Fight 22, Round 1: Sean v Rain

"Hey! You're the one that tried to fry Sakura, but wound up getting Ryu instead! Why'd you do it?"

"Typical of you humans. Waste time with idle chatter, especially in the obvious. I don't know what Kitana sees in any of you, or Jade for that matter. You're all weak, and will be dealt with properly," Rain finished by hurling a Tractor Ball at Sean.

Sean waited until the last second, and then rolled under it.

"Cute! What's next, little man?"

Sean's answer was a Hado Burst, sending Rain through a Christmas tree decoration.

"Woah! How'd we get here? Never mind! With all the nutty stuff that's been happening, it has to be A-O!"

"Heh! It seems that humans can learn, although they take a lot of time. Let's see if you've learned this lesson!"

Rain lifted his arm, and a bolt shot straight for Sean.

Sean rolled out of the way, and was only hit by some dirt loosened by the blast.

"Hey! Can't you fight fair!?" Sean demanded, but was answered with another bolt.

"Can't you do something else, besides throwing bolts?"

Rain hit Sean with a hard roundhouse, and Sean was surprised to see that he was now behind Rain, Rain then turned and uppercutted Sean.

"Poor boy! Give it up! You are far too outclassed to fight me! You definitely couldn't handle Ryu. You probably aren't much better than Dan!"

"Don't compare me to Dan!" yelled Sean as he rushed to tackle Rain.

Rain merely blocked the attempt, and hit Sean with a quick series of punches, finishing of with a quick uppercut.

"This is too easy! Good-bye!" This time, the bolt was on target.

There was only a quick yell from Sean before he was out, his skin burned from the bolt.

"Winner of Fight 22, Round 1: Rain!"

"Sean! Oh no! Why'd you kill him...?"

"The whelp still lives."

"He does? But..?"

"As I told him, you waste time with idle chatter, especially in the obvious," Rain turned and left.

"Phew! I'm glad you are ok, Sean. I'll help you back little buddy."

"Not so fast, 'Masters!' First we have some business to talk about."

Ken felt the evil aura, and knew what to expect.

"All right, you Ryu wannabe! I'm going to..!"

"...Make a fool out of yourself again. You really are pitiful. You can't even recognize a slight change in your own voice. It's a miracle you live long enough for me to even exist. Of course, it proves a disaster for your wife, Eliza. Then there's your poor little boy, Mel. Daddy experiences the true power, and abandons all lowly items for what is truly important."

"If in anyway you've hurt my wife and son, I'll kill you!"

Ken was met my a dark laugh that all of the dark Shotokan warriors seem to uncannily share.

"Let me spell it out for you, stupid! I am what you will become, just like the other versions of Ryu, Sakura, and Akuma. Now that's a surprise. Somehow, Akuma becomes even more powerful. Ironic, the man you all want to get rid of is the man who gives you a new life, your true life."

"Now that I look at things, I'm surprised you didn't follow after him. Instead, you were last! Even Sakura started on the path of her true potential before you! That big ego of yours really slowed you down. But you should be glad to know that I've brought the Masters name back up to speed. I have a few things that nobody else can do!"

"I'm sure that's all just keen. But whatever it is you want, speak now! I have to get him to some attention, fast."

"Ah! As dense as ever. You still don't realize that he won't matter. Soon, everything will be erased. In it's place, your true destiny. I believe Ryu asked you about your dark-side. Now you can go visit him and compare notes. You'll probably notice that his dark-side still harbors some feelings for Sakura, mainly because of her dark-side. I do much better, for I have nobody holding me back! Pleasant nightmares!"

"Man, can it get any worse?"