Riot Of The Blood-Bloodlines


Rather nosily, the young man made himself comfortable in the little booth, and got out some odd-looking stuff from his pockets.

Chizuru, still uncertain of what was going on, walked up to him.

"Ah, I'm glad to see the service in this place is so fast. Last place; I swear I would have died of old age before I even got a menu. Would you get me a menu?"

All she could do was stare at him. She couldn't get over the fact that his aura was dangerously alike to Goenitz's. Yet he looked nothing like the man from her nightmares.

"Hey you! I asked you for a menu!" he barked, but with no answer.

"What, don't you speak english?! Hey, can I have some service with somebody who speaks english?! Well! Do I have to..."

"I thought I knew who you were," she said dumbly.

"I've NEVER seen you in my life! this place closed? You should lock-up if it is! What, is there some gathering going on?"

Yuki quickly came up.

"Kagura, leave this guy be. He's not who you thought. I'm sorry. You do realize that we don't serve..."

"I'm aware of that!" he snapped, "I'm not in the US, am I? Don't judge me by what you've taken to be the norm for us. I am VERY DIFFERENT from the rest! If you've got some form of pasta, I'll have it!"

"Yes. Would..."

"Bring it! Lot's a sauce, meat, the works!"


"No drink!"

"Shingo, help me with this order!"

Rather sluggishly, he obeyed.

As they came with his meal, he asked, "Why am I the only customer here?"

"There's a big convention in town. We weren't actually expecting customers as everyone is at the show."

"I'm just passing by...wouldn't know about the stuff... wouldn't care either!"

Back at the table, Kyo was talking with Chizuru.

"You know, you looked very silly, just starring at him like that. One might almost think you had a crush on him," he teased.

"He is right. You had a real blank look on your face," added Terry.

"Lay-off, you two," said Mary, who understood what Chizuru was probably thinking.

He finished, paid, and made for the door. He then stopped, and looked back. All of them were looking right at him, or maybe right through him.

"Now I know where I've seen your mugs! The King of Fighters! Well, don't think that just because the load of you are `stars,' I care. You're all losers! None of you are impressive! If you have anything on it, we can meet across the street!" he said, pointing to the fight bar.

He turned, and went through the door. Before it shut, he said, "You're right, it's Orochi!"

For some reason, Chizuru followed him.

"Chizuru! What are you doing?" asked Kyo.

"You heard him. He admits he's of The Bloodline. I need to find out what his connection is with Goenitz, before disaster strikes!"

"I'll come too," offered Shingo.

"Thank you, Shingo, but I will do this myself."

"Sorry, Chizuru. He's heading to Road Rage. Women aren't allowed in without a male escort. Too many problems."

Reluctanly, she allowed him to follow.

It did not take them long to find him. He was in a ring against a rather large man, and was getting beat up. They took a close seat, curious as to what he was up to.

"Do you see that? Look how good he is! He's got it down so good, he's rolling with the hits. The guy must just hit him. So why is he letting that big guy win?"

"I--don't know Shingo."

In a matter of minuets, it was over, the big guy had "won."

They followed him after he was taken out of the ring. It didn't take long for him to get on his feet on his own will, and he made his way to the pay area. He recieved a large sum of money. He turned, and met his stalkers.

"What do you want?"

"Why did you fight like that?" Shingo demanded.

"Are you really that stupid? Why should I knock myself and spend the cash on medical bills? All I have to do is bet on my foe, let him win, and watch my profits sore...$500, in one fight! DAMN I'm good!"

"So, you little con, let's see how good you are when the fight's real!"

It was his foe, who had obviously not made even half the money he had.

"Must it always end with violence? Let me buy you a drink."

"Give us the cash, and we'll let you live!" replied one of his buddies, who was even bigger than he was.

"You're drunk!" and he rushed for the exit, but another of his friends blocked the door, armed with a club.

"It'll cost you all your cash, and blood as interest!"

He was now cornered by four guys. As Shingo tried to make his way over, two more guys got in his way.

"Sorry, boy! Your friend's going to pay, and so will you if you try to help."

Suddenly, they heard a blood-like yell, one Shingo hadn't heard since last year's match when Yamazaki and Yagami went head-on. It was the guy they had been following. He was cutting wildly in all directions. As his blocks turned to help, Shingo took one, and then the other down with his power punches.

Quickly, the entire place became a huge riot! Shingo tried to make it to Chizuru to help her, but the few jerks who tried anything were taken out quickly.

Shingo glanced back at the guy, and saw that he was starting to be overwhelmed. He wanted to help, but was busy with his own foes. Then, he felt an explosion of power, something he had never felt before. Chizuru froze, for she had felt it when Goentiz was about to kill her sister.

The men that were attacking him were blown back by a hurricane, each died from the force. All was now quiet.

They approached him; he was leaning on a broken table for support. Chizuru then felt something strange, it was like something she had never felt before. The Orochi Blood was fading and being replaced.

"So... you are of...The Guardian's Ed!"

New Blood
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