Riot Of The Blood-New Challenger

Riot Of The Blood-New Challenger


A year has passed since the previous King of Fighters. Much has happened since then.

Now, a new person has come, one whose powers are unique onto itself. He has both the Blood of The Sealed Orochi, and the Blood of The Guardian. Each are boiling for control over this young man and his future. He's the wild-card that could be the deciding factor in the battle ahead.

Now, there is a calling, the calling for those in the clan to come and unite once more. Together, they must make ready for His coming, gathering the needed power to awaken him once more.

Even now, Kyo and some friends are having lunch at a new cafe, recently bought and owned by his girlfriend, Yuki.

"I don't like this at all! The calling of The Blood has NEVER been this strong before!" complained an irritated Kyo.

"True, Kusanagi. For as long as I have been The Guardian, I have only felt it this strong when Goenitz arrived. I don't like it either."

Shingo, who was supposed to be helping Yuki, had been listening for some time, when he decided to ask something.

"Sensi, if what you say is true, does that mean that he could still be alive?"

For a moment, they both stared at him. Then, Kagura said "Let us hope not. There's no telling what damage he could possibly do!"

Yuki then yelled at Shingo for slacking, and told him to help her unload for the big convention that would be starting in a few days.

Kyo and Chizuru continued to talk for a while, wondering where Iori had vanished. It had been months since his last massacre, and after so much time, his next victims could be close to the thousands.

"Hey everyone, guess who's in town!" exclaimed Mary as she entered, followed by her guy, Terry.

After some time greeting each other, Terry casually said to Kyo, "Do you feel it too, Kyo?"

"It must be worse than I thought. Did you feel it all the way out in South Town?"

"At first, no. Then, Yamazaki went ballistic. Shortly afterwards, Mary tells me of what she's heard, and we decide to drop in."

Instantly, they all stop, for they feel an aura that none had felt since 1996. They felt the aura of Goenitz.

Chizuru sprang for the entrance, ready to engage the one who had turned her life to Hell, and killed her sister.

Kyo could feel the power...and it wasn't Goenitz, for the power was weaker, but it was dangerously close.

The door opened, and a young man came in, looked around, and took a seat.