Street Fighter Legends-Too Hot


In Paris, France, there is, as there often is, an exclusive fashion show, featuring some of the most exclusive styles ever. The work put into the styles are from the very hearts and souls of the designers. They express a wide variety of styles and emotions. It ranges from casuals to the most formal of occasions; from raw, explosive power, to simple, laid-back evening gowns.

The models are also of equal styles. Some are professionals, others are special guests, while some are brand new, and pray that today will be their big break to become a virtual goddess, or at least a superstar. For many of them, this is THE ONCE IN A LIFE-TIME OPPORTUNITY! Most will get this chance, and this alone. Some will spend much time mopping in how they "failed," others keep trying, while a few pursue careers in other fields.

For a small select few, this is their chance to shine, and succeed. They will have the opportunity to become stars as they had dreamed, although none of these young models will obtain superstar level, they will nonetheless be regarded as some of the best in years.

"Hey, Rose! What brings you here to Paris? Is there something going on that I should know about? Do you need some help?"

Rose smiled, and laughed lightly before she replied.

"No, Ms..."

"Please! There's no need to be formal with me. Just because I'm an officer, doesn't mean we can't be on a first-name basis. Please, call me Chum-Li."

"As you wish, Chun-Li. Now, to your question. No, there is nothing wrong. I have simply taken some time for myself. After the ordeal we all went through, I needed to take some reevaluate myself. After what the entity had said, to all of us, there has been much need for me to take some time for my own needs."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with your disappointment about him, would it?"

"I'm not sure who you are talking about."

"Don't lie to me, girl! You know exactly who I mean. You seemed to be rather down after you found out that Guy was engaged to Rena."

"...Yes. To be honest, I was. It's just that we shared a lot since our first meeting. It has been a long, hard, and at times, lonely burden that I have carried for many years. Guy seemed to understand me, and I guess I sorta hoped against hope. Does that make any sense?"

"Yea, it does. Don't worry, you'll find some man. You just have to look."

They walked to go and get refreshments. At times like that, Fate can seem cruel. Yet one has to wonder, is it for the best? Perhaps it knows best. Maybe it helps to steer us away from what may have become an utter disaster. At the time, it may seem like you're on top of the world, and nothing will stop you. However, it will, as always, end. How it will end is the question. If you go one way, you may loose it all, another may yield everything you could hope for, and maybe more! One can never ever truly know for sure. All that can be done is to wait, and maintain faith in something. It doesn't matter what it is, no matter how others may view it. It is only important that it helps you get through another day and gives you the will to live. Should it prove to be inspirational to others, than you will have already accomplished much, you will have spread hope to another. You must be careful though, for forcing it could lead to disaster. It's a game; play to win, but also to have fun!

"Wow! I didn't know that Elena was a model!" exclaimed Chun-Li as she saw Elena emerge from the model's dressing room, followed by some reporters, photographers, and tv people.

"Nor did I! Look, it appears Ibuki is as well!" commented Rose, as Elena joined Ibuki, and both were bombarded by an assault from their press.

"And you're suppose to be a psychic. You don't even know when a friend has become a model," mused a familiar voice.

"There's only one woman I know to be so brash."

"Cammy! Cammy White!" interrupted Chun-Li, who was glad to see her old friend. They had been friends for a few years. Their first mission together was a while back. Cammy's Special Forces sent her to join Chun Li of Interpol to Brazil, to look into a plane crash, supposedly carrying drugs from Shadowloo. It had crashed, killing all of the passengers, except one. The young boy's body was never found. Several years later, a monster was rumored to roam the jungle around the crash.

"So, Cammy, what brings you to Paris. Trouble, again?

"Come on, Li! I'm not always trouble. Besides, if I was like you, people would really start getting bored!" and Cammy finished with a laugh.

"At least I'm the not the one who gets into major trouble with my superiors, and have to beg for forgiveness."

"Ah, but they like it! It makes the guys feel so much better when they can tell a girl what to do! But I get what I want! Besides, I have the sexier outfit!" they then heard their names, and others, paged over the public address system.

"Odd," Rose commented, "all of the names paged were Street Fighters, even the models."

"You worry too much, Rose. Lighten up!" called Cammy, who was already running through the crowd to see who had paged her, and why.

"Cammy's right. It can't all be disasters, can it?"

"I hope not, but Bison still lives, as does his vile organization, Shadowloo!" and Rose too headed in Cammy's direction.

After a few moments reflecting how much she hated Bison, and seeing an altered version of herself, she shook her head clear, and followed them.

"Hey, Cammy, Rose, it's good to see you!"

"It is good to see you as well, Ibuki," replied Rose, as calm and cool as ever.

"Say, I thought Chun Li was here. I was sure I saw her somewhere. Is she here?"

"I'm right here, Elena. Didn't you hear my name paged too?"

"That's why I had thought you were gone."

As they made their way to the entrance, they all started to talk about their last adventure when all of them were together, along with the other Street Fighters. They had met some of the most strongest opponents ever. They had met people who were dead, which was freaky enough in itself. Perhaps as equally disturbing was fighting gods. They had never before imagined there to be so many. They all agreed that that subject should be changed; far too creepy. Perhaps the one to be most affected by it was Cammy, or maybe Elena.

Up until her first match, she was under Bison's control. She was about to kill her opponent in cold-blooded murder, as Bison had made her. It was only through a miracle that she recalled her true past.

As they reached the entrance, they all froze dead in their tracks.

"Hello, ladies! Come, show me how glad you are to see your dear old friend, Vega!" he finished with his trademark laugh, for the first time that they had ever seen, without his mask!

Ready; Fight!
Wedding Crash