THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 21: Where Are They?



This has been awesome! I kicked Cage's ass! Ok, maybe it wasn't exactly like that. Maybe he got a few hits in. All right! He was a helluva fighter, and I had to pull out some hard hits, but I won. Man, I feel like when I'm back home with...

"Hey, Ken, can I talk with you?" asked Sakura.

"Sure, Sakura. What can I do for my best friend's best girl?"

"I'm glad Ryu's letting me be his gal," she started, half dreamily and to herself, "I's wondering about the next stage...marriage maybe. Perhaps in a few years, kids. I figured that since you have been there, you could maybe give me some tips," Sakura said, blurting out the last part.

Ken, who had been in the middle of training, and was just starting to launch a Dragon Punch, tripped just before he shot up. Instead, he shot face-first into the ground, or at least what would have been the ground. At least he didn't have to worry about "eating dirt."

Sakura giggled, and then went to help him up. She then asked him what was wrong. It wasn't like she was asking him to marry her! Ryu may be older, but that's not too important. When two people are in love, what else matters?

Ken said that while that is true, that is a HUGE step to think about, especially so soon. After all, it was just a short while ago that he actually admitted that he loved her. Marriage would really be pushing, especially now.

"I know that, silly. We haven't actually had our first date yet! It's just that, well, I'd like to talk with somebody I know real well about it, somebody who is, and knows what it's like."

"It's a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, I love Eliza a lot, (despite what some - little rumors may imply) and our loyalty is unquestionable. She's been a great woman for me. She's also been great for Mel. However, take this tournament for example. She didn't want me to compete here. At first, I was just going up to my parents' house for a little catching up. I get Akuma's gift, and decide to go. Eliza unexpectedly shows up, and tries to talk me out of it (like that'll happen). Mel was going to be spending some time at some friend's house for a while (and I thought summer was so fun). She wants to spend the time with me...I wind up here. I'm still not sure which is better. Spending some special time with the Mrs. doing...or this Hell-Fight!"

"Hey, what are you two doing?"

"What's the matter, pal? Are you afraid of me taking your girl?"

"No. I'm afraid of what will happen if Eliza finds out you've been spending time with another, pretty, and younger, girl," Ryu answered, cooly.

"Ooh! Ryu! Are you jealous? Heh, heh!" Sakura sang as she grabbed him by the arm, and lead him to some place for them to be alone.


As they left, Ken wondered about his dear wife, Eliza, and his son, Mel. He wondered if they were ok? He had no way of contacting them. He prayed that they were both all right. Maybe it was simply the fact that he was in a situation where he didn't have much control over what was going on. It's funny how everything just seems to get all screwed up when we loose our focus. I wonder... (and while Ken wonders, let's drop in on those he was just now thinking of, shall we?).

Oh Ken, what in Heaven's name is happening out there, where ever you are? I know it's only been a week, but you haven't contacted me at all. There's been no phone messages or faxes. I look in the mailbox, finding only a bunch of junk-mail...and bills. No voice or e-mail. I haven't even gotten a telegram. What happened to you, Ken Masters? Did you fall off the face of the Earth (hmm...;)? I know that when you go on these tournaments, you get very sidetracked, and don't call for a while; but it's never been this long! I wonder if you know how much I really worry about you, and Mel.

Now don't get me wrong, Ken's not a bad husband, or father. We have more than enough financial coverage. We even have enough to make our share of donations to things like The Red Cross and Orphanages.

He may be full of himself, but he still knows not to forget the important things in life. He is there when his friends need him, as well as when we need him. However, he is still rather brash. He can also be very stubborn in things like that tournament. He's been gone for such a long time - I wonder what to tell Mel when he comes home. Oh Ken! Hurry back! Odd! I just thought I heard him. It was like he spoke in my head...he also seems to be worried about me. I knew he was really a big softy.

"Hey! Who's calling me a softy?"

"Ken? Is that you? Where are you?" Eliza asked, thinking that she was in some twisted dream. She then saw a bright aura aura, which Ken and others had seen.

"Eliza?! It is you!"

Eliza screamed at the top of her lungs, and nearly jumped out of her skin. She then saw Ken.

"Ken! What in the world do you think you're doing! You nearly scared me to death! You have a lot of explaining to do..." and she stopped cold, for she then looked behind him, to see a void.

"It's a long story. It all started with that tournament - will you stop that! You look like you are looking at a corpse. Hey!" and Eliza threw her arms around him, and began to cry. He held her tightly, glad to see her. He wondered how long he had been away. Had he been like that guy who had slept...nah!

"I'm sorry this can't last too much longer. There are other reunions, Ken. I can allow you some time to explain what's going on, and a brief time to catch up. Then, you shall return. I'll leave you."

"W, who was that? I didn't see them. I'm scared!"

As best he could, Ken explained what he had been doing, and what had been happening. He omitted things like those who died. He also, with great difficulty, hid the story of Marvel Ken.

"I told you this would be trouble," she said, trying to be strong.

"Even Ryu wasn't able to keep me out of this trouble. Of course, he's in the same thing...but don't worry. I promise to return ASAP. I can guess how hard this has been on you, Eliza. You don't have to `be strong' for me. We're only human; it's ok," yet considering all that he had been a part of he wondered about what he had just said.

She rested her head on his shoulder, and instantly fell asleep.

"I felt that would be the best way for you to leave. You know this is hard on her, Ken."

"Yes, Alpha-Omega, I do. We made our vows at our wedding. When this is all said and done, we will take a long vacation, honey, I promise," and he kissed her as he slipped back into the void. In his head, he heard voices regarding deaths in the fights, and his dark-side. He feels that he was right in not telling her about them. She has so much of a burden to carry. Simply knowing that he's alive will help to lighten much of it. Sometimes, letting the ones we love know that is enough to help them get through hard times.


It has been far too long for me since I last saw them. I was so consumed by my fire to avenge Charlie's death and to destroy Bison, nothing more mattered to me. I abandoned all that I should have held dear in my life. I left my wife, Jane, and my little girl, Amy. I spent so much time away from them, I wonder how they feel. I didn't really talk with Charlie much about it, but he's been busy. He and Chun Li have been trying to learn about Shadows. These have come alive, and taken their own forms. It seems that through Dhalsim's Yoga, and Bison's Psycho Powers, as well as some other experimental stuff in Shadowloo, they did their magic. I wonder why whenever something demented like that happens, it's usually because of something "experimental." You just know that if it's experimental, trouble will follow.

Still, I've really got to get focused, and fast. When we went after them in the WPC. Bison basically kicked my ass! Then, I nearly loose to Major Jackson Briggs. Man, a Colonel loosing to a Major - I'd never be able to live it down. At least I won, though I nearly broke myself in that one. I wonder...

...where in the world is that man I married? Where is William at? He has been gone for so many years, and I have really missed him. He is everything I could ever want. He is responsible, caring, and hasn't kept things from me. When his best friend, Charlie, was killed, he let me know exactly how he felt. He had lost his closest friend. It was as if he had lost his own brother that day. He would spend hours on end in solitude. Sometimes, he would merely think, while at others, he would go down to the gym, and work out. Even when he said he was going to go, and doubted he would return, I know him better. He will; I just hope that he can bring himself to it. I know that he can, it's just a matter of actually doing it.

There's also our little girl, Amy. While she isn't as little, she is still very young - and she needs a father to be there for her. She may not always need him (or want him), but he does need to be here for her, at least. I would also, after a time, like to have another child, somebody for Amy to play with. Strange, but I could swear that Guile was on his way here.

"Hi, mom! Is supper ready yet? I just left the twins, Sally and Sam, because their mom said to come back after dinner, in a few hours. Hey, what were you thinking of, ma?"

Jane wanted to install the best values she could for her baby, and made it her all not to lie, or even exaggerate the truth. She said, with a slight note of sadness in her voice that she was thinking of pa. Amy came up to her mother, and sat on her lap, and rested her head on her mother's chest. They seemed to be holding a private conversation, one in which only they, and a select few would ever be able to hear. One of them is about to drop in, literally!

Guile focused like never before, and was bent down, ready to deliver his version of the Somersault Salute Justice with more power than he had ever been able to reach. He felt a strange, yet familiar aura, and shot into the air. Suddenly, the void was torn around him, and he saw a ceiling above him. He was too far up, and smashed into it. He heard two females scream, and knew there was going to be trouble. He landed, though rather shaky. Some dust fell on him, and he looked up.

"Oh, SHIT!" he yelled, and rolled out of the way.

He got up, and saw that instead of the roof crashing down, it was...crashing up?

"G, Guile? Is that you?"

"Daddy? Oh daddy, it is you, isn't it?"

"This ain't funny, Big Guy. If you..."

"...just cleaned up the mess. Did that. Now, the three of you can have a little time to catch up. Don't worry, William, it really is them."

Before he could ask anything else, his wife and daughter tackled him, causing the three to fall over. After opening his eyes a few seconds, and hearing his head throb, he saw her, looking directly into his eyes, the way she had done, before he left. There were tear in her eyes, and he felt the small, yet delicate hands of Amy, clasping to his. It felt so strange, and unreal. He hadn't seen or been with them in so long, yet it didn't seem to matter to the two most important women in his life.

Jane had Amy go clean up, and then to get ready for dinner. Once they were alone, it seemed as if they were carrying on a conversation that Jane and Amy had been carrying on earlier, only at a more serious level. Finally, Jane spoke.

"First, I want you to know that even though you had left us, you've done so much for me, and Amy. Hold it, let me finish! While you may not have been here for a time when our baby needed you, there is still a lot of time, and you know it. I'm mad that you didn't even try to call us, but from what this Alpha-Omega has told me, I'm glad to see that we were never far from your thoughts. Don't be so surprised. Considering that he brought you here from that void, telepathy shouldn't surprise you."

"I bet he's never heard of privacy," he grumbled.

"What? Would you keep that secret from me? No, I know you wouldn't. This is strange for all of us. I wish he, or she, or, oh forget who it is...would allow you to stay with us. I know, about as much, or as little, as you do. You get back there and keep our world safe from those tyrants. Remember that we'll be pulling for you. Once you get back there, KICK ASS!"

"Ah, ah! Mommy said a bad word! Mommy, mommy!"

Guile looked at his wife, smiled, and said, "Yes, Amy, you are right? What shall we do? Should we punish her?" and before anything could be done, he grabbed her, and began to wildly tickle her, followed shortly by Amy. They all laughed, glad to be together once more.

"I'm sorry, but it's time to go back. Don't worry, he'll return."

"Bye!" they said, and hugged him.

He turned, and stepped back to the void. He didn't mention the fact that some had already died in the fights. Jane was strong, and would worry, but would be confident that he would survive. However, that wasn't something he wanted Amy to think of, not at her age. He then heard a voice in his head, saying that for the first time, he had kept something from his wife. Charlie was alive. He was also like a brother to her, and she was also hurt when he died. He dismissed it by thinking that that would be too hard to explain, and the story of Shadow would be impossible. The voice seemed to ask who he was really trying to convince. Who indeed?

There you have it, the next Chapter in THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Story! Initially, I was going to go into the matches themselves. However, I got an e-mail a while back. I got some great feedback, like Ken vs Johnny Cage and Rose vs Sindel. I also got some critic for killing Elena, and for having Dee Jay fight Motaro! Was I drunk? HIC! Actually, I was doing the matches at random; that's just how they came out. For those that got the chance to vote in 2, I think they were better matched. Before I assign matches, I'm trying to "equal them out," and also give fights I think others would like to see.

Amongst other things, I was asked "What about Amy, Mel, Jane, and Eliza?" So, I gave my own insights here, and hope they were fun to read! If any have some MKs they'd like to see, drop a line. While I can't do everyone's, I'll try and incorporate as much as I can.

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