THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story: Chapter 3

Assault On Shadowloo



While Akuma had been gathering the last Shotokan student, Dan, from Hong Kong, several miles away on the region of land called Thailand, an entire war was about to be fought. A joint effort by various nations of the UN were to send a special assault team to neutralize the threat of an underground syndicate known only as Shadowloo. This strike force was to find the elite leaders of this renegade organization, Bison, Sagat, Vega, and Balrog, and stop them, by any means necessary.

Originally, this force was only to be a siege mission. Shadowloo is the location of the world's largest producer of every kind of drug and method for using the drugs possible (while some say they have even developed things that were thought to be impossible). Their mission was to be relatively simple: close down the drug cartel and arrest the members of the cartel. Then, obstacles began to arise.

The first obstacle was that many of the world's most notorious of crime bosses, assassins, and mercenaries were to be in attendance for a huge auction. This would mean that the security of Shadowloo would be at an all time high to help protect "investors from revealing their sources and to keep undesirables" from interrupting their business. Through a complex network of spies, it was learned that the security equaled that of a medium-sized army with enough firepower to level entire cities. In addition, the guards training sessions were increased by seven times that of before, which had the ability to rival some of the world's greatest special forces.

The next obstacle was what caused the majority of the United Nations Security Council to go into an uproar was that Shadowloo had taken close to a million people hostage at this year's World Peace Conference. The convention included a number of ambassadors, advisors, legal experts, military experts, celebrities, the press, and a multitude of civilians. They had all gathered for a chance of free food and entertainment. The WPC was to discuss taking an active roll in the fight against drugs and to reduce the number of wars that would be fought in the future. This alone was reason enough for Shadowloo to take these people hostage, for they were talking about the demise of their organization. Add this to the fact that they had some of the most important an influential people on the planet, there was call for immediate action.

Finally, there was one last disaster that the UN Special Forces had to deal with. The Shadow, Thor, Anita, Reiko, and Rain had been stolen from their respective nations of the United States of America, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, and China. Separately, these were their nation's top nuclear submarines with enough power to level an entire coastline. Combined, these subs could destroy the most powerful nations in the world, country by country. This caused the Council to reconsider its original goals, create new goals, and to alter its task force to where it wouldn't be detected while still getting the job done.

"Mister chairman. It is my duty to inform you of the decision of this Council."

"You may proceed."

In summing up their decision, the names to lead this force were fired off in rapid session.

"The man to head this operation will be Col. William F. Guile of the United States of America. His second in command will be Chun Li Xang, of China. Edmond Honda, of Japan will head communications. Thunder Hawk, of Mexico, will provide you with the layout of Shaodowloo so that you can have some idea of what to expect. Are there any questions?"

Guile stood up, and in an annoyed voice asked, "When do we leave?"

"At dusk, tomorrow night!" With that, all noisily left for whatever had their interest.


Guile was alone in his room, feeling pissed off because he had to waste his time with these suits when he knew he didn't need help in taking out Bison. He looked on his nightstand and saw an old photo of him and his best friend, Charlie, from their days in High School. They were like brothers. Although he was hesitant, Charlie convinced him to go into the service. Together, they broke all barriers before them, including the sound barrier. They reached the top of their class with honors, and rose in rank at an exceptional rate. They may have done so at a previously impossible rate, if not for one downfall. Both loved a good party and more often than not, they would wind up drunk or in fights with drunks. This would result in disciplinary actions by their superiors, as well as much disappointment for their "wasting time."

"Oh, Charlie! I wish we had never joined the services. It's been so long. When will I wake up from this living HELL?!"

Just then, there was a light rap at his door. He quickly hid his photo and attempted to look presentable, which would have been impossible even if he had a few hours.

"Guile, are you ok? I heard you yell something and thought I'd investigate," Chun Li spoke professionally.

"No! I was just venting, nothing to concern yourself with I assure you!" Guile quickly answered.

"Sir, is it all right if I come in? I would like to talk to you about the mission."

"Um, ok. Just disperse with the formalities. Just call me William, unless I say otherwise."

"Yes sir! Oh, I mean, yes Guile, er William." Chun Li felt a bit nervous as to his "command" to disperse with the formalities. She had never had an officer, while in any stage of an operation, want to talk on a first-name basis.

"I would like to say out front that I have a personal stake in this mission."

"So do the families of all of those hostages, Chun Li."

"It's not like that. It's the commander of Shadowloo that I am interested in."

"You have a REAL BAD CHOICE in men, girly."

"NO! I want Bison's heart ripped out from his chest and I want to grind under my feet! That mad BASTARD killed my father, and I will have my vengeance!"

"You'll have to wait your turn, Bison's mine! He killed my best friend..."



"I am sorry, I know how it feels to loose someone close to you."

Chun Li then walks around in the dead silence that follows. Guile's gaze goes to the night filled sky, wondering if Charlie is watching over him. Chun Li flips through a set of photos on his desk, stopping on a cheery trio!

"Who is Jane? Amy?"

"Who? What? They are, were my wife and daughter."

"Were? What happened to them?"

"In God's name, I wish I knew! I haven't seen them for God knows how long!"

She decided against trying to pursue the issue. Instead, they went over the files for their mission. After a few hours, they decided to retire. Tomorrow would prove to be the start of the fight of and for their very existence. Unknown to all at the conference, events that would challenge every idea they valued would soon unfold - and shatter.


They had breakfast after their various wakeups, Guile and his comrades were to go to the command room for their final orders before they were to face Shadowloo. Each wondered as to the fates of the hostages they were to rescue, how much resistance they would encounter, and if they would come back alive, if they were that lucky. Each knew in their own way how deadly Bison was, his three kings of Shadowloo, and that of his troops. Each also had personal reason. In addition to Guile and Chun Li's lust for his blood, Hawk and Honda also had strong motivations for Bison's execution.

For Hawk, Bison had taken the land of his people. This was the worst possible thing he could do. It wasn't enough to kill people or pollute them; Bison had done something far worse. He took a people who had for countless generations suffered defeat upon defeat of a race Hell-bent on taking what had been theirs since before any could recall, and took the one thing they had left, their homeland. Times were hard enough for them before the coming of Bison. They had to scrimp, pull together, and prey to simply endure. Within two days, Bison's forces destroyed all of it. Everywhere one looked, there was fire, rubble, ashes, and cadavers.

"Hey, Hawk. It's time to get to the meeting. Let's go!" came an impatient Honda. He had been waiting for the past ten minutes for Hawk to come. Needless to say, he had grown impatient.

"Sorry, Honda, I was...thinking about where I've been, where I'm going..."

" to that conference. You know how these guys are about being even a second late. Come on. After, I'll buy you your favorite drink!" Honda laughed, "Don't worry, I'll catch up, I need to get the rest of our happy campers together!"

As Hawk left, Honda thought how lucky Hawk was. There he was, one of the largest men in the world, and the largest here, and he was so at ease. Honda had to act the way he did to hide the anguish that ate away at the very core of his soul.

He recalls the day that Bison stormed into his life, destroying his sumo career. Sumo was his way of life, it was what he had been trained for all of his life. The only way that he was able to go on with the demolition of his way of life was his hobby became his new career. He was one of the world's greatest computer guys. This talent was discovered by his country's military, and they had him work for them.

Then, in a flash of memory, and the pain of feeling, he relieved the event again. As Japan's master sumo, he attracted the interest of others from around the world. On that night, he attracted the attention of Bison. Bison approached him and told him of his vision and invited him to share in the glorious revolution that Shadowloo would offer him. Honda said he was nuts, and left for his match. When he returned to his room, it was plagued with all kinds of law enforcers and press. It was discovered that he had a large shipment of various narcotics, locations of drop-points, and other areas. He was to be put on trial for drug charges and would soon face his sentence.

Shortly before the day, his favorite student had been reported dead, leaving a suicide note stating that he was responsible for the framing of his master, and was sorry. While he was cleared of charges, he could not continue with his sumo career after the devastation. That night, Bison appeared and told Honda that he should have accepted his offer. As Honda bound for him, Bison warped away.

Bison was too well protected in Shadowloo for Honda to kill Bison. Now he had the chance to do what he had waited for what seemed an eternity to do. He would finish Bison's reign of terror.


It was just a few hours before midnight when they arrived on Shadowloo. Soon they would enter and do all they could to do: free the hostages; disarm the nukes; and take out Shadowloo.

Hawk had shown them the best and quickest way to accomplish each of their missions. Honda and a small party were to get into the security room and do what they could to make the rest of their actions unclear to Bison. Chun Li and her group were to reach the hostages and free them with as few loses as they could. Hawk, who was most familiar with the territory would take the largest party and destroy their foe's supplies, ALL OF THEM! Guile and the rest were to stop any guards from interception and to physically stop them at all costs.

As midnight approached, all was going well for the UN troops. They had met with very little resistance. Each had reached, or were reaching, their goals in less time than had been anticipated.

"I don't like this! I've been around here so long. I know that something must be wrong."

"Take it easy, Hawk," came a cheery Honda's voice into Hawk's mic. "We should all be grateful for the ease instead of the demons my friend."

"Actually, I'd rather be with the demons, Honda. All of this stalking around is getting on my nerves. I want to get his over with, NOW!

"Sir, our first duty is to make sure these hostages our safe from any immediate danger. Our second is to neutralize those subs. Then, if we can, we take out Bison and his 'kings.' Until then, let's try and keep our heads on, ok?"

Before there could be any response, all were stopped dead in their tracks. At each of their goals, there was the enemy, waiting for them. Bison was ready for them, and he chose to greet Guile.

"It is good to see you, Guile. Since I know you all worked so hard to get here, I offer you a fair chance. Each of the leaders of our groups will fight. The winner calls what he desires. If you refuse my generous offer, all of you will be slaughtered."

Guile relayed it back to the rest of his group. There was no choice but to face this madman's twisted game. What will assure them that even if they win, Bison won't kill them anyway? The only thing this offers was a chance to stall until one of them could think of something better.