Could such a scene be believed? Probably not. If anyone heard of it, and knew who you were talking about, they would think you were drunk, or drugged, or both. But both are true.

Akuma lay sprawled on the floor, defeated. He wasn't dead, yet. Ken saw him move, slightly, so he knew. He had felt the Fury of the Shun Goku Sastu! Which brings us to the other issue.

Ryu--Ken wouldn't use the Evil Ryu some used upon learning of it--was the one who had defeated Akuma! Maybe, that wasn't so unbelievable; all knew Ryu to be strong, defeating Sagat, after all. Almost none would believe he had used the Raging Demon!

Not Ryu! It was a Dark Power, something used by those who were tainted with evil! That just wasn't Ryu. Some had--thought--Ken more likely to fall to it...

Ironic. That was all he could think of. He's the "bad boy," but Ryu's tainted by the Evil Intent.

The thoughts were things he is now forced to push away, as Evil Ryu--NO! Ryu!--was before him, glowing like Akuma's. He needed to think, and fast. The wall separating him from the rest was still up. He wasn't sure if he wanted Chun Li there, or not. If her hurt her, and they brought him back--not! They would! And Ryu won't! The thoughts ended as Ryu was now right in front him him, eyes shining with blood-lust.

Ryu, buddy, it's me, Ken," each added, as Ryu's glare continued, not seeming to know him.

The next thing Ken knew, Ryu monkey-flipped him, and he was a few feet away from Akuma. As he got up to his knees, he's surprised to see Oro.

"Where in Creation have you been, man? We coulda used you. Now, with Ryu..."

"I'll do what I can, to keep Akuma under. You, make sure Ryu doesn't stop me--keep him busy."


Oro had already turned his back to him, and started to glow.

Ryu was approaching, and Ken felt--queasy.

"Ok, Ryu. I know you are having some issues, but we can talk. We are buds, right? So how about, crug!"

Ryu shot a fireball at Ken, forcing him to counter with one of his own.

Ryu's is larger, and stronger. Ryu, as they went their ways, worked to improve his Hadoken, while Ken put his into the Shoryuken. They both put an equal focus on their Hurricane Kicks, resulting in their own variations. Ryu's was usually stronger, and was an instant knockdown. Ken's was faster, and eaiser to stun foes with.

Ken cursed himself at being distracted, as Ryu warped to him, and sent his spiraling with a Shoryuken.

"Sorry, pal, but you've left me with no choice.

"Shippu Jinrai Kyaku!"

Ken starts to pound Ryu with a series of kicks. Then, he launches Ryu, begining to spin in a fury, before the final kick sends Ryu crashing down.

Ken lets a sigh of relief go, only to gag on it as Ryu gets up, shakily.

Ryu goes for a Mesagoushoryu! Not giving it a second thought, Ken uses his Shoryureppa! As their fists hit, they each are driven back, stunned and on their knees.

Ryu's first up, and warps to Ken, whos arms give out.


The attack hits Ryu, stunning him. Before he could react, Oro touches his neck, and Ryu falls. Ken, falls from exhaustion.


Everyone was grateful Ken and Ryu were still alive. Gill and his followers, who hadn't already desreted, were locked up, with enforcements arriving.

Dudely got the last of his father's cars from Gill, and was on his way back home.

Makoto, was able to find relief for her future. Numerous reporters were present for shutting down Gill's works. Being there, with the infamous Ryu and Ken, help put her in the public spotlight. Confident in her skills, went back home, to take over her father's dojo, hearing that new students were signing up faster than anytime in it's history!

Necro, and Q, according to notes found near where they last saw his body after his fight with Gill, had vanished. Twelve and the others were to be put in special cells immediately.


"Remy. It is you! Boy, I'm glad to see you."

Guile hugged his son, grateful to hear everyone else was managing, while Remy went to find him. They'd be glad for the two of them to be back.

With Gill down, those holding Elena's people were quickly apprehended. Ibuki was on a plane with her, as they headed to meet Elena's family. There was to be a huge feast.

The Lee's needed time, mostly to recover, but also to train harder, for the next fight.

Alex and Chun Li were going over reports of what happened, while Sean was on the phone with Eliza and Mel. Ken, he tried his best to explain, was with Ryu.

"Well, Oro, I guess we can both thank you."

"I, personally, am indebted to you. You were able to stop me before I really hurt someone. Someone important," Ryu kidded, when Ken looked at him.

"Don't worry about it, kid. Besides, I'm still interested in training you...listen, sometimes, it's just how it happens. Sometimes, darkness can only be defeated by stronger darkness. Akuma defeated Gill. You defeated Gill, although I wager a part of you was still you. You just need the help of someone to train you, Ryu. I can do so. Don't answer now, but think on it."

Ryu, then Ken bowed, and Oro returned it, then turned and went on.

"So, he ain't Shen Long, but, whatda you think?"

"If he can, I hope to learn..."

"You know, I'm sure a certain lady can use a small break, Ryu...and if you don't..."

"Ok, Ken, ok. I guess, I can."

Ryu went, and from what Ken could see, Chun Li was happy. Alex seemed annoyed, probably having to do with the paperwork by himself.

She gesutred to Guile, and before anyone said anything, she began dragging Ryu with her.

Now, to find Sean. Then, I gota tell Eliza...

That night, in his holding, Akuma yelled fiercely, "Kongou Kokuretsu Zan!" and blew out.

He warped onto the outskirts of the building, looked around, and faded out.

In the shadows, Q stood, watching.

Looks like I have some more business to attend to.

*Fade out* Image or Ryu facing Ken in their stances. Above, is a shadow of Akuma, teeth showing, eyes glowing.

This ends Generations.

Short, but I hope the fic was good. The main purpose of this fic was to explain the G-files. The only other slight thing was connecting Remy to Guile.

For this last chapter, I brought back Evil Ryu. I honestly believe that Capcom can, and should, dev into this part of Ryu. I think it adds a much more interesting side to him. Now, in addition to outside challenges, he would have a fierce, internal one, which has been of interst in other SF fic's I've seen.

Although it isn't connected to the series, Evil Ryu does appear in Capcom vs SNK, so he's still floating around. Interesting, that Orochi Iori is in there. Maybe, I'll do a 1-shot crossover, where Ryu and Iori meet...

Demons' Battle