Subzero stands at the back of a dojo, meditating. He thinks of what has happened in his life up to this point, and wonders what turns it will take in the future. He then senses an all too familiar presence, one that is about grave business.

"GET OVER HERE!" comes the voice of the one Subzero knew had come for him.

He was just barely able to hit the ground to avoid the deadly spear from digging deep into his flesh. He rolls to his left, then rushes up and looks around for Him. He first looks in the direction of where the spear had come, then around the rest of the dojo to try and anticipate when the next attack would come. He didn't have long to wait.

"COM 'ERE!" was the calling this time.

This one was even closer. Subzero ducked just to avoid having his head parted down the middle. Again, he dropped and rolled; this time he rolls back. He also saw an outline of his foe. He took a moment to concentrate, and then shot out a large blast of ice at his foe. Would it connect, or would he be countered he wondered. Just as it was about to hit, the outline teleported out of the way. Subzero spun around just in time to catch the hands of his foe. Subzero was lucky that he was able to correctly guess the location of where his foe would teleport to. Now they were locked, hand-in-hand. They looked into each others eyes, seeing the determination of the other. Each knew that if one wrong move was made, it would be over.


"What is that? What is going on? Who dares to interrupt us?" shouts Subzero's foe. He then looks to Subzero, wanting him to explain.

"I am sorry, I wasn't expecting visitors--Smoke."

"I bet you planned this. You knew I'd beat you," replied an annoyed Smoke.

"Excuse me. I hate to bother you, but I have a special telegram for a person at this residence. I know this will sound crazy, but is there someone named `Sub-ze-ro' here?"

"I am Subzero."

"You are really Subzero?! OK! Telegram, sign. I don't suppose you've heard of a guy who calls himself Smoke?"

"That would be me."

"Um, yea, sign please. Subzero, Smoke, what did I do, enter a video game? If a big ape starts climbing a building carrying a yelling woman, I'm gonna take an early retirement!"

They both read their telegram, not sure what to actually expect. Nobody they knew would send them a telegram. Subzero got through his first, and was shocked at what he had read. Just a few seconds later, Smoke gasped.

Looking at Subzero's face, he inquired "Sub, is yours from the same guy as mine?"

"I take it that you have a message from by brother."


Whatever drunken idiot started the phrase "...Hell hath no fury like..." has NEVER EVER been there. Scorpion should know. This is where he is destined to spend the rest of his existence, rising only to avenge the death of himself, his clan, and family. That being done, what could he do?

Without knowing it, Scorpion started to do what the living called daydreaming. He saw Subzero mocking him, standing over his corpse, telling him that his useless attempt at revenge had failed. He would spend eternity in Hell, never being able to right the wrong.

Scorpion snapped to, yelling!

"He's alive! I must finish what I started from the tournament! I don't know how you lived, but I will bring you back to Hell the next time we meet!"

Shang Tsung let out a snicker, for he was too far for Scorpion to hear. Tsung was gathering the best ninja assassins from each corner of creation for his own vile uses, and Hell has one of the best for what Shang Tsung wants.


In some distant realm, too far for any person on Earth to know, was a dark and demonic forest. This was not just any forest, this was THE LIVING FOREST in Outworld. These trees could manipulate themselves to where one would swear they saw faces on them. However, if one was close enough to tell for sure, he would quickly be eaten by one of the trees, screaming a bloody and agonizing death.

However, there are three great ninjas of Outworld who welcome this. In fact, this is where they train. Here, not only must they deal with their foes, but fatal "training grounds." To Rain, Ermac, and Reptile, this is of no woe to them. They are the mighty Emperor Shao Khan's elite.

Rain has found Reptile, and is ready to move in for the kill. He concentrates, and unleashes his infamous tractor ball. Reptile is lucky to avoid the ball.

"Sso! You sshow yoursself! Now, it'ss my turn for an attack!"

With that, he became invisible in an explosion. He moved in and delivered a heavy hitting combo, finishing with a roundhouse, sending Rain to the ground. A tree tries to grab him, but a quick bolt stops it dead in it's tracks, letting him recover from the onslaught.

"You are getting sloppy, Rain. Don't be overconfident. I think you want something like this!"

"Wha...what iss thiss?" yelped a frightened Reptile, who had mysteriously been levitated into the air. He was then dropped, and crashed with a gut-turning thud.


Rain was on his feet now, ready to attack, and Reptile was rising, though still shaky from having the wind knocked out of him.

"STOP!" boomed a loud and demanding voice.

They all did as told, for they knew not to defy Shang Tsung, second only to Shao Khan himself.

"You are needed, Elite of the mighty Shao Khan, he who is the ruler of Outworld."

With that, the three follow him, none suspecting the true motives of the man before them are too be Khan's end. Even unwittingly partaking in what he had planned was punishable by EXTERMINATION!


In another distant realm know as the Nether Realm, there dwells a group of warriors who worship a fallen elder god named Shinnok. They will do whatever is deemed to do, including surrendering their very lives.

"Noob Saibot, it is time."

With that, Noob Saibot bows respectfully, and leaves for Khan's throne. His mission will seem very beneficial to Khan, but his true mission will prove to be anything but that which Khan expects.


Soon, the greatest ninjas from every part of creation will be set on a fight to the death. Shang Tsung plans to have them brainwashed by his scorers' to help him overthrow Khan.

However, as he will soon learn, when you make plans, and Fate has plans, Fate and its plans will win each and every time, no matter what you may try to say, do, or wish. Events will soon escalate to a level beyond even what Tsung, or even Khan for that matter, can even begin to fathom.