with a vertical boomerang, sending King to the ground like a rock. Cham-Cham leapt in, set to claw her foe. One thing that all fighters who have fought King know is to be very careful about jumping in on her. Cham-Cham was repeatedly smacked by King's Tornado Kick. Upon landing, King flipped over, and hit Cham-Cham with a blaze of kicks in a Trap-Shot. As she fell away, she was pounded by a Double Strike. The combination was so fast, it was almost impossible to believe she was able to pull it all off without missing a beat. King thought she had to work on that some more. She imagined what Chizuru would think the next time they teamed, and she pulled off a killer combo like that!

King starred in disbelief, as it seemed that Cham-Cham was fluxing between the size of a giant of sorts, and her normal form. What is this?

Cham-Cham was now engulfed in a rainbow of glowing color, and seemed to be somewhere between 8-10 times her original size! Before King knew what to do, Cham-Cham rammed head-on into her, sending her rolling across the ground, leaving a small trail of blood and ripped clothes behind. King was covered with dirt, grass, and her own blood.

Too tired from the onslaught she had just received, Cham-Cham sat down, while Paku-Paku gave another call of the wild.

In a blink, King did a backflip, and knocked Paku-Paku off Cham-Cham, and began to beat her down in an Illusion Dance. At the end, Cham-Cham yelled in pain, and slummed over as she passed out.

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 26, King!"

"Hey, baby. It looks like you're going to need a new outfit. Then again, I kinda like you this way. You know how to get down and dirty!"

"Ryo! Would you...shut-up! I'm going to clean-up...If you so much as look cross-eyed, I'll make sure you never have the chance to have kids!"

"You tell him, King! This is so cool! We've both hit the first round with awesome power. Team UK's gonna kick bootie!" sang Mai, her usually cheerful self. King smiled, and they walked back, each happy with their initial success. Although it wasn't at the foreground, each wondered if they'd be able to go in round 2! For some, their thoughts were toward a darker scene.


Such thoughts passed through the mind of a lone soul not too far away. Much has already happened in this first round. Souls have passed on to the next life, while new relations have formed. Respect for each other has been implanted deep in the core of several fighters. We have experienced time-travel, and it is awesome! It might be a good way to spend a vacation!

New rivals have also been made as well, with the thought of killing at the front of some minds. It is kinda like the world as it approaches a true apocalypse.

What these humans lack is a clear understanding as to what is truly going to happen. They can make all the BS guesses they want, but it will come when it is ready, not when you claim it to come. A state of national emergency on a major holiday...and it begins. Pah! What utter nonsense! When it does come, you will wish it was only that simple!

More and more, you in general are starting to feel the Dark Power! That is good, when not just the children feel it, but others as well! The evil comes and does what it chooses: murder; rape; genocide; mass hatred; it doesn't end, which is how we like it. What makes it so sweet is that the few who could save you pathetic humans; those are the ones you set out to end. So twisted, you fear that which is new, afraid that you will have been wrong, and burn forever! A shame, be given a boat, only to BURN it!

Then, those who may have wanted to help, but see what will happen, won't. They aren't fools, for they know how help is answered. Without anywhere to go, each slowly turns to the power of the Dark One, although few are ever truly aware of what they have entered.

They become so low, that calling them shells would be too high. Outlines would probably come closest to what they become. Each day, more and more give up, and they unwittingly follow His path to the end!

Don't tell me that you don't hear the calling. You hear it deep down, in your innermost feelings and desires. It tells you that the time is quickly approaching. Sure, go on and deny it, but remember that you have been warned. You are set upon a path not unlike my own, and there aren't any detours, just a head-on crash. The more you resist, the stronger it calls. If only you'd realize that, and not try and look for some other source to the problem. When someone seems to prattle insanity, they in fact know the truth. Don't ignore them...then again, keep on doing what you're doing! I'm waiting for all HELL to bust open. Then, the party can really begin.

A lone figure dressed all in black wears a violent smile, eyes glowing a fiery destiny, one that others may soon share at this madman's doing.

WOW! Now there's some happy thoughts from our good pal, Ryuji! He has a real good outlook on the future, doesn't he? I think somebody's been watching too many conspiracy films, yea? Oh well, can't say he has too many dull moments.

Seriously, I want to close out the round with a little bit of darkness (little?), mainly because I feel that will give a lot to work with during the next parts, which will sort of be like "intermissions" between the rounds. Stay tuned, as we see how characters respond to the deaths of old friends, and how new loves bloom! (Come on, I can't leave it ALL dark and dreary, can I?)