THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 23: Dark Clash!



"Fight 6, Round 2: XSakura v Chameleon-Khameleon!"

I find it to be rather...disturbing. I am the only one of my race to make it through the first round. There were five of us; now, we are reduced to three. My sister was killed by that psycho, Vega. We all want the Bastard dead! However, as there are now only three of us left, a quest of vengeance would be stupid, and possibly genocidal. If I or my other sister die...but if Reptile dies...we will truly be the last of our race. It pains me just thinking about it.

I'm not sure how to feel about Reptile's brother dying. He didn't intentionally do it, and considering that they were fighting in the Pit, it was bound to happen. I just wish it didn't. A people are on the verge of total extinction. What if the last of us do die? If XSakura was able to eliminate Sheeva--I'll give her all that Sheeva did, and more!

"Ugh! What is that smell? Where are we?" gagged Chameleon-Khameleon at the smell of the stench they were in.

"I think I recognize this water-hole."

"That's right, girl. Glad to see you remember Doctrine Dark."

"Shinku-Hadoken!" XSakura shouted as raw, evil power beamed toward Chameleon-Khameleon.

The beam passed harmlessly through her, and she countered with a spear, a few hits, and round house to the face, a teleport punch, a TK slam, and finished with an uppercut, sending XSakura into a wall. She was bruised, and had trouble standing and breathing. All she could think of was how powerful her opponent was. This would prove near impossible. She could be as powerful as Shen Long...or even Goutetsu!

Chameleon-Khameleon tossed a fan, followed almost instantly by a double of herself, and pooped up in front of XSakura. However, XSakura blocked the kombo, and shouted "Haru-Ichiban!" The two went up like rockets, Chameleon-Khameleon getting repeatedly bashed by XSakura's kicks. They fell to earth, and both were down, attempting to get their second wind.

XSakura was up first, and began to summon the same evil aura she had unleashed upon Sheeva. She glowed, and slowly hovered toward Chameleon-Khameleon. She could feel the darkness coming, and knew she had to get back up. She rolled, bowling XSakura over, and pelted her with a pair of Sai before she fell. She then raised her hand, as if pleaing to the heavens, and XSakura was barely able to roll out of the main force of a bolt. Chameleon-Khameleon then wrapped her legs around XSakura, and threw her.

Wiithsome effort, she flipped, and landed on her feet, turned, facing her foe. Her eyes were glowing a bright fire of hatred, while Chameleon-Khameleon's were expressionless. Chameleon-Khameleon shot through the ground, and uppercutted XSakura from behind, ran in, leapt and tossed her to the ground.

Chameleon-Khameleon threw a double at XSakura. To her surprise, XSakura didn't even try to block it. She was taken off guard, which gave XSakura time to flip in the air, and do her own version of the Dragon Punch. She then ran in, and proceeded to pound Chameleon-Khameleon with the fury of a demon! In a heartbeat, it was over, and XSakura stood victorious, though very shaky.

"Winner of Fight 6, Round 2: XSakura! Midare-Sakura!"

"Well...there aren't any spikes here for me to waste you, so I guess I'll have to settle for drowning you," and she approached Chameleon-Khameleon's prone form, and thought back to how she had killed off Sheeva.

"THERE'S THE BITCH! XSAKURA! FOR KILLING SHEEVA, YOU WILL HAVE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH!" roared the prince of pain, Goro, followed by Kintaro.

"Hold it! I just had my match. I'm still in this thing, as are you. We can't fight yet."

"Wanna bet, little turd!" replied Kintaro, "Who is going to stop us?"

"I think you said that you wanted both of us. Here I am, ya freaks!"

"My Ryu! Now, the field has been evened!"

"Kintaro, you take him. She's mine!"

"Gee, I'm so touched. Even an ugly freak wants me. Come on!"

"Fight 7, Round 2: Jade2 v Chun Li!"

Now, you just know I'm not going to go right into it. Just something to keep you in suspense!

"Jade, we must talk. We both have something to talk to you about."

"Kitana? What do we have to tlak about?"

"Actually, it is your namesake who has something to say to you," responded Jade3.

"You! I told you, I never wanted to talk with you again! We were never to be directly involved, on one side or the other. You dumb fool! You made a real mess of it! First off, you become friends with Kitana! Then, you wind up serving scum like Khan. Then, you are in a situation like that; total foolishness! Get out of my way, so I can get to my match," and she pushes past them, without a care as to what happens to them.

"Please, my sister, don't do this! Do not treat me like this. We are the only ones in our family. When we went out on our own, I was still uncertain of myself. Kitana became like a second sister to me."

"She's you sister?" Kitana asked, surprised that her best friend had never told her about it.

"...Was my sister," and she continued on to her fight.

This is so, crazy! These two Shadows are getting on my nerves. They are popping up; so when are they going to state their business. I'm sure they can talk, and I know that they have answers to our questions. It's just a matter of when it will happen.

"Woah! You seem to be in a mood, Jade..."

"Shut-up! It's none of your business! You've got your issues, I've got mine. Let's kick ass!"

"Argh! A-O! Would you warn people before you go ripping them across wherever and sending them to--here?"

"I recognize this spot. It's the audience of monks from MK1. So where's the monks?"

"All but I have been eliminated by Baraka's forces," spoke a lone monk, and both gals knew who it was.

Jade tossed a fan, and Chun Li tried to counter with her own fireball, only to be surprise that it past through Jade!

Jade ran in, and Chun Li took a deep breath, and unleashed a huge Kiko-Sho! However, even though it was a large bubble encasing her, all it seemed to do was to stall Jade. When the move was over, Jade wasn't even scratched. She then unleashed a kombo identical to Kitana's, and threw a fan into Chun Li before she fell. Chun Li was holding her chest, as there was a long rip in her, and blood was flowing freely from her wound. Her mind was whirling, and everything seemed to be shooting up, like just before the crash of a roller coaster.

Wait! How could that be? She opened her eyes, and looked into Jade's face, before going up and having her head crash into the cold hard, concrete from Jade's suplex. Jade kicked her in her stomach, yelling at her to get back to her feet.

"Get up, ya weakling! Was that your best? Come on, give me a challenge. Some fight. That just proves that Kitana..." and she trailed off, as she thought about Kitana, and her kid sister.

It is her sister; can she simply abandon her? It had been years since they had last talked. Maybe...huh!

"Here's my answer, jerk! Hazan-Tensho-Kyaku!" Chun Li yelled as she shot into Jade, kicking toward the sky, letting Jade feel her rage. Jade was being beat by the strongest kicks she had ever felt. She tried to get back to her feet, after having her insides knocked out, only to hear "Sen-Retsu-Kyaku!" as Chun Li shot forth with her Super Lightning Kick, pushing Jade across the arena. The final kick to Jade's body sent her into a wall, leaving a big impression where she hit.

"Winner of Fight 7, Round 2: Chun Li! Sen-Retsu-Kyaku!"

"Well done, my friend.

"Cammy! I thought that..."

"...I'm going to try and make-up for the time I slammed your face into the ground," and they both walked off.

"Come on, Jade. This is your sister! We will help her," and silently, Jade helped her friend.

"Fight 8, Round 2: Goro v Blanka!"

"Now, Ryu, Sakura, you die!" boomed Goro, as he shot his fireball at XSakura.

She was just able to teleport away. She did a hurricane kick, which just barely took the giant off his feet. However, he was up instantly, grabbed her, and began to pound her, causing her to scream in pain.

Ryu wanted to help, but he was busy trying to fend off Kintaro. He warped through a fireball, but was caught by two others, and fell flat on his back. He just barely rolled out of the way as Kintaro came crashing down onto the ground. A Dragon Punch took the beast down, but when he landed, Kintaro grabbed him, and slammed him to the ground. Goro leveled Sakura with a ramming fist, while Kintaro uppercutted Ryu. The each fired Hadoukens, and both of them leapt over it.

Then, as if reading each others thoughts, Ryu and Sakura teleported past their foes as they landed. Evil Power was ripping up the very air around them. The fires of desolation are hungry, and will be fed. They both execute their Raging Demons, and catch their foes in them.

They each fall to their knees, nearly dead from the beating their powerful foes gave them. NO! They turn, and see them both, slowly, rise to their feet.

Just then, Blanka jumped in, and clawed Goro across his face. He then proceeded to bite him, and they disappeared. Just as suddenly, Bison used a flaming torpedo on Kintaro. He then hit him with a scissor kick, and they too were gone.

"What was that about?" demanded Ryu.

"This has been called for. However, it is, as of yet, time. Luckily for you, Goro has to have his match with Blanka first, while Kintaro fights Bison. For now, forget your others...Goro and Kintaro can take a Demon, and get back up from it. Think about it, while they have their fights."

"Ah! Home again, the wild jungles of Brazil."

"Cheap fool. That was your only attack. Yow!" they both screamed as Blanka went into his electric attack. Goro got shocked, but not before hitting Blanka with a very strong punch, one that had been intended for Sakura.

Goro shot a fireball, and Blanka flipped back, over it, and slammed into Goro's face, ticking Goro off. Goro leapt and tried to squash Blanka. Blanka countered by rolling up and into Goro. Goro fell like a ton of bricks, which is what Blanka thought he ran into. Goro was up first, and picked up Blanka, and started to pound his face and chest. Just before the final hit, Blanka summoned up his strongest volt he could, and zapped Goro into a tree, and Blanka fell to the ground, dazed from having logs pounded into his head.

Goro's hands shot up, like a body rising from the grave, and he looked at Blanka, his eyes red with blood. Likewise, the beast was yelling for blood. He cannoned into Goro, a trail of shadows following his wild yell! However, Goro merely blocked the attempt, and delivered a near skull-shattering fist into Blanka's head, flooring him. Then, to finish it up, Goro stomped on Blanka.

"Winner of Fight 8, Round 2: Goro!"

"I would kill you, but I am going to find them, and finished what we started. First, I will find Kintaro."

"W, where am I?"

"Easy, my friend. You've been out for a long while, Blanka."


"Wait to talk. From that type of a pounding, you'll need a lot of time. Hang tight! You'll make it. Guile's knocking himself out, getting ready for his..."

"Fight 9, Round 2: Kintaro v Bison!"

As Bison landed from the scissor kick, Kintaro uppercutted Bison, and hit him with a series of fireballs. He then leapt up, and stomped Bison.

"Is this all from the `Master of Shadowloo?' You are even more pathetic than the bum I wiped out last round. This is too easy," and he slammed Bison again, followed by another stomp.

Bison laughed thickly, and teleported away with ease. As Kintaro attempted it a second time, Bison slid away, and caught Kintaro with several blasts from his Psycho Spark. He then leapt up and got set to stomp Kintaro's head. Kintaro reached out to grab Bison, but Bison stopped in mid-air, dove back, and then drove an enflamed fist into Kintaro's face.

Kintaro yelled as his face was scorched by Bison's fire. Bison capitalized, took a moment to set-up, and then went spiraling with a full-force Psycho Crusher. The heat was intense, and Bison finally drove Kintaro down, and into a puddle. Lightning seemed to be flashing. The area seemed familiar. Of course, Gen's old stage...and Bison's head was nearly separated from it's body from the force of Kintaro's punch. With difficulty, Bison landed, and was just barely able to warp from another series of fireballs.

"Give up! You, like all humans are weak. I have twice as many arms, and I have twenty times your power. The force of the Raging Demon couldn't stop me, so whatever you have won't be enough."

"If you hadn't already been hit by it...maybe. As is..." and Bison disappeared, only to reappear with several other images, all of them attacked with scissor kicks, followed by several more by Bison himself.

"Get lost! You can't compare with my power!"

"Winner of Fight 9, Round 2: M. Bison! Knee Press Nightmare!"

"Lord Bison!"

"Yes, Vega."

"Sagat and I wish to discuss our new partner."

"Akuma. Yes, I know."

They left, each not trusting the new partner, Akuma. However, they have formed a very unholy alliance, and they will put it to use.

"Kintaro! Not my son, too!"


"Ah! Come on! We have a score to settle with those low-lives!"

"Fight 10, Round 2: Shang Tsung v Gen!"

"What is this place? Earth? Las Vegas?"

"Do not look to me, demon. I am unfamiliar with this place."

"Yo! Geezer! Bastard! Ya in my place! Dis is where I'm King. Best pay attention. One of you will be in my company soon."

"Very cute trick, Alpha-Omega. I've news for you, bringing him up won't offset me."

"Now just what makes you assume that I am him!" boomed a powerful voice from behind the kombatants.

Shang Tsung turns, and sees the aura that had brought him here. He watches in disbelief as it floats around to Balrog's soul.

"This is another of your tricks!"

"You can only wish, mate. What you think you got, and what you really got are totally off...oops!"

The images disappeared as Gen shot through, delivering a strong kick to Shang Tsung's face. He then got behind him, and punted him. Shang Tsung shot a trio of fire skulls, and Gen easily rolled under them, and smacked Shang Tsung in his face. As Shang Tsung tried an eruption, he was met by a thrust kick from Gen, followed by several more hits. Shang Tsung morphed into Scorpion, and went for a teleport. Gen laughed, and shot up, catching Shang Tsung in a Jya-Ko-Ha! He knocked Shang Tsung out of his morph, but not out of action.

Gen leapt to a wall, a shot at Shang Tsung. In a blink, he morphed into Subzero, back-flipped, and Gen was frozen in ice. He morphed back, and then changed into Jax. He lifted the old man, and pounded his fists into Gen's face. He then hit Gen with a Quad-Slam. He then changed into Kung Lao, and dove at Gen.

Gen rolled away, turned, and unleashed a Shi-Ten-Shu! When Shang Tsung looked at Gen, it seemed as if somebody was repeatedly turning a light on and off. He changed into Ermac, and caught Gen in a TK slam. He uppercutted Gen, but before his next move, some unseen force knocked him dizzy!

"It seems that you were too cocky! What a waste!"

"Agreed! Bet ya didn't think I'd recover so soon!" and a quick morph into Goro, followed by a stomp, left Gen in trouble.

"Hmm; I feel hungry!" Shang Tsung then changed into a large, glowing cobra, and chomped down on Gen!

"Winner of Fight 10, Round 2: Shang Tsung! Animality!"

So, that's the second set for round 2! A few teasers, like when Goro and Kintaro get their arms (all of them) on Evil Ryu and XSakura! Balrog gives a quick, but important message. So, it seems that Goro's the only "big boy" to make it to round 3! Lots of people must like him, as well as Noob Saibot; several Bison fans too! Stay tuned: amongst others, Sagat v Shao Khan--Chapter 24!