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Hey! I'm working with some people on doing some graphic novels. If you want to see what we're doing, check out!

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Say bye to gc. Moving stuff here, as planned, which is why updates are slow...try and move about 11M worth of files, change links, and let me know how it goes. Then, go through over 40 chpaters (MKvSF AND FFvSS), check spelling, make sure all links work, asltt.

FYI: In IE5, to change your cookie setting (your choice)-

  • Pull down the "View" menu and choose "Internet Options".
  • Choose the "Security" tab on the dialog box on the bottom of the category column
  • Select "Customs" and choose the "Settings" button
  • Scroll down until you see the cookie settings.


    1. Pull down the "Tools" menu and choose "Internet Options".
    2. Choose the "Security" tab on the dialog box.
    3. Select "Custom Level"
    4. Scroll until you see the cookie settings.

    Now I'm not sure about anyone else, but I find it very fishy to all of a sudden HIDE the way for us to say WE DON'T WANT YOUR COOKIES! It took me a while to find out where the option least gc did something good for me before I split.

    This is especially important for those who want to know what's on their computers, or who value even the smallest amount of space. Cookies eat up space, plain and simple.

    We, as surfers, have the right to be able to refuse cookies! Don't let Microsoft, or others, do this! Know your rights, and "just say no to cookies."

    If you don't, for those that don't want cookies, but didn't act will only have 2 options. 1)Get a "cookie cutter" program. You'll either have to pay for a "good one," or make do with a freeware. 2)Surf with a proxy...

    I'm not bashing IE or fellow users, nor anyone else. However, there are some things that I feel VERY strongly toward; privacy being one of them. To be fair to MS, as said before, if you have Windows Media Player, you may not even need to download Real Audio, or an mp3 player (if you haven't). Check the GFD BGM link!

    Now this isn't to say that I'm totally against gc. I learned a lot for the yr I's with them. I learned stuff ranging from html-ftp, and more. However: "The internet was meant to be free. We are free to make our own choices. We aren't bound to anyone." - me (=

    "System abandonment." Those of you still with Windows 3.x have an idea what I'm saying. More and more things are being focused on Win 9x/NT, while 3's being "shelved." There is still a focus on win 3, but it's quickly vanishing. In time, you'll have to work you ass off to find decent win 3.

    This can also be said for video games. For those that have been around long enough, you'll recall how long the old systems like the NES and Gameboy lasted - or are lasting. The NES's retired, and you know with CGB, the GB'll be soon to follow. Just a few years ago, the PS, SS, and N64 were out. Now, they're talking about NEW systems. Translation: Spend lots of $ for a new sys and games, only to have something "new & better in a few years," and the "old" stuff will never see it's potential. Eg, Saturn. Hey, have you actually PLAYED it. For fighting game fans, it kicks the PS's sorry #@! Why? You know about PS and 2D! Plus, the controller responds SO MUCH better (IMO). Not only that, but you get more "extras." Just look at characters asltt in SFA2...

    I also hate getting "the next gen," only to see that the several hundreds I spend goes down in a few years. Come on! I think they could work on making "expansions" for them. Perfect example, the 4M cart for Saturn. It CAN be done, it's just a matter of what they want. We, the gamers have a right, so let them know!

    If you've visited the links to Edge, then read over this part. Edge is one of our friends, but The Edge IS NOT a part of GFD! Edge was given a page on our TP server to serve as an intro to Edge's side of Meat Our Potatoes (in honor of Data Potato). Updates won't be as fast due to the size of the files, both for up and downloading, so don't bother any of us about new content. NOTE:As these are emulators and roms, you can't keep them unless you own the actual game. After you have tried them, THEY MUST BE DELETED. If you don't, it's your dealing, no one else. You do so at your own risk. Like always, YOU do the scanning for viruses.

    I figured out what's wrong with trying to run the neo em's: I'm short several M of memory. DOH! And after spending all that time, downloading a 24M file, only to find out I can't use it...DAMN!

    Captain America




    New Feature! GFD, home of some of The Dream Fights now presents: THE DREAM DATES! What are the dream dates, who is involved, asltt!

    Dream Dates - what are they? First answer, just some crazy idea I had and that I want to see what type of responses I will get! <*_*> Second answer, as I'm sure many of you have read in some gaming magazines (and other sources) where gamers write in saying they have a crush on a certain gamer (obvious example, Laura Croft). This section will allow you, the surfer of the net to tell others who you think is the ultimate dream date. It doesn't have to a character from one of my fanfics, it can be any video game character, like Cloud from Final Fantasy. However, they MUST have appeared in at least one video game (any system).

    What exactly can you do in this part? Write and tell who you thin is the hottest game character ever! This can be a simple " HOT" all the way to what would happen on your Dream Date. Let your imagination explode, and be as creative as you want. Will it be a "typical dinner and a movie date?" Maybe you'd help them out in their adventure, or you would start a new one? Save the world...and wonder what to do for an encore?

    OOPS! ONE BIG RESTRICTION: NO MATURE CONTENT! Yea, that cuts up a lot of ideas, but our servers gave us some rules to follow, plus I don't need a zillion parents with torches knocking on my door (although considering how far I've already..."pushed the envelop..."). Just keep it clean, s'k? (:

    I think that's enough from me, so I'll shut. Just click the links under Shermie and Chizuru!


    Note to the guys providing this, GFD isn't responsible for what others say! GFD's good, but mind control's outa league!

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