The darkness and evil slivered through the air. Both of the men at the center were enough for even the best fighter to be wary. Both were very capable of murder, clothed in skin.

Known, or at least, assumed, was that Akuma had killed two of the strongest men alive. The first, his master, Goutetsu. The second, Gouken, Gouki's own brohter!

There's no telling how many he had killed over the years. It is also rumored that he killed Bison at the second Street Fighter Tournament. Ken was there, and had seen Akuma use the Raging Demon on Bison. But if that had been what killed him, he had no clue.

Sean, Chun Li, Ken, Ryu, and Alex cautiously made their way out; helping Remy, who was barely able to walk. They weren't able to find the mystery man who had attacked Gill. Maybe, he had escaped...

"Cyro Kenesis!"

"Shaku Netsu Hadoken!"

The two, double-missles, blew, causing a force of wind that could have been a small whirl-wind.

"Very--impressive. I'll admit to half-believing the rumors. To imagine, another Shotokan. Not just another, but one much better than Ken and Ryu. A man, who may no longer be a man, but a 'demon.' We are both so much more than most of these mortalss that walk this ground."

"Hmph! Don't try and flatter me. You are no better than Bison, Gill. He didn't impress have yet to give me a reason to be impressed."

"I shall enjoy breaking you, as I did Ryu and Ken!"

"Try it, fool!"

The small group began to grow. The first they got were Yun and Yang. At first, the brothers were wary of Ryu and Ken, but it didn't take long to convince them.

They found their friends, all looking around the huge complex, trying to find the rest. it seemed that whether they emulated Necro, or their opponent, these "rubber men" had power, but almost no experience, and little practice at using their skills in actual fights. Still, the pain tehy inflicted was enough.

They were just coming upon Ibuki and Elena, the latter at tears, and just starting to become audible to the rest.

"...I understand, Elena. I would probably be forced to do the same. Besides, you came to my aid when those two...double-teamed me."

"Yea, I did. But--I hurt you, bad. I shouldn't have stopped you how I did."

"It's over. Let's work on freeing your people, finding the rest, and...high, everyone."

Elena spun around. Chun Li told her not to be afriad. No one blamed her for what happened. Everyone was coming together.

While Gill had been busy with Q, Sean and Chun Li worked on Ryu and Ken. None knew how fast it would happen.

Gill's methods are harder than Bison's. However, they proved to be even weaker! Just seeing people close to them, clearly, brought the two stumbling, shaking their heads, in attempts to clear them.

Something nagged at their minds, causing them to faulter.

In Ken, memories of Sean, Eliza, and Mel trickeld, before flooding his mind.

For Ryu, before him was a woman, a close a friend as Ken; less in some, more in others. She had shared the loss of her father with him shortly before the tournament, long ago, it seemed. Ryu, in return, shared the loss of his mentor and father-figure. A lot of memories were shared; could there be more?

A huge explosion justled them to attention, just as the last of their group, Makoto, joins them.

"Gill's used his Reserrection," Alex murmerred.

They turned, and ran to where Gill faced Akuma.

From a short distance, a battered and bloody Q watched Gill and Akuma battle. The fight, intense, with no way to guess at a winner.

Akuma leaps over a Pyro Knesis, following up in a blink with a Tenma-Go-Zanku. The fierce fireball drives Gill into the pavement, leaving streaks of blood in their wake.

Akuma lands, and smiles. Gill rises, and a small explosion errupts, but Akuma harmlessly warps away from it!

When Gill set back down, he looked at Akuma, an unreadable expression on his face.

"You don't think I wouldn't know. Now, you have had your chance to refresh to FULL strength. No excuses! You will fall!"

Gill rushed for a Larriet, which was effortlessly took down with a Dragon Punch.

"Fear, Gill. Is that what I see? Surprised at what I know. What you know of me are rumors. U don't know which are lies. Worse, which are true?"


Another Larriet was blocked! Akuma then slammed Gill to the ground! Akuma stood a small distance, readying himself. Air came in a cry for death, a very violent death.

Gill stood to rise, and Akuma went into motion. As he turned around, Akuma grabbed Gill, and hit the Raging Demon!

"Cover your eyes!" Ryu yelled, asa he and the others entered the room. He knew best of the Instant Hell Murder's blinding power.

"Well, Gill won't be much of a problem, for the time," Ryu thought, "Now, we must deal with Akuma.

"Nice of to come and meet your end! First, to make sure no one interrupts us..."

A flip of a leaver, and a wall sprang up, separating Ryu and Ken from the rest.

"That will stop anyone who objects. For me, it's time for Shin Akuma to walk!"

Akuma began to float in the air, a ghastly red field surrounded him, glowing in tune with his eyes. He touched down, before stomping the ground, a huge aura of darkness ripping through the air above him.

A quick teleport, followed by a Messatsu Gou Rasen, knocked the two into the air, before causing them to crash.

"Bison was an utter fool, underestimating both of you. I shan't be so careless. You will either learn to use your true potential, or die."

"We took Bison to the trash yard, Akuma. Now, it's your turn."

"For what you did to Master Shen Long; we'll avenge him."


Akuma warped to Ryu, and threw him with a monkey-flip across the room. Easily, Ryu flipped, and landed on his feet.


Ken nailed Akuma, only for Akuma to counter him with a mere Dragon Punch as he made his first turn!

Ryu went for a Shinkuhadokne, only for Akuma to leap and Hurricane Kick over it. He landed in from of Ryu, just as his hands came back. He smiled, and caught Ryu in a Hurricane Kick. As he picked Ryu up, his smile seemed more a sneer than anything.

"What's the matter, boy? I've come to my power. I can feel you reaching for yours. Come, we both know you want it..."

Annoyed at being cut off, Akuma hurled him into a surprised Ken. As they got back up, they were each stunned from an air fireball from Akuma.

Ken Hurricane Kicked over another fireball, on to be hit with a Gou Shoryuken. This gave Ryu the opening he needed.


The first hit struck Akuma in his gut. The second, in his heart. The third, to his face. As he landed, Akuma flew through the air, in a Hyakki Shuu. As he nears Ryu, he grabs his shoulders, and drives him into the ground. No sooner had he landed, than he teleported outa the way of a Shoryuken from Ken. A second, stronger one, was avoided the same way, as was a third.

"Let me show you how it's done."

Akuma warped next to Ken as he landed, and caught him with the full force of his Gou Shoryuken, bringing him back down.

"Is that all? I...ah."

Ryu slowly rose to his feet, shaking.

"Damn," Ken gasped.

Ryu, eye's matching Akuma's, hurled a flaming fireball at Akuma, who merely leapt away.

"This had better work...Shinryken!"


He easily blocked the hits, and as Ken descended, Akuma nailed him with two fireballs, keeping Ken down.

As he landed, Ryu floated toward him.

"You dare to try that on me. Let's see whose is stronger."

Akuma went into the Shun Goku Satsu, and floated toward Ryu. Each raised their hands, as they came to embrace Death. Then, Ryu went past him.

"How did..? The Ashura Warp!" the shock obvious in his voice.

As it ended, Ryu appeared in front of him, and grabbed Akuma for a Shun Goku Satsu.

"NO!" Akuma yelled, defiantely.

Ken got back up, and was just able to shield his eyes. When he opened, them, Akuma was on his back, unmoving. Ryu turned to him, eyes glowing red with a lust for Blood!

"Ah, man! This is gona s..."

Whatever he was about to say, was cut by the remains of the wall crashing down.

After a hard fought battle with Ryu against Akuma, it now seems like he has to *face* Evil Ryu! Can it get any worse? What happened to Q? He seems to have vanished, as have Necro and Oro...

Fight For The Future
Laid To Rest