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"Hey, Billy! Over here! One of the two broads knocked something over!"

"Good work! Let's get'em and go. The boss doesn't want nothing damaged in any of his labs, even a dump like this!"

DUMB! That was all that Mai could think. She had the perfect hiding place, so what did she do? She leaned over the edge to get a better look of the goons that were following her, wanting to be sure they were gone before she decided to make a break for it. Unfortunately for her, she knocked over a box with a bunch of tools in it, giving them an idea of where she was. What's worse, all ways of escape were sealed. She wondered if her partner, Mary, had gotten away. She then thought back to how this crazy night started. She also wondered if it would be her last, for Geese didn't take kindly to trespassers. With who she was and who her friends are, that would mean and torturous and agonizing end, something she was trying to desperately put out of her head. If only Andy were here. Andy! She drifted back to eairly that day at the Pao Pao Cafe.

"Hey, Andy! I'm glad to see you got my message. I've really wanted to see you."

"WHAT!? Mai, I'm here to, um, see Terry and Joe! They wanted to meet with me here. All I was told was that Geese has something big planned. It's even bigger than the King Of Fighters Tournament. Whatever it is, I must wait for them."

Either she didn't hear him, or knowing Mai, she chose not too, and sat on his lap, causing his face to turn blood red. Mai laughed her girlish laugh, which made him nearly glow.

"Don't always be so serious, Andy! I know that it's important for you to find out what that slime Geese is doing, but since they'll be a few minutes, let's spend this quality time together. Please!" she concluded, drawing her lips to his, and starts to kiss the man she treasures most in this world. It was still uneasy, but she knew he's still a bit shy, and she's patient.

"All right Andy! Show us how it's done, boy!" cried the erratic, yet fun-loving Joe.

"Now, Joe, take it easy. Say, do you think the two would like to be left alone?" with that they both laughed. Andy shot up, dropping Mai with a thud to the floor, causing his drink to spill on her new jeans.

"ANDY BOGARD! LOOK WHAT YOU JUST DID!" yelled a pissed Mai.

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry Mai. I'll pay for it, just give me the bill. Now Terry..."

That was all he had time for, because Mai quickly got up and kicked Andy's feet out from under him. She then stomped him in the gut, yelling "Andy! I don't know why I try sometimes! You make it nearly impossible! Can't you ever think of me sometimes?"

"Uh-oh, looks like trouble in paradise!"

"Shut-up Joe, or you're next!"

"Anytime, babe!"

Just then came a loud roar that nearly broke their eardrums!

"There's only one gal I know who rips a bike like that in Southtown. It would have to be..."

"Hey everyone, Mary's here!" came a cool yet happy voice as she entered. She then asked, "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything of importance here!"

Terry responded "Nah, just another spin in the Mai-Andy cycle."

"Again!? Oh, well. Say Mai, since you and Andy are in a sensitive area, want to join me for a little girls’ night out?"

"Well, at least someone wants my company. I'm with you. Maybe then Andy will realize what he missed."

With that, the two gals left for Mary's bike, for some fun, but not before Mai gave a hard look at Andy. It felt like she was prying deep into his very heart and soul, and maybe she was.

"The only thing Andy will miss is his head if he isn't careful. As for what he won't miss, he won't miss her wanting to kill him.

Terry added, "We may have forgotten, but you mean you forgot too?"

"What are you talking about Terry?"

"Oh boy, he really did forget. You better tell him Terry."

"Andy, this is the day you and Mai had your first dinner together here in the US!"

Andy went pale with the rush of the memory.

"No wonder your girl's so steamed Andy. While it's not THE anniversary, it's not a good thing to forget."

"I'll make it up to her when she comes back, I hope."

Hope's a strange thing, it's a difficult thing to understand. With the events that will unfold, hope may be all that's left!

Mai decided to take a desperate gamble. She would use one of her fans to take out the closet guard and make for the back door. She just hoped that she could get out that way. The guy came, she threw her fan, and sent him to the ground and out cold. However, it was not before bringing the rest of them to where she was.

"Hold it, girl. Don't think that just because you are a woman doesn't mean I won't kill you."

Not good at all, she thought to herself. It's Billy, and there's a good chance of him getting her with his stick. She turned, ducked, and knocked him off balance with a fan. She made for the door without waiting to see the results.

She made it in. She hit the lights to be sure she wouldn't fall over something that would allow them to catch her. There was a door on the other side of some crazy dump, leading out into the night. She crossed between two odd dishes and was on a mad run to reach the other side.

"Ok, bitch! Now, it's for real!" Billy hurled his stick at Mai, but hit a part of the machine.

The dishes instantly came to life, and Mai was screamed a scream of death as she was zapped by a blue light. The guys all shielded their eyes. When they opened them, Mai was gone. In her place was a blond woman with a fencing sword.

"Where am I?" asked the woman in French!

"The boss won't believe this."

"Where am I?" she repeated.

Billy answered in her native tongue, "You are in the US!"

"The US! I must get back to France. The peasants of France need my leadership against the nobles. My people need their Charlotte!"