THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 24: Fighting Destiny!




"Fight 11, Round 2: New Subzero v Classic Subzero!"

"I simply can't believe it! I never would have thought that Scorpion and Smoke are like that...Smoke is his son!"

"I too am surprised, my young brother. It is indeed a surprise. The good thing is that at least we know that Scorpion is with us! He won't abandon his own son. It seems that this Alpha-Omega has helped him, in a sense, to break free of part of his curse...`he can never again no his wife or son.' Perhaps, if he is lucky enough, he may be able to meet her. I wonder what type of reaction she would have...seeing her husband return from the dead."

"I would wonder what type of reaction my old friend Smoke will have when he learns it. He hadn't been in contact with her in such a long time...I wonder how he would explain the confusion involving him being a cyborg."

"Who knows. Maybe, we will see the answer in the future."

"Begin!" shouted a voice, as they were blown away, and found themselves in the abandoned streets from when Khan had broken the seal to Earth.

"Reptile!?" both brothers exclaimed, surprised to find out that the rumors about the dead seemed to be true.

"I have little time. Be ready. Soon, dark alliances will be unveiled. Whatever doubts you have must be cleared up--your survival will depend on it..." and he faded like a mirage, and the brothers bowed, and got set.

Both brothers simultaneously fired off an ice blast, freezing the other. It was repeated twice before each realized that they needed to try different tactics. NSubzero fired an ice shower, and began to slip on an ice puddle from CSubzero. However, as he was about to connect with a roundhouse, he was caught by the ice shower. NSubzero ran in to attempt his own roundhouse, only for both brothers to exchange hits, and fall to their backs. CSubzero attempted to slide as he arose, only to slide into an ice clone. Helpless, he was hit by several fists, and felt his neck seem to snap from the kick of his brother.

"You have made strong progress, brother. I am most impressed. You have learned our trade well."

"Thank you, my brother. It is an honor for you to approve of my skills. Ready?"

With a nod of Csubzero's head, he ran in, and tossed him to his back. As he got up to his feet, he was frozen, punched back, frozen, uppercutted, and was down from a slide. He rolled out of the way, and was just barely able to get out of the way of an ice grenade. So, it seems like he is testing me, to see just how well I can handle the pressure.

He ducked and was thrown from the impact of the next one. He then withdrew his weapon, and hurled it at his brother. He easily side-stepped it, only to fall victim to an ice shower. He retrieved his weapon, and began a brutal kombo. As his brother stood up, dazed, he threw the weapon, and smacked him sharply across his face.

"Winner of Fight 11, Round 2: New Subzero!"

"Subzero!" yelled his friend, Smoke.

"It looks like little brother got the 1-up this time. Let's get them back," ordered Scorpion.


"Fight 12, Round 2: Vega v Liu Kang!"

"So, I fight yet another unworthy punk! You are nowhere near as pretty as the last one...too bad I had to kill her, but that is the price one must pay for attacking my lovely face. You, ugly man, will not be as lucky."

"While the motives of Reptile and his race are questionable, that doesn't excuse her murder, by your own hands. How can you even live with yourself? Are you truly psycho?"

Vega's mad laughter was his answer, followed by Vega vaulting off of a jet, grabbing Liu Kang, and suplexing his head into the ground.

"Wh, of course. This is Nash's place from the old tournament, during the one time he and Willy were in. How silly of me to forget. That's also when Guy was joined by that equally stupid jailbird, Cody. Cody...yes, his Jessica is indeed a fine prize, as is Rena. I think I'll present Guy's heart to her, much as I had planned to do to Ken a while back..." and before he could go on, Liu Kang pounded him with a bike kick.

He then shot a beam of fire at Vega's legs, a second into his mask, and finished with a fly kick, driving Vega to the ground. He moved in with a second fly kick, only to have Vega back flip, and knock him out of it. Vega then rolled, hitting Liu Kang like a boulder, and then jabbed his claw into Liu Kang's flesh, causing Liu Kang to howl loudly.

"Hmph, and people say I have am, like that of a woman. I think yours is more so! Here, let's try it again," and Vega grabbed Liu Kang, and slammed his head into the ground.

"Now, I present a special for you, Liu Kang. It's a far more stronger, and more fatal thrust. Howl, scream, and die the agonizing death you so deserve, Liu Kang."

Vega drew his hand back, and a flash of power seemed to surround him, and form around his claw hand. He thrust it straight toward Liu Kang's heart, ready to add its stain to the wench he had already killed.

Liu Kang was just barely able to duck under it, but lost his head-band. He got up, and delivered the same hard hitting kombo he had used on Charlie. He repeated it a second time, and finished by pounding Vega into the plane with his Bike Kick!

"Excellet! "Winner of Fight 12, Round 2: Liu Kang!"

"Oh, Liu Kang, you did it! I am so proud of you."

"I too am proud of you, my son."

"Sindel!?" Liu Kang stuttered.

"Mother?! Wh, what do you mean?"

"Come, my child. I may have forgotten a lot of things, but I have not forgotten love. It will only be a matter of time, for the two of you," and she smiled as turned back, and saw them kiss.

"Damn! Well, at least Vega still lives. You and I are still in this, Sagat. Akuma is next. His--other succeeded, and I feel that he may too. Let us go," and Sagat silently picked up Vega, and followed Bison...his thoughts were turned toward this partnership with Akuma, and the dark sides of Ryu, Ken, Sakura, and the upcoming and inevitable collision between them.


"Fight 13, Round 2: Rain v Akuma!"

Things aren't going as I had originally planned, thanks to this Alpha-Omega character. However, with the way things have shaped up, they may prove to be even better than I had originally intended. Ryu, Ken, and Sakura are now distracted by their dark-sides. I have my own side to help me. Sagat is once again in the stage of questioning his motives for what he is doing. Bison is now having to be more cautious, with the lose of Balrog in particular. I've offered to help them, and in doing so, help myself.

These other warriors are also a nice, although somewhat annoying, extra distraction. That god nearly destroyed my other, would have ruined my plans. The threats that Shao Khan, Shang Tsung, and Shinnok pose are perfect. In addition to all of the previous threats, there are these threats from beyond. There will soon be the destined moment, and Akuma shall be the last one standing.

"Where is this...toy store?"

"Come on, Akuma? Don't tell me you don't recall the toy store?!"

"Who, or what the frick are you!" demanded Rain, seeing a small, deformed blue girl before him.

"You won't know me, but don't tell me you forgot Hsien-Ko, Akuma!"

"The name and body seem...familiar, like something from a demented game. Still," and he was silenced by a blast of Rain's bolt.

"That was something useful, A-O. Now, to kick some ass!" and Rain lifted Akuma to his feet, hit him with a roundhouse, turned to uppercut him, hit him with a bolt, and uppercut him again. Before the final uppercut, Akuma flipped, and dove with his Demon Kick into Rain. He then followed with an electrifying Hurricane Kick. He then set Rain on fire with his red Hadouken, leapt into the air, grabbed Rain by his shoulders, and spun in the air, and hurled him into the ground. Rain got to his feet, and tried to cast a bolt, but Akuma merely warped past it. However, he was then caught with a tractor ball. He felt himself being pulled toward Rain, unable to offer resistance. Rain delivered three fast hits, ending with an uppercut, and sending Akuma through the window.

"Now that was pitiful!"

"I couldn't agree with you more!" Akuma leapt into the air waved his hands, and a volley of fireballs rained down on Rain. He felt the full force of Akuama's attack, and went out without even a yell of pain.

"Tenma-Go-Zanku!" "Winner of Fight 13, Round 2: Akuma!"

"It is as I knew it to be. Now that this rubbish is taken care of, Ryu and Ken are next. How ironic that Ryu fights Ken's darkness, while Ken fights Ryu's. It matters not, for soon after, the day of darkness will arrive. Only the darkness will remain. Those that don't follow it will cease to exist," Akuma laughed to himself, and recalled how Ryu and Ken looked long ago when he pounded their faces in.


"Fight 14, Round 2: Raiden v Shen Long!"

I find it rather ironic that I fight my match almost immediately after my brother's. He's right when he said: "...Two brothers who are more different than any two strangers who came before..."

When Goutetsu refused to teach him the Raging Demon, he left. For some reason, the moment he stepped out into the night, nature herself seemed to weep. Everything seemed to slide toward chaos, and all at the presence of Akuma.

However, it doesn't merely stop with the fact that he has unleashed the forbidden Raging Demon...he has caused the power to spread! Ryu and Sakura have versions of themselves that use it. I have also heard tales of other warriors using it, including one man dressed in a skeleton outfit. What each of them fails to realize is the greater evil behind this technique, something I had explained in detail earlier.

For those that fall victim to it, and have the power to survive it, they become possessed by it's burning demands to kill. It grows and grows until they lose sight of everything, everything but the desire to kill. I wonder how it came that they each became ensnared in the web.

I already know Akuma's fate. I wonder about Ryu. I don't think that Akuma gave him the "honor" to feel the force of the Demon. If it wasn't Akuma, then who was it? Is it merely the fact that he was present when Akuma used it on me, that some of it infected Ryu? If that is true, why has it not infected Ken?

I know hardly anything about Sakura, and cannot even begin to fathom how it took her. The only other person that seems to be an issue is Fei Long. A cousin, perhaps? I don't know. Based upon his behavior near the end of his matches, it is obvious that it is trying to seize him as well. I do not think that he is of the caliber to be able to use the Demon, but he does have the power to survive it's attack, and then to use his power for the demise of others.

My last issue is when I heard the voice from deep inside in my first match. Is this what happens to those before they succumb to the Demon. I don't know, nor do I know who to ask...unless I ask Goutetsu. I doubt Akuma will share it with me, so the only one who could help would have to be my sensi. May fate shine on us.

"I am honored to be able to fight you, Shen Long. You have a very strong chi. In fact, I have never felt a mortal with such power. The only one who could prove to be your better would be Goutetsu. Let us begin."

"Coming from a god, I'll take that as a compliment. Ah! The lovely sunset. It had been a while since I was last here. From what I could tell, some sort of magazine had pictures of me in this location for some reason or another. Probably spreading rumors, like most magazines seem to do."

Raiden shot a bolt at Shen Long who merely Hurricane Kicked over it. Raiden was about to grab him with his electric grab, but was met by a Dragon Punch. Raiden instantly materialized to where Shen Long landed, and hit him with his torpedo, and drove him into some rocks. Shen Long threw a fireball at Raiden, but Raiden teleported out of it's way, only to teleport directly into the second. Seeing the god stunned, Shen Long ran in and leapt over Raiden's attempt at a throw, and singed him with his red fireball. He landed, and tossed Raiden over his shoulders.

Again, Raiden arose like the dead, and wrapped his firm grip around Shen Long, and began to electrify him. Shen Long screamed as his body felt like it was going to explode. Realizing that he had unleashed too much power Raiden let him go.

"Forgive me! I sometimes forget the levels that the human body can tolerate. I hope you are not..." but Raiden was cut short by an electric Sho-Ryu-Reppa! For the first time that he could recall, Raiden was what humans would call dazed.

"Thank you for the concern, Raiden," began Shen Long, "but I am far from defeated. While there are killing techniques, there are also living ones. An opponent never notices it, and it heals the body. While it is not the same level as this Alpha-Omega's power, it is enough," and Shen Long leapt into the air, and began to fire a volley of fire at Raiden.

Again, it was with little effort for Raiden to teleport away, and withdraw his weapon to smash Shen Long.

"DO IT!" screamed a voice inside Shen Long's head.

It echoed, repeated, and demanded. He was going mad, or was he? His demon was seizing control, and he couldn't stop it.

"Shen Long? Are you..?" but before Raiden could continue, he was engulfed in Shen Long's Raging Demon!

"No!" cried the teacher, "This can't be! The Demon is raging inside me, and is spreading; not only to my very core, but my disciples as well! Akuma! It is time I finished...argh!" and he fell to the ground, after Raiden unleashed a careful temperate bolt to prevent the accidental demise of Shen Long.

"You mean well, mortal, but the only mortal who has been able to repel the Demon is Goutetsu! You did the right thing, Raiden."

"Have I? It is something he needs to be in. Shinnok isn't in this tournament, but Tsung is. Liu Kang can handle where does that leave me?" and all he got was the aura to blink, and they were back.

"Winner of Fight 14, Round 2: Raiden!"


"Fight 15, Round 2: Sagat v Shao Khan!"

Is it some sort of odd coincidence that Vega, Akuma, and myself fight our matches so closely? Is there something bigger than we could even begin to imagine going on, behind the scenes? None of us trust Akuma, nor his other. It would be pointless to call it a dark-side, as Akuma is already a dark warrior. Now, I face Khan and his wrath. That sounds like the title of a great movie. I wonder what Fei Long would think.

"Ah, it seems that Indian was just a little warm-up! He may be bigger and possess more physical power, but you have the power of the spirit at your command, which allows you to use your Tiger Blasts. Still, you will be no threat to me, you weak, pathetic fool!"

"Shuddup! I guarantee you that whatever Hawk did will be nothing compared to me! I'll give you a much better fight--come on!"

Khan laughed. as was his style before replying: "Good! It is noble, albeit stupid, to be willing to meet death head-on! Either way, You Suck!"

"Damn you to Hell! Nobody talks to me that way and lives! You are nothing to me! This is one soul that you will never be able to take! I am my own man, and I will not rest until the world's strongest title is mine again!"

"That was pathetic! You are not your own man! You are but a lackey to Bison. You may think otherwise, because you are one of his elite, but he is fooling you. Perhaps, it is you who are fooling yourself. Either way, you are another of his puppets, and like all puppets, you will be broken by the power that is Shao Khan!"

"I've got news for you, asshole! Your invincible Motaro was taken down by Noob Saibot, a mystery man who will probably be your undoing. Bison took out Kintaro, and I will take out you! This is as far as you go in this fight!" and Sagat nearly fell over as Shao Khan rammed with force into Sagat, nearly crushing him.

"Perfect! A storm of Hell for two warriors of Hell! I'll assume this is Earth."

"You assume right, Shao Khan. This is where Ryu and Sagat had their confrontation what is all but a memory now."

"Jarod! You looser! I don't know how..."

"Tiger Genocide!" interrupted Sagat, as his knees crashed against Shao Khan's head, followed by his Tiger Uppercut, a pause, and a second one. Sagat had to pause, as smashing his flesh into Khan's armor had done nearly as much damage to himself as it did to Shao Khan.

"That was pathetic! Now, you will die, mortal!" and as Sagat looked toward Khan, he was driven back by a long series of fireballs and arrows, until he fell to the soaked ground.

Slowly, he made his way to his feet, only to be pounded by Shao Khan's hammer. Four times in a row, he had his insides seemingly come out, the result of Khan's rams. Finally, he was shot into the air, and splashed in the soggy ground, and coughed up blood.

"My favorite color--blood red! Now, die!" but Sagat was able to roll away from the hammer as it was pounded through the earth.

Sagat ripped off Shao Khan's helmet, but not without having his face nearly crushed by Khan's fist, and his gut cave in from a kick. Before Khan could tell him how foolish he was and that his efforts had been wasted, his mouth was shut by a Tiger Shot to his face. Sagat used a Knee, mainly to close the gap between them. Then, he used his Uppercut, and connects to Shao Khan's exposed face. This time, the dark lord fell to the ground.

"Fool! You have learned nothing! You can't go on! You punches are already loosing their power! You will die mortal!"

"Go to HELL!" and Sagat, who had been motionless from the time he landed from his Uppercut, unleashed the Tiger Cannon that had advanced him to this round, leveling Khan!

"You are--not a warrior! You--are a--beginner!" Sagat said, between gasps, and trying to stay conscious after loosing much blood, and nearly being crushed to the size of a weed.

"Winner of Fight 15, Round 2: Sagat! Tiger Cannon!"

No one was there to greet either of them. It is just like my last match, Sagat thought. Bison demands us to be there for his matches, yet where is he for mine? Am I being manipulated as Khan says? I can't believe it, and yet what else can it be? This won't

"...I know you will be able to do it Ryu! Just remember, it isn't really Ken, exactly. I know you can do it!"

"Thanks, Sakura. You are right. I'm glad you took me here, where we can be alone."

"...Ryu?" was all she could say, as he firmly presses his lips to hers, and everything else was oblivious to them.

What are you waiting for, Sagat? This is the opportunity you are waiting for! Kill Ryu!...Is that all? What has happened in my life? Ryu is younger, and he has already found love. I need time to be alone--to evaluate myself.

So, Ryu and Sakura share their first, uninterrupted (though not unnoticed) kiss of the fic! It took a bit, didn't it? Yes, I know this should have came before Access in Legends, but my mind's been so zapped...I wonder if it has anything to do with that light...

Liu Kang and Kitana share a kiss in front of Liu Kang's future mother-in-law?! Ya never know, it could be! :)

Keep watching as the unholy alliance of the new Shadowloo slowly weaves its web, and more confrontations between the warriors opens up!