THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Ryuji v Terry!!


Now, for one of the two fights that you've waited (ever so patiently) to see: Ryuji v Terry! I decided to go all out for these, so this will be one entire part, and Genjuro v Haohmaru will be it's own. This way, I can cut loose and don't have to worry about equaling out or other technical problems with the server. Now, on with the fight...oh, ok, a small spoiler. Terry and Mary get real close...and personal!

Well, this round ended, with a lot of confusion. I just went through Hell with Haohmaru, and I was lucky to be able to pull out of that one. I'm still hurting from that one...I'm still hurting from my match with Kyoshiro! Then, there's that small little--scrimmage I had with Ryuji as he entered Mary's room. It still is in my head. I wonder how Mary felt. So much has happened, and it almost feels like a life-time ago. I wish it was, but it ain't!

It seems like something from a B movie, it all began with a:


"The door's open, you can come in! I'll be out in a bit!"

Well, I wonder...the tournament! I forgot, my match is supposed to start soon. Way to go, Mary! This is going to be a wild ride to this match!

"I'm ready! Sorry, I got side-tracked! I forgot my match was about to start!"

"That's ok, babe! I'm sure they can wait a little longer. If they can give that bum, Haohmaru 30 minutes, they can give a looker like you 300!"

"Ryuji! What are you doing in my room! Get Out! You've no business here..."

"Oh, there is so little you know, Blue. Would you rather be called Blue, or Mary?"

"Mary. Wait! Just what the HELL do you want!"

"I thought you'd never ask. I could give you a long, dull, and boring speech as to what I want, but that'd just waste time. The answer's simple--you!"

"Me?! What do you want from me, Ryuji? Wasn't it enough that we teamed up! Well?"

"That's how it began, didn't it. Now, let's see about going further!" and with that, he smashed through the table she had positioned between him and her, and ran her against a wall by her neck.

Her eyes filled with fear, as the white in his eyes seemingly began to glow white, then slowly to a light shade of red.

"So, I bet you're wondering why I've taken a fancy to you, when there are already so many fine women of the Blood-line. All of them just can't measure up! Too caught up in this Orochi Awakening to have any serious fun!

Leona: she's still crying over the fact that she killed her own parents when she was a little girl. She should be proud. From what I've heard, that's the youngest for any to ever experience an awakening. Instead, the baby spends most of her time hiding in darkness, hoping to forget who she really is. I hate women who act like babies.

Then, there's Vice and Mature! Plain and simple, they're both worthless hoes! Don't get me wrong, hoes are some of the best kinds. They really know how to have a great time (probably comes from a lot of experience). Plus, ya can kill them, and no one gives a Damn! Just fry the bod, and go to the next!

As for Shermie, she'd probably come closest! With her lightning, and my power, we'd be unstoppable. Yashiro; I'd kick that wannabe's face in and leave him like a rag doll. Then, for fun, I'd kill him by cutting his throat open, and present him as a door-mat for her. The problem, she's way into this awakening junk. She'd spend more time on it, gathering up the members of the clan, and preparing for His coming. Boring! I'd never get her to loosen up! Nothing would happen there!"

Mary had been struggling the entire time, and had just managed to free her throat, and asked, "I still don't see...why me?!"

"Why not! Mai's too much like a hoe, and this Ling's little more than a kid. The young ones aren't any fun, for some unfortunate reason. As you had mentioned, and as I had thought, we had teamed together, but we didn't get any time to bond. Now, I think is a good time, gurk!" spat Ryuji as Mary kneed him in the balls, and ran for the door. She stopped at the horror before her. In front of her doorway was Ukyo, Cheng, Caffeine, and Bob, covered in blood! My God! This mad man's killed these men! I have to...

"You see, that's what I love about you," said Ryuji as he grabbed her by the back of her hair, "you may be scared, but you won't let that stop you! Now, let's go back inside and finish up!" and he lifted her up, turned, and fell to his knees. Mary looked up, and saw Terry had just landed a kick to the base of Ryuji's spine. That would normally knock someone down, hard, but Ryuji was more than someone.

"Oh, what a shame. It seems I'll have to break my promise to the lady. I promised her I wouldn't kill you! Oh well!"

"Don't you dare underestimate me, you arrogant bastard! You may have Orochi, but I will beat you!"

"Oh, then I guess I'll share this part with you. Terry has defeated the Crime Lord Geese Howard, one-to-one. Later, he defeated a monster, Wolfgang Krauser. Just when it seems that he has reached his limit, he has another surprise; he beats a god! That is still nothing compared to the power of the Blood-line. You are neither of our line, nor that of the Guardian. You simply cannot defeat one of us, no matter how good you are. Don't worry, your death will be fast! I can't promise as to how painful, but hopefully enough!"

Then, Andy, Joe, Kim, and the rest of my friends showed up. What makes me feel rather uneasy is that Genjuro saved us, sorta.


Eh? Now who could that be? It's not the crack of dawn, but it's still rather early. I wonder who would be here this early.

"Terry! I hope I didn't wake you! It's just that, um, well, after your match...can I come in?"

Terry wasn't sure who was feeling more awkward, Mary, or himself. She was stumbling as she merely tried to talk to him. All he could do was look at her dumbly, and close his door after she was in. Then, there was silence.

While the sun had risen, it was still early morning, and it was rather dark in his room. Mary stumbled a bit, trying to get her eyes to adjust. She made her way to a table, and sat down. She then beckoned Terry to join her. He sat on his bed, and was directly across from her.

"You know, sometimes I wonder about you. Is it Joe who influences you, or do you influence him?"

"It's a bit of each! We're all a team!" Terry replied with a warm smile.

"Hmn!" she answered, as she got up, and sat beside him. They sat there, just looking into each others eyes, unblinking and breathing in perfect unison. Then, Mary slowly learned over toward him, and as he leaned toward her, she snatched his hat, and tossed it across the room. Before he could do anything, she planted a big one one him!

After what seemed to be an eternity, they parted, their gaze never roaming from the loving gaze of the other. Mary slipped off her wristbands, and Terry removed his gloves. They held hands, and they felt a certain calm as their souls slowly began to merge. Mary then undid his ponytail, and ran her fingers through his hair, dreamily. Likewise, he ran his fingers through her hair. Suddenly, she exploded with laughter.

"Huh? Mary? W, what's so funny?" Terry asked, a somewhat dumb look on his face.

"I was just thinking about something when I was a little girl. Girls always had long hair, while boys had short hair. My, how times have changed. We go our roles reversed! Still, I think it's cool!" and her fingers rubbed over his stomach, lightly tickling him. They wrapped their arms around each other, and fell down onto the bed. They each smiled, and felt...


Andy went through the door, badly bruised, and bleeding profoundly. Terry shot up, only to have Kim fly into him, knocking him off his feet. Mary went to help them, but had Mai torpedoed into her, grounding her. They looked out, and saw Ryuji grinding Joe along the ground. Ling rushed to his side, too shocked to know what to do.

"Hey, honey! I'm back home!" cried Ryuji sadistically.

"Oops! There I go with that lousy timing of mine. You two look like you were ready for some hot action. Good thing I came along, then. I wouldn't want my prize to be spoiled. Guess what, Terry. You had your's time!"

"Will you get it through your thick head?" Mary shouted, "I am NOT a prize! I love Terry! Get lost!"

"Ah, ya hurt me feelings, Blue! Oh, well. You can make up to me after I level Terry!"

"You continue to underestimate me, and I'll kick your ass, good!"

"Oh, poor, poor Terry. You still don't get it, man. You can't stop me! Look at your little bro. He can barely move, and his bitch ain't much better. I'll admit that he did rather well. Actually, out of all of them, he gave me my biggest challenge. I'm pleased. I didn't want to think that only one of you would be a good sparring partner. Ryo never stood a chance. Then again, punting him in the nards, and then letting him feel what I laid that dog out with made it easy. King was just barely able to do anything. I few (oh so nice) kicks, and she thinks it's ok to check her man. One fiery headbutt later, she's out on top of him (I thought it'd make a nice gesture)."

Mary finally gets Mai off her, and sees how badly hurt she is. There's a lot of swelling, and her breathing sounds desperate.

"Ah, Mai! That's a gal to be proud of! She used my own way of attacking from behind. That `Super Deadly Ninja Bees' of hers does some nasty hurt. She tried to follow-up, but a little tongue movement, and I swat her to the ground like the pest she is. You already saw Joe, so that leaves Kim. I almost thought he wouldn't be a threat. I just kept using my Snake Arms to pound him to the ground. He then leapt over a low one, and hits me with that new POW of his from '97! Now that hurt! So, after a bit of time to motivate myself, I lay him out like yesterday's trash! So, even after all of that, I'm kicking as hard as ever! Try what you wish, but you will wind up dead. Pleasant Nightmares!"

"I'm rested, Ryuji, you ain't! You are tired. I will win."

"Yadda, Yadda! Talking is over; time to die!" before Terry knew it, Ryuji ran up to him, and smashed his head into his, and Terry yelled from his flesh burning.

Terry got up, only to be whipped by a few Snake Arms. Ryuji ran in, only for Terry to counter with his Rising Tackle! He shot in with a Burn Knuckle. For a second, he was surprised as Ryuji just stood there. He then saw him make a strange face at him, and he knew he was in trouble. Just as he hit Ryuji, Ryuji instantly countered him, slamming Terry into the ground with force. He went slicing wildly at Terry with his dagger, but Terry rolled out of the way. He then dove in with a hard kick to Ryuji's back, hit him with a Power Charge, and blasted him with a second Rising Tackle!

Terry shot out a Power Dunk, but Ryuji blocked it, and laughed madly at Terry! He then grabbed Terry, who knew he was in for some major hurt. After a few hits, Terry was on the ground, and Ryuji looked like he was spazing out! He then pounded Terry relentlessly and without remorse as all could start to feel the power of Orochi begin to explode as never before in Yamazaki. His eyes were literally glowing a bright, blood red as he hit Terry with the final hit, sending him into a tree, denting it. Terry fell to his face, not having the strength to stand.

"So, it's ended, just as I knew it would. Now, for you, Mary! Time to keep my promise to you!"

" get away from me! You leave me be!"

"Terry! Terry! Wake up! You are needed now, more so than ever," a distant, yet familiar voice echoed in his head. It had a feeling of command in it, and Terry slowly opened his eyes, and saw a silhouette of Tung, which slowly took form.

"M, Master Tung? I, can't do it. He is too powerful. I thought that I could fight him off...I felt we could at least do a stale-mate. He's taken out all of our friends, and he's still able to go. He is thirsting for blood, and I have lost just about everything..."

"...Everything, except for the woman you love, Terry!" he then lifted him to his knees, pointing him toward them, and continued.

"Do you see that, Terry? There is the woman you love. She is terrified beyond all sense as this madman stalks her. Do you recall the technique I taught you years ago about channeling power from the Earth? You must use that technique now, to heal yourself, Terry. Ryuji is hurt, and not at full power, yet. The fight with all of the others has weakened him. However, he is gaining power from Orochi. You must strike now, or else he will become too strong for you to stop. You must focus as never before to heal yourself. You will then fight against a force of pure evil! You will not only be fighting for your life, and Mary's, but for the lives of everybody here. You must be...argh!" cried Tung as Ryuji's blade passed through his back, and through his heart.


"Bad boy! Trying to be a party pooper! Now, Mary..?"

As he turned to face her, she used her Mary Typhoon. Mary struck with the force that drives us all, deep down, on our most primal of levels; the force to survive. Each hit caused her to move closer and closer to that primal instinct to survive. She did what she deemed she had to do to survive.

Ryuji crashed to the ground, and didn't move. Overcome with fear for Terry, and then what happened to Tung, she ran toward them, fighting as best she could to keep the tears back. Then, she nearly froze as she felt the Raw Explosion of Chaos! It was something she had never felt before. Ryuji grabbed her in a headlock. She looked into his face, and saw red, glowing slits where his eyes were. She thought she would die. Terry felt even more certain of it...the only man he knew to have such power was Goenitz. He then remembered hearing a rumor that they may be brothers.

"Mary," Ryuji said, his voice sounding ghastly distant, "I think that was great! It felt real good, the way you hit on me. It just shows that I've made the right choice in picking you. Now, let us go," he hoisted her over his shoulder, and began to walk.

He was suddenly tripped, and he fell to his face. Mary quickly freed herself, and rolled away. She saw Terry get up from his Fire Kick, and stood just a few yards from Ryuji. She then felt, and saw Terry emitting so much power, it made her hair stand on end. It had a strange, blue glow, which reminded her of lightning. She could actually feel Terry seemingly call the Earth to help him in what could possibly be his darkest hour. He seemed to be recovering at an impossible rate! He then motioned with his head for Ryuji to "Come On!"

As if to reply, Ryuji rose like the dead, and his own aura of blood red quickly began lashing out at all that surrounded it. It seemed as if each of them were now human lightning rods, and all Mary could do was look on in awe!

"Yamazak! This ends now! You have done enough damage and let loose enough blood for several generations! You and me--and I'm taking you out!"

"Big talk! Even if you get dumb enough to win, you won't finish the job! You lack the manhood to! DIE!"

Ryuji and Terry each shot forth like comets ready to collide. Ryuji shot out a Snake Arm, which was met with a Burning Knuckle, knocking each of them several yards back. Each powered-up, and went at it again. Terry hit a Crack Shot, only to find that he willingly took the hit, so that they could crash heads, and Terry felt his head explode. Terry tried to nail him with a Power Dunk, only for Ryuji to go for his counter, causing them to each fall, but only for a moment. He tried a Power Wave, only for Ryuji to swat it back into him, dropping Terry, blood being coughed up.

He felt Orochi Power rip throughout the very core of existence, and saw Ryuji leap for him, ready to drive his body across the ground, like Achilles had done to Hector!

There was an explosion in Terry's eyes, and he slammed his fist into the ground. He caught Ryuji with a Power Geyser! He then slammed it again, and this one was nearly twice as high, and strong. He repeated it three more times, each with more power than the one before, until Ryuji crashed into the river, and floated out with the current. Exhausted, Terry collapsed. Mary ran to him, caught a pulse, and breathed a sight of relief.

Epilouge: There was heavy mourning, and there was a sense of darkness for Tung Fu Rue's funeral. Mary, Mai, and Ling were in tears, as their guys tried to comfort them. King was more silent than usual. Ryo put his hand on her shoulder, and tried to smile. They were all still having trouble, each suffering their own wounds as Ryuji ripped through all of the survivors. Slowly, each made their way to their rooms.

"Terry, I want you to know how sorry I am. I know that he was like a grandfather to you, and Andy. I want you to know that I am here for you, and that I love you more now than ever!"

For the first time since he regained consciousness, he looked at her, though with a heavy heart. He felt like he had lost a large part of himself that day. He could hardly believe what had happened.

She sat on his lap, and gently wrapped her arms around him, happy that she got a smile from him.

"Do you think you will be able to make it?" she asked.

"I...don't know. This was a lose I wasn't ready for...I think I can...but it won't be the same."

"I know how you feel. It hurts me as well. I wish there was something we could do to ease the pain, but there isn't. Now ain't the time...but I'd be willing to when we both feel better, ok?"

They each smiled, kissed, and the wind blew his door shut.