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© 2000 Starr

I am a current student of Tampa Technical Institute, part of Education America, and a Commercial Arts Student.

This url is a small, simple demo, that I store on a floppy, for a small sample of my work. This project is done to show my understandings of Frontpage, Dreamweaver, HTML, and Photoshop.

This site is very small, for stoarge sake. When I go for interviews, I want to have a little extra added to my showing, and a small site, on a floppy is what I have.

Although most of what you will read is a "personal site," this doesn't take away from my skills. I have been working with HTML since November of 1997, and have slowly spread into editors like Frontpage, Photoshop, Video Production (Premiere), and 3D modeling/animation (Lightwave). Should any of this be of interest to you, look furthur into my sample of work.

Please accept my appologies, as some features in Netscape are being reconstructed.