THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Story

Chapter 16: Victory!



Fight 26: Gen v CSmoke

"Hmm, so, this is the last of the cyborgs? The other two who fought these machines lacked experience. They attempted to fight their foes as if they were deranged demons. Not quite. I've fought deranged demons; these machines are not them. Like all opponents, simply look for their weakness, and you shall emerge, victorious - Gen."

Gen was sizing up his latest foe, a cybernetic ninja named Smoke. He had heard that the other ninjas, like Smoke, were human at a time. However, their clan decided to implement cybernetic ninjas. This would be accomplished by turning human Lin Kuei warriors into cyborgs. Sektor volunteered out of loyalty to the clan, and Cyrax was soon to follow. Subzero and Smoke fled the clan, not wishing to give up their souls.

This marked them for death. In an attempt to loose their followers, they split up, agreeing to meet at a set area. Subzero was successful, Smoke was not. Instead of his death, Smoke was turned into a cyborg, his orders were to hunt and kill his friend. Some suggest that his soul is still struggling to be free. Now, there's a cyborg and a human Smoke. How can that be, and what does it mean?

"Well, old man, do you think you can handle this? There was little chance of you handling me! Do you think you can handle a mere machine?" mocked Akuma loudly.

"I will send you back to Hell, Akuma! By The Master! There are two of you..."

"I am one of the special guests Alpha-Omega brought here. Unlike all of the other betters, I can be proud of my previous incarnation. He is already set on the path of mass destruction and chaos. He has no weakness for love, compassion, and that crap! Only power to crush your advisaries! That is why our transformation was so easy!" and this time, the laugh of dark madness was heard in stereo.

"I'd say that's enough! You've had your match, and yours is soon! GO!" which was followed in an explosion of thunder and lightning, and the two Akumas vanished.

"Now, for you..."

"...Ah! Home sweet home! Right where I fought before. Ok, Smoke, En Gaurd!"

Without waiting for a move, Smoke teleported, rocketing Gen off his feet. Then, before he hit the ground, he was speared in his arm, and reeled in to the awaiting cyborg. When he stopped, he was immediately uppercutted back into the air. Smoke ran, leapt, and tossed Gen back down to the cold ground below. As he lay on his back, Gen gasped for air. Never before had he been hit so hard, so fast. Then again, he had never fought a cyborg either. This is going to be even harder than I originally thought. The cyborg's skills are supposed to be based to a degree on the warrior when he was human. When he was, he must have been a tough man to have to face. I can't think about that now...think, how to defeat an opponent that proves near impossible to touch.

As he made his way to his feet, he was pummeled by the same kombo Cyrax had used on Dan, ending with a face-smashing back-fist to Gen's face. Before he could get up, he was knocked skyward again by a warp, followed by a quicker slam. This time, Gen just lay there, seemingly unconsciene, or dead. As Smoke moved in closer to examine his target, and determine what to do next, he was quickly knocked of his feet by Gen. Smoke shot up, and went for a spear. Gen, still in pain from the last assault and bleeding from his arm, rolled quickly under the spear. As the move ended, Gen struck sharply at the cyborg, though doing more hurt to himself than to it. Seeing Smoke still stunned from the move, he grabbed it, turned it around, and gave it a swift kick to the butt.

It was difficult to say for sure, but it seemed as if the cyborg was ticked, for it seemed to have a dark, piercing gaze fixed upon Gen, a look that he had not seen since Gen had faced Akuma, and lived to fight once more. He wondered what to do. There are two Akumas, as well as dark versions of Ryu, Ken, and the young Sakura. How could these fine young people develop into these dark sides? Ryu was one of the most noble of warriors Gen knew of, and could not understand how it happened to him. While Ken may seem more prone to it, he could not see him totally abandoning his own wife and son. Ken may be a play-boy at times, but he is exceptionally loyal to his friends, and his loved ones. He didn't know Sakura all that well, and he could not see how anyone that young could become such a demon. It was a dead-serious problem. However, Gen had to concern himself with staying alive.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Smoke? I ain't getting younger waiting for you; COME ON!"

As if in reply, Smoke leapt at Gen, who was still trying to fight to stay focus after the extreme loss of blood.

"Game over!" shouted Gen as he leapt, and drove Smoke to the ground in a flash!

"Jya-ko-ha! Winner of Fight 26, Round 1: Gen!"

"Now, `master Gen', you die!"


"Both of you, beat it!"

"This isn't the time, or the place. You will have your chance, but now, Gen is to be given time to recover!"

"Why do you two bother? You are both going to follow the path to end as I," glowed Shin Akuma with the Evil reaching out around him, attacking any opposing aura around him.

Akuma added, "For now! But your time is almost over!" and the aura of chaos followed the two demons as they left Ken, Ryu, and a barely alive Gen.


Fight 27: Shin Akuma v Ermac

"Huh? I thought you had just fought and killed off Kano! What are you..."

Akuma replied with a vile, dark laugh, then answered, "That was my slightly weaker half. That was what I was in the past, this is how I shall become, simple."

"That didn't make one BLOODY bit of sense! Actually, nothing you backwards humans say or do makes sense. It's all there in front of your stupid faces, yet most of you sit on your asses, and continue to just take the shit! Maybe you hope that if you just take it, there'll get bored and move onto something or some one else. Like I said, humans are stupid! That's why I'll beat you to a pulp!"

"You are sadly mistaken if you think I am anywhere near as weak as the humans you have described. As I'm sure you're about to find out. Come on!"

Before Ermac could strike, both men were hit by a blazing inferno of light, and transported out of the forest, and into a dark throne room. Akuma looked around, puzzled as to where he now was.

"I recognize this! It's The Kave. You feel that heat! Right under us is one of the many pits of Hell! That's a suitable place for a killing!"

"I could not agree with you more."

Ermac disappeared in an explosion, and reappeared behind Akuma, getting ready to strike a nerve, ending the match quickly. Just as he was about to connect, Akuma seemed to move right to, through, and past him.

Akuma roared insanely with his uncanny dark laugh at the still surprised Ermac. When he stopped, he calmly said, "I told you, fool! I'm not like those weak, pitiful humans you had described. I am so much more. Now, have this!" yelled Akuma as he leapt high into the air, and rained a barrage of fireballs on Ermac, leveling him.

As Ermac sprung to his feet, Akuma was floating toward him in a manner similar to XSakura to Sheeva. Ermac raised his arm toward the sky, as if to take control of some very force of nature. An instant later, Akuma was grabbed out of the Demon, and tossed into the sky. He landed with a gut-turning slam, bounced up and toward a waiting Ermac. Ermac uppercutted his helpless foe, teleported and smacked him in the face, and finished the kombo with a jade explosive fireball. Once again, the tide turned between two of the most powerfulest, and dangerous, men in this tournament. This time it favored the being known only as Ermac.

"It seems that I was right! Despite your strong level of power, you are as cocky and egotistical as most `Earth Warriors' are. You think that I can be defeated by a strong barrage of fireballs, and simply lay down and die! Typical...and pitiful. No no! Don't even try it!" Ermac declared as Akuma got to his feet, attempting to go for a demon dive, but was met with Ermac's kombo again.

"Now let's see where was I? Oh, yea, humans and their egos! You just right out assume that all creation revolves around you and everything you do. If you see it and like it a lot, you get it in your puny minds that you have to have it. You don't care how you get it, who has to be taken care of, or what has to be get what you want, and to Hell with the rest! Heh! How appropriate, We are fighting above A Pit of Hell. Maybe it's time for you to take a dip, eh?"

"Are you finished yet? I've had enough of you talk. Furthermore, I've had enough of YOU! Your obnoxious babbling has not fallen upon deaf ears. However, your constant prattle is meaningless to me! Whether all you say is true or not, it is a waste of breath. What I have in store for you will be nothing in comparison for what I have in store for the rest of the people of Earth. Perhaps, I shall expand beyond Earth..."

"You and what army? I doubt anyone will follow you!"

"That won't be needed! Messatsu-netsu-hado!" yelled Akuma as he fired a beam of fire from his hands, frying the smirking look from Ermac.

Ermac was severely burned, and as he attempted to get up, he was leveled by a second beam of fire. sending him crashing through the throne.

"Messatsu-netsu-hado! Winner of Fight 27, Round 1: Shin Akuma!"

Akuma broke open the seal over Hell, and dropped Ermac into it, followed by his usual dark laugh. Behind him, a second one began to echo him. Then, from both sides, came two more laughs, each keeping in rhythm with the rest.

"Ah! Marvel Ken, Evil Ryu, XSakura! Come to join the master above the pits of Hell!"

"You should know why I am here! I don't know about those two, they are still sickeningly in love. Me, I'm here to waste you. I can feel it from your aura. The fight with Ermac took much from you, old man. You cannot hold up to one with powers to rival yours. This is the end!"

"Not so fast, Ken! Akuma is mine! I was better before The Transformation, and I'm still better than you. I'm sending him to Hell!"

"Not if I do it first! I'm the one who's the natural. You had to work at it. I'll kick your butt again!'

"Don't even try it pretty boy! Ryu has kicked Sagat's ass, and he'll kick yours!"

"Big talk from a little girl! Don't think we've forgotten about you, Akuma!"

"I'd be most disappointed if you whelps did. I can still defeat each of you. None of you will work together, so I will emerge victorious!"

Wow! Shin Akuma, Marvel Ken, Evil Ryu, XSakura all together and are Hell-bent on eliminating their opposition. So, what'll happen? Read on!


Fight 28: Guile v Jax3

(What? You thought I'd get right into it? Something to keep you waiting.)

"Hey, another of our boys from the service. It's good to meet you," said Jax warmly, trying to be on good terms with this strong looking man.

"Yea, whatever! We are here for a fight; so let's do this! Then, if I feel like it, we can get buddy-buddy!"

"Man, some one got in a bad mood real quick. Didn't you get your cup of coffee? S'up?"

"I want that man who looks like a military officer dressed in red. His name's Bison. He had...killed my best friend. Now, this Alpha-Omega resurrects him and several others. Now that the shot's open, I'm going to crush Bison!"

"Woah! Watch da flash! Hey, do you recognize this base?"

"Huh...yea! It's where I staged my fights in The World Warrior! But..."

"Welcome, Colonel Guile. It's been a bit, hasn't it!"

"" Guile asked, only half recognizing the voice. Standing near one of the crates stood a sole, tall, blond woman. She was one of his old buddies that had cheered him on in The World Warrior.

"Uh, hi, Dorthy!"

"Wow-whoosh! Yo! Guile! Whose the fine lady?"

She turned toward Jax, instantly materialized in front of him, and in a seductive voice, replied, "Why Jax? Don't you know your host when you see it?"

"Cut that out, dude! You're freaking me!"

"`Dude'? No, Jax, the Alpha-Omega isn't a dude, nor am I a `babe.' There is no single classification for myself. I'm all of this, yet none..."

"Yea, I's here for your wacked story! I don't know who or what you are, and I don't really care. When this is all over with, I'm getting some answers."

"Jax, Jax. Nothing is ever that simple. Like everything, the answers must be worked for. The answers are here, but you must do a little work."

"A little?! Are you nuts?! First, there's two very big, very pissed dudes with four arms that want to rip open a lot of us over the death of Sheeva. Next, there's a four-legged giant whose as bad as his four-armed buds! Then, there are people coming back from death! I'd hate to see what a lot of work is!"

"Yes, you would! I doubt any of you could handle a lot of work. Now, begin!" and in a flash, A-O was back, watching the match.

"So, are you ready, Guile?"

"Sonic Boom!" was Guile's answer.

Jax waited for the last possible split-second, then slammed his fist into the ground, causing a huge quake, and knocking Guile to the ground. As Guile got back up to his feet, he was met by a dashing fist from Jax, followed almost immediately by a Quad-Slam. Continuing the assault, Jax drove his fists into Guile, slowly turning Guile into a bloody pulp.

DAMN! This is going crappie! Come on, Guile! Think you idiot. What are you doing wrong? That's it. Your letting your quest to nail Bison control you, again. Not only that, but Charlie's resurrection is at the front of your mind, as is this "Shadow." Come on, you dork; get your head outta your butt, and show this powerhouse what you have!

"Ah, Guile, are you, cak!" Jax gurgled as he was cut off by Guile, who had suplexed Jax onto the back of his head.

Guile leapt at Jax, to which he said, "Gotcha!" as he leapt to meet Guile. Guile proved to be the quicker, for he grabbed Jax, and put him in a back breaker. As Jax sprung to his feet, he was met by two knees from Guile, followed by a back-hand to the face, and finished with a Double-Flashkick.

"Uhhhn! I don't suppose you want to see if I'm ok?"

"Not if I want to get my insides knocked out! I'm rather fond of being in one piece. Besides, since Charlie lost to Liu Kang, I have to make up for the lose to our side, don't I?" Guile joked.

"I don't find that funny!"

"Oh well, can't please them all, what the..."

Outa desperation, Jax threw one of the crates at Guile.

"That was a cheap shot. Unless you really are that hurt, don't pull that!"

"Just buying me a breather, brother. Now, back to my feet and to work."

Jax rushed in with another dashing fist, but Guile was ready. Guile executed his own version of the Somersault Justice, leveling Jax.

"Somersault Justice! Winner of Fight 28, Round 1: Guile!"

"Hey, Guile! You did it! You won! You did good!"

"Well, one of us had to prove we US Special Forces guys kick! It just so happens to be me this time!"

"Don't go getting cute with me, Guile! We still have a lot to do."

"Yea, I kick ass, you take names...just as usual!"

Charlie gave a piercing stare, then smiled as they walked back.

"Hey there, cowboy! Talk to me Jax! You still alive?"

"Yeah, though my stuffings were knocked out of me!"

"Darn! I guess I'll still have to put up with you then!"

"Girl...DON'T play like that! It's not amusing."

"Don't be such a baby. Come on, aunty Sonya's going to help make you all better."


Fight 29:

Evil Ryu v Baraka

While Guile and Jax fought their match, the "Dark-sides" were making ready to rip each other apart!

"Why don't the two of you whelps fight to see which is worthy enough to challenge me?"

"You must have us confused with our previous incarnations, Akuma. We are of our own will, and not some would-be world dominator."

"We must really have you scared, wimp, for you to try to pull that lame trick with us! It ain't gonna save you! You are dead!"

"Big talk from a man who is still last. You cannot perform the Raging Demon, nor can you warp. Even XSakura can do these things!"

"NOT! Her `Demon' is a weaker version of the True Demon. As for warping, that's for running away. A real man doesn't need it!"

"Are you saying that Ryu isn't a real man?" XSakura demanded.

"When was the last time you and he went for it, hoe!"

"Still cheap talking, Ken? Only way you can ever win."

"Hey, you stupid humans. Are you going to kill yourselves today. If so, don't do it by talking yourselves to death. Let me cut you up. I'll start with the bum I's supposed to fight!"

"You'll be dead before you begin!"

"Any time! Now seems good to me!"

" ENOUGH! It is, as of yet, time for the four of you to begin. Return! Evil Ryu, Barka, to battle!" In a loud blast followed by a dense fog, they disappeared. Those who weren't competing were sent to different parts of the woods, forbidden to fight. The two warriors who were to fight were now in The Pit 3!

"Aaargh!" screamed Ryu as Baraka cut him with his blade. Baraka then hit Ryu with a double kick, knocking him toward the edge.

"This is too easy. If you are supposed to be a stronger version of the dweeb that considers himself to be the best fighter on Earth, I'd love to see what the weaker version's like. The more cadavers, the better!" Baraka mused as he lifted his blade high above his head, and brought it through...the ground.

"What the Hell! Ugh! So, you can warp! Pretty! Now, you die, pretty boy."

Baraka dove in with a jump kick, knocking Ryu into the corner. Moving in for a quick kill, Baraka popped his blades, and began a Blade Fury, knowing that his foe was ribbon. To his surprise, his foe warped through it, and behind him. His foe started to float toward him, as do all of the warriors that prepare for the Raging Demon.

"Don't try that load with me, jerk! Here!" and Barka spun around, arms out, blades spinning, taking Ryu out of the Demon. As he got up, he was met by a series of sparks, pushing Ryu into the other corner. Baraka then started to laugh maniacally.

"What's so funny, you..."

"You humans. You have to be the dumbest race in existence. You spend so much time focusing on personal issues that you miss the real thing. It's even worse when you focus on personal issues of big people, especially your so called leaders. Whether they are having affairs, accused of possible murder, or some other crud like that, you spend more time focused on that. It's all a big distraction from the real issues that plague the mindless masses of Earth. When some law like helping your so called education is past, nobody cares! It's not hot and ain't `news.' Instead, you pay attention to 'hot topics,' and get shitted on by your leaders. They only help those who help be specific, the ones who pay them the most. Even when you idiots are made aware of it, time and again, you do nothing! You sit on your ass, expecting some one to care and do something. At best, you complain; I won't even go into the worst! That's why your world will soon be overrun by those who are worthy to rule it. Your time is nearly up!"

"As is yours, blowhard! You are the idiot! You waste your time with issues you know nothing about. This has allowed me more than ample time to recover from your blades...Shinkuu Hadoken!" yelled Ryu as he pounded Baraka across the Pit, and into the wall.

"Shinkuu Hadoken! Winner of Fight 29, Round 1: Evil Ryu!"

"I'd love to stay to drop you into the Pit, but X and I have some souls to torment! Have a nice day!" snickered Evil Ryu as he went to meet XSakura.

"Baraka?! Are you alive?"

"Yea, ya broad! This ain't over! The Ryus and Sakuras are dead! That was a grave mistake, to let me live!"

Back in The Dark Throne Room..."Hmm! That probably hurt! Better luck next fight, Ermac. Khameleon, will you please retrieve him?"

"As you wish," was her reply. As she descended toward the Hell-pool, it spread open, revealing Ermac's body, unfazed by the fire. She lifted him up, and they were gone in a flash.


Fight 30: Bison v Jarek

"The Master of Shadowloo and wannbe ruler of Earth. Your organization is nothing compared to the Black Dragon."

"Such fire, yet such ignorance. I know all too well that you are the last of the Black Dragon. Do not waste your potential with a dying past. Look toward your future. Join me and Shadowloo. Your powers and abilities will prove a great asset to us."

Jarek dropped to the ground, causing a small quake, knocking the Master of Shadowloo off his feet. As he got up, he was met by s series of red star-like projectiles, driving Bison into a huge bell!

"What! Where in the name of Evil are we?"

It took some time for the bell to stop ringing, as well as Bison's head. Jarek repeated his question, and after a few moments, Bison responded that they were in his old HQ from the World Warrior tourney. It was probably the work of the "Alpha-Omega character."

"That's right, Bison. You actually are right with this one!"

"Cracker Jack!? What do you want? Oh, I see. But why do you constantly take the appearance of other warriors, particularly those not in this tournament?"

"Why not? Does everthing always need a specific reason? Why can't you just simply except things as they are, leaving them as is? Will it really kill you to do it?"

"It very well may. Being an all-powerful god, you should know what I do, and that I can't afford any risks."

"Perhaps I'm trying to get you to realize it for yourself. Many different beings, not just humans, expect their God to be able to do things for them. Why is the world in such bad shape? If He really cared, then why is he allowing it to happen? Why is he not doing something? I think you get the point. Now, for an answer. Let me try to make it simple so that you can understand. Say there is a father who has a lot of kids. Like all fathers should, he cares for all of his children. As such, it is very hard to make sure `everyone behaves.' Even the best do have their limits, the more kids he has to take care of, the harder it is. At other times, he has to let the children go on their own, to `grow up,' as it were. He cannot hold their hands forever. They must be allowed to lead their own life, without the fathers intervention. If it does become necessary, he can offer advice to those who come out and ask, but the kid must be willing to follow the advice. All have, at one time or another, not done so because they don't want to give something up. Then, the father has done all that can be done. He has offered what he can. It is the kid's choice as to what they do with it."

"Do you really think anyone buys into that line?" Jarek asked, with obvious sarcasm.

"There's no point in answering you. You have your ideas, which you'll take to your grave. It's up to each individual to make the decision."

Before Jarek could offer further sarcasm, he was zapped by Bison's Psycho Spark, which exploded outward, sending Jarek through one of the two statues. He then caught Jarek with a stomp as he arose, followed with a smack in the face. He then hit his staggering foe with a scissor kick, followed with a body throw.

Bison rushed in with a flaming torpedo, but near the second of impact, Jarek threw a large fragment of the now shattered statue at Bison, completely taking him out of the move, and down to his knees. As Bison looked up, he was knocked flat on his back by Jarek's roll. He picked up Bison, and threw him through the other statue. On the second time, he threw Bison into the scattered fragments.

"Goodbye! I told you, your organization is nothing compared to the Black Dragon. It's over!" Jarek laughed like he did before a kill. His entire face glowed, and a red laser fired from his head, vaporizing the debris.

He heard a laugh from behind him, and saw Bison still standing. He fired again and again, each time, Bison laughed as he warped away. Bison finally reappeared in Jarek's face, and was met with the Psycho Crusher, driving Jarek through what was left of the remaining statue, and to defeat!

"Get lost! You can't compare with my powers!"

"Psycho Crusher! Winner of Fight 30, Round 1: Bison!"

This ends chapter 16! The fights are drawing to a close for this round. Still left: Motaro, Shao Khan, Chameleon-Khameleon, Shen Long, Goutestu, AND Marvel Ken! Keep reading to see them in action! ;}