THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 25: Dark Revelation!



"Fight 16, Round 2: Rolent v Sektor!"

"All right, ya fucking machine! I know you can't talk, but I'm going to total you for what you did to Sodom! Time for the scrap heap! DAMN!" yelled Rolent as the familiar, yet stunning, light whisked them away.

"Where are we? I don't ever recall seeing this place! So where...shit! Sodom? What the..."

"My time is brief, comrade. Sektor, as you know, is a cyborg. As such, it won't `rest.' It's `wound' from our match is still there, but isn't apparent. Unless you find it, you will share my company. You must go for its he..." Sodom was instantly snuffed out.

"I don't allow gods to use their full powers, and I shall not allow the `dead' to assist in the matches."

"You mean that he really was talking to me from the dead--that wasn't you?"

"By the way, this is where Haggar and his friends had to contend with that tag-team of Andores from their first clash with the Mad Gear," and as `Black' disappeared, Sektor fired a homing missile at Rolent!

He attempted to dodge it, but it followed him. He then threw a knife into it, detonating it. The blast threw him across the ring, and to his back. He was the shot up from Sektor's warp, and kicked back to the ground. Sektor then tossed Rolent, but he flipped in mid air, and landed on his feet. Rolent rolled back to avoid a warp, and leapt forward, slamming his stick into Sektor. The vibrations shook Rolent almost as much as Sektor.

Rolent leapt in, and hit Sektor with his stick for three fast hits, and then smacked Sektor with his Patriot Circle three times. He then planted it into the ground, and a spark flew across the ground, and caught Sektor by the feet. He then threw it to the ceiling, yanked, and Sektor crashed into the ceiling. He then fell back to the ground. Upon impact, a portion of the ceiling then fell on them!

After what felt like an eternity, Rolent dug himself out of the carnage. He saw Sektor, his arm canon pointed, and ready to fire. He then saw what Sodom was saying. Sektor had a very deep, though rather small hole, where his heart would be.

DAMN! I can't believe how lucky this cyborg is...and he remained silent, even though his body was burned to the bone.

"Winner of Fight 16, Round 2, Sektor! Fatality!"


"Fight 17, Round 2: Cammy v Cyrax!"

So, it is true! Bison and I, at a time, were in love! We were to be the rulers of the world! However, he wanted to go about it with drugs, conquest, and bloodshed. I'm not sure who was dumber, though. Was Bison dumb, for wanting to take that path? Maybe I was wrong, thinking that two people could really rule the world any other way.

It all came to a very ugly, very brutal end, though. I told him that he had to stop, and that this wasn't the way to do it. He said he was sorry, and didn't want it to be this way. He then signaled Vega, who was going to kill me! The man I loved was going to have me killed! I ran; I think it was more from fear of what had happened as opposed to Vega killing me. I know I can take him. He had his ugly face pounded in for his match. If we meet, I'll finish off what Liu Kang began! The question is, what do I do about Bison?

"I feel your turmoil Cammy. I can only tell you what I had told you before."

"Psylock!? How did you--never mind. From what I've heard, I'll bet it's the Alpha-Omega! Just don't do like you did to Sonya and be a living skeleton. That would scare me to death!"

"That's an interesting choice of words. Actually, Ryu, Chun Li, and a few others had a chance to meet a guy like that--not a bad fellow. Now, here's Cyrax!"

Cyrax fired a net, and Cammy easily jumped onto a van, and hit Cyrax with her frankenstiener. After taking a quick look, she recognized it as the "Mutant Hunting Ground" from her first encounter with the X-men. She was then thrown by an explosion from Cyrax's bomb, and smashed through the window of a cop car.

"Ok, ya walking trash can! Eat this!" and she threw a riot stick toward his face.

In the blink of an eye, he caught it, and broke it in two! He then teleported, and threw Cammy into the ground, and blood oozed from her face causing her to nearly loose consciousness. He picked her up, but was met with a Thrust Kick, smashing it through the barricade, but not without hurting Cammy's leg. She felt like she had kicked a tank with all her might...and wondered if she had unwittingly broken her own leg. As she put her foot down, she fell on her back, her face tensed from the intense pain. She felt like she wanted to die.

She then thought back to what she had heard happened in her first match. Sonya took her giant pinwheel, and swatted her into a giant meat-hook! She was just thrown through the window of a car, and felt like she had the tank run over her leg. Her arm felt like it was being ripped off. Her whole world seemed to be going black.

She saw Crax a short distance from her, and knew she had to do something, and fast, or she was dead. From a power that seemed to come from beyond, she shot up like a bat from Hell, and supplied Cyrax into the pavement. She then did another Frankenstiener on Cyrax.

Exhausted, Cammy collapsed, nearly ready to die by whatever cruel fate the cyborg had planned for her. It wasn't like she hadn't tried. She had already been through so much. Her lover wanted to kill her, and then to repossess her. Ain't going to man owns a woman, she thought, as the memories flowed freely now. Dan was right...I can't fight a machine.

Wait! Dan lost to Cyrax, and he still lived. Maybe it will do the same. Maybe, it will just stand there, I can get a bit of strength and...

" it doing? It looks like...FUCK!" and Cammy rolled as she realized that Cyrax began his self-destruct sequence. An explosion seemed to rip throughout all existence, and Cammy was covered as parts of the barricades fell on her, and she saw the flames rise, as she went black.

"Cammy! Where are you?" cried Chun Li, seeing the destruction around her.

"I think I see her," called Adon, grimly, as he began to move toward a hand.

After a few moments, they pulled Cammy out, bruised, bloody, and just barely breathing. They then saw Cyrax's head, and other parts, scattered about the ground.

"I did it," Cammy whispered.

Surprised, they both nearly dropped her. However, to their amazement, Cammy didn't collapse. She slowly, but painfully walked forward. She looked back at them, and looked at the remains of Cyrax. She put her foot on the destroyed head of Cyrax, and said softly "Next!"

"Winner of Fight 17, Round 2, Cammy! Suicide!"


"Fight 18, Round 2: Necro v Guile!"

So, for this round, I'll be fighting a Street Fighter, not that that makes any difference to me. I don't want to underestimate this--guy--but I'm going to kick his butt, and I'll see them for round 3! He must be fairly good, to beat that, whatever it is Quan Chi is.

So, at last, we have learned the truth of what really happened to Charlie, and to Chun Li, regarding their Shadows. Charlie was "clinically dead," but wasn't actually dead. I hate it when it gets this confusing. As far as I'm concerned, he's either dead or alive. A coma, maybe...I'm giving myself a headache just trying to figure this crap out!

Chun Li's is simpler, I think. She never died, and so the junk they did with Charlie had...different results. After this match, I wish I could go to a bar. That way, at least I could get drunk for a bit.

Fate is finally starting to show me kindness. After all the shit Gill, and others have done to me, including this, I may be able to have my wish granted! I'm the only one from amongst the New Generation to reach the second round. My foe is the legendary Guile. I will have to work my ass off just to survive against him. I will win! Then, Gill, I'm going to fry your ass!

"Woah! What's with this funky village? It's dark as night here! I recognize it. This is Ibuki's haunts from our first"

"Precisily," replied a tall, thin man with glasses.

"You are Ibuki's...but how did you..?"

"Easy Necro! That's the Big Cheese, not the guy you were thinking."

"Oh--let's do this!" and Guile was taken off his feet as Necro's arms stretched to grab him, and toss him over his head, and into a tree.

Guile groaned as he rubbed his face from being thrown into the tree. So, this guy seems to fight exactly like Dhalsim. Ok, I've fought Dhalsim, so this guy won't be a problem. Necro leapt up, and drilled into Guile. As expected, Guile bent down, and dropped Necro with his Flash Kick. Guile shot a slow Sonic Boom, and jumped in on Necro. Necro blocked the Boom, and Guile's kick. Necro then felt like his head was slammed into his butt as Guile supplied him. Back on his feet, Necro was met by a hard fist to his gut, a Sonic Boom, another fist into his face, and his head seemed to snap off from a Flash Kick.

Necro was dazed, and his vision was blurry. He then saw a pattern seem to move toward him. It had to be Guile, and he took a wild-shot to catch Guile. It worked, and Guile was in Necro's Super Dunk. Guile was slammed a few times into the ground. This time, he was the one to be dazed. He stood up, and Necro unleashed his Electric Storm into Guile's body, sending Guile flying like a cannonball.

"One more shock, and I'd say it's all over, Guile!"

"Only in your dreams, punk!" and in a flash, Guile repeatedly pounded Necro, battering him down, and turning his chances to win around. A second to think, and the same Flash Kick he had used to bring his house down, leveled Necro.

"Winner of Fight 18, Round 2, Guile!"

"Well done, Guile. That was one Helluva Kick. You did very well, my friend," and Guile shook Charlie's hand, glad to be reunited with his best friend.


"Fight 19, Round 2: Ryu v Marvel Ken!"

So, it is now time for one of the fights that are the things that legends are made of. I will be fighting Ken's dark-side, while he fights mine. I find it rather--odd, but I will do it! I know I can. Then, I will confront my own demon, Evil Ryu!

"Hey, dweeb! It's good to see that you are actually going to show. It's dumb, but then again, you've always been that way, haven't you, Ryu? It's been that way ever since we first began training together, hasn't it? We know I'm the better man, and that you have to constantly work your rudy-pooh ass off just to keep up. Face it, boy, you will always be second best to me; nothing more!"

Ryu was beside himself. How could this--thing--say all these things about him, and Ken. It almost made him want to rip it apart. Then, he wondered: this is Ken's this how Ken really feels about him, on some level? How would his dark side think of Ken?

"Don't go off to nightmare land yet, loser! Which brings me to your losing streak (you don't deserve a winning streak). Outside of myself, go figure, I don't know of anyone with so small a streak. Now why in the world is that, Ryu? Come on, you don't really need me to answer all this for you? Ok, it's because you are a coward! You fight one fight with the guy, win, and move on. You don't look like much of a threat, and for those that don't know you, they underestimate you, and you kick their butt! It happened that time you fought Fei Long. Why has there never been a rematch? Simple; you didn't want to fight again, because you knew that he would learn about your weaknesses, and probably hand you your head. I know how you fight, Ryu. I will kill you! Pleasant death!"

In a flash, they were in the temple in Dhalsim's village. It was the same temple that he and Ken had went in to bring the treasure to robbers, and nearly killed each other in.

Before he could respond, Ken caught him in a fury with his Hurricane Kick. Ken almost landed, but began another one, and shot Ryu into the air, and kicked him back to the ground. He landed, and Ryu shot out with his fist for his Shin-Shoryu-Ken. However, Ken blocked each of the hits, barely shaken. Ryu landed, and realized that he was in trouble, as he was hit by Ken' Sho-Ryu-Reppa! Then, before finishing it, Ken stopped for a breath, and Ryu was singed by a Shin-Ryu-Ken!

Ryu looked out, and felt his skin scream in pain from the fire. He looked like the time he had fought Guile during his first visit to the U.S. This might even be worse. He got up, only to have Ken grab him, and bash his knee into him. As he kicked Ryu away, Ryu coughed up blood as he hit the ground.

"You see? I told you! I know how you fight. You have done nothing to even attempt to fight back. It's not that you haven't tried, it's simply that I am what I said, and that is your better. No matter what you do, I will come out on top! Are you ready to...heh! You can still stand. So, what will it be, boy?"

Ryu fired a Shinku-Hadoken at Ken. Ken easily did a Sho-Ryu-Reppa through it, but was surprised as Ryu was able to block his attack. As he landed, he was sucked in by Ryu's Shinku-Tatsu-Maki-Senpu-Kyaku! Ken had his stuffings knocked out, and was shot into the statue. Ryu hit him a few times, and then launched Ken into the air. He then hit Ken a few more times, and then fired a long beam into, Ken, and drove him all the way across the temple. Ryu landed, and was barely able to stand. Ken didn't move, and Ryu realized he was successful.

"Ryu! You did it!" yelled Sakura as she ran to him, and leapt into his arms, and they fell over.

Sakura felt bad, after realizing how careless she was, but Ryu smiled, and hugged her.

"Winner of Fight 19, Round 2, Ryu!"


"Fight 20, Round 2: Evil Ryu v Ken!"

This is definitely wild. I just come back from having a nice, uninterrupted talk with Eliza, only to find out it's time for my match with the one guy who could possibly kill me--Evil Ryu! He knows everything Ryu knows, and then some. He also has the Raging Demon, something I have to avoid at all costs. If it hits, I'm dead. That'll bite! I still can't believe that Ryu, or myself, for that matter, have such evil within. Now that I think about it, I can't even fathom as to how it effects Sakura.

I think it's a little odd about this round. Guile and I each had a small reunion with our wives before this round. We both fight at almost the same time, as does Ryu. I wonder what sort of trash my dark-side is going to give Ryu. I wonder what sort of trash his will...

"Hey, girlie-boy. Get your head out of your ass! It's time for the fight, something that you will never understand. You know about the fight, but you will never understand it. You think that it's all for you, and that you are the best. When Hell freezes! You may have had the talent, but it hasn't gotten any better. It has actually deteriorated. That would be the only reason for you to have your feeble mind controlled by Bison."

"Don't try it, jerk! Ryu was controlled by Bison, and it was just as hard for him as it was for me."

Ryu laughed, before replying, "So, you choose to think of Ryu and myself as two different souls. This shows just how pitiful you are. I am who he will become, just as Marvel Ken is who you will become. Deny it all you want, we are one in the same. As for being controlled by Bison, that just shows how lame you are. I was still but a boy when Bison took control of me. You, however, are an adult. He took you, and drove you to what you really are, and what you will become. You will abandon them, and you will be on the path to your true fate!"

"You bastards leave Eliza and Mel alone!"

Ken fired a Hadouken at Ryu, only for Ryu to warp past it, and fry him with his own. Ken was then thrown over Ryu, and with much difficulty, Ken landed on his feet, and noticed that he was in the same temple from Dhalsim's village. Ryu caught his attention, as Ken was knocked to his face with a Hurricane Kick. Ken tried to Dragon Punch Ryu, but hit air as Ryu warped away. Ryu laughed, right before he hit Ken with a Sho-Ryu-Reppa.

Ryu picked up Ken, and threw his head back, ready to smash Ken's. Ken had other plans, and kneed Ryu in the nuts, and keeled him over. Ken then used his Shin-Ryu-Ken on Ryu, returning the favor. Ken got a rude surprise as Ryu was able to summon a Shinku-Hadouken, and hit so deep into Ken's gut, that he puked up blood. Now, each was flat, and trying to do what he could to advance into the next round.

After an eternity seemed to pass them by, they made their way to their feet, each having trouble standing, although Ken was still suffering from a large loss of blood. He barely blinked, and Ryu was in front of him. A evil smile flashed over his face, and Ken was ensnared in a Shinku-Tatsu-Maki-Senpu-Kyaku! Ryu picked Ken up, and threw him over his shoulder, and into the floor. Ryu's eyes glowed a bright red, and the familiar, evil aura surrounded him. Finally there was a spark, and he glided toward Ken, the Raging Demon in motion.

"Screw ya! Shippi-Jinrai-Kyaku!" yelled Ken, as he began spinning and kicked Ryu out of the Demon. As he finished, they shot into the air, and just as the last hit connected, Ryu was set ablaze.

"Sensi! You did it, you've won!"

"Sean, Ryu, Sakura? What's next?"

"Winner of Fight 20, Round 2, Ken!"


"Fight 21, Round 2: Cody v Kabal!"


"What? Cody? Here?" asked, Guy, stunned. He was even more stunned to see Cody in a jail suit, with cuffs!

"Who did this? Whatever you want, know that not even the mighty Shao Khan could kill me, so whatever you try to hit me with, I will have my revenge. So swears Kabal!"

"Kabal--a member of Kano's clan? I thought he was dead..."

"...Obviously not, Stryker," Nightwolf said, never taking his eyes off the two new fighters.

A cyborg of sorts appeared, and they were informed in mere seconds what would have taken the others forever to try and explain. They turned to their opponent, and began.

Kabal blazed toward Cody, who just barely was able to block him, stunning Kabal. Cody then tossed Kabal over his shoulders. As Kabal got up, Cody lifted a rock, and hurled it, smashing into Kabal's heavy mask. For a moment, he was dazed, which is all Cody needed. In a blink, he summoned what seemed to be a small tornado. He then seemed to glow, and Kabal was shaken by a huge hurricane!

"Let us see what you think of this, thug," and Kabal removed his mask, and Cody had to turn away in disgust, feeling queasy.

Kabal ran in, and Cody was dazed. Kabal then summoned a huge blade, which came tearing out of nowhere, and ripped into Cody. He then proceeded to smack Cody with a few hits from his hooks, launched him, hit him with a last hit, and blasted him with a fireball.

Fueled by rage, Cody powered up, and pounded his fists into Kabal. He then kneed him a few times. Cody paused, and tossed Kabal into a tree, knocking the hooks out of Kabal's hands. Kabal attempted to hit Cody with a fireball, but Cody sailed over it, and knocked Kabal back down from a Windmill Kick. Cody lifted Kabal to his feet, and repeated the combo. Just as he was about to throw Kabal, he broke out of it.

Kabal dazed Cody, and repeated his kombo, and blasted Cody into a tree. Everybody was silent as the dead, wondering if Kabal would kill Cody, or what.

"Like I said, none can stop me! Now, Khan!" Kabal ran off, intent on finishing what Sagat had left.

Guy, followed by Rose, ran up to Cody. Before anything could be said, a dark explosion seemed to rip through their very fiber, and they heard voices yell as if being killed.

For a second, Ryu and Evil Ryu stood, face to face. Then, Evil Ryu faded, and Ryu fell to his knees, shook violently, and his eyes became red with blood! Power encircled both Kens, and they seemed to be thrown toward each other, until they merged as one! Shin Akuma was now accompanied by his twin. Sakura fell into Sean's arms, and felt like nearly all of her life was drained as XSakura's mad laughter echoed throughout. The Dark Power has awaken!

As promised, it has finally happened! The souls have merged. How can they be brought back? Can they be brought back? Is it all up to Sakura? How much help will Shen Long and Goutetsu be?

Just what sort of power does Cammy have? She is smashed into a hook, has her face smashed through a window, and is covered by debris from an explosion as Cyrax self-destructed! You remember her specials from XSF and how they were like Bison's punches..?