Riot Of The Blood - Hard Truths

Riot Of The Blood - Hard Truths


"Well, Kagura, it was fun. I liked it when we got together and kicked ass, but alas, you must die. Oh well--give my regards to your sister," finished Iori with his sadistic laugh.

Vice was pulling back harder on her neck, and Mature shared her evil smile. They were going to kill off another of The Guardian.

"Don't worry, Kagura," Vice whispered, "I know how to snap a neck without killing. Mature's gift will finish you, bitch."


"Quit stalling, hoes. Kill her, and let's be gone!" demanded Ryuji.

"Yah! Die!" screamed Leona as she grabbed Mature, and then gutted her.

"Don't think you're set, Mature!" and Mary dropped Mature to the ground, and landed an elbow into her stomach.

"Ralf Kick!' Ralf yelled, and Iori barely rolled out of the way.

"Crack Shot!" and Ryuji rolled past him.

"Beat it! You know what I can do, Ryuji! It ain't going to be any prettier this time!"

"Hey! Ya nuts! You wrecked my...gak!"

"Thank you, Ryuji. The fart is obviously as dumb as those we left behind. Now--oh yes. Prepare to...DAMN! As much as we'd love to kill you, and the cops, we've have other things...bye kids!" and they took off, after Mature yanked the blade out of the guy's heart, and gave it to Ryuji.

They stopped, and turned back, and Ryuji spoke first: "Interesting! You feel that dark power behind you! His Yata dropped it's guard, and Orochi has taken over. Now I wonder what caused that!"

"Perhaps a better question is who?" sang Mature and Vice in a haughting chorus.

"As for you, Leona--get used to the Awakening. What happened when you were little is nothing. It doesn't matter what you want, unless you are exceptional enough, Orochi WILL take you," and they gazed deep into each others eyes, as if seemingly communicating.

"Come on! We better get moving! We don't need to try and explain this to cops!" commanded Terry.

"What about him?" asked Chizuru, pointing toward Ed.

"We don't want to seem rude," Ralf started, "but didn't you just hear what those scum said? He's taken by Orochi. If we try to take him, when we aren't paying attention, he may take us out. You've seen his power, and it ain't pretty. I say..."

"We will take him," Leona interrupted, "It is like you told me. It ain't his fault, it's like an accident. You wouldn't desert me, and we won't desert him!"

"What's gotten into you Leona. I don't know what Iori just said is supposed to mean, and I don't like him..."

"We can do this with--or without you, Ralf. Kagura, Mary, you with me?" and feeling awkward, Terry and Ralf unwillingly helped them take Ed to Yuki's cafe, the closest place that they could think of.

What was it Iori had told Leona? What did he mean? Why would he care to even talk with her...what would the power-hungry Iori gain from it?

Then, there was the battle against Orochi. Kagura had found something out, and something big! It actually caused Iori to help Kyo in his fight with Orochi. While she knows both of them, their history, and that of the clans, how much does she really know about each?

It is obviously something big, for Iori to help out the man he hates most in this world.

Again, what Iori says repeats in Leona's head. It's meaning is a mystery to her. She looks at the man she is helping to carry, and looks in front of her, to Ralf. She said some hard things to him, and used his own words against him. She felt a little guilty, especially after what he had done for her. Odd, how what Iori said had such an impact on her...maybe.

She was also troubled by something they had shared (in a sense) at The King Of Fighters '97. They had both been Awakened. They had felt a fire that they had never felt before. All of their surroundings, memories, and even their souls were lost to them. Each released a blood-curling howl that was bottled deep in their depths, and lashed out at any who were near them.

Vague images of her fight with Shermie trickle to her mind's eye. Shermie zaps her, but Leona shoots up, and a violent Rebel Spark later, Shermie's down, and Leona collapses. Why did they Awaken, at nearly the same time?

I wonder--is Orochi right? Are we too late to save ourselves? Is everything that we once valued dead, or dying? Is true love amongst that which is dying? So often, I hear of people who pledge the world to one another, and vow "...As long as you both shall live." Yet so often, it ends. What we thought, and what we learn, turns our lives red. What we hope, and what we get turn out to be our own little "Hell-On-Earth."

I wonder, is it really falling in love, or is it falling in love with the idea of falling in love? How many do it just for the thrill, and when the time comes for a serious commitment, one, or both, end it. A soul is torn, and the question as to if it can heal is asked. Some think that love will last forever, only to have their hearts ripped from their chest, and destroyed; by the one they thought returned their love.

Then, should it happen, the question of their kids arise. All those other questions like "Who gets'em?" is irrelevant, compared to the scars left in their soul. Each can claim what they will, and other "professionals" can claim such, but a soul simply doesn't heal that way. Even after they've gotten over it, it is still with them, and weighs them down. Some will be able to go on, but how many more won't be able to? Perhaps a better question is as to how many will end their pain--permanently? It isn't just about the two, but those that are yet a part of it. While it is easy to help make a life, it is just as easy to break it. That must never be forgotten.

While I never suffered such a thing, I wonder...had I not...would this occur with my parents? We need to be careful of what we do, and be sure of what we do before we do it.

Perhaps the worse thing is to ask the child themselves to pick. Some say it's good to let the kid pick. It may be me, but I think it's TOTALLY INSANE! Asking a child to pick their over the other! My God! That may be the best they can do. This would probably be one of the, if not the hardest choice for a kid. Being asked to tear your soul, and give it to one, or the is a pain I do not wish to know, yet have seen. We are almost here...I need to talk with Ralf.

Clark came up to them, and asked what had happened. Ralf explained what little he knew, and Clark knew something big was eating his bud.

"After you get him in, let's you an I talk, Ralf."

"If you will, Clark, I'd like to talk with him first. What do you say, Ralf?"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I think Ralf should talk with Clark first. Leona, I found out something a while back. It concerns your family, and I think you need to know, now."

"Go, on, Leona. When you and Kagura are done, Ralf and I will still be here. I'll make sure he stays in one peace,"

"Wow! That Ed guy's heavier than he looks, ain't he, Terry? Clark almost jumped out of his skin when he felt it. Honestly, holding him made me feel like I'd jump out of mine. I wasn't there for he really that close to him? I haven't seen him as either, but from what Leona, Chizuru, and Yuki say--it's rather complex."

"Yes, Mary, it is. His power does bear a rather faint resemblance to Goenitz's. The power from this kid is uncanny. I don't like it. Then there's what Ryuji and Iori said. I had my fill of both. Ryuji took me to a near impossible level, or so I thought. I don't know if I could survive a second dual."

Mary hugged him tightly, for they both remember the Hell-fire Terry went through. It's a miracle that he got out alive!

"Say, do you reallzie that we are virtually alone, Terry?"

He smieled. They then both thought back to what Shingo had asked a while back: "...Is Goenitz really dead?"

"So, can you make this fast, Chizuru? I really need to talk to Ralf. I was rather hard on him. I feel kind of bad about it. Chizuru?"

"I'm still listening, my friend. Even before Orochi appeared, and you, along with Iori, were becoming irritable, I did a lot of looking. I didn't even know what I was looking for. For some reason, you two were going through a Blood Riot at nearly the same time. I found out why. This is what I used to get Iori to help. He still is a man, and ain't going to let others destroy his family."

"What in the world are you talking about?"

"Iori's had an uncle, named Gaidel...your father. Iori is a direct cousin of yours. His father was your father's brother."

Leona fell to her knees, shocked at what she had just heard. She can't be related to Yagami, can she?

No, she isn't really, at least not that I know of. I just thought it odd how only they awakened (unless you count the Orochi Team) in '97. So I thought that maybe they are related in some way. I didn't think it was as close as a brother-sister, so I decided on cousins.

If anyone knows for sure, drop me a line; or if you just want to comment on the idea--no flaming!

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