THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 22: Round 2!



"Fight 1, Round 2: Scorpion v Human Smoke!"

According to Curse #29, there is a place for the damned to earn another chance at redemption for the sins committed in life. The human soul is a complex thing, and it is never easy to say as to whether it should spend eternity in Hell...or Heaven. You've probably heard about "fallen angles." Why have we never heard of "rising demons?" Something to think about.

Now, more so than ever, there is the need for the place known as Purgatory. While it may seem a soul committed acts that would sentence it to one, there are enough doubts to keep it out. Thus, a "midway" is needed. There, based on their actions, and with a constant reminder that what they do will determine how they spend eternity, the final choice shall be made...Forgiveness, or Damnation!

There is such a place, for that is where Cage was going. He was at one of the lower levels. After his initial help in saving the world, and what he proved there, he was allowed a higher place on the mountain. However, he must always remember that he can fall as easily as he rose. I'd care to wager that the same is true for Heaven...and Hell. The thing is, the demons of Hell wouldn't want it--they enjoyed my suffering, especially the fact that I could never see my family again. Maybe, if I win, I can be allowed to be free of my curse, and be allowed to enter Purgatory...and maybe, a chance to see them once more.

"Scorpion, are you ok? Something seems to be bothering you."

"Consider where I came from before this tournament, and you have your answer. Now, let us begin," and not waiting for anything, he teleported, only to have Smoke teleport, and hit him. Smoke tried to spear, but Scorpion took him down with a leg grab.

"It's incredible!" is all the two can think. Scorpion and Smoke are nearly the same in everything. Their moves, thinking, and to a slight extent, their voices match. Scorpion's sounds a little--harder, probably the result of being dead. Outside of the tournament, they had never actually met before, had they?

"Scorpion? I am curious, as I'm certain that you are...isn't it odd how we appear to mimic one another. Does it not seem--peculiar?"

"Yes, it does, Smoke. However, we are in a match. Let us focus on that. Then, we shall focus on those that have wronged us: Quan Chi and Shinnok. After, we may try to learn the truth."

"Hmm...maybe!" and Smoke blocked Scorpion's attempt at a teleport. He followed with a spear, uppercutted him, ran, and tossed him to the ground.

As he attempted to follow up, he was met with four hard kicks to his face by Scorpion. In reply, he hit Scorpion with another kombo, finishing with a roundhouse to the face, and nearly over an edge, into a pool in Scorpion's domain.

"Where the Hell...we are here! We are in HELL!" Scorpion hollered, half with fear of what could happen to him.

"Don't concern yourself with your fears, Scorpion. Remember, this is what may wait for you at the end of this tournament. Do not forget what you did to end up here. At the end, you may wind up here once more," spoke some skulls on columns in the fiery pool of agony.

"Hey, Alpha-Omega! What gives? Scorpion is tormented enough without this shit! What are you trying to do? Just..?"

"I said he may wind up here at the end of this tournament. It all depends on how he acts here. Will he let his greed for the prize cast him back here? Maybe, or he may learn a very important lesson. Care to see?"

"Forgive me, my friend. I know we vowed not to kill each other should we fight in this tournament. However, if there is any chance for me, I will take it!" and he removed his mask, a spewed fury from Hell upon Smoke!

"Scorpion! What have you done?" demanded the older Subzero.

"We thought you had changed, in order to help in our quest to defeat Quan Chi and Shinnok! Why did you do this?"

"He still lives," Scorpion insisted.

"Scorpion's right, Smoke lives. You two still doubt him. You wonder if you can truely trust him. What I will suggest for you to do will solidify your decision, and will help you to know where Scorpion stands. Remove Smoke's mask."

They all looked at the formless life as if it was crazy. To do such a thing, was an insult, and could be answered with a dual to the death!

"Scorpion! You haven't seen Smoke unmasked before, have you? Do so, and you will have the answer to the question of your allegiance answered, if you so desire."

He hesitated for what felt like eternity. Then he slowly lifted it off Smoke's charred form.

"NOOOOO!" he screamed, as he saw the haunting face of Smoke; he has the answer to his question, and has learned that the truth is indeed ugly.

"Winner of Fight 1, Round 2, Scorpion!"

"Fight 2, Round 2: Mileena v Rose!"

"Ah, the poor baby. You had your pitiful heart broken, didn't you? You thought that just because you shared a lot of common ground and interest with some loser, that you and him could be happy together. Too bad he's already engaged. Better luck next time, bitch!"

"I have only one thing to say to you: Shut up, and go to Hell!"

"That's two things, hoe. Second, the last fight was already in Hell. I've been there for a fight. Trust me, a feeble baby like you couldn't take it."

"Feeble nothing. I defeated Queen Sindel to advance to this round. That..."

"...Is nothing. Sindel--don't make me laugh. She's a lost cause. She lacks the instinct to fight to win. More importantly, she lacks the instinct that I have to kill. I did that once, and I'll do it to you. She was worried about her daughter, and what Khan did to her. You are concerned with Guy, and this new `superstar,' Fei Long. I'll kill you, and then wipe my feet on you, like I did that reject, Elena!"

Mileena then fired a pair of sai at Rose, and was surprised at how fast they were reflected back at her. She just barley had time to roll under them, and knock Rose toward the ground. This time, the sais hit. She ran in to follow up, but Rose leapt up, clamped her hands to Mileena's ears, and began to drain her. Mileena then fell into a lake with a splash.

"What the Hell!" gagged Mileena.

"I recognize this place. This was Adon's stage from the second time we all crossed paths! Well, where is the Alpha-Omega? It always comes at this time."

"Maybe it didn't have the stomach for what I'm going to do you, tramp! Dumping me like that will cost you your life! Prepare to die!"

Rose turned to be suplexed into the ground. As she got up, Mileena wrapped her legs around Rose, and flipped her to the ground. A few kombos, finished by a teleport kick to her face, leveled Rose. If she could get but a moment, she might clutch her chest, and wonder if her ribs were broken. She would not get the chance.

Mileena stomped her foot into Rose's stomach, and took delgiht in Rose's pain.

"I told you that I'd wipe my feet with you. I must admit, you were a good fighter, for a human. Now, to nail you to your grave!"

Rose took her scarf, and pulled at Mileena's leg, staggering her. She was glad to have that burden lifted, but knew it wasn't over. She thought for a second, and then began to kick Mileena a few times, and the hit her with a Soul Spark. Rose lifted Mileena up, knocked her into the air, and slammed her with force into the ground, leaving a deep impression in the ground.

"Winner of Fight 2, Round 2, Rose! Soul Throw!"

"Now, who will wipe their feet on who?" asked Rose.

"Way to go, Rose!"

"Guy? What do you want?"

"I thought we should talk," to which Rose agreed, after returning the favor to Mileena, and stepping over her, they left.

"Mileena, baby! Say something!"

"...Baraka. You have an issue with Ryu. Now, I have one with Rose."

"Fight 3, Round 2: Shinnok v Shin Akuma!"

Akuma claims that "I am power made flesh..." Shinnok claims to be "the ruler of all creation". When "Power Made Flesh" meets "The Ruler Of All Creation," Hell is certain to break loose.

"You claim that you are `power made flesh.' Whatever! You can call yourself emperor of earth for all I care. You are nothing more than a mere mortal, while I am a god. You haven't a chance against me. Death is upon you, good night!"

"Pah! Nothing more than useless prattle. Prattle all you like once you've beaten me, not before. You may, or may not, be a god. Either way, you power has been limited, so that whatever slim illusion of an advantage you may have thought you had, is shattered. It is like all fools who think themselves to be in power. You tell others what you want them to believe! Thus, they can't challenge your rule. You destroy any who may pose a threat; you are afraid and can't fend for yourself. That is where beings, such as myself, come in, and lay you to rest."

"Play time is over! Begin now!"

"What? Magneto?! Very good. Next time, get the real one. He matched wits with Bison; let us see how he matches with me. Looks like the X-Men's `ship-yard.' Wha..?"

It is probably not a good idea to admire the scenery when you are fighting a god, especially if his name is Shinnok.

He speared Akuma, uppercutted him, and hurled him to the ground. Just before Akuma landed, he was hit by two force balls, uppercutted again, and was hit by a slide. Shinnok shot into the sky, and stomped all over Akuma.

He then caused a spike club to appear, and batted it at Akuma, who teleported by. When he reappeared, he hit Shinnok with a Messatsu-Go-Shoryu! He hit Shinnok several times in the face, giving him a taste of the power from a mere mortal. As Shinnok attempted to counter with a green skull, Akuma leapt over it, grabbed Shinnok, and drove him into the ground. Shinnok slammed his fist into the ground, but was met by two fireballs as Akuma leapt over it. However, he landed to close to Shinnok.

"Gotcha!" yelled Shinnok, as he grabbed Akuma, and proceeded to bash his face in, before following it up with a quad-slam.

"Now, you shall meet the fate the old fool met," and he disappeared into the ground, followed by two enormous hands that rushed in to destroy Akuma.

"Hah!" and with some difficulty, Akuma warped through them, in time to catch Shinnok in The Raging Demon as the god resurfaced.

"Winner of Fight 3, Round 2, Shin Akuma! Shun-Goku-Satsu!"

"Fight 4, Round 2: Motaro v Noob Saibot!"

I don't trust--Noob Saibot. At first, he seemed to be little more than a passive observer, and merely watched the matches of the tournament. Later, he became an active kombatant, claiming allegiance to Shao Khan. However, after his defeat, it was learned that his loyalty lay with Shinnok. I'd bet that his loyalty lies where most "warriors" of his kind are--himself.

"Hm; it has been a while since I was last in this tower. Amazing. Now, which one of Tsung's soccers...there we are."

"What the Hell are you blabbering about, you fool?"

"Nothing much. Just recalling this area from the second tournament. Amazing how there are actually blue skies here."

Motaro merely answered with three fireballs. Noob Saibot teleported, only to be bashed by Motaro's fist. Motaro warped, lifted up Noob Saibot, and brutally bashed his fist into his face, sending him into a wall, and into further anguish. Motaro approached methodically, and was met with a Noob Saibot double, that vanished the instant it hit him. A fireball hit him in his chest, and bounced harmlessly back, disabling Noob Saibot.

"You must truly be stupid! You are trying everything a human would try on me. Projectiles won't work, and you can't throw me. That makes you worthless! Now, go down," screeched Motaro as he swiped at Noob Saibot with his tail, driving him to the ground.

He then made ready to squash Noob Saibot, still helpless from the assault. He leapt high, and was dead on. At the last second, Noob Saibot rolled out of the way. Motaro landed; this time, the pain was too much. He yelled as if it were him being decapitated.

"FOOL! You arrogant, cocky, fool! You didn't take A-O's advice about resting. Your leg is now worse than before. Now, you are helpless!" Noob Saibot said, looking like death at Motaro, knowing that his opportunity was here.

He ran in, jumped over Motaro's fist, and hit him with four kicks that seemed to blur together. He repeated it a few more times. He then withdrew his weapon he had recently acquired, and proceeded to bash Motaro in one of his few weak points, his head. So strong (and perhaps, desperate) were the hits, that after a few sharp crashes over his head, Motaro was down, with a sharp quake.

"Winner of Fight 4, Round 2, Noob Saibot! Brutal!"

They returned, and Noob Saibot left, intent on taking a much needed rest. Motaro would not be as lucky.

"Hey, Goro! Over here! This is too good to pass up!"

"What is it, Kintaro? Ah! One of those slime! He may have enjoyed slaughtering our race. Now, it is our turn to exact our revenge. Although I'd rather him be awake to feel it, we can't wait around. Kintaro, time for a Double-Fatality!"

Satisfied with the destruction, they left Motaro's corpse for waste.

"Well, well. This one will take a little work," and the "sorcerer" caused a bolt to strike the body, and it disappeared. Perhaps, it is now in company of...

"Fight 5, Round 2: Fei Long v Jade3!"

I am very--disturbed about how I won my last match. Granted, after what Stryker did to me was reason to loose control, I guess. But to loose control in the manner that I did; I think there may be something gripping at my very being, something that I can't, as of yet, label.

I am glad to be able to talk with Rose. She really knows this stuff. We haven't been able to figure out what exactly it was that caused me, and other Street Fighters, to go ballistic. Maybe, the rumors surrounding the Raging Demon, are true. Is it merely a "killing technique," or could it be a "genocide technique?"

Rose had her match; maybe after I have mine, we can talk a bit more. I just hope to live through this match, and to not be possessed...

After this match, I must try and talk with Kitana. I would also like to talk with the other Jade, but I'm not sure if she would be willing to talk. We need to figure out how to finally take down Khan. Then again, we may have to figure out how to take him down once this tournament is over. So far, any attempts to "go outside the rules," have been thwarted by Alpha-Omega. Yet, for some reason, it isn't broken up right away. A-O could have stopped Sindel from confronting Khan (and saving her the need of a huge makeover, from Khan nearly crushing her face in). So, why is it that only certain things happen, and others don't? Is there only so far we can go at a set moment? If so, will we settle our differences here, if at all? I know I can't right now, but I'd really want to talk with Nightwolf.

"Woah! What the Hell!" they both yelled, as each atom was ripped apart, faster than thought, and reshaped elsewhere in creation.

"I don't think I shall ever get use to being teleported around. I think I wasn't properly reassembled."

"That is one thing I will definitely agree on, and I've been doing it for centuries! Just where are we?"

A soldier appeared, and said, "The gorge you are overlooking is in Venezuela. This is where Charlie had met Bison."

"A Shadowloo Soldier? Kyber?"

"I don't know who `Kyber' is, but I think you know that this is the Alpha-Omega," stated Jade.

Jade threw a star at Fei Long, who quickly ducked under and, and proceeded to use his Rekka-Ken on her. However, just before the third hit, the star caught him across the shoulder, halting his momentum. Jade wrapped her legs around him, and flipped him to the ground. She threw another star at him, and he barely escaped it, only to be caught up in Jade's monstrous kombo. As he rose, he was met by a smaller kombo, ending with his face getting kicked back. Jade leapt in with a fly kick, and was caught.

Fei Long hollered, and hit Jade with a double dose of fire from his kick, keeling Jade over. Effortlessly, he picked her up, and threw her over his shoulders. She tried to take a cheap, low shot, but Fei Long hopped over it, and kicked her in the gut, then her face. He then flipped over her, and tossed her the rest of the way across the platform.

Before he could react, Jade thrust her pole into his gut, and slammed him to the cold ground. She repeated her infamous 7-hit kombo once more. When Fei Long shot up, she thrust her stick into his gut.

"NO! I know what you do here! It won't happen to me!" exploded Fei Long. In a violent fury, he used his nunchucks to disarm Jade, but not without loosing his weapon. He then unleashed a demon.

Stunned by the move, Jade was woozy, at best. Seemingly in another world, Fei Long continued the assault, using a second Super on her, and sending her to the ground. nothing but fire in his eyes.

"Hey, Fei Long! Easy, man. You won, see? Take it easy! Don't get..." but Guy's words were meaningless to him, as Fei Long turned to face him.

"Fei Long! Stop, please!" Rose said, attempting to ease a Demon, "You don't want to do that, I know you don't. Look at me--and be at peace, my friend."

He stopped, looked at them, and in a shaky voice, asked, "Just what in God's name is happening to me?"

He was only met by Rose's soft smile, and Guy helped him back.

"So, it looks like it's my turn to help you out."

"Nightwolf? Thanks..." and she drifted off.

"Winner of Fight 5, Round 2, Fei Long!"

There we go! The first set of round 2! So, after a lot of time looking over everything to try and fix up this site, I've finally started up round 2 (about time, eh?). Hopefully, it's all working, and legible. If not, let me know what's the problem. This way, it won't take about a month or so for me to "upgrade." =)

Lot's of stuff to watch for, and that's just from what's here. What does Scorpion learn, after removing Smoke's mask? What's the relationship? Rose must be popular, as she advances into round 3! Mileena will be looking for her. It seems like Goro is living up to his vow, as he and Kintaro crush Motaro. What is it that's haunting Fei Long? What is his Demon? To Be Continued...(If you haven't guess, I really love those corny lines 8)