THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter Story

Chapter 10

Chameleons, Reptiles, and Meat




So, I am in yet another strange world. It seems that this is what I am always destined to do. As such, I will never reach my true desire, the reunion with my now extinct race.

At least I thought it was extinct. Now, I see a male from my race who has my name, and a slight resemblance to me. However, if I look close enough, there are enough notable differences between us. However, I don't trust him, for I feel he may be a fraud. Yet what if he really is a part of my race? There MUST be a way for me to find out, without the risk of leaving myself open or vulnerable.

Then, there are the three females who also claim to be of my race. Their names are near identical. and in a sense, so are their abilities.

The first is Chameleon, a fabulous woman that would make even the mythical Medusa green with envy, or something like that. Although I do not know how, she has the powers of all of the male ninjas from our - faction, and she can use the powers as well as the men themselves, myself included.

The second is Khameleon, who can easily rival Chameleon. Her powers are that of all the females. While I don't consider that as great a power, I would rather have a woman with the powers of women, not men. Men are men, women are women; don't try to be that which you are not.

Finally, there is Chameleon-Khameleon. As to what their relations are, I don't know, but their similarities are uncanny. Chameleon-Khameleon has the powers of the other two, plus (by means I do not wish to know) that of the cyborgs. An interesting trio to choose from. But again, there lies the question that I had for Reptile. I don't trust them, for I feel they may be a fraud. Yet what if they really are a part of my race? There MUST be a way for me to find out, without the risk of leaving myself open or vulnerable.

"Hey! Reptile! We need to talk, NOW!"

I turn, and see that the one who had addressed me is the one who has my name. I wonder if it's as strange for him to address me as it is for me to address him?


"Ok, now that I have your attention, we need to talk."

"What do we have to talk about, `Reptile?' What do you have to tell me that could make me to even want to talk with you?"

To which Chameleon-Khameleon replied, "Us! We are what needs to be discussed, now!"

"An interesting proposition."

To which Khameleon replied, "Typical of the polluted humans he has been exposed to for so long."

The last of the three, Chameleon, finished, "We are here to talk with you about what has happened to your race...our race. I was the first to learn the truth, the entire truth, not some lie that we had all been given up to this point. Yes, that's right! Shao Khan has deceived us all. Not only does he lie about his ability to resurrect our race, he also lies about the exterminators. He knows all to well who the man was to issue the orders of the extermination of our race, and it is a fact he will never tell, ever!"

"Who?" demanded the soul that was still in the dark and unaware of these wrongs, "Who has slayed my race? What is the Butcher's name and who does he serve? Tell me now so that I can exact my revenge as it should so rightly be!"

This was answered by his namesake, "We cannot discuss the matter here. We have already said much in itself. We must go to our - cabin. This way, we can be assured that there will be no interference. This, place, that the Alpha-Omega has brought us to is of its creation, so there is no need to worry about bugs or infiltration. Come! If you wish to learn that which I myself have learned just recently, we must do so, away from prying ears!"

Chameleon-Khameleon concluded, "Once you have heard what we have said, know that it is the truth. Our only gain is that that which remains of our race will fight united against our common foe, and not against each other. If we die, we die as comrades in arm, not on opposing sides. Then, once our foe has been eliminated, and we have destroyed our opponents, we will rebuild our race to its former glory."

For what very well could have been eons, he stood, looking at each of them. Were there indeed other survivors of his race? Was it true that he wasn't the only one left? How often had he dreamed it, only to wake up from the dream. As when humans dream and desire a dream with such passion, we will take whatever means necessary to reach our dream. So, Reptile decides to dream once more, and hopes to all hope that his dream will become a reality.

Not far away, concealed in the darkness was Ermac. He had heard it all. Now, he would report what he had learned to Shao Khan.


"All right, now that I am here, what do you have to show me for my troubles."

"We will now show you the source of you troubles, and they will be ugly as death, and twice as gruesome!" answered Khameleon.

On they walked, into the depths of the darkness of the night, shroud from the vision of most observers. Where they would go would be the turning point for the five that remain of their race. This will answer the question as to if they would fight against each other, or if they would fight united in an attempt to vanquish the demon that had exterminated all of their race, save them.

They walked for what seemed like days, possibly more, for the knowledge they seek filled each of them with the strongest of tension. For the four, it was going through the facts once again of what had really happened to their race. For the one who still had his doubts, he would soon have all of his thoughts and beliefs shattered and destroyed beyond repair. However, in its place would be a new understanding of what really happened, as well as the opportunity to exact his revenge.

Finally, they came to a strange and deserted temple. The temple was of the work of a population that had been extinguished centuries ago. The outside featured statues of reptilian-like beings that stood on two feet. In fact, they resembled the man whose doubts were stating to vanish.

Then, he asked something that could very well test the authenticity of what he now beheld. Slowly, he began: "How can this be here? When the Alpha-Omega brought us here, this place was a dark and empty void. Only by the Alpha-Omega's will did the surroundings fill with a night sky, a forest, and cabins. Unless the Alpha-Omega created it, then how can it be real. If the Alpha-Omega created it, why?"

Chameleon-Khameleon replied, "Does it really matter? Maybe it created it so that we may finally learn the truth. Come closer. Look at the writings. It is in a style that has been lost to all, except us. It is a temple created by our ancestors. Do not doubt that which your very core tells you to be true. Come! Inside will be the reason we have brought you, and the answers to your questions."

With that, they entered. What will they find? By now, it is known the end results of the search, but what happened in between? What had their ancestors left for them? How exactly did they learn the truth of what had been the cause for the extermination of their race?


Purposefully, five lone souls enter an otherwise foreboding temple. Each look at their surroundings in awe, as their breath fleas them in the wonderment of their surroundings. Around them are treasures that had not been seen by mortal eyes for countless generations. Not just wealth, but knowledge as well. Within these walls are the records of a long forgotten race, their number now being reduced to merely five. Amongst the rubble and destruction which plagues the area is the goal of their pilgrimage here. This is what holds the answers to what they seek, and their possible salvation.

"It, it is...magnificent. It is as I had always hoped it to be. So...beautiful." was all that he could say.

"Yes, it is. I felt the same way you did when the three ladies brought me here a short while back. Actually, it was I that convinced them (through no easy means) that we HAD to get you on our side. Being the last members of a near-dead race, it would be best for us to cast off all other allegiances and focus on reuniting and reforming our race."

For the first time in eons, all of the members of this once great race have gathered together. Once again, they are on the verge of a decision that will forever alter the way of their race, and its very future. Once again, they must make a choice based on their interests for survival, not only of themselves, but for the young ones not yet born. The time is but moments away.

Chameleon-Khameleon then spoke gently to the one who would be the last of their race to finally learn the truth. She spoke from her heart, for she wanted the remainders of their race to be united against their common foe as much as everyone else who was there.

"Now, you must journey through this door alone. This way, you will learn for yourself what we now know. We won't be there to help you in making your choice, either in voice or in body. You must make your decision by yourself. When you come out, we will await your answer, Reptile."

"So be it! If this is a trap, it will be your last!" Then, he was gone.

This room was slightly different from the rest of the temple. Here, things had been overturned, and there were numerous prints in the dust. They had been here, and had read over probably everything in site. He went over to the nearest of scrolls, and began to read, or rather, to translate.

What he read through it amazed him, and made his blood boil with vengeance. His was a glorious race, with all of the convinces that they desired. At the same time, they also had life simple, never having a need to strain. They had few limits as to what they could do. However, then the dark one came, the devil Shao Khan. He was the one that had directly caused the death of almost his entire race.

He lead several giant warriors, some with four arms, some with four legs. None of them were ever identified, for they spoke not a word, not even a battle yell. They merely did their destruction, not stopping until everything that lived was destroyed, or was dying. It went on for days, and after the 12th, records were abandoned, either because the recorders were killed, or abandoned their work in order to try and stay alive.

So, after all these years, this is the truth! If so, then why did Khan not eliminate me? Why have I been allowed to live? What do I have that he could possibly want?

He looked around, and amongst the rubble, he found a young child's toy, looking just like the human disguise he wore. Now, to return to the others with my answer.

"Here he comes."

"What do you think his answer will be?"

"Hopefully better than when he went in."

"We will soon find out.."

"I'm sure you would all like to hear what I have learned. I must admit, I still find it all so hard to believe that I am not the sole member of my race, that there are others who still live as well...You realize that if I am to take what you are saying as true, that will mean that I will turn on my lord and master and that it could put my very loyalty into question?"

"What?" Khameleon blurted. "Do you mean that after all you have seen you are still holding any loyalties to that Bastard!?"

"Let me just say, `Care to buy a Reptile doll?' and leave it as that." he said as he pulled the doll out, and gave it to her in a wicked smirk.

"At last, our race is united once more!"

The final five have been reunited. Finally, this near dead race can live once more.

"Hey, who, or what is that?" asked Chameleon in near shock.

"I, I don't believe it! Are my eyes deceiving me?" was Chameleon-Khameleon's reply.

"It is a being that has been stripped of all flesh, yet still lives! Just as soon as it appeared, it vanished!" spoke the first Reptile in a state of shock.

The Reptile with the doll then added, "First that, and now this! What will happen next?"

"If anything, I hope it's another male from our race!" concluded Khameleon.

Could be!