THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 31: Fatal Showdown!


"So, who wants to be the first fool to oppose Orochi? Come now. We all know that you weenies are going to try to stop us. Which one will come to oppose him first? Fine, then Orochi will destroy all of you!"

"Right on, Genjuro! Let's kick some major ass!"


Everyone, including the two possessed men, stopped at the sudden booming voice. Although it shouldn't have been any real surprise, considering the number of times he died, and returned, there wash a stupefied silence that fell over them, as Geese Howard approached them.

"Ryuji Yamazaki. Genjuro Kabagami. I'm glad to see that the two of you have discovered the power these stones have, and that you each understand it's potential, as well as what they mean. Now, I would like to talk business with you two men."

"Not so fast, Geese. I have a bone to pick with you, you conniver. I'm not sure what it was meant to be, but I'm over the effects of that drug, thanks to Blood. The power is NOT for you to wield!"

"Kruaser! You may be stronger, but you have always been a fool, and always shall be. The Orochi Power, and the ability to control time are mine, and mine alone!"

"You are both wrong! The large stone belongs to me! In fact, I claim both of those stones for me! The orbs and their power shall make me the strongest entity in all creation! I shall never suffer defeat again! I shall...aaaahhhh!"

Amakusa screeched an agonizing death, as Zankuro's blade split him right down the middle. The second he withdrew his blade, each half of Amakusa fell to the ground, with blood falling all over and around the body.

"Weak and arrogant idiot! Such a power can only be used by one as powerful as me! Howard and Krauser; move aside, of suffer this weakling's fate!"

"You are all idiots! The Orochi answers to no one, regardless of his claim to god-hood or not. Orochi is his own being. Now, you shall all feel the wrath of the one true Dark One! Ryuji!"

The two stand together, side-by-side, and begin to glow all the colors of the spectrum, in synch with the colors of the orbs. Together, the irradiate an immeasurable level of power. None can feel even a remote trace of anything resembling humanity. A dark, empty, yet destructive 'void' is all that can be sensed. All there, from the young Hisame and Rimururu, to Geese and Krauser, shudder in fear. This is a power that none could hope to vanquish alone. The question was, who could stand up to this force?

"Our first dedication of destruction goes out to my 'boss,' Geese! Fry guy, fry!"

A black gathering of energy gathers atop their formation made with the two orbs. Red sparks rip at everything within range, even if it's only the very air around them. Then, in the time it takes for one to think about what they see, and to react to it, a large blast of energy blasts into Geese Howard, sending him flying several meters, and into the ground. He looked like his entire body had been crushed, and could very easily be dead.

The same event replayed itself two more times, striking Krauser, and then Zankuro. Krauser's instinct was to attempt to block the attack. However, with such super-human power, he might have tried to block a locomotive. The instant it touched him, it drove him to the ground, shattering his shin-guard. He was in nearly an identical state as Krauser was.

Zankuro, being what he is, proved more of a match for the evil energy. Summoning as much of his power as he could, he unleashed a green blaze up to his hips into the onslaught that came toward him. Of course, it wasn't nearly enough to stop it. In reality, all it did was slow it down, and weaken its strength. He also blocked it, with his weapon in front of him. When it hit him, he was driven back, and to his knees. After a few moments to catch his breath, Zankuro was back on his feet, looking sharply at the two before him.

"You are indeed strong, mate! Not just anybody can take that sorta hit, and get up as easily as you have. Let's give him another. Genjuro?"

He nodded, and they unleashed a second attack. This time, Zankuro had only the strength to put up a vain block, before the mighty Zankuro also fell to the might of Orochi.

"Hey, hey, hey! I've been looking forward to this, Yamazaki! Now, I'm going to kick your ass!"

"Billy, you looser! You'll go down even faster than he did."

"Perhaps. But I shall finish what he begins."

"Lawrence. I's wrong; you're even dumber than him!"

"Enough reunions, Ryuji. They shall follow their masters."

They unleashed an even larger blast, intending to take out both Kane and Blood in one attack. However, unlike their 'masters,' they each dodged the attack. Billy vaulted over it, and smashed into them, followed immediately by Blood, who smacked them with the end of his cape. Both attacks did little more than slightly stagger the two empowered warriors. Billy began to spin his cane around, as fire encircled him, and grew in intensity. The instant he released the inferno, Blood moved in for a Bloody Slash, swiping his blade in an almost spasmodic manner.

A fire had encircled the duo, and a second before Kane's hit them, their exploded outward, vanquishing Billy's candle, and sending him spinning to the ground. Lawrence’s cape and blade went spinning out of his hands, and the explosion ripped into him. Each man fell, coughing out blood and gagging to try and live a little while longer. What were their chances to live?

The demons shot several smaller, but powerful blasts out, into the crowd. People fell, suffering fates near identical to those greedy souls before them.

After a few moments to regroup, some went in to counterattack. Hanzo, the wild siblings, and Sieger each moved in to attempt to throw down the maniacs before them. On the other side, four other fighters went into the curse, to try and stop it, before they were stopped forever. Kim, both Jins, and Ryo each went in. Even with all eight of them in full force, and in peak conditions, would be no match for such raw and destructive power. They fell nearly as fast as those before them.

Cham-Cham attempted to leap in and claw one of them, while Tam-Tam moved in, sword spinning in front of him as a sort of shield. Hanzo and Sieger each sought to attack from overhead with hopes that gravity would add to their assault. In a breath of air, an explosion ripped outward, flooring all four of them. None of them so much as touched either of Orochi's Blood. All fell, silently, but not without much pain in the fraction of time that the energy ate them up.

Each of the Jin's moved in, attempting to get close enough to use their own blasts Ryuji and Genjuro, while Kim and Ryo glided in, each planning to flatten the devils. They were all able to get closer to them, and nearly connected, for they had to take a moment to 'recharge.' In the end, the results were the same, with all four falling to the might of Orochi. Now, eight more warriors had fallen to the force of Orochi, with more sure to follow. Several blasts were being sent out, to lay waste to the rest of the soldiers that would oppose them.

Lacking in options, they fell back. A direct assault could very well be their end, and appeared suicidal. Too many had already fallen in the last few moments, for any to wish to risk another direct attack. Individually, Ryuji and Genjuro had laid waste and severely injured nearly all of the men and women that they didn't kill. By the time they had all put a respectful distance between the empowered men, a few more fell in attempting to avoid the blasts. Were they dead, or merely unconscious? It is a question that would have to be answered later--when their lives weren't about to be put to an end. That is, if there would be a next time.

"Damn it! Does anyone have an idea as to how we're going to stop these maniacs from killing us? I hate running from a fight. However, I also hate the idea of dying against such odds."

"Haohamur's right," Charlotte added," We need to do something to stop them from destroying everything."

"I wish I had some idea for taking these guys out, but I'm all outa ideas! It took a lot, just for me to take out Ryuji alone; I'm sure it took a lot out of you, Haohmaru, to take out Genjuro."

"That was before those two got high off those Orochi Orbs! We could barely handle them before! How in the world are we going to deal with them now?" Mary asked.

"Hey, guys. I think I have an idea."

Everyone turned their attention to Galford, wondering what sort of idea he had to stop them.

"Don't you remember when we were visited by Ukyo and them? They said that Shizumaru would be the key, right? So, somehow, we need you to stop these freaks."

"He's right. I recall that as well."

"But sis, what can he do? How can Hisame stop them?"

"Yes. What can I do, against that power. What chance have I to face off against them? I can't do that alone!"

"You won't be alone, Hisame. We're all going to be there with you. I don't know what's going to happen, but we'll all be there with you, offering you whatever we can to help you."

"Thank you, Mai. So, what now?"

There was much discussion as to how they would face what could very well be their deaths. Finally, they would go out in two lines. Hisame would be at the front of one, while Rimururu headed the other. Behind them would be Nakoruru and Galford, Haohmaru and Charlotte, Terry and Mary, Mai and Andy, and Joe and Ling.

"What manner of suicide is this?? No matter. Let us dispose of this garbage, Yamazaki?"

"Let's kick some goody-booty!"

The aura grew and grew, growing to perhaps five times the distance around the duo. Everyone in the approaching line felt the cold breath of death breathing upon their necks, and shivers raced along their bodies in one fluid motion. Now, the moment of truth was upon them.

The condemning power shot at them, like a meteor. Everyone shut their eyes on reflex, and waited. They felt the intensity of the heat from it as it flew toward them. Then, they all felt a new power. It emitted from the front of the line. A strange, white and blue glow was forming around Hisame. Rimururu was surprised, but something guided her, and her aura formed along side his. Just as it hit, the 'message' was sent throughout, and everyone followed Hisame's lead. When it hit, they all fell to their knees!

"It's over! These retards are now going to be sleeping with the maggots! What!!"

"Fat chance, Ryuji! I say 'Screw You!'"

"You tell them Joe," added Ling with a smirk.

"Yes, Ryuji. It's over. We have found a way to fight back."

"Drop dead, Andy! Drop dead, all of you! Let's fry'em, GK!"

It was repeated once more, as the group got back onto it's feet. Then, to the surprise of the group, those that had fallen, slowly arose. They also seemed to hear a message, and merged with the small line.

"DIE!" the madmen yelled.

The projectile slammed into Hisame, knocking them all back. In a moment, the energy returned to its senders in ten-fold! It smashed into the Orochis, and in cries of pain, they fell, releasing their grasps on the dark orbs.

"We...won," Joe gasped, as he collapsed.

"Now what?" Haohamru wondered aloud.

"Clean-up," Terry answered, grimly.

"You know, I's thinking...I think there's a way for us to really clean up everything. I'm not sure if it's safe, but then again, it's better than what we're dealing with now."

The injured and the survivors, male and female, all gathered around King, as she explained her idea. Like she said, it wasn't much, but it'd be worth a try.

So, now that the fighting's done, what's King's idea? Come back for 32, and find out!

That's it for the fighting! Next part will just close up, and let you know what happens in the end. How do they 'clean-up,' especially for those like Ukyo and Tung? Coming soon!