Fight 18, Round 1: Dan v Cyrax

"What! You mean I have to fight a cyborg?! How am I suppose to fight a machine. It's bad enough having to hit it (like getting a car-door slammed on you), but to have it fight back! How in the world am I suppose to do that? This is stupid! What purpose could it serve for me to fight a machine!?"

Obviously, Cyrax would not answer, so he may have been yelling to the air, for all he knew. Dan was about to be surprised.

"Dan, this is how things just work out. Things do not always work at as we planned, especially a loved-one's death!"

"Daddy!? How'd you get here? You died, I know you did!...have I died and am now finally reunited with you after all of these years? Oh, Daddy! There's so much I'd like to share with you!"

"Nor are all things as they appear, Dan!" and the familiar aura burst outward from his "Daddy," and Dan had to shield his eyes.

When he reopened them, he was in a sort of dungeon, with some skeletons laying about the walls.

"Goro's lair!" declared the voice, and then Cyrax attacked.

Dan was taken down by a 5-hit combo, finished with a back-hand to his nose. As he got up, he screamed "shit!" as one grenade, and then a second was hurled at him. He was just able to roll out of the way as they exploded, sending him flying. He got up fast, only to be tossed again by Cyrax.

"I said this wasn't fair! I hope this works! Shinku-gadoken!" yelled Dan as he put all of his will into his super fireball.

Cyrax had nearly closed in for a quick kill. Cyrax was still too far away, but it was enough to take Cyrax down, at least for the moment.

"Ooohhh! I did it!" groaned Dan as he fell from having everything thrown at him, including bombs!

He then shot up in disbelief as he heard it come back to life.

NO! How can this be!? What chance do I, does anyone, have against fighting a machine? It just can't be done! Oh papa--I wish you were here. You could offer me the needed encouragement I need.

With that last thought, Dan closed his eyes. Instantly, he was bombarded with an array of memories. He recalls his first lesson from his father. He was exceptional, especially for his first attempt. Some years later, he watched in horror as Sagat killed his father in a tournament, simply to maintain his title. He wasn't sure which was worse, his father going for such a risk that would force Sagat to choose, thus taking his life, or Sagat for actually doing it. His father made a hard choice in the heat of battle. He chose to win, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, he lost, the match and his life.

"NO MORE! I will not lay here for you to defeat me, machine, man, or otherwise. My father taught me better! I will not give up, but will continue to fight! There's no surrendering, no retreating! I will only go forward, and I will win! Come on, you bucket of bolts!"

Almost as in reply, Cyrax rushed at Dan. As it neared Dan he used a Gadoken. Cyrax easily jumped over the short fireball. This worked to Dan's advantage. It took him no time to recover from it. As it leapt over him, Dan jumped up, and slammed Cyrax into the cold, hard ground below. Dan was able to repeat it three more times before Cyrax blocked it. At that time, Cyrax attempted to net Dan, but Dan rolled out of the way.

"Now! Ko-ru-rekka!" Dan yelled as he hit Cyrax with a series of uppercuts, and finished with his Ko-ryu-ken.

Cyrax was sent down with a crash that possibly would have broken bones, had he been human.

Dan fell to his knees, after his desperate attempt to finally defeat this machine. His entire body ached, and he wasn't sure if it was more from the machine itself, or from his repeatedly bashing his fists into it, hoping to subdue it like a human opponent. He had done a lot of damage to Cyrax, but once again, it got up, albeit slower.

"NOOO! I can't go on, fighting a machine! It's...too much!" and Dan fell over, cringing in pain.

Cyrax was now fatally close, and it would only take a few seconds for whatever it had planned. He bent down, and started doing a weird dance.

"Winner of Fight 18, Round 1: Cyrax! Friendship! Friendship?"

FYI: Before any of you Dan fans write in and complain, let it be known that Dan lost by only 1 vote (I counted it 5 times)! For those of you who voted, you should have told fellow Danites to vote. But don't worry, as you're about to see, he'll be given a new opportunity, as well as THE UNOFFICIAL MKvSF reason as to why his moves aren't up to level!


Fight 19, Round 1: Chun Li v Kitana

As Chun Li headed for the Kombat area, she heard crying. Curious as to who it was, and wondering how she could help, she followed the sounds of pain to their source. She was rather surprised to see that it was Dan. She almost laughed, for here was a grown man, crying in...she caught herself as she realized that nobody actually knew where they were. Those that did weren't talking. She then noticed that he was alone! She quickly deduced that it was because nobody cared for either of the previous komatants. For Cyrax, it wouldn't matter. After all, he was a machine, so he had no feelings to hurt. Dan, was human, and he felt pain, as we all do. She was debating as to what to do, when she heard him wail out in pain, still thinking that he was alone.

"Oh Daddy! I've failed you! I've tried to avenge you, but I have failed. I was eliminated in the first round of this fight, so now I won't be able to get at Sagat, and have my revenge! It's all my fault! Instead of focusing on improving my skills, I got caught up in trying to kill that monster, Sagat! I didn't succeed, and now you won't be able to rest in peace. If only I could relearn and refine my skills...but nobody cares! A fine man was killed, and there's nothing I can do! Nobody understands what it's like to have your papa killed at so young an age!"

However, Chun Li did. Years ago, her own father was killed by Shadowloo. At first, the evidence pointed to Bison's personal assassin, Vega. She devoted her life to tracking Shadowloo, at destroying Vega for the murder, and Bison for giving him the order.

As she closed in, she learned that it was Bison who had delivered the death-blow, but not before a grueling match with the psychotic Vega. Vega was simply to test her father's abilities for Bison. Vega, as always, got carried away, causing much of her father's blood to be spilled. Bison ordered Vega to cease. Then Bison lifted his dying form, and hurled him out the window of the 15th floor.

"I understand exactly what you feel!" Chun Li responded, shocking and embarrassing Dan that he had attracted somebody to see him in his state.

"What do you want? Are you hear to mock the 'Joke of Street Fighter?' I've suffered enough; leave me!"

"Wait! I too have lost my father. I know how you must feel."

Chun Li then told Dan about how her father had been killed, and that she had devoted her life to avenging him.

"You know, if you want, I think I know of someone who would be willing to help you out."

"...You do!? Why are you doing this?"

"No one should EVER be truly alone, especially with something as hard as this. Just don't get any ideas in your head! I'm not doing this for that reason, you got that!"


"Good! I'll go talk with him before my fight."

To find out what happens, follow the main link, and go to the Legends' link.

"You are very late for our match, Chun Li. What were you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Kitana. I had some business that I wished to attend to. It's...hard to explain. That is...say, aren't you the daughter of that dark lord, Shao Khan."

"Not in ANY form!...As I later learned, he had killed off my father, and took my mother, Sindel, for his queen. I was led to believe it was the other way around. A short time after, I met my twin sister, Mileena. At the time, it had convinced me of what he said, for she looked exactly like me. I thought that it could not be possible unless what he said was true."

"In time, my suspicions arose. Mileena started to resemble a nomad more than myself. Finally, her mouth showed that in some way, she was part nomad. Later I learned that she wasn't my sister at all, but my clone. In a sense, she was me. Perhaps she is my 'dark-side.'"

"Hm...I wonder why it's always the good guys who have the side they don't want to face exposed!"

Kitana laughed before replying, "Actually, that's not all true, Chun Li. For example, there's Mileena. I know she won't admit it, but she really does feel miserable at times. She has no actual parents; she is nothing more than my clone. If I didn't exist, she would never exist. Then there's happiness. To be honest, she may like being a personal assassin, but that will only do so much. I have Liu Kang, and we both love each other deeply. Mileena, on the other hand, has Baraka. Like all nomads, they can't be trusted. They may love each other, but there will always be the issue of not being able to trust each other. They are cold-blooded killers. Thus, neither can be sure of just how loyal the other will be. They both risk the other turning on them in a battle of wits, skill, and luck. Not a very happy life, if I do say so."

"No, I guess not. But it seems that there is something of more concern to you than your--Mileena. I can tell by your voice."

"Ah! You are good. You are right. It is my mother, Queen Sindel."

Kitana then proceeded to tell Chun Li of how Khan killed her true father, and took Sindel for his queen. However, she died shortly after Mileena was introduced. How she died remains a mystery, as does how Mileena bears a resemblance to a nomad woman.

"That is all fine and dandy, ladies, but how about you beauties get on with your match?"

"Vega! What are you doing here, you butcher?"

"That is enough from you, Vega. You have had your match, and killed your opponent. Now go!"

"Papa! Is it really you? Have..." Chun Li stopped as she saw her "father" glow in the all too familiar aura, and Vega was removed from...her market square?

"...Wow, the A-O doesn't fool around!"

"No, child! However, if you wish to reach your goals, you must prove your worth. Begin!"

Chun Li, not waiting for bowing or the like, did a high leap over Kitana, intending to strike at her from behind. However, Kitana turned around, and paralyzed Chun Li with her fan lift. She then leapt up, hit Chun Li, grinded her with a fan, landed, and hit her with her Square Wave. As Chun Li got up, Kitana hit her with four hard kicks, sending her to the ground once more. Kitana rushed in for another kombo, only this time, she was using her fans. Chun Li successfully blocked all the hits, and pushed Kitana away as the last hit connected.

"Kikosho!" Chun Li yelled.

Chun Li was encircled by a huge bubble of power. Luckily, Kitana had been pushed back by Chun Li, so she had enough time to block the hits--too far back for the attack to do much more than stagger her.

"How--did you--how is it that you can unleash such power? I did not think ANY warriors of Earth had such power. In fact, there are few mortals I can think of to have such power."

"I learned that, as well as a few other tricks from fighting with and against a couple of succubi! Now that is a story in itself. Remind me after this is all over to tell you that one! What a world, where demons do that!"

"That is why I, and others treasure your world. Not for that reason, but for the wide variety of beings that inhabit it. That is why so many from other worlds come to visit. It is easily the most compatible planet in creation. For the most part, any life form could survive on Earth. Alas, that is also what makes it a much sought after prize by men such as Khan. As your world also is one of the many passage points between dimensions, it is much like a harbor of trade, if you will. However, as most of the inhabitants do not realize this, and that many of them fight between nations, it makes it ideal for Khan and others to possesses it. It is only through efforts like Mortal Kombat that help to keep Earth safe. It is like a retreat for many of us, and something that we cannot allow Khan to control!"

"I'll be! I thought it was bad enough with the likes of Bison trying to control Earth, but from what you've told me; man! We are really going to have to get our act together. So, let's finish this up. Then, we can finish those creeps!"

Kitana smiled in agreement, and they went at it again.

Again, Chun Li attempted an air leap at Kitana, only this time, she was caught before she could leap over with the same combo again. For a second time, Chun Li was paralyzed by Kitana's fan lift. She then leapt up, hit Chun Li, and followed up with a grinding fan. As she landed, she hesitated, thinking about all that she had told Chun Li. Could they really save Earth from Khan? Her mother had recovered from her lose to Rose, and seemed to be alone, onto herself. Khan seemed to ignore her, and she ignored Kitana.

Kitana then received her second surprise from her fight with Chun Li. She hesitated too long. Chun Li leapt at her, and was nearly upon her when she seemed to pause in mid air before shooting straight at her. Chun Li delivered a hard kick to Kitana, staggering her. Everything went black, and strange symbols appeared all around them. Chun Li passed by her, and Kitana fell to her face, unconscious.

"Shichisei Senpuu Kyaku! Winner of Fight 19, Round 1: Chun Li!"

Then, they were back with the others. Liu Kang rushed to Kitana's side.

"Kitana! Are you all right, my love? Please! Speak to me! Say something! Anything! Give me a sign to show that you're alive!"

Kitana sat up quickly and gave Liu Kang a long, passionate kiss.

"And you thought I worried to much, Liu Kang. I'm glad to see you care. Just don't go overboard."

"Congratulations, Chun Li. I knew you could do it."

"Gee, Ryu, do you think you can show it with any more feeling? You are just so overflowing with emotion. I thought you were passionate when it came to the fight!" Chun Li laughed as Ryu started to turn red.

"Oh, I've decided to except your suggestion, Chun Li."

"Good! Thank you, Ryu."


Fight 20, Round 1: Sagat v Khameleon

I wonder, is it all really worth it? I've spent so many years in my quest for vengeance, it seems as if it will never come to be. I hadn't seen him in such a long time, I had even began to forget about this entirely. I had even began to think that I may have finally obtained peace for my soul. Alas, when I looked at the great scar, it enraged me so. When the demon came, I was more than ready to except his offer. Now, when I look at the scar, it hurts and burns in my very core, yet the same desire for Ryu's end is no longer there. What's missing? I vowed that the next time we meet, one of us wouldn't survive. Now, it doesn't seem to matter as much to me. Why?

Maybe it's because he has taken time for some of the other joys of life. Although he may deny it, nearly everyone else, myself included, knows that Ryu's in love with his young admirer. That is something I have never allowed myself to feel. When I was champion, I had no interest in drugs, war, or that trash. After my loss to Ryu, I lost sight of everything. I was willing to team up with madmen like Bison for hopes of learning how to whip him.

However, as I progress, so does Ryu. I've come close in our other match, but he snuck out a victory again. I was so sure that I would find peace after I had finally defeated Ryu. I had gone so far as to make plans for regaining the Thai Championship I held, along with all the others. I didn't succeed. It was not until Akuma reopened my old wounds that I was set once more.

Now, I found myself questioning my journey once more. Maybe I have grown tired of my need for defeating Ryu. There must be more for me in life, isn't there? Maybe it's that Evil Ryu that has me uneasy. If that is what happens to a soul as noble as Ryu, what could happen to me? Could I face a fate not unlike Akuma's?

NO! This has to be a nightmare! There were five of my race left before this insanity. Now, there is only Reptile, the one who had served Shao Khan, Chameleon-Khameleon, and myself. Although it was an accident (sorta) that when Reptile was zapped by Blanka, he landed on a spike. I guess it was bound to happen, after all, they were fighting in The Pit. But why did it have to happen? Our race is small enough as it was. Now, there are only three of us left.

That brings me to how Chameleon died. She was fighting that madman, Vega. He too is a ninja, and real good, for a human. Aw, who am I kidding, he's DAMN good! If he wasn't, Chameleon would still be alive. But driving that accursed claw of his through her breast is unforgivable!

We are still in debate about whether we should try and take him down together. Is it worth risking the last three of our race in an insane quest for revenge? What if another of us die? There's a temptation for us to leave this fight altogether, letting them do what they choose, and letting us go in peace and seclusion. But now, I face a friend of that madman, Sagat. He is bent on destroying their champion, Ryu. I doubt he will be willing to go easy on me, even if he knows that a race is on the verge of extinction.

That is another thing I hate about the pitiful humans. They have spent countless centuries wiping out species that are available only on Earth. Once they are gone, that is all, there will be no others to replace them. It's not just with animals, but with plants as well. It is little wonder that their world is in such chaos. I'd almost wish Khan would conquer Earth. But if he succeeds, his next goal would be to completely wipe out our dying race. As long as he is occupied with Earth, than we will remain safe. There are some noble Earth warriors at least, which do help to redeem it, I just wish this was one of them, instead of a killer.

"Hey, people, it's time to get under way! Now would be preferable!"

"Who...Walker! Only you would be so brash as to rush into a fight gunned without a plan. You maybe physically better than Rogers, but he's smarter than you'll ever be!"

"Sagat, you fool! I don't know who this 'Walker' person is, but this ain't him! Feel that power?"

"Alpha-Omega?! Fine! That would explain why we are in what appears to be in this riot area. Let us begin..."


Khameleon hurled a pair of sai at the giant, expecting him to be too slow to avoid it. Not only did he avoid it, but returned her the favor with a Tiger Shot. Her legs burned at the impact, and Sagat followed with a Tiger Knee. He then bent down, setting up for an Uppercut, when he was countered by a fan lift. She then leapt up, hit Sagat, grinded him with a fan, landed, and hit him with her Square Wave.

As Sagat got up, Khameleon hit him with four hard kicks, sending him to the ground once more. Sagat expected her to continue the pattern, and set up a Tiger Cannon. Instead, she began to glow. The Cannon passed through her, and she began to pound away at him with a 7-hit kombo, finishing with a series of bashes from her stick. As he stood up, she rolled toward him, knocking him off his feet. She then followed with a teleport kick, then connecting with Sais.

She glowed again, wanting to pound Sagat with the same kombo she had used before. Sagat was ready, and blocked the entire attack. As soon as she finished, he shot out his arm, grabbed her by the face, and kneed her several times in the gut before throwing her away. Sagat was going to move in for a finish, but shrunk back in pain.

Shit! When she tripped me with that roll, I must have sprained something. I can't move in on her without her knowing that I'm hurt. Then, it'll all be over.

Why is he just standing there looking at me? Is he trying to determine just how badly he hurt me? Maybe he thinks I'm playing opossum. I can stand and face him, but not much more. How long will he wait before moving? I don't know if I can counter his next move. If he throws another fireball, and I don't follow-up, he'll know something's wrong. If I do follow-up, he'll know that I'm hurt. Then, it'll all be over.

"What are you waiting for?" Sagat demanded.

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

"Hmph! It seems that we are in a stand-off. How shall we end it?"

Khameleon threw a windmill star at Sagat. He dodged it coming, but was unsuccessful in the return.

"So, you are hurt too! How about we call this a draw?"

Sagat laughed hysterically.

"What's so funny?"

"NEVER reveal a weakness to an opponent! TIGER CANNON!" shouted Sagat as his largest Tiger Cannon ever poured out from his core.

Not only was it as high as he was, and then some, but it was as wide as E.Honda (I told you he'd have a beam to put Cyc's to shame)!

As she was beaten down by the beam, Khameleon screamed in pain, not so not only from blast, but from the fact that her race would soon be reduced to two.

"Tiger Cannon! Winner of Fight 20, Round 1: Sagat!"

Sagat turned to leave.

"You aren't going to kill me?"

"I have been part of enough death! As for you, I've heard your race is reduced to three...Good luck!"


Fight 21, Round 1: Cammy v Sonya

(FYI: If you haven't read earlier parts of this fic, Cammy's under Bison's control, essentially like the animated movie.)

"So, are you with British Special Forces, or are you a Shadowloo Soldier? Based on your outfit, I'd say Shadowloo. Well, aren't you going to say something?"

Talking was one of the things that all Shadowloo soldiers were "trained" to do very little of, if any. Cammy White was no exception. Her memory was a blank as far as anyone could tell. The only thing she knew was what she had been trainned to do--KILL!

Plain and simple, no matter the target. All that was needed was the name of the target, and it would be dead. Those special cases were given to Cammy for one simple reason, she was the best Shadowloo Mind-Soldier. Even though her entire identity was all but eradicated, her reflexes, skills, and overall abilities suffered the least. This had impressed Bison. Such a warrior, now under his control. It would also make up for the loses of Ryu, and later, Ken. Her skills were, in fact, second only to Shadowloo's Elite: Bison, Sagat, Vega, and Balrog.

Sonya looked into Cammy's eyes, and saw nothing, except for a cold, icy void of death. That is all that Bison's troops know, nothing more.

"My God! It's like you've been possessed! Or maybe like you're dead!"

"Now that you mention dead..."

Sonya screamed as a skeleton was only a few feet away from her. She looked around, and saw that they were now on a short, narrow platform. The room was covered with chains. Then, she smelled an ugly aroma, and started to feel hot.

"...The Dead Pool! That would mean that you must be the Alpha-Omega! Why's an all powerful being playing a practical joke?"

"Come now! Don't tell me that you expect me to be a total bore with no sense of humor. After all, I wouldn't have brought any of you here if I didn't have any feelings."

"And what kind of sadistic feelings are that? People have died already! Many more will die! I could die!"

"Maybe, but will you? Perhaps a better question is, are they?"

Before Sonya could ask what was meant by that, Cammy hit her with a double backfist. As she got up, Cammy caught her in a frankenstiener. For a moment, all Sonya could see was darkness. She opened her eyes, and saw Cammy grab her by the neck, and lift her to her feet.

Sonya grabbed Cammy's arms, and flipped her. Cammy was quick enough to be able to flip and land on her feet. Sonya wasted no time. As soon as Cammy turned around, she was on her hands, and flipped Cammy over. As she moved in to follow up, Cammy met her with a Thrust kick to the face. Cammy leapt in, but was caught by Sonya's Bike Kick.

As Cammy stood up, she was met with a series of hits from Sonya, finishing with a back-hand to the face. Not waiting for her foe to get up, Sonya ran in, throwing Cammy as she stood up. Sonya then pulled out a blade resembling a giant, yet deadly, pinwheel. She then swatted Cammy with it, knocking her into a stray hook by mistake. Cammy's body flinched, yet not a sound came from her. So strong was Bison's brainwashing, that they could suffer the cruelest of pain,even torture, yet would never scream in pain. The flinching was just her body's reaction to the intense pain.

Sonya was horrified at what had happened, and started to feel queasy. Then, she was in for a real shock, as Cammy pulled herself from the hook, blood gushing out of her wound. Sonya didn't know what to do. She made up her mind; it's kill, or be killed!

"Heaven forgive me! I'd hate to have to kill an innocent, but I have no choice! It's kill, or be killed! Sorry!"

Sonya formed the motion with her hands, and a giant, pink bubble appeared, and rushed toward the limping Cammy.

Cammy leapt over the bubble, and after a brief pause, dove at Sonya. Sonya was hit from several directions by the onslaught from Cammy.

When it was done, Sonya was dangerously close to the edge of the platform, overlooking the Dead Pool a few feet below.

As she started to stir, her glove fell off, and into the pool. The bubbling sound of the glove being eaten by the acid alerted Sonya, and she sprung to her feet. She turned, and fired off a few rounds of her rings at Cammy, pounding her back and to the ground.

"This ends, NOW!" commanded Sonya as she lifted Cammy to her feet.

Cammy still had some fight in her. She powered out of Sonya's grip, turned around, and suplexed Sonya head first onto the hard ground, knocking her out.

Cammy looked at her. Perhaps she was pondering what to do. The image of what had happened to the glove flashed before her mind's eye, and she made her choice.

Cammy lifted the still unconscious Sonya, getting ready to dump her into the pool.


Cammy hesitated for a brief second to see who it was. When she saw it was only Chun Li, she glared at her briefly, and then commenced to throw Sonya into the pool.

"Listen to me, Cammy! Don't do this! It's not you! I don't know what that Bastard Bison did to you, but you must remember who you really are!"

Cammy dropped Sonya onto the platform, and turned, ready to battle Chun Li.

Chun Li was horrified. Her best friend was under control of the world's most dangerous madman, and had no memory of who she was. What made it worse was that her arm was still pouring blood from her shoulder wound, yet Cammy didn't seem to notice it.

"Cammy! Look at me! It's me, Chun Li! Remember me? Remember all of the things we had done together?"

Cammy's face flushed with rage.

Oops. That may not have been a good idea. At our last tournament, before she vanished, I beat her in the finals for the title. She was less than happy.

"Ok, forget that! Remember our first mission together in Brazil together? Remember how you helped us to bring Blanka back to his humanity? Remember the time we taught the 'greatest fighters in the world,' Ken and Ryu, a lesson about how to treat ladies? Remember what you did to Ken?"

Like TNT blasting through a mountain, Cammy's memories started to explode upon her. She fell to her knees, and started to shiver.

Chun Li came over to help her friend, who was finally starting to recall who she really was.

"Why!?" Cammy stuttered between breaths.

"I don't know. Maybe we'll learn why people can do things to others, some day. For now, let me help you. That wound is going to need some work," Chun Li said, pointing to Cammy's arm.

"I can't feel anything in it, at all!"

"That will be for your room to attend to, and a lot of rest."

"I don't need to be told who that is, A-O!" said Chun Li as she helped her friend to her cabin.

"Winner of Fight 21, Round 1: Cammy!"

"Sonya, girl--you ok?"

"Jax? Jax? Johnny?" asked a dazed Sonya, seeing a Jax with and without his cyber arms, and Cage.

"Don't worry none. We'll help you back."


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