THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 33: Round 4!



"Round 4, Fight 1, Rose v Chun Li!"

Dear Ryu, I was so scared. I was trying that old trick I had seen in all of those movies to try and get you to come back, and to remember who you are. When you went into the Raging Demon, I had truly lost hope. Then, something strange happened. I haven't asked you about it, because it sounds like I went to the bar too many times...

I was as sure as I'm standing here that I saw Sakura, uh, "fade-in." It was like some freaky horror movie, and yet, it felt too cold to be fake. It felt like her ghost was really there.

I can't remember what she said, but I know that she wanted you to be happy, and if I could, to help you. With every breath, I want nothing more! When I win, I'll dedicate my victory to you.

So, Bison, it seems that we have both been fortunate enough to come to the semi-finals. Should you make it past Guile, and I make it past Chun Li, perhaps we shall meet in the finals. I bet that would surprise you, now wouldn't it? You probably didn't expect me to make it past my second match, let alone this far.

You are indeed a very strong fighter, Bison. You have gained so much in your mad quest for power. However, in this case, the means do not justify the end. Murder, drugs, and nuclear weapons are not acceptable. Now, it is up to me to stop you.

"Wow! The mall! I haven't fought here in..."

"...A few years."


"Close," she smiled, before her eyes gave her away.

"Right. Silly me. Now, I don't suppose you know anything about Sakura appearing out of nowhere to save my life, do you?"

"It was her choice."

"Hey! Don't fade out on me when I'm trying to get answers!" Chun Li fumed.

"Answers come to those who are patient, Chun Li," replied the voice without a body.

"Grrr! Sometimes I wonder if it's more of a pain or a help."

"Maybe, it is some of each."

"I don't really care--it hurts my head to try and think of it, much. So, why are you on Bison's trail? So he has some powers that he's abusing. That ain't your real reason for coming after him. What do you want from him?"

"He's my brother."

"Now, don't try and sidestep that question! You may be able to tell these guys a lot of stuff, excuse me? You're--not kidding!"


"Well, there has to be more to it than that. I mean, that is a big enough thing right there, but I mean, well, you know."

Rose slowly went into their history, for the time she knew him. He was eight years her senior, so that by the time she was ten, he had left the house. The next eight years, she was to learn about Soul Power, and learned the it her mother. Whenever she asked about her brother, the subject would always be changed, so that by twelve, she no longer asked. However, she still tried to casually ask in villages about him.

She had then, at the age of sixteen, learned in a large city about Psycho Power. It was the dark-side of Soul Power. Soul Power is calling upon a person's very soul, to help heal, and when needed, to fight. With it, such things as balls of fire, levitation, and more could be done. However, there is a deadly risk.

Each time it is used, part of the Soul Power, that which binds the soul to the body, is used. As more and more of it is used, a person grows tired. Then, when it is all used up, the soul goes to where it must, for it can no longer stay bound to the body without the Soul Power. That is why so many of those who use it die at a young age. Few go pass their 50s.

Then, there is Psycho Power. This is driven from one's hate and anger. What makes this far more dangerous is that it taps into the emotions more than it does the actual Soul Power. This means, that in addition to using a more sinister power, it will reduce the strain on the Soul Power, but only by a little under 1/4. This is also what makes it such an easy trap to fall into--such awesome power, with a slightly longer lease on life than if you go the "better way."

A few months later, shortly after reaching seventeen, she saw Bison, in a market place. He was very frightening! She could feel the evil radiate from around him. He also felt her. He stopped, and turned around, to look in her direction. He seemed to be staring right into her, and she couldn't move. Then, he went on his way.

"That's an...interesting story. I wonder; if Soul Power drains a soul, does any of these other techniques suffer similar fates. Does that mean that each time I use a Kikoken, I'm killing myself!? What about a Kiko-Sho!?"

"No. Your power is different. Your power doesn't call upon your soul. Your power comes from another source."

"Well, as much as I'd love to hear more, I think we need to start our match. Shall we?"

Rose nodded. She then created doubles of herself, to begin an attack. She leapt up, and Chun Li went to meet her with a Demon Blade Kick. Rose was ready, and blocked the attack, sending Chun Li bouncing back down.

When Rose landed, Chun Li went for a body blow. Rose still had her doubles, and kicked out. Her kick hit air, but the other roundhouses hit Chun Li across the head. As she was reeling back, Rose moved in, hit her with a Soul Spiral, followed by each of the doubles, totaling for 10 devastating hits.

Rose grabbed Chun Li, with her head between her hands, to drain some of Chun Li's power. Chun Li was able to shake her off, and began to hit Rose with a chain of hits, using an old combo she hadn't used in a few years. Instead of finishing it, she went for her "Thousand Burst Kick."

The moment she took to set-up for it was just enough to give Rose time to block the attack. As they made their way up with the escalator, Chun Li was driving a hard series of kicks, while Rose was trying to decide her next attack. She had never been here, and was unfamiliar with the terrain. Would there be something in her favor above?

The last kick shoved her up, staggering off the elevator.

"Now, let's see if you still have enough for this! Kiko-Sho!"

Once again, Rose took an extended swipe with her arm, allowing her scarf to flow slower, and to reflect the bubble back to Chun Li.

The first half was canceled out, while the last part of it was pounded into Chun Li! Then, for the finish, Rose came in, following with her Soul Spark. The fireball hit Chun Li, and sent her tumbling down the escalator!

"Chun Li!"

That wasn't my voice, Rose thought. Slowly, everything faded to darkness, and they were back.

Ryu was next to her, frantically trying to be sure that she was still alive.

"I'm alive, silly. If I survive a Demon, I can take my own hit," she whispered into his ear.

He hugged her tightly, their flesh touching each other, yet neither paying it any attention.

"Winner of Round 4, Fight 1, Rose!"

"I won; yet I don't feel like much of a winner."


"Round 4, Fight 2, Ken v Liu Kang!"

"Are you ready?"

"What are you talking about, Ken?"

"I said, are you ready?"

"What are you blabbering about?"

"Then for those that are here, and for those that wish they were, let's get ready to Kick Ass!"

Ken rolled in, and Liu Kang was still uncertain of what was going on.

"Sho-Ryu-Ken!" he yelled, as he began to pummel the MK Champ with his first super.

"Shin-Ryu-Ken!" he interrupted, before finishing the first attack, he went right into the next move, setting Liu Kang afire.

"You're good. Liu Kang. Distracted or not, Ryu's a very hard man to beat. I should know. I've had my share of wins, and loses, with him. You're rather like him, in that respect. So, I just have to use a more unorthodox style to win this fight. Gotta do what it takes to win...Shit!"

Liu Kang had taken a branch from one of the trees in the "Misty Living Forest," and smacked it into Ken's gut. Liu Kang then batted Liu Kang like a certain High School kid, and tossed the weapon into Ken's head, as he got to his knees.

Ken whipped his mouth, and had an ugly streak of red on it.

"I believe you have a saying: All's fair in love and war."

Ken smiled grimly, before reply, "Right! Since you aren't my wife, I'll just have to take no prisoners!"

"Ready when you are, Ken."


Ken dashed in, and Liu Kang hit him with a fireball to the chest. He then followed up with a fly kick.

Ken easily ducked the attack, and rolled up to Liu Kang, only to be countered by a low fireball. Liu Kang went for a Bike Kick, only for Ken to block it, causing Liu Kang to bounce away harmlessly.

Ken rolled in, ducked, and uppercutted Liu Kang into the air. Ken turned, and repeated it as Liu Kang fell. He did it three more times on each side, before Liu Kang stopped the trap with an air fireball.

Ken was too close to the ground for it to do any harm. As he was landing, Ken went for his arcing Hurricane Kick, and batted away at the monk with a fury of kicks, before driving him back to the dirt. As he landed, Liu Kang threw him, only for Ken to flip onto his feet, in nearly the same manner he had when Ryu had tossed him to his back so many years ago.

Liu Kang shot a fireball, but to his disbelief, Ken's jab Dragon Punch passed right past it. He shot a second to Ken's legs, but a stronger one allowed him to pass it, and get closer. Liu Kang went for another fly kick, only for the third, final, Flaming Dragon Punch to strike him, and take him down to his back.

Liu Kang withdrew his weapon, only to hear Ken yell "Bad Boy!" as Ken knocked the weapon out of Liu Kang's grasp, and put him in a headlock, and taunted him as he had Ryu. Liu Kang shoved him off, and looked at him with fire in his eyes.

"How can you goof off like that? The fate of Earth hangs in the balance, and you do not even care. The future of our lives, and the lives for every other person is hanging in the balance."

"Man! Lighten up! You're even stiffer than Ryu! Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I care a lot about this world. I've got a wife and a son to think of. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to kick your Candy Ass!"


"Shinku-Hadouken!" Ken yelled, as he unleashed the beam into Liu Kang, driving him across the field.

"Winner of Round 4, Fight 2, Ken!"

"Ah! BAD TREE!" Ken yelled, as he threw Liu Kang's weapon into the `arm' of a tree that was about to eat Liu Kang.

"In case you excuses for clothespins didn't know, I wasn't serious about him being a stiff. Go bite on that for a bit! Me, I've got a guy to make sure lives. Then, it's on to the finals for me!"

So ends another fight in MKvSF!

I hope you like my explanation of Soul/Psycho Power. This is done from 100% imagination--with no artificial substances! ;) So, if something sounds out of whack (please donít ask me to find that wand from Pocket Fighter and hit my head with it), or if you think you can try and make sense out of it, let me know. If you're even more confused, repeat "It's just a fanfic!" ^_^

Of course, if you think it's a good attempt at explaining their powers and relationships, I'd like to know that too. I don't know of any official relationship, so I thought that that would be a good one.

I must admit, I was VERY surprised to see Rose win in the polls, even though it was by about 52%. Very interesting. So far, for the finals, she still seems to be ahead. You know that Ken's also in the final. Who's next will be obvious; the question is, how?

Ken dominated in the polls, with probably only a few hard-core MK fans voting--Ken took 90% of the votes. That's why he gets so much in this round, for such a dominating round at the polls. Will Ken be the one to make it to the Grand Fight, if he makes it through SUDDEN DEATH???