Riot Of The Blood-Messages


"You! You are the source of this damnation! For the countless deaths; I'll send you to join Goenitz!"

"Foolish boy. He is very strong, but he is still mortal. I, however, am so much more. You, nor anyone else, may kill me."

"You can be beaten, Orochi! He who can be beaten, can be killed!"

"If you truly believe that, then you're demise will be fast. First, let us fix it so that none of these three can interfere."

"You're on! You're going out in a blaze--right to HELL!"

"Such fired words; pity to be wasted."

Suddenly, an invisible, yet violent force, drove the three back, creating a sort of wall between Orochi and Ed, as well as Chizuru, Kyo, and Iori.

Kyo tried to pound on it with flamed fists, while Iori tried his own fireballs. All it did was redirect the fireballs, while Kyo's fists bounced back after the hits. For all he could tell, he might as well be trying to bash in a brick wall.

They watched, during breathers from trying to destroy the barrier, as the two beings fought. Ed was outmatched, never having fought one with so much raw energy, but was still able to give a good count of himself.

He got the first hit. He walked up to Orochi, as he floated toward him, and stopped suddenly. The stop took Orochi off guard, as Ed caught him in a Frankenstiener. Ed ran in, only to hit a sort of barrier, that sounded as if he had just been thrown through a window. Ed was then racked by a pure black orb, dropping him to his knees. Orochi appeared in front of him, and levitated Ed off the ground, before a stabbing sound was heard, and Ed was spinning to the ground.

"This isn't working! We need to try something else!"

"Well, duh, baby! Have you got a suggestion?"

"Iori! Stop talking with Chizuru! We need to get this barrier down!"

"Hey! I think I know how we can lower this barrier. Come on."

They both looked at her, curious. If it was from her idea, or how she had always seemed to get them to work together, and to follow her ideas, is hard to say.

"I must admit, you do impress me," Orochi spoke calmly, half choking the man within his hands.

"You are so young, and have only just begun to realize your possible potential. The problem is--is that you still have much Yata in you. Actually, you have too much for my liking. That's what gave you the final edge over Goenitz. Now, the question is: should I kill you, or should I see if I can mold your potential to my liking?"

"Drop dead!"

Slowly, Orochi's grip began to tighten, as Ed felt his strength begin to fade. Blackness was consuming him, and he felt a chill run throughout him. Then, he fell still.

"NOOO!" screamed Chizuru, as Orochi held his limp body before them. He was only a few yards away, with a gleam in his eyes.

Suddenly, a burst of power irradiated from Ed, as he kicked Orochi across the jaw, and Orochi was on his back.

As he reached the climax of his leap, Ed slowly faded. Kyo was the first to see that he was still on the ground--it had been a mirror that had hit Orochi!

"Most impressive, Ed. You are even better than I had hoped. Pretending you were dead like that; most impressive. Now, it's time to finish this."

Orochi brought his arms up, and made a strange motion, uttering something that none of them could understand. The three beyond the wall were momentarily blinded, as a burning flash hit Ed. He yelled as if he was being killed, and fell, blood streaming down near him.

"Now!" yelled Iori.

Startled, Orochi turned, to see the three strike the crumbling wall, and break through it. Iori fired a rippling of flames, which smashed into it. At the instant it hit, Kyo had already exploded into fire, and his fists were slamming into it. Simultaneously, Chizuru sent a twin spinning. As the three attacks hit it, the barrier shattered!

"No! This is impossible!" Orochi bawled.

The last of Iori's flames hit Orochi, stunning him in the crimson flames. Kyo landed the last few hits of his punches, before he paused, to set-up for his next move. Kyo bent down, before he spun up, engulfing Orochi in the blaze! As he fell to the ground, Kagura's twin was spinning, juggling the dark one, before he crashed into the ground.

660 years ago, the three ancient clans worked together, to seal of Orochi. A Yata, Kasanagi, and a Yagami; bound by bounds that are now twisted to the point of almost nonexistence. The three are now so distant, it was little wonder that Orochi had been able to remain unchecked for so long. With so much going on in the world, it is more than enough to empower Orochi, to bring about it's end. Without all three members, he could succeed.

Kyo and Iori's lives seemed to revolve around their feud, with little else mattering. Iori wants Kyo dead, while Kyo wants nothing more than to destroy Iori. How they could work on the same side is almost impossible to believe. How Iori didn't kill them was, perhaps, the biggest surprise.

As Orochi got to his feet, Chizuru hit him with a thrust to his gut, and he began to glow. Try as he may, though, Orochi couldn't move. He was now under The Seal. Just a little more was needed.

Kyo stood before the soul that had cost him so much, and yet, had given him so much. He knew that he couldn't truly kill Orochi, so why bother? Why? For Yuki!

His flames began to rise, as he lifted one of his hands, and continued to build it up. Then, he threw his hand back, and shot forward, as the flames burnt Orochi.

Suddenly, Iori yelled, as he had in '97, and fell to his knees, blood dripping.

"I learned. Now, he has truly Awakened. After you are eliminated, this world shall meet it's fate."

Iori shot forward, and into Kyo!

Chizuru froze. She couldn't believe it! Once Iori took out Kyo, Orochi had all but won. She couldn't face them both.

In that frozen moment in time, that was little more than a few seconds, Iori hurled Kyo out of the way, and made straight for Orochi. He beat down the stunned demi-god, before he grabbed him by the neck. He cocked his head back, and as it came down, a violent explosion of purple flames shot out. When it was clear, neither Orochi, nor Iori could be seen!

"...Does this mean it's over, Chizuru."

"I hope so..."

Her eyes past over Ed, still laying with blood flowing from his head, a result of the harsh assault Orochi used to rip him open.

She knelt beside him, with half a look of concern, half a look of duty. She checked for vital signs, and had a look of relief in her eyes as she heard a faint breathing.

His forehead had an ugly gash, as did his stomach. Lacking anything more, she tore off her white blazer, searched her pockets, and then frowned.

She then had an idea. She went into Ed's pocket, and found a large pocket knife. She then made some crude bandages, and wrapped them around his forehead, and stomach.

"He gonna live?" Kyo asked.

Chizuru got up, and nodded. What her thoughts were, though, were impossible to read. Kyo knew, from experience, not to pursue the matter.

A few days later, they were all gathered in the cafe, glad that the adventure was over.

"I still don't understand why your father just up and vanished on us, yesterday! Why does he do that?"

"It's just his way, Shingo. He has reasons for what he does. He just needs those close to him to trust him, and believe that he'll do what's right."

"Like father, like son," said Yuki, as she took his hand, and smiled.

"Please, Yuki! Having to put up with one of them is bad enough!"

"You're just upset that you didn't get the chance to win your eighth title, Benimaru. Don't worry, I know you'll get it, soon enough."

"Ya know I will, Goro. Well, it's been a blast. Now, I'm outta here!"

"Where will you be going, Terry?"

"After this, Mary and I are going back to South Town, to meet Andy and Mai. From there, we go to Hong Kong, to meet up with Joe and Ling. See ya!"

"We'll send you a post card! It's was fun, Yuki!" Mary then hugged her, and she left with Terry, on her bike.

"We'll be going, too. Heidren called, and said there is somebody he wants us to meet. Some new recruit. I forget the girl's name."

"Yea. She had a really funky name. I doubt it's her real name. When we get the chance, we'll drop you a line, to say what's up. Uh, where's Leona?"

"I thought she was helping you finish packing, Ralf. Where could..."

"She probably wanted to take her usual walk, before we split. Come on, let's go and wait by the truck for her."

"Hello, Leona."

"Hi, Chizuru...I was just thinking--those that want this power; they don't know what their asking for. It's a never-ending curse! Right or wrong, who can say? Maybe humankind is at fault. Ambitious, cruel, and resilient. When the ambitions of many drive the world...I just don't know."

"That is why you have two very good friends in Clark and Ralf. You also have me, `little sister.' We are like your family, Leona. We want to help you, because we care. You can control it; it just could take a very long time."

"I know. I just wish it didn't have to happen at all."

"Hey, Leona! Come on! Heidren wants Clark, you, and me to get back, ASAP!"

"Well, I'll see you around."

Ralf held the door open, and Leona got in. He then made his way to the back, so that he could get easy access to his drinks. As he twisted the back handle, he nearly flew to the ground.


"Oops! Sorry! I forgot to unlock the back!"

Ralf grumbled loudly, while Leona lightly laughed, as Ralf stumbled into the back.

As they went, Leona's thoughts drifted back to Iori. He was in bad shape. He told her that, for now, Orochi was gone. He'd see her again, and to "Try not to get killed." Then, he was gone, as fast as he appeared.

"Kyo, Shingo, and I are going to see that new film. Do you want to join us?"

"No," she said, after a moment, "I had enough for a long time. I think I'll head home. I wish to pay my respects to my sister. Then, I think I shall catch up on life. I may see you again..."

"Just keep in touch!" replied Yuki, as she smiled, before going to join Kyo and Shingo.

Geese Howard, and his guard, Billy Kane...what a pair! They're a big handful for Terry and his friends.

Rugal returned yet again! I wish he would learn to stay down! Maybe, Saishu is looking for him, wishing to settle their score. Maybe, he went to join with Jedrin and Takuma, to--plan.

The other Orochis are defeated, for now, but they are still out there; I know! They'll be back, in time.

Goenitz...I hope he is finally dead! He killed my sister, Awakened Leona, and who knows what else. If I recall correctly, he also Awakened Ed.

He vanished around the same time as Saishu. I just wish I could have said good-bye to him. He was--different.

"Are you following me?"


"Heh! Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. It's a very big world. There's still a lot I need to sort out; as I'm sure there's a lot you want to sort out. See you later, perhaps."

He quickly kissed her on the lips, and then, stepped back. She blushed slightly, and saw some question in his eyes. He nodded, turned, and began walking.

He was halfway down the street, before she moved. At first, she brought her hands to her lips. Then, she slowly followed after him.

"You're a lucky woman, Chizuru," Iori said, half to himself.

He opened his hand, and the flames danced on his fingers.

"Kyo has Yuki, to watch over him. You and Ed--well, sparks are there. Me--I get by, as always. Maybe, I'll visit my cousin. Then, I'll be looking for you, Orochi. You're out there. Until you're taking a dirt nap, I have an ugly curse to deal with. Until then..."

Iori closes his hand, putting out the flames, and darkness is all that is left.

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